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Demystifying Content for SEO: Everything You Need to Know About Keyword Mapping

Viola Eva is a specialist in SEO strategy, competitive optimization and data-driven content creation. You may remember her as Shane's co-instructor from the Thrive Themes SEO Sprint for Busy Solopreneurs online course.

One of the recurring questions Viola noticed from students of that course was how to optimize certain types of content like product/service/sales pages, about pages, podcast pages or lead generation pages. It seems most SEO experts gloss over what to do on such pages of your site...

Viola wanted to shed some light on this question for the Thrive Themes audience and has shared this post with us to help do so. Thanks Viola!

In this article, you will learn how to give your target keywords a home on your website.

You'll learn which pages should be optimized for SEO — and which ones should be used for other purposes.

The process I'm going to teach you in this post is called keyword mapping. It’s the missing link between effective keyword research (finding great search term opportunities) and establishing a traffic boosting content plan.