Smoother Content Editing & New Features

Thrive Content Builder has recently been updated with several new features and major improvements. In today's video, you'll discover one of the biggest improvements to the plugin since its release, as well as two new design-related features that help you create better, more beautiful and more personalized content.

Watch the video below for a quick tour:

Seamless Short Codes in the Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder comes loaded with an ever growing number of elements that you can use to create rich, engaging and high-converting posts and pages. But what if you want to add an element from outside the Content Builder, such as a short code provided by your theme or a different plugin?

While Content Builder has always worked with short codes, in our latest update, we’ve improved the way you can add short code elements to your content. Watch this video to see how the new feature works:

Add Urgency to Your Landing Pages With the Countdown Timer Element


The basic countdown feature shown in this post is still available in Thrive Content Builder. In addition, you can now also get a complete and highly advanced scarcity marketing suite with Thrive Ultimatum.

The countdown timer is a new Thrive Content Builder element that is deceptively simple. But don’t let the simplicity fool you: this single element can light a fire under your conversion rates and have a very real impact on your bottom line.

Check out this quick video demo to see what it’s all about:

New Table of Contents Element

We’ve just added a new element to the Thrive Content Builder which is perfect for your long content pieces and epic posts. Not only does this element make your content easier to navigate through and increase your visitor’s engagement, it’s also really easy to implement.

Watch the video below for a tour through the new feature:

New Theme Feature: Extended Menus

In the latest version of our themes, we've added the option to create extended menus in your site's main navigation. These multi-column drop-down menus (sometimes also called "mega menus") are great when you need to present many navigation options in a compelling way.

Watch this video to see how to use the new feature:

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