Don’t Just Build Online Courses.
Build a Business.

Create Online Courses You Can Sell with Thrive Apprentice, the Most Customizable WordPress Course Plugin.

Thrive Apprentice gives you the most flexible drag and drop WordPress course building solution on the market — alongside a complete online business building toolkit!

Created for Solopreneurs

Made for people like you building a successful online business selling their knowledge & expertise.

Fits a Tight Budget

Affordable for anyone working hard to build an online business on a bootstrapped budget.

Makes Course Creation Fun

Thrive Apprentice removes the hair-pulling technical hurdles for you, with a WordPress LMS plugin where you'll actually enjoy building your courses!

Here's how

Launch a Membership Site and Sell ANY Content With Thrive Apprentice Products


Tired of wasted weekends on janky WordPress plugins with complex settings that just don’t work?
Create your Membership Site fast and start selling with Thrive Apprentice.

Set up different membership tiers in minutes with simple access restrictions and display rules. Display clear visual labels for all your free and member-only website content.

Show custom messages or redirect visitors to sales pages when visitors try to access premium content. Bundle and sell your courses with exclusive members-only blog posts, videos, worksheets, downloads, ultimate guides and ANY other type of content you like with our WordPress LMS plugin.

Stop being held hostage by rigid WordPress course plugins and platforms that dictate how you sell courses. With Thrive Apprentice, you’re in control of your entire Membership Site!

Deliver Your Course Content with Precision Timing Using Advanced Drip Features

- Now included

Automate customer access to your lessons, modules, course content with timed schedules and custom triggers through our WordPress course plugin.

Organize your release schedules with easily customizable drip campaign timelines. Simply drag and drop to make changes on the fly. Get Thrive Apprentice to visualize and tweak your drip schedules.

It’s a complete game changer!

Easily Create Cohort Based Courses With Decoupled Drip

- Now Included

Free yourself from the painful grind of duplicating courses each time you want to welcome a new intake of students.

Picture this instead:

  • Launch independent drip schedules for both your mid- and year-end intakes in just a few seconds.
  • Connect them to the Thrive Apprentice Course Product you’ve created.
  • And you’re done!

Create, sell or pre-sell an unlimited number of unique drip schedules per course. Decoupled Drip is what complete flexibility looks like.    

Give instant access to all the content in a course bundle with a single customer purchase or create a different drip schedule that only triggers when someone starts their first lesson. 

Market like the pros with premium-priced, accelerated growth programs and more with Thrive Apprentice today!

Personalize Every Visitor’s Experience on Your Website

- now included

Fully customize your Membership Site and personalize the content each customer sees with Conditional Display.

Create compelling pages fast with content boxes, background sections, and blocks that only show when visitors meet specific conditions you’ve set.

Set your display rules to hide page or block content until a membership has been purchased and visually edit it all at the same time.

Thrive Apprentice lets you personalize not only the sales conversation, but the content different customers and non-customers will see!

Easily Add Quizzes to Your Online Courses Using Thrive Quiz Builder

Use the power of quizzes to engage your students. Block course progression based on quiz results, enforce quiz completion, ask multi-media questions and more. 

Thrive Quiz Builder combined with Thrive Apprentice becomes the perfect solution to create a interactive student experience.

Thrive Apprentice Works with ALL WordPress Themes

This LMS plugin bolts right onto your existing WordPress site — giving you the power to create and customize online courses with a powerful visual editor.

TOTAL Content Control

WordPress is awesome because it allows you to create a course platform with 100% ownership and control.

Thrive Apprentice was created as an LMS plugin that safeguards this total ownership advantage by never holding your course content hostage.

Because you're creating courses on your WordPress website with Thrive Apprentice, YOU own your content. Period.

Build As Many Free, Lead Gen, and Premium Courses As You Can!

Want to scale your business from an initial free list building course...

↪  To ten $50 courses...  ↪  To fifty $2,000 courses?

Go for it!

When you build your knowledge business with Thrive Apprentice, the cost to use the tool never increases — no matter how successful your business becomes.

Assemble Your Lessons with Ease

Did we mention building online courses with Thrive Apprentice is EASY?

Start by outlining your courses with Modules, Chapters and Lessons inside the Thrive Apprentice dashboard.

You can then organize and re-order your course structure  — at any time — just drag and drop course components around until you achieve the perfect learning flow for your students.

Create the Perfect Customer Checkout Experience

Just imagine you have multiple courses available for visitors to buy. Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to show Dynamic Labels on each of those courses based on EACH visitor’s course status.

Already a customer? Let visitors know clicking will send them to their most recent lesson. 

Not a customer? Dynamic Labels can show which courses visitors haven't bought yet.

And should non-customers try to open a premium course, you can send them to its sales page instead!

Beautiful Login and Registration Flows

Say goodbye to those ugly Login & Registration pages the other WordPress LMS plugins force you to use...

Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to completely customize the design of your student Login & Registration forms — as well as the pages they live on!

TOTAL Classroom Customization

What WordPress course theme builder allows you to completely customize your student experience?

Just Thrive Apprenticethat’s it!

We’re giving you TOTAL visual design freedom over your entire classroom! You can change every little detail of your online course environment. 

From the basics: Fonts, colors, logo, headers and footers

To the advanced:

  • School homepage with the course list 
  • Course overview template
  • Module template
  • Audio, video and text lesson templates

For each one of these, you have a range of templates to choose from so you can create your very own WordPress course themes in minutes.

Import Your Existing Course Customer Lists

Have you started to sell courses on another platform, but want to switch to Thrive Apprentice? No problem!

Simply export your existing customer list into a CSV file provided by your previous course builder or membership tool...

Then use the advanced Customer List feature inside Thrive Apprentice to import your list and quickly grant or remove course access to individual students — in a single click.

Instantly Duplicate Existing Courses

Need to create multiple courses that all share the same design style & structure?

Use Thrive Apprentice’s one-click Course Cloning feature to make this job EASY.

Once you’ve created one course, just click the clone button, start tweaking the duplicate course’s content, et voilà… you’ve got a brand new course in a matter of minutes!

Create Course Bundles to Increase Your Customer Value

Economy of scale discounting isn't exclusive to Costco...

Create multi-course bundles using any of Thrive Apprentice’s native checkout tool integrations (WooCommerce, ThriveCart and SendOwl) to help incentivize your customers to buy additional courses.

Translation Ready

Your lessons aren't in English? No problem.

Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to create courses in any language you require!

Need Help Selling?

Thrive Suite comes with a complete landing page template set — specifically designed to sell courses.

With the Smart Online Course landing page templates, you can quickly build any type of marketing funnel you need to sell your info-products!

That includes Sales Funnels, Lead Generation Funnels, Webinar Funnels, and more!

Showcase Courses Across Your Website

Want to display your courses in places that help draw more attention to them? How about on landing pages, your homepage or blog posts just to name a few examples...

Thrive Apprentice’s Course List element makes this marketing job drag and drop EASY.

Additionally, Thrive Apprentice’s Lesson List element allows you to showcase the content of a given course to help trigger a visitor’s interest regarding what’s inside. And of course, both these elements are fully customizable with Thrive’s one-of-a-kind visual editor!


Thank you very much. I've spun my wheels for months to understand how to do all of this. In just 1 day I created everything I needed to sell my courses.


Just.....unbelievable. You guys are AMAZING. You have created a set of tools so that little guys like me can create a fully functioning online business, AND make it look good! I am so proud to be a Thrive member. Sending lots of gratitude your way.

Feng Yin Tseng

Thrive Apprentice + WooCommerce is a dream come true to me too. Now I can get rid of the membership plugin and move forward.

Thrive Apprentice Makes Selling Your Courses Even Easier

So let’s assume your Thrive Apprentice course is built and ready to launch. How do you get people to actually pay you for it?

Well, here’s where you integrate Thrive Apprentice with the checkout tool of your choice: WooCommerce, ThriveCart and SendOwl.

Thrive Apprentice handles the actual access restriction while your checkout tool handles payments.

Then after purchase, your checkout tool updates Thrive Apprentice who should get access so customers can immediately begin taking their course.

And Thrive Apprentice’s native integrations with WooCommerce, ThriveCart and SendOwl make setting up this mission-critical function SIMPLE.

In fact, let’s take a quick look at how each of these integrations works...

Thrive Apprentice + WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce WordPress plugin — by WordPress.

Just connect Thrive Apprentice with WooCommerce (as well as a payment processor like Stripe or Paypal) and you can start selling your online courses in a matter of minutes — no further plugins or SaaS services required!

Want to see how easy integrating Thrive Apprentice is with WooCommerce? Take this free course to see (we built it with Thrive Apprentice):

How to Sell Online Courses with Thrive Apprentice & WooCommerce

Thrive Apprentice + ThriveCart

Want an even smoother checkout experience for your Thrive Apprentice courses? 

Then we recommend integrating Thrive Apprentice with ThriveCart (a completely different company with a similar name).

ThriveCart isn’t free, but the investment will help make sure your course checkout experience remains clean and tidy.

Again, Thrive Apprentice + ThriveCart + a payment processor (like Stripe or Paypal) are all you need to start selling the online courses you create.

Thrive Apprentice +

Want an affordable SaaS checkout tool to sell your Thrive Apprentice courses that also gives you impressive features like:

  • EU VAT collection
  • An affiliate program

Then SendOwl may be the course checkout tool you’re looking for.

With SendOwl, you can protect your courses, collect payments (with the EU VAT automatically calculated), and track your affiliate referrals — all for an affordable monthly subscription.

Start building an online course where all the tech - just works!

But You Haven’t Mentioned Membership Plugins… Do I Need One?


