Meet Our New Landing Page Set Made for Rapid Customization: “Bright”

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Updated on December 31, 2019

We've released a new set of landing pages for the Thrive Architect plugin - and it's our most feature-packed set to date.

Watch the video and check out the details below to see how this set of templates will help you build your business critical pages in record time.


You can watch the video above for a summary of all the awesomeness in the Bright landing page set. Below, we'll dig deeper into some of those highlights:

Built for Rapid Customization

We built all the pages in this set with rapid customization in mind. You can replace the main red color highlights with your brand color, maybe switch out some fonts and you'll already have a totally unique, fully customized page.

An important aspect of this rapid customization approach is that we don't rely on graphics or images that would require any custom design work or any editing inside a tool like Photoshop.

The coolest part of this is in our fully editable graphics. Here's a quick tutorial on how to use them:

As you can see, from entire page layouts to ebook cover graphics to styled icons, we've got you covered. And many elements that you'd swear are custom images are actually click-to-edit easy to customize, directly inside Thrive Architect.

The Full Page Set

The Bright landing page set contains templates for many different purposes. Too many pages to present in the main video for this post. But if you'd like to know more about the different pages in this set and the ideas and logic behind how we created them, watch the video above.

And if you want to learn how you can use the webinar pages in this set to run your own live webinars without needing any expensive webinar service, check out this Thrive University course.

Note: after the video above was recorded, we decided to add an additional page to the set. You will also find a "content page", in the spirit of the content page we created for the Atomic 2 landing page set.

The Tutorialized Sales Page

We've been asked for more sales page templates and in this new set, we delivered:

As usual, the sales page template is fully tutorialized. That means the template itself is a tutorial on how to use the template to create an awesome sales page.

As with the rest of the pages in this set, we created a sales page that doesn't rely on custom designed graphics and can be edited and customized for your own needs as quickly as possible.

We've made other sales page templates in the past, all with different designs and different purposes in mind. You can find out more about them here:

We Want Your Feedback!

What do you think of this new page set? What's your experience with the editable graphics? Can you create the pages you want, without needing a designer or Photoshop?

Let me know with a comment, so we can make future templates even better.


by Shane Melaugh  October 17, 2017


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  • Outstanding Templates. Clean, Classy and to the Core.
    Would like if you’ll make the template releases a regular affair. Every week or month maybe.
    More power to Team Thrive Themes and Shane!

    • Thank you for your comment, Prashant. We will be releasing new templates more often than before. Not sure about a set schedule for them, though.

    • Thanks for your comment, Luis. You can use the export/import feature to share templates between sites, but we don’t have a sharing feature for entire funnels yet.

    • Hello Manu,

      Please try to hard refresh your browser if you can’t see the templates (Ctrl + F5). If that doesn’t work, please contact your hosting provider and ask them to whitelist this IP address: It’s possible that the host is blocking access to the templates and whitelisting the IP should fix the issue.

  • Great Shane and Thrive Team! Fast loading is key and appreciate the front running efforts to keep all of us that use Thrive products at the top of our niches.

  • WOW.
    Shane & team, this is awesome.
    Very nice design and unexpected features that can make working with these templates quicker and easier.
    Happy to be a member!!

  • This is great.
    However, you know what I’d really like to see you guys do?
    Make a set where it’s easy to do what Hanna (spelling, sorry) did in that video where she built the home page with the whole top being the opt in before they scroll. Then other elements, then blog posts etc. But with a skinny nav bar that lets them go to blog or what have you that sits right after the opt in at the top and then can follow them or stay there.

    That was a great home page, but we have to build if from scratch and it doesn’t look like it’s ‘supposed’ to be that way then like it does when you guys make the design.
    I really liked her layout, so make sure it incorporates all those elements.

    Thank you!

  • Wow! Again! I love that it is so easy to implement everything and especially that the template is so helpful. Really helpful are the graphical elements… I will save so much freaking time.

    This peace of software is getting an all in one machine. I have allready cancelled a couple of subscriptions due to Thrive Themes :-D. Amazing!

    The only thing I am missing is a membership area… this would be the cheery top of the icecreamcake (I know I know but maybe if enough people are asking for that peace, one day my wish will come true ;-).

    Weiter so!

