New Table of Contents Element

We’ve just added a new element to the Thrive Content Builder which is perfect for your long content pieces and epic posts. Not only does this element make your content easier to navigate through and increase your visitor’s engagement, it’s also really easy to implement.

Watch the video below for a tour through the new feature:

New Theme Feature: Extended Menus

In the latest version of our themes, we've added the option to create extended menus in your site's main navigation. These multi-column drop-down menus (sometimes also called "mega menus") are great when you need to present many navigation options in a compelling way.

Watch this video to see how to use the new feature:

How to Build a Better 404 Page

Your "page not found" 404 page is one only a small fraction of your visitors will ever see. It's still a page that can be worth optimizing, though and since it represents an error, it's a great opportunity to help your poor, lost visitors out and re-engage them.

In today's video, you'll get a quick tour through a new option added to all Thrive Themes plus 3 suggestions on how to build a better 404 error page.

New Theme Released: Voice

Today, we are happy to announce our latest new theme release: Voice.

Voice is a theme with a unique design, especially suited for writers and bloggers. The theme puts your content in the spotlight and emphasizes great readability and text formatting.

While this is certainly not the first theme centered around the written word, one thing that sets Voice apart is that it combines a beautiful blog and highly readable layout with the Thrive Themes conversion features that you've come to know and love.

It's the perfect theme for attracting an audience with your writing and then turning your visitors into avid fans, subscribers and customers.

Introducing: Live and Effortless Table Building for WordPress

Out of the box, WordPress doesn’t offer you any way of creating tables, unless you’re able to add the code for them yourself.  This is quite a big shortcoming, given how popular table functionality is.

Of course there are a few plugins out there that help you build tables using the WordPress platform, but they all have one big problem in common.  A problem that we’ve just solved with the latest version of the Content Builder.

Easy Responsive Video Embeds on Your Site!

Adding a video to your site is quite an easy thing to do, especially if you use a site like YouTube or Vimeo to upload the video. The tricky part is getting that video to work the way it should, when your site is responsive…

Check out the video below to see how this problem has been solved in Thrive Themes and how we’ve added in a couple of nice bonus features to give you more control over videos you add to your site:

Headers & Navigation Improved (+ New Tutorials)

In the latest Thrive Themes update, you’ll find two major new features that give you more flexibility for configuring the style and behavior of your header and navigation area. In all Thrive Themes, you now have a choice between two header layouts and you can activate a “floating navigation” options.

Check out this quick video tutorial, to see how the new features work: