Thrive Apprentice Has Everything You Need to Build Professional Online Courses on Your WordPress Website

Creating professional online courses shouldn’t be frustratingly complex, expensive or time consuming.

The experience should be more like assembling flat-pack, DIY furniture — straightforward, quick to set up and leaves your guests impressed with the results.

For you, the Thrive Apprentice course creation experience is simple. Just follow the step-by-step setup process to create stunning online course Lessons, Chapters and Modules with the fast-action design power of a professional web developer.

For your students, subscribers and customers, the Thrive Apprentice learning environment is intuitive to use, visually engaging and authoritatively professional — exactly what students now expect in modern online education.

Backed by the limitless page building power of Thrive Architect  the most advanced drag & drop, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get visual editor for WordPress  you can craft each lesson like the info-product artisan you are.

Use any combination of text, images, video and design elements to teach entire online courses with ease and clarity for your students.

Need important teaching tools like tables, column layouts, styled lists or multiple media formats to get your points across in a given lesson? Thrive Apprentice has got you covered.

With Thrive Apprentice, create a stunning learning experience for your students, and a hassle free course creation process for yourself — directly from your WordPress website.

Now, most online course solutions out there emphasize the specific features they excel at, but then always fail to mention the complicated mess of features they suck at and require you to figure out.

As an online course creator, here’s a few scenarios you might be familiar with already to help illustrate what I mean:

Membership Plugin Mayhem

Just imagine you buy a membership plugin with the impression that ”The only tool I need to build my online course is this membership software, right?

Turns out, that costly plugin only looks after the technical side of your membership leaving your course area looking like a password protected pile of Web 1.0 blog posts… uggh!

LMS Solution Letdowns

Or maybe you invest in a fancy looking Learning Management System (LMS) tool to get all the “bells and whistles” they offer…

Well guess what happens after you buy?

You find yourself wading through screen after frustrating screen of options, settings and custom taxonomies – say what?! — only to find your course doesn't look anything like the one you saw in the product demo.

The Platform Site Swindle

Now, as a last ditch effort for convenience and not wasting anymore time, you decide to put your course on a platform learning site like Udemy or Teachable.

Okay, so they made your course easy to set up and launch, but soon you’re face-palming yourself Jean Luc Picard style at the complete lack of course customization options available. Soon after that, you also discover that you've got near ZERO control over your sales page, pricing & marketing.

It's at this point that you understand what the platform course solutions really are: a deal with the info-product devil.

They give you get a simple course creation experience in exchange for no lesson customization, marketing flexibility & price control. Your course instantly drowns in the ocean of other products on these platforms — while someone else takes a big cut from the few courses you do end up selling!

The Thrive Apprentice Revolution

There’s got to be a better way to build simple, beautiful and affordable online courses on WordPress websites…

With Thrive Apprentice, now there is.

Don't Settle For WordPress Course Weak Sauce

So here’s the deal. Your basic WordPress Editor just wasn’t designed for creating online courses.

(Bad looking online courses)   =   (Bad looking online brands)

Sure, you can hack simple online courses together using a primitive tool like your WordPress Editor, but an ugly looking assembly headache is waiting for you. The weak designs and non-existent organizational features of such Frankensteined courses will simply give your potential customers a bad first impression of your product.

The lack of a professional touch may even cause people to walk away from your course before even giving your content a chance. Such a reaction will reflect poorly on your expertise and authority making profitable sales now and in the future more difficult to achieve.

Remember that you’re asking people for their precious time, money and contact information in exchange for an online learning experience so it’s important that they remember you for all the right reasons.

You never want to come across as one of the countless, inauthentic, fly-by-night, info-product fakes out there on the internet...

Nope. It’s important that your online course experience becomes synonymous with great content, professional design and value. That’s how you build lifetime trust and respect from your customers so they’ll always be eager to buy your next course or product.

That’s why we’ve put so much effort into making Thrive Apprentice

the most intuitive online course creation plugin available for WordPress websites so you can nail that all-important first impression with each of your new course customers and subscribers, every time.