    Warm regards,

    • Thank you for your feedback, Michael! It’s great to hear that you’ve been able to eliminate some other expensive tools thanks to our feature set. I hope we can continue that trend in the future. 🙂

  • This attention to making customization easy is absolutely brilliant!
    The ability to customize so many elements so quickly reduces the stress-level involved in page creation immensely, and means we can produce more pages — that match our sites — in much less time.
    Reducing the need to hire outside help to get our pages done makes Thrive Architect practically pay for itself — but the time savings are probably the most valuable feature of all!

    • Thank you for your comment, Phil! That’s exactly what we’ve been aiming to do, with these new features. And we’ve got more lined up and in development that will further speed up the process and save more time.

    • Great to know! We’re always happy to know that an update or new template can be put to use right away, claivoyance or not. 😉

  • If I were to summarize my impression under just one word, it must be “fantastic”.
    Thank you for providing all the great value and for constantly raising the bar, but most of all for making our lives easier by combining your tools with WordPress.
    Shane, on a separate note I´d like to talk about something that calls to my attention. Would it be possible, somehow, to create custom templates for blog posts?
    If yes, how?
    If not yet, when?
    I don´t know if I´m all wrong, but I have this crazy idea of infusing the kind of quality you show in these set of templates, for example, but at blog post level.
    Thank you very much for all the continuous improvement job you do for all of us, your customers. Much appreciated.
    Best Regards,

    • Agreed! I actually use Thrive Architect to build out all of my blog posts (at least for the last few months). It’s way easier than trying to edit in WordPress and jump back-and-forth with the preview button… and all of the saved drafts you end up with, yeesh.

      But it’s on my to-do list to build out a blog template to use where the line spacing on headers, fonts, images, etc are as pre-determined as possible.

      Haha and I’m sure Shane and the team could make something much better than what I’ll cobble together.

    • Thank you for your comment and suggestion, Luis!

      Yes, it is possible to provide content templates like blog posts. In fact, this is one of the things we built Thrive Archtiect for. We’re still working out some additions needed to make this happen, but it is coming. 🙂

      • This is great Shane, especially if we´ll be able to “transform” at the click of a button all of the current blog posts we have to make them look really astonishing. It would be really, really helpful to be able to make this happen.

        I know we are in great hands, so I´ll just wait for the geniuses to finish their work ;).


  • Great stuff, guys! I love the editable graphics, such a time saver for whoever just wants to get his product out quickly without having to hire a designer to do cover images etc. Great job!

  • Looks nice. Can it go further and have a “brand colours” setting that changes ALL the red to green in one swift move?

    • Not yet, no. But we’re working on a series of improvements that eventually lead to such one-click-updatability.

  • Hey Shane, Thank you and your team for the incredibly hard work you continue to do. I love this about the company. You provide great value and never rest on what you have done in the past. You are always bringing new and better things to the forefront.

    • Thank you, Terry! It’s good to hear that you appreciate this. It’s a very important value to us, to keep moving things forward.

  • It looks great, but I do not have access 🙁 The only landing page template I have is the blank one…all the rest are seemingly gone… not sure why this happened but it did….

    • Hello Lynn,

      Please try doing a hard refresh when you’ve loaded Thrive Architect (Ctrl + F5). If the templates are still not visible after that, please contact your hosting provider and ask them to whitelist this IP address:

      It’s possible that the host is blocking access to the templates and whitelisting the IP should fix the issue.

      • thank you for the reply – I was offline til now and it seems that the recent updates I just did for Architect and your themes took care of the issue. But now I know to try hard reset if there are any more problems


  • Amazing. It was always frustrating for me to use Photoshop just to create an e-book cover. It normally took me longer time to use Photoshop than building the whole landing page. Great job! Love it!

  • What can I say! – well, what everyone else is saying. Awesome work! I’d just finished a new funnel as well – now I’m going to have to make another one and split test it with this. I also love that it’s vector – it’s going to load so much more quickly.

    • Thank you, Quentin! Indeed, that’s another advantage of the editable graphics. They look super crisp even at large sizes, but they’re way smaller than an image file.

      • I completed my first BRIGHT sales page and it really is stunning (I know this because my wife said so immediately she saw it – and she’s the best critic I know when it comes to my own ‘bright’ ideas!).

  • These are excellent! I’ve created a homepage using the Resume Landing page and will build sales funnels using the Bright templates for each of my primary skills. Too easy. Thrive is the best!

  • Fantastic, thank you! I will be using these to get going rather than spending my time learning everything from scratch that’s required to make them. I’m a newbie starting a complete website, any chance you can give us a Home Page template to go with these? That would be awesome and we could make a basic website with just these templates.

  • I have a suggestion. When you post a new landing page tutorial, you should put a link to an image of the final page. Sometimes we are not able to watch the videos right way but just want to have a look the page layout we are going to learn to build next.

  • Beautiful,clear,and effective!
    The fact that you can edit all the content is amazing!
    Also the q&a section is brilliant!

    • Hi Ralf,

      Sorry to hear about this issue. I’ve not encountered this before. Please create a post on the support forum so our guys can help you out.

  • Great stuff Shane! Thank you for this set!

    Unrelated question: any timeframe on when you guys are releasing the updated theme(s) you gave us a teaser of a while back? Kinda dying to give my site a refresh and would love to see what you guys do with the new theme(s) 🙂

  • This is fantastic:) Thank you all. Not only are the templates and tutorials amazing but your business model ….over delivering…great support… always staying many steps ahead and anticipating our (my) ‘non-techie needs….is a great one to model. It’s what Jay Abraham’s calls The Strategy Of Pre-eminence …and you’ve nailed it 🙂

  • Hi.
    The rapid costimization on graphics is fantastic! Can we add short videos that play automatically to the view instead of an image? How does it look on mobile? Is the decoration feature available on mobile too? Can you add specific landing pages for special company events such as anniversaries?
    Thank you…

    • A short video that plays automatically would usually be an animated gif. These can be added like images. For videos longer than a few seconds, it’s better to add them as actual videos. You can choose to autoplay them and hide the controls, to get a similar effect to a gif.

      How it looks on mobile depends on the element and size of the element. You can always use the responsive views in Thrive Architect to get a quick look at what your layout looks like on mobile.

      Yes, the decoration features are available for all screen sizes.

  • Beautiful as always. Happy TT customer here !

    Can you please explain how did you do the FAQ toggle feature ?
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Mike,

      There’s a Thrive Architect element called “Content Toggle”. Just drag and drop that onto your page and you’ve got the type of FAQ toggle shown here.

  • Awesome again! I’ so happy to be with Thrive. It’s the first time for over 10 years that I really enjoy working with WordPress every day. Thanks for being a lighting star in this WP Universe.

  • Just from the videos I have watched it solves many problems for people that are not very tech savvy but need to create stuff for themselves. You guys have really over delivered with this and its what we have come to expect.
    Just Brilliant and I will definitely be one of the ones making full use of this new set …..

  • Shane, I’m starting to move away from WordPress. I’m wondering, can I still use Thrive products to produce my pages?

    • No, our products are all exclusively for WordPress. Can I ask: what are you moving to and why do you prefer it over WordPress?

  • Is there PSD templates we can give to a designer so we can build assets offline? been looking around on your site for them

  • Hello,
    could you explain, how to copy the designed e-book graphic to another page of the set? It doesn´t work with the styles&template feature…
    thank you!

  • Hi. No matter what I do my landing page won’t save. I hit save and it goes to a white blank screen with exception of the date and time in the upper left-hand corner. I’ve done this 5 times now and it is extremely frustrating since this is supposed to only take me minutes. Please include the link to the forum in your response if that is where I will be sent for an answer. I saw another user was referred there and I cannot locate the forum. Thank you.

  • The editable ebook graphic is KILLER. This is truly a complete set of landing pages. Love the addition of a content template as well. SOLID. Thank you!

  • Hello, Shane,

    I love your videos!

    I just bought Thrive Architect.

    I’m not familiar with all the features yet but I would like to know which homepage template you would recommend for my freelance copywriting services?

    If not, do you plan to create a template for freelance web editors? That would be great!

    Thank you for your answer.

    Yours sincerely

  • Bonjour Shane,

    J’adore tes vidéos!

    Je viens d’acheter Thrive Architect.

    Je ne connais pas encore toutes les fonctionnalités mais je voudrais savoir quel modèle de page d’accueil vous recommanderiez pour mes services de rédaction indépendants?

    Sinon, prévoyez-vous de créer un modèle pour les éditeurs Web indépendants? Ce serait génial!

    Merci pour votre réponse.


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