Thrive Apprentice DOES NOT require any membership plugins like Membermouse, MemberPress or WishList Member to protect your courses from unauthorized access. That being said, Thrive Apprentice DOES integrate with these 3 tools if you want to use them.

Thrive Apprentice Integrates with the Most Popular Membership Plugins

Although the additional expense and hassle of integrating Thrive Apprentice with a membership site plugin is not required to protect and sell your online courses, you can still opt to use one if you’re looking to build a membership-style online business.

Currently, Thrive Apprentice provides native integrations with Membermouse, MemberPress and WishList Member.

You can opt to integrate one of these additional membership tools with Thrive Apprentice if you also require features like dripping content delivery or restricted access to non-course content.

Build Your Online Course Based Business

- In a Weekend -

It’s important to know that we don’t sell Thrive Apprentice by itself in a WordPress LMS plugin vacuum. It actually comes packaged with an entire toolkit of fully integrated and conversion-focused plugins.

Why? Because we don’t just want to help you build great online courses... 

We want to help you build an online business selling the courses you create!

That's why Thrive Apprentice is just one of the many tools you get inside Thrive Suite. Let’s now take a quick look at the Thrive Suite toolkit and how it can help you build your online course-based business – from the ground up…

  • Step 1: ETC ~1h 

  • Step 2: ETC ~1h

  • Step 3: ETC ~2h

  • Step 4: ETC ~ a few hours

  • Step 5: ETC ~1h



Build a Fully Customized Website — in under an hour — with Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder is a full-fledged WordPress theme and site builder. In fact, it’s a drag and drop, front-end visual editor that gives you unparalleled control over your entire site design. On top of that, Thrive Theme Builder gives non-designers like you the power to build websites you’ll be proud of

But how?

Well, Thrive Theme Builder’s unique site setup wizard walks you through every step in the website building process. And if you’re planning to use the WooCommerce plugin as your checkout tool, Thrive Theme Builder’s site setup wizard even walks you through building your online shop too!

Simply put, once you work through Thrive Theme Builder’s site setup wizard, you’ll have a beautiful and totally customized WordPress site — that YOU built

This includes setting up your site:

  • Logo
  • Brand colors
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Homepage design
  • Blog Post design
  • Blog Post List design
  • Page design

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Start building an online course where all the tech - just works!

Thrive Apprentice Is No Ordinary WordPress LMS Plugin

Look, we know you want to create the best online experience for your customers possible... and that means shopping around to compare Thrive Apprentice with the other WordPress LMS plugins on the market. That’s not just savvy, it’s prudent.

So let us help you shortcut that grueling comparison work by showing you what Thrive Apprentice together with Thrive Suite offers that no other solution can match...

Thrive Apprentice Is Built with Rapid Implementation at Its Core

Don’t waste time, money and effort building online courses the market doesn’t want.

With Thrive Apprentice and Thrive Suite, you have all the tools you need to validate your online course idea first — before you YOLO the family inheritance on it.

All the tools in Thrive Suite are built around helping you apply Rapid Implementation principles so you can bootstrap a knowledge business from nothing — fast.

Build Beautiful Courses Unique to Your Brand

Thrive Apprentice is the only LMS plugin for WordPress that gives you the power to visually customize your course environment and build your lesson content with an unparalleled drag and drop editor.

You have FULL visual editing capabilities across your entire course environment. Build your own, totally unique platform with our WordPress online course plugin that'll make people think you’re rocking a full team of professional developers in your business.

Provide Seamless Customer Experiences

Many online course plugin WordPress solutions don’t prioritize the registration, login and checkout experience for customers.

Just imagine how frustrating it feels for a customer when they’re forced to first subscribe to your email list, then register for your course on a separate platform, and then walk through a payment gateway on yet another web address.

That’s a lot of stuff happening outside your website and brand!

With Thrive Apprentice, registration, login and checkout can all happen inside your site… on your platform.

You even have the power to completely customize your Login & Registration forms, brand your WordPress site login page, and display dynamic course labels to each visitor.

All the Marketing Tools Your Online Business Needs

If you want to build an online course-based business, course creation is just one part of the equation. You need Thrive Suite to make sure you become a powerful marketer too!

Build sales, lead gen, webinar, and new client funnels fast with Thrive Architect’s smart landing page sets.

Deploy gorgeous opt-in forms fast to grow your audience and email list using Thrive Leads.

Use attention-grabbing quizzes with Thrive Quiz Builder to accelerate that list growth.

Add urgency to your course launches with Thrive Ultimatum’s unbreakable countdown timers.

And A/B test your business-critical landing pages with Thrive Optimize so you can boost your conversions over time.

Our Pricing Plans

Thrive Suite

Get full access to our entire suite of integrated plugins (including Thrive Apprentice) at one great price. Build and grow your dream online business with a complete set of conversion optimized tools.



Thrive Apprentice

Get the standalone WordPress plugin. Best for those with existing websites that want to add online courses and membership functionality.



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