Thrive Automator + 5 New Updates Added To Thrive Suite

We've been busy.

And we kept it a secret up until last week...

When we announced the launch of a brand new plugin for Thrive Themes, the first new plugin we've released in over 3 years!

If you missed the announcement, then you just have to see this!

But, that wasn't all.

Although the new plugin stole the show, another 5 new features slipped into Thrive Suite, focusing on increased design flexibility, ecommerce, and website speed.

Read on and I'll share the latest updates with you.

How to Craft a High Converting Opt-In Form

Do you consider your opt-in offers high-converting?

Are you satisfied with your opt-in offer results?

In today’s video, you’ll discover a simple but powerful method to squeeze out even more conversions from your opt-in offers, by promoting benefits over features.

Read on or watch the video to learn how to create more engaging offers that will (A) capture more visitor attention and (B) convert said visitors into actual, paying customers.

Let's dive right in.

How to Improve Your Homepage with the R.A.P.I.D. Optimization Framework

Do you feel like your homepage could do a better job at attracting more prospects?

Maybe your homepage gets decent traffic, but visitors don’t end up taking the action you need them to like signing up to your email list or contacting you about your services...

Sound familiar? Then watch the video or read on to learn our 5-part R.A.P.I.D. optimization framework so you can start boosting your homepage conversions right away.

How to Streamline your WooCommerce Online Sales Funnel to Boost Conversions

WooCommerce is a fantastic tool to transform your WordPress website into a fully featured eCommerce platform. It’s free, well supported, and integrates with our tools inside Thrive Suite.

We all love WooCommerce, and it’s the basis of many successful online businesses.


Out of the box, trying to create a simple online sales funnel with WooCommerce is a conversion rate killer. It’s simply not set up for the short, linear sales experience needed to quickly convert leads into paying customers.

Today, you’re going to learn how to transform this conversion rate leaking WooCommerce  funnel...

... into this conversion rate boosting WooCommerce funnel

And that means more sales, more revenue, improved ad ROI, and just a simpler, more intuitive experience for your customers!