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How to Run Custom Online Events (Using Free Tools)

​In our free Better Online Events mini-course we've covered all the best tools and strategies you need to create better online meetings, classes, physical classes and webinars.

If you have a different type of online event in mind and can't find the right platform to do so, this bonus lesson is for you! Here, we'll look at how you can create 100% custom recordings and livestreams. Plus, we're using free tools to do it!

How to Run Effective Sales & Marketing Webinars

​In our Better Online Events series so far, we've looked at how to run better online classes, online meetings and online physical classes.

Today, we'll look at another crucial type of online event: sales & marketing webinars.

Whatever it is that your business sells, you could almost certainly sell more of it by using webinars as part of your marketing. This is especially true for high priced products.

If you've never considered running webinars before, or you want to upgrade your webinar game, now is the perfect time to do so.

How to Run a Physical Class Online (Better Online Events, Part 3)

​If your business revolves around physical classes such as yoga, pilates, fitness etc. moving online during times of social distancing can be a challenge.

​But I've got good news for you: here at Thrive Themes, we've compiled everything you need to make that offline-to-online transition as easy as possible.

​We've covered the basics you need to know in lesson one of this series and we've published this tutorial and case study based on moving a yoga studio online.

Plus, in today's lesson, we look at the particulars of your technical setup and how to optimize it for physical classes.

How to Run Engaging Online Meetings that Get Everyone’s Creative Juices Flowing

​Running a good meeting is hard enough offline. If you're suddenly forced to meet online, working with a remote team, you face a daunting challenge.

​In today's lesson of the Better Online Events mini course, we cover 3 princples and 5 specific actions you can implement, that lead to kick-ass meetings. If you're ready to stop wasting time on tech headaches and have meetings that are actually productive and fun, this one is for you!

Better Online Events, Part 1: Everything You Need to Run Awesome Online Classes, Meetings & Workshops

​As of the writing, the world is running the largest ever remote working experiment. Not only are many people suddenly tasked with conducting work, calls and meetings ​online, countless businesses are also scrambling to move workshops & classes on​ to the web.

If you've had to make such a transition from the offline to the online world and are struggling to make it work - or if that's a move you still have to make - this Better Online Events mini course is for you!

Are Online Courses Still a Good Business Model in 2020 & Beyond?

Are you thinking of launching an online course? Or are you already building an online course business and wondering what the future holds?

There are some big changes happening in the online course landscape. Your chances of surviving and succeeding in this space will depend on whether you understand these changes... and how you respond to them.

In this post, you'll discover the 6 things you need to know about the future of the online course business model and the 1 thing you need to succeed in 2020 and beyond.

JPEG vs. PNG: Why Image Formats Matter for a Fast Website

When you save images to use on your site, choosing the right image format matters.


Because the wrong image format means larger file sizes, which means a slower website, which means higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates.

Give me a few minutes of your time and you'll never make that mistake again. Instead, you'll choose the right image format and your site will look better and load faster. 

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