Just show up with great content, build your lessons at drag & drop speed and start selling.

Your students will think you hired a high dollar web-designer to build such a dazzling course for them, but you can take pride in yourself knowing that every lesson was built with your very own keyboard strokes and mouse clicks!

New To Building Online Courses? Thrive Apprentice Will Show You the Way, Step-By-Step

Look, we know building your first online course is intimidating.

However, Thrive Apprentice was created to CRUSH such fears by shrinking the technical barriers you're faced with into baby steps so you can build and launch your first online course as fast as possible!

Instead of allowing yourself to become paralyzed by technical overwhelm, Thrive Apprentice was built to walk you through the entire process — step-by-step.

With Thrive Apprentice, getting started is as easy as typing in the name of your first course.

Add a course description, upload a featured image and then jump straight in to crafting your first lesson:

Grow your Courses Organically

And whether you need to create a super simple course with just a few lessons to serve as your mailing list lead magnet or want to create an advanced training course — with extensive high value content — to sell as a premium info-product, Thrive Apprentice has the power to make both types of courses look fantastic.

Thrive Apprentice gives you the flexibility to create video courses, text courses and even simple one page guides. You can choose to sell a single product or create an entire range of courses available to paying members — all from one user friendly dashboard.

You can add lessons, modules and chapters to keep your courses flow and give your customers a enjoyable learning experience.

If you’re just getting started building online courses, you can choose to build up your info-product business organically too...

Get started by creating a single, simple course and then launch it. After that, you can add more lessons over time to increase the value of your course. In fact, watch as your course grows to include entire chapters and modules directed by the wants, needs and feedback of your customers.

As your student base grows, so too can your course offerings! Thrive Apprentice has your back every step of the way from your very first online course product launch to your eventual info-product empire.

Check Out All the Benefits to Building Your Online Courses with Thrive Apprentice:

Create online courses with that high-dollar, pro designer feel.

Lessons linked for you… gone is the stress of dealing with confusing, text-linked navigation.

Don’t waste any time. Build your online courses LIGHTNING FAST!

Build as many courses as you want. Once you have 2+ courses published, Thrive Apprentice will display them on a gorgeous & user-friendly course selection page.

Thrive Apprentice has a fast & simple integration with SendOwl and ThriveCart to sell you online courses quickly, without the need for a membership plugin!

Keep EVERYTHING you build.
Thrive Apprentice will never hold your content hostage like other Online Course solutions.

Grow your email list faster by creating impressive free online courses that you'll offer to new subscribers. Using only Thrive Apprentice!

Leverage a professional online course environment that has a built-in new subscriber registration feature.

Restrict access to non-subscribers with a single click for the courses you specify.

Create a branded login screen for your course so that your customers really get the royal treatment!

Use the Thrive Apprentice sidebar widget to give your students quick navigation access to all Modules, Chapters and Lessons within a given course.

Thrive Apprentice works with ANY WordPress theme.

There's no need to remodel your website to get started course building!

Here's How Quick and Easy It Is To Build Your First Thrive Apprentice Course!

3 Primary Ways To Grow Your Business Using Thrive Apprentice

There are several awesome applications for using Thrive Apprentice courses to help grow your business. For example, a few secondary applications include creating Thrive Apprentice built courses to help train your new employees faster, onboard your new clients with less effort, or even just as a way to boost your authority as a niche expert by having an online course available in your name.

However, the primary reasons for building online courses on your website are to 1) grow your email list and 2) sell high-value info-products.

So here’s a quick 1-2-3 overview of how you can use Thrive Apprentice to accomplish these two primary business goals for yourself through your WordPress website:


Paid Course Strategy: Thrive Apprentice + Checkout Tools Deep Integration

Thrive Apprentice offers a deep integration with SendOwl and ThriveCart to handle the complexities of selling premium courses on your WordPress site in the most cost effective and straightforward way possible.

These integrations not only handles course access technicalities, but also gives you a payment gateway, an affiliate program feature and EU customer VAT/MOSS management all in one.


