Build an Indie Author Website Both You AND Your Readers Will Love

Finally, a FREE, step-by-step video series for non-techie writers, authors and writer-preneurs that walks you through how to build a WordPress website, giving you FULL CONTROL over how you sell your stories.

  • DIY build a pro-website that meets your exact indie author needs
  • Learn how to customize conversion-focused and tutorialized templates that make the job of selling your books — EASY
  • Follow along with these beginner-friendly, click-by-click tutorial videos that teach you how to launch a complete writer-preneur website — FAST


Need to create a website to promote your books, but don’t know where or how to get started? 

Sick of using other online author platforms that cost too much, are totally inflexible or require hiring expensive consultants to do the technical work for you? 

Want to manage your indie-writing inkwell — how and when you want — all on your own?

If so, then this FREE video workshop is exactly what need to create the professional indie author website you’ve been plotting for!

In this Training, you’ll learn:

How to create a high converting indie author website

Strategies for building a writer-preneur business

Step-by-step instructions for promoting your work

Here’s what we’ll be covering in This FREE video workshop:

  • How to build a WordPress website that showcases your books and showcases your rave reviews
  • How to quickly create and publish pages that promote your upcoming book signing or speaking events
  • How to promote each of your individual books or book series on your website by showcasing each story's synopsis, characters, plot, reader reviews, and most importantly — where and how to buy
  • How to build and deploy subscriber opt-in offers so you can grow a list of raving readers and fans
  • How to take your writing business to new heights by leveling up your marketing skills

Build Your Indie Author Website Today!

If you’ve been looking for a powerful, yet simple way to DIY build a pro-looking WordPress website that helps you grow your readership and sell more bookseach and every day then this FREE training is for you!

See you inside the workshop!

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