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Bloom and Thrive Leads make it to the top five mailing list builder plugins for WordPress on every list. 

Both of these plugins are made for list building and both of them advertise similar features, for example a wide range of templates to choose from or A/B testing.

Let's find out what exactly they have in common, where they're different from each other and most importantly: which one is best for you.

Feature Comparison

Before we dig deeper into the more specific features of the two plugins, read the general comparison.


Thrive Leads


1 Year of Customer Support

Lifelong Updates

Money Back Guarantee

30 days

30 days

Plugin sold separately

One-time fee available

Technical Features

Thrive Leads


API Integrations



Connect With Custom HTML Form

Lifelong Updates

Drag and Drop Editor

Live Front End Editing

No Coding Skills Needed

Pre-Designed Templates


Mobile Responsive

Redirect to Thank You Page

A/B Testing

Different Animation Options

Trigger Options

Hide/Show On Mobile

Advanced Display Rules

Success Message

What Kinds Of Sign-Up Forms Can You Build?

Opt-in Form Types

Thrive Leads


Pop Up Lightbox

Fly In / Slide In

Below Post / Post Footer

Inline / In Content 

Locked Content


Scroll Mat

Screen Filler

Ribbon (Smart Bar)

PHP Insert

Multi-State Opt-In Form

Multiple Choices

Two-Step Opt-In / ThriveBox

Yes/No Form Type

Thrive Leads offers more than twice as many opt-in form types as Bloom. But does it really matter?

For really badass marketing and conversion, it does.

Here are some of the highlights:​

Two-Step Opt-In

With the two-step opt-in form feature, called ThriveBox, you can add a lightbox to an image, a piece of text or a button.

This way the lightbox only appears after clicking on the element, which allows to add opt-in forms without cluttering your website. You're asking for a micro-commitment (a click) before showing the opt-in form. This results in better conversion rate.​ Read more about ThriveBox here

Multiple States

Thrive Leads lets you add multiple states to the same opt-in form.

For example, the first state contains a question or statement with a button that leads you to the next state with the subscribe form. Or, multiple buttons that take you to different opt-in forms without redirect to a new page.

This way your visitors can segment themselves by clicking on the button they are most interested in, so they will only be shown the related sign-up form.

The multiple states option also allows you to display the thank you message on the last state of the form.

When you use a thank you state, you don't have to redirect your visitors to another page after they signed up, so they can get back to what they were doing before the opt-in form appeared. More about multiple choice opt-in forms here. 

Yes/No Form Type

With the Yes/No Form type, you can set up a form that has a message and two buttons - one that agrees with the message and leads to a subscribe form, and one that refuses it. Clicking that button closes the form with no further action.

This is part of the multiple states feature.

PHP Insert

If you're more of a developer-minded user, you can insert the PHP shortcode of the opt-in forms anywhere on you website. 

This gives you full flexibility to place the form literally wherever you like.

Conversion Optimization

The primary goal of an opt-in form is to convert more website visitors into leads and customers and the more conversion optimized the form, the higher the conversion rate going to be.

Conversion optimization is at the core of Thrive Themes and Thrive Leads is no exception.

The opt-in form templates are not only pre-designed, but also fully conversion-focused to get you more leads and customers.

You can easily find the right form no matter what type of business you own or at which stage of the sales funnel you want to use the form.

A/B Split Testing

A/B testing is an essential part of conversion optimization to determine what variation works best​.

Thrive Leads makes A/B testing easy from setting up to analyzing the results.

If you turn the automatic winner settings on, the plugin stops the test automatically once it determined which opt-in form is best, and archives the one that didn't perform well. This allows to set up a test and forget about it. 

Thrive Leads allows you to test anything, even opt-in form types (e.g. Ribbon vs Lightbox) against each other.​

When it comes to the pre-designed templates, Bloom plays more attention to the colors and different layout of the forms than conversion optimization. 

The lack of the front-end editor makes it hard to imagine how the the end result will be.

The user gets sentence prompts for each field so that even the newbies get an idea of what type of message the fields should have. 

A/B Split Testing

Bloom makes it easy to set up an A/B test, so you can easily determine which form converts more visitors into subscribers and why.

Once you set the test up, it runs on autopilot until you stop it​.

However, you need to manually choose the opt-in form you want to keep, Bloom doesn't pick it automatically. This means you'll have to check your tests from time to time if you want the best opt-in form to show.

You can test different triggers, design, message,... but you can't test different opt-in form types against each other.

Setting up an A/B test is effortless with both plugins. Their own reporting suite, shows you what form is most efficient in converting visitors into leads. However, the reporting features are significantly different.

A/B Testing & Reporting Features

Thrive Leads


Automatic winner settings

Real time statistics

Graph of your opt-in forms' performance over time

Test unlimited variations

Set duration of the test

Duplicate existing form with a click

Follow test results on a graph, real time

Show chance to beat original form

Name different forms to remember what you're testing

Test different opt-in form types against each other

Display conversion rate

Display form impressions and conversions


Bloom can't be purchased individually, only as part of the Elegant Themes package. Because of this, we're comparing with the full Thrive Themes membership suite.

Thrive Leads Plugin


Thrive Themes Quarterly


Thrive Themes Yearly


  • Access to All Themes and Plugins
  • Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Bloom Plugin

Not available

Elegant Themes Yearly


Elegant Themes Lifetime


  • Access To All Themes and Plugins
  • Theme Updates
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Both packages give you access to all the plugins and themes - not only to the existing ones, but also to those that will only be released in the future. 

​Elegant Themes is a better option if you're trying to trim cost, although the package offers less: a content builder, a list building plugin, a social media tool and premium themes.

Thrive Themes on the other hand has 8 plugin​s at the moment. On top of what the Elegant Themes package has to offer, you also get plugins to build quizzes, capture and display testimonials, optimize your headlines, organize your widgets and add evergreen scarcity and limited time offers as well.

​Thrive Leads can be purchased separately (starting at $67 for 1 license), therefore you don't need to purchase a whole suite of themes and different plugins if all you need is a list building tool.


How much flexibility do Bloom and Thrