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New Webhooks, Trigger Conditions, Video Covers and Notification Editor – October 2021

Last week, we released 4 new features and improvements to Thrive Suite, our ever-growing online business toolkit for WordPress.

But for this release, we decided to do something we haven't in a while:

We made a walkthrough video that demonstrates each of these new features and how you can use them today.

This release includes:

  • New Trigger Conditions for Thrive Automator [0:36]
  • New Send Webhook Action for Thrive Automator [2:24]
  • Designer-made video cover templates to speed up your website [7:45]
  • The ability to style front end notifications on your website [12:48]

Pour yourself a coffee and watch the roundup video to see what's new in Thrive Suite!

3 New Features and 2 Improvements Added to Thrive Suite – Late September 2021

Yep, it’s that time again.

It’s finally time to share another round-up post of new product updates for our Thrive Suite customers!

This week, we’re sharing 3 great new features....

  • One of them you’ve been requesting for ages.
  • One you didn’t know you needed, but you really, really do.
  • One will personalize your website for each individual course student...

and 2 helpful improvements...

  • One will boost your page speed with no extra work
  • One will ask you to choose between the light and dark side (young Padawan!)

Let us know your feedback and questions in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you.

3 New Features Added to Thrive Suite – Early September 2021

Welcome to yet another round-up article where we showcase the latest features added to Thrive Suite.

In this release, there's 3 stand out improvements.

The first will give you a faster website, improving your core web vitals score while also improving your on-page clicks and visitor interactions.

The second will let you build a more intelligent website navigation experience, especially if you have a membership site or you are selling online courses.

And the third makes your online course library look like it was built by a designer... because it is!

Read on!

Thrive Automator + 5 New Updates Added To Thrive Suite

We've been busy.

And we kept it a secret up until last week...

When we announced the launch of a brand new plugin for Thrive Themes, the first new plugin we've released in over 3 years!

If you missed the announcement, then you just have to see this!

But, that wasn't all.

Although the new plugin stole the show, another 5 new features slipped into Thrive Suite, focusing on increased design flexibility, ecommerce, and website speed.

Read on and I'll share the latest updates with you.

6 New Features Added To Thrive Themes – Late June 2021

Have you heard the news?

...The mind-blowing, software-redefining, really REALLY big news?

Thrive Apprentice is now the world's first 100% visually editable online course platform.

Only a few weeks ago, we released the single biggest update that Thrive Apprentice has ever seen since we first released the online course plugin for WordPress years ago.

This one update completely reinvents how you design and build an online eLearning experience.

But adding our next-generation template editing technology to Thrive Apprentice wasn't the only update... There were 5 other updates that flew under the radar too.

Allow me to share them with you. 

Project Lightspeed Has Been Released!

Speed geeks, SEO fiends, and marketers alike:

Gather round.

Today, we have released Project Lightspeed. This is a huge milestone in the history of Thrive Themes.

Project Lightspeed is a one-click, code optimization tool that ensures your website — built with any Thrive Themes plugins — will output leaner, cleaner code.

Leaner code = less to load = faster website response times.

And with Google's Core Web Vitals algorithm set to roll out gradually from later this month until August, now is the right time to try it out.

Read on for a tutorial on what Project Lightspeed is and how to enable it.

Project Lightspeed Update: How It Will Help Core Web Vitals

Last month, we announced Project Lightspeed, our code optimization project to improve the efficiency of Thrive Themes plugins, themes and software on your website.

We are doing this in response to Google's upcoming Core Web Vitals algorithm update, where they will include website user experience into their 200+ ranking factors for Google Search.

The very same day we announced Project Lightspeed, Google amended their timeline, now saying that Core Web Vitals will be a gradual rollout beginning in mid-June and ending in late-August.

In this article, we'll provide an update on:

  1. 1
    Our progress on Project Lightspeed
  2. 2
    A breakdown of each Core Web Vitals metric
  3. 3
    Examples of how our code optimization can improve those metrics

Read on.

Project Lightspeed: What We Are Doing About Google Core Web Vitals and Website Speed

Last year, Google announced that they are going to add a new ranking factor to their search algorithm: Core Web Vitals.

This aligns with Google’s dedication to user experience (UX), and ensuring that anyone using Google search will get what they want from the web pages listed on the results page.

But what does that mean to a website owner? 

Should you panic that your online business is going to crumble? Or is the pandemonium about Google’s announcement an overreaction?

More importantly: Are Thrive Themes doing anything to improve Core Web Vitals?

Yes, we are. And in this post, we’ll share an official statement about what we are optimizing in our software, and why.

Read on.

6 New Features in Thrive Suite – Late March 2021

Welcome back to another Thrive Themes update post!

First time here?

This is where we reveal to you all the new features, elements, options and updates we've just published to all the plugins and themes in Thrive Suite.

Needless to say, it's pretty exciting.

This week is no exception, and it includes one of the most highly requested features of the last 12 months.

Read on and I'll walk you through what's new.

Huge New Features in Thrive Suite – Early March 2021


That'll be your mind blowing... 

...after you see what we've just added to Thrive Suite.

The latest software update has a few huge new features, on par with entire paid plugins. And if you've bought Thrive Suite, you get them all without paying a single extra dollar.

You're welcome.

Read on to see why this is a big deal especially for online course creators.

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