New ‘Blank’ Opt-In Form Templates & How to Use Them

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Updated on January 7, 2020

Are you one of those people who like to customize every element in the opt-in form?

In that case, you'll love the new blank templates we added to the library!

Let me show you when and how to use these templates.


A Blank Canvas to Go Wild.

In the newest version of Thrive Leads, we added blank templates to the library.

For every type of opt-in form, you’re now able to select the blank template and start building your opt-in from scratch.

This template has no pre-formatted content. It’s up to you to add any element you want.

Why Should You Use a Blank Template?

When using one of the pre-designed templates from the library, the opt-in form loads with custom CSS.

Rather than trying to erase or override this, you should start from a blank template.

A blank template will automatically use the CSS of your theme. This means that all text elements you add to the opt-in form will have the same typography and thus the same look and feel of your overall website.

This also means that there are no new fonts to be loaded with the opt-in form, which can give you a slight speed advantage.

I hope you like this newest addition to our growing collection of templates. If you have any questions about this or any feedback to share, please leave a comment below!​


Since switching over from Thrive Content Builder to Thrive Architect, the blank templates have changed slightly.

They are 100% empty, without opt-in form.

In order to add an opt-in form, simply drag a "lead generation" element on the canvas.

by Hanne  November 6, 2015


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  • I was going to say lots of good things about these new templates, but I am drawing a blank right now…
    Seriously, these blank templates are a nice touch. Thanks for including them.

    • Hey John,

      On the blank template (as on all others), you can add the boxes that are supported by your email provider. If you use HTML code to connect with the server you need to make sure these fields are present. If you use the API you’ll see the different fields you can select.

  • FINALLY… I’ve been waiting for a blank form. Editing the template to match my website’s design was too much of a hassle.

  • Awesome. 🙂

    Shane … I love your lead plugin. Do you think there is any way I can use your lead boxes on normal html pages or other systems while having WP run in the background in parallel?

    So it would go like … set up all the lead stuff in WP – then grab some code which can be embedded in any other external site on the same domain to pull over the lead box from WP.

    That would be really great and very helpful for people that need several systems e.g. powerful e-commerce platforms and a blog etc.

  • Thanks Ms Hanne for sharing this interesting article on opt-in custum black template. I was really waiting such kind of services because sometime i have to create custom form which has only required sections. This new black opt-in really good and best for my website.

  • Hi Hanne! I’m still confused about how to make the text fields required before they can hit the submit button. I have tons of submissions that are completely blank

  • Hi Hanne,
    It’s good that the blank template will automatically will use the css of my these. I have implemented it on my blog. Thanks for sharing the information.


  • This video is outdated. How does one get to that page to select an in content form?

    Now when clicking on ‘thrive leads’ it goes to a page with options for ‘leads dashboard’, content builder tutorials, and theme options (and a few other selections).

    • Hello Joshua,

      You get to that page when you go to “Thrive Leads” in your WordPress admin dashboard, after you’ve installed and activated the Thrive Leads plugin on your website.

  • I can’t seem to figure out how to save a lightbox? Everytime I tweak an existing one, but it would be nice if I could edit one, and save it, and just reuse that template (I save it, but it never shows up in the ‘saved templates’ section?)

    • If you’re saving it but it isn’t showing up, that sounds like a bug of some sort. Could you please report this in our support forum? Thanks.

  • easy if you only want to obtain email address. But why can’t you include templates requesting name??? Not having a name field available makes this USELESS for my needs and frustrates me into thinking I have a resolution!

  • Oooh…..great. Really, HANNE for sharing this too informative and interesting post & video with us and make us part of this post because I learned and enjoyed lots from this post……….thanks again and keep it.

  • Hi, I wanted to know how to add forms to the static wordpress website pages and also add/delete/modify fields in the form.

  • Hi Hanne,
    I love the new Thrive Architect – but somehow, when creating a blank slide in – I cannot find the element that allows a user to close the slide in, if they want (the little “x” in the upper right hand corner). Can you point me to where I can find this element?

  • when using the slide in form, the blank template is now different from your video. There is zero content. Including the actual form. And seems to be no way in architect to add the form. Been ingratiatingly goolging this for ages. I thought your video was the answer. Alas, it is old content.

    • Hi Nicholas,

      Indeed the blank form has changed, thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated the article accordingly.
      You can simply drag and drop a “lead generation element” from Thrive Architect to get the opt-in form on your lightbox.

  • I’m using activecampaign api for my form and can’t add more fields even though the form in ac has the field I want (number of tickets for event registration). PLEASE HELP!

  • {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}