Paid Course Strategy: Thrive Apprentice + Membership Plugin

Of course you can also still integrate Thrive Apprentice with a range of other membership plugins like MemberPress, Wishlist Member, and Member Mouse to handle your premium course access technicalities.


Free Course Strategy: Online Course Lead Magnets

Hands down, the easiest way to set up free online course lead magnets with a premium course feel is to use Thrive Apprentice.


The Thrive Apprentice Deep Integration with Checkout Tools

Thrive Apprentice directly integrates with SendOwl and ThriveCart checkout tools. This allows you to sell an online course faster than ever before!

  • Thrive Apprentice will handle everything except payments.  
  • You create your course content and set up access restrictions inside Thrive Apprentice.  
  • Everything to do with payments, cancellations, processing refunds and disputes are handled inside the account of your checkout tool.  
  • Any changes made inside your checkout tool are communicated to Thrive Apprentice so that access is automatically granted / removed where necessary.

There's NO NEED for an additional membership plugin! Everything is set up and handled by Thrive Apprentice.

This will allow you to:

  • Integrate with PayPal, Stripe and other common payment processors.
  • Easily add an affiliate program to sell more of your online courses.
  • Create more complex funnels with upsells etc.
  • Be compliant with EU VAT/MOSS regulations.
  • Create and sell your courses FASTER than ever before.


Thrive Apprentice + WordPress Membership Plugins

Of course, by using Thrive Apprentice to build your online courses, you still have the ability to pair it with other WordPress membership plugins like MemberPress, Wishlist Member and Member Mouse to handle membership access technicalities.

In that case:

  • Thrive Apprentice handles the content of your courses.
  • You create all your module, chapter and lesson content inside Thrive Apprentice to create that pro looking online course you're whishing for.
  • Your membership tool handles access restrictions to Thrive Apprentice courses (there are various ways of setting this up depending on which membership tool you use).
  • Your payment solution is integrated with your membership tool, rather than with Thrive Apprentice directly.

Integrating Thrive Apprentice with a membership plugin might be the right solution for you if:

  • The checkout tool does not integrate with the payment processor of your choice (but the membership plugin does).
  • You want advanced delivery methods such as drip feed your courses.
  • You already have a membership tool and are looking to up the design and customer experience of your courses.


Build your Email List Bigger-Faster-Stronger with Free Online Course Opt-In Offers

Offering a free online course to potential email subscribers is a terrific way to grow your email list.

Because the perceived value of an online course is so high and Thrive Apprentice makes building them so affordable and easy, there’s no better way to rapidly launch free online course lead magnets. Think about it...

If a website you visit confronts you with an email signup offer, how much more likely would you be to submit your email address in exchange for a free online course instead of an old fashioned eBook or PDF report?

And as a site owner, which type of lead magnet allows you to show off more of your personality and expertise? Which opt-in offer will build more trust to help turn more subscribers into paying customers down the road?

The online course, right?

Not only will a free online course strategy help grow your email list in far less time, but your subscribers will be that much more receptive to premium offers when you pitch them in the future.

That means more sales and stronger revenue in the long run!

And because the Thrive Apprentice WordPress course plugin can restrict access to your free courses through a simple WordPress username and password signup gate, there’s no extra steps or tools needed to start capturing those emails.

On top of that, your new online course subscribers will also experience that exclusive feel of a fancy membership website even though they only signed up for a free course.

Are you starting to see how Thrive Apprentice can not only boost the size of your mailing list, but become a core part of your business growth through time?

To show you exactly how a free course strategy can lead to real sales, here’s a concrete example of why Thrive Apprentice is THE tool info-product solopreneurs like you need to grow your business…

Sell More By Giving Away a Few Courses for Free

Say whaaaat? How’s that work?

Let’s just say you’re a yoga teacher that currently makes a living training students in person.

Giving away a free video course is actually one of the most effective strategies successful online yoga teachers have been using to get more bodies into their classrooms, more attendees to their high-dollar yoga retreats and more premium online courses sold.

