How to Create Your Most Effective Sales Page & Product Launch Yet

A sales page is a pivotal page on your site: the difference between a mediocre and a good sales page can mean a huge difference to your business' bottom line.

In this video, you'll see the persuasion elements we've added to our most advanced sales page template yet and you can learn how to create an entire product launch, using only the tools you already have!​

Why I Die a Little on the Inside Every Time You Ask Me What Button Color Converts Best

Did you know the more you can control your need to pee, the better you are at saving money (source), and If you study ethics, you’re more likely to steal (source)?

Also, intelligent people are more likely to binge drink (source). But, don’t expect it to get you any brownie points when police find you at 1:00pm belligerently yelling “I’M SMARTER THAN YOU!” at a fire hydrant because it won’t give you extra ketchup for your French fries…

The point is: it is POSSIBLE for two seemingly random things to be correlated and if you don't understand why, all your A/B testing is doomed to fail.

One-Click Video Frame Styles for Your Embedded Videos

A nice frame will give your visual content just that little bit extra it deserves to stand out.

With Thrive Content Builder, you’ve had the option to easily add styles and frames to your images for a long time already.

We took this one step further and added a new feature: One-Click Video Frames.

Watch the quick video to discover how to add eye catching frames around your embedded videos.

How to Build the Perfect, Conversion Focused Homepage

Check your analytics and you'll likely see that your homepage is the highest-traffic page on your site (or among the highest traffic pages). The question is: does this page do your business and brand justice? Does it do the best possible job of serving all those visitors that come to it?

Building that perfect homepage layout is a tall order, so in today's post, we're going to make it as easy as possible for you.​

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