Here’s how they do it:

These successful yoga solopreneurs begin by giving away a course for free (like a 7-day video training series). In exchange for that free course, online visitors provide their email address in standard lead magnet fashion.

But the real beauty of the free online course — especially when it’s a video course — is that it gives subscribers the chance to get to know their new teacher in a personal way.

If they don’t like the teacher or the style of yoga offered, it's no big deal. Nothing lost. Those new subscribers either turn into list lurkers or just unsubscribe with no harm done.

But imagine what happens when one of those new subscribers ends up loving their free online course...

They complete the 7 day course with all the energy and eagerness of a little kid on their first trip to Disneyland! They can’t wait to come back for more!

So guess what?! That free online course hooked them. True fan +1.

They not only open all their new yoga teacher’s emails, but actually look forward to reading them!

And when these savvy yoga teachers start offering exclusive (a.k.a. high-$,$$$) in-person yoga retreats to exotic locales like Costa Rica, Greece and Bali, their loyal students are ready and eager to pay up so they can come work with their mentor face-to-face.

On top of that, when such teachers begin to offer premium online courses, their larger group of fans who can't attend the exclusive retreats are more than ready to purchase the next best thing.

Do you see how powerful creating free online courses can be to actually put more dollars in your pocket?

That’s exactly what Thrive Apprentice was made for...

“Thrive Apprentice is VERY exciting for our business! Thanks Shane and the team. Can't wait to get started.


“I hate all the other clunky membership plugins, but I love Thrive Apprentice. Controlling levels of access, even adding in an affiliate option (by integrating with SendOwl) — affordably — is game changing!


The Thrive Apprentice solution is so great! I struggled with Lifter LMS for months (and it was super expensive), kept having to pay for more and more add ons... but now I have this! Thank you!


“Just want to say Thank You for improving your applications and increasing the value of the membership. You guys rock!”


Ready To Start Building Your First Professional Online Course?

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Get Thrive Suite to get instant access to Thrive Apprentice

30 day money back guarantee

Install on up to 25 websites

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Unlimited updates




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Thrive Suite Gives You Access to Every Thrive Tool:

Thrive Theme Builder 
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Thrive Quiz Builder
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Thrive Leads
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Thrive Optimize
A/B test landing pages for better conversions

Thrive Comments
Increase website engagement with gamified comments

Thrive Apprentice
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Thrive Ultimatum
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I would heartily recommend Thrive Suite because there is so much value. In addition, I am not a coder or even a website builder but Thrive plugins make it so much easier. I can create everything myself which of course, is much less expensive. Besides, it is fun!

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Here are the answers to some frequent questions we get asked about Thrive Apprentice:

Is Thrive Apprentice also a membership plugin?

Is Thrive Apprentice a WordPress theme?

I already built a course with the old version of Thrive   Apprentice. Is there a way for me to upgrade my current   course to the new version of Thrive Apprentice?

Can I group lessons into chapters and modules within Thrive Apprentice? 

Can you give an overview of the main advantages of the Thrive Apprentice online course builder over full blown LMS solutions? 

How do my Thrive Apprentice course subscribers resume a course they’ve already started? 

Do I have to restrict my Thrive Apprentice online courses to current subscribers only? 

What if someone is already subscribed to my email list?    Is it possible to prevent my current subscribers from   having to go through another sign up process to access   my subscriber only online courses? 

I’m not sure how Thrive Apprentice works with a     membership plugin. I understand that you need a membership plugin or some kind of third-party tool to manage purchases and restrict  paid course access, but how does Thrive Apprentice work when integrated with a membership plugin or online tool like SendOwl?                                                                              

Can I add Thrive Quiz Builder quizzes to my Thrive Apprentice Lessons? 

Can I purchase Thrive Apprentice as a standalone plugin?

Can I drip lessons to my new subscribers restricting access to lessons they haven’t received a drip for yet? 

Is it possible to limit access to different courses for my online course subscribers? That is to say, can I allow access for certain courses and exclude access to others?

What membership plugins is Thrive Apprentice currently integrated with? 

Is it possible to integrate Thrive Apprentice with my current WordPress theme? 

Is there a dedicated page for course selection if I create multiple Thrive Apprentice courses?

How many courses can I create with the Thrive Apprentice plugin?

Are all of my Thrive Apprentice pages indexed by Google somehow? I’m wondering, if people need to sign in to access my courses, does the content still add weight to my SEO?

After a visitor subscribes to one of my Thrive Apprentice online courses, does the system send an email confirming their subscription?

What is the advantage to having my online visitors sign up to become a subscriber (with a username and password) versus a standard opt-in form?

Can I use Thrive Apprentice with a non-Thrive Themes WordPress theme?

Is support available with my purchase?

What happens if I don't renew my Thrive Suite license?

What Our Customers Say About Us...

Thrive Architect is helping me create the website I see in my head.

Thrive Architect has been a lifesaver. It took some time getting used to the plugin, but after watching a few videos, I discovered that it's a potent tool. I'm a writer with minimal experience with coding and using Thrive Architect is helping me create the website I see in my head.

The most valuable set of marketing tools I use...

Nice work as always, Shane - thanks. My Thrive membership is hands down the most valuable (and irreplaceable) set of marketing tools I use.

Now I Can See the Direction I Need to Take

Can't even begin to tell you how helpful this has been. I've thrown heaps of money and so much time at courses to learn this and most of it wasted.

All I learned was that I needed an avatar and I just kept coming up with stuff that I wasn't satisfied with and what's more couldn't use.

Along comes Thrive Themes and I have created my avatar and made a pdf out of my give-away painlessly.

You gave me an excellent framework to work from - that alone was worth my subscription.

Now I can see the direction I need to take.

Thank you so much.

Creation of landing pages was a pain. No page builder out there comes close to what Thrive Architect does. Plus, themes like Minus and plugins like Thrive Headline Optimizer just place my sites miles ahead of the competition.

Thrive Architect, hands down. Just this plugin is worth the membership price. You can build an entire website with it, let alone landing pages. It's so powerful that sometimes I even use it to create Facebook covers.

Everyone that creates landing pages, that wants to build an email list, that wants to optimize it's blog post titles, and pretty much anyone that wants to have a successfull blog or website.

Before becoming a Thrive Themes Member my biggest struggle was finding landing pages that were affordable but still looked good.

The most useful plugin for me is Architect. I love transforming pages into beautiful and user-friendly content.

I would totally recommend Thrive Themes membership to others because it's such a great buy with so many features! This really helped me build my second business on a budget but without compromising.

Thank you so much for this course. It is well written, it makes this whole process much clearer and much easier too. Particularly when you get to the opt-in funnel. It becomes an easy step by step guide to follow. Great work!

Charles Minguez
Matthew N
Fernando Castilho Cintra
Randa Derkson
Annie L

Get Instant Access to All of Our Products!

When you purchase Thrive Suite you get instant access to all the tools you need to build your info-product empire!

Here’s what building an online course business powered by

Thrive Suite looks like:


Use Thrive Theme Builder to launch your website in hours rather than days.


Use Thrive Architectthe only truly visual drag & drop content builder — in combination with one of our 270+ landing page templates to create lead generation landing pages and blog posts.

Publish free content through your blog and create opt-in forms to start collecting email addresses with our Thrive Leads list building plugin.


Create and publish a free online course lead magnet quickly with Thrive Apprentice.


Promote your free online course across your site with Thrive Leads popup lightboxes, ribbons, scroll mats and several other kinds of opt-in forms wherever you need them.


Now create your first paid online course by integrating Thrive Apprentice with SendOwl or ThriveCart (or a 3rd-party membership plugin).


Finally, build gorgeous lead generation landing pages and online course sales pages to start making your first sales. Get these pages built and published in just a few hours by using some of our 291 conversion focused landing page templates.

Just pick a template, modify the copy, images and branding colors and your online course sales funnel will be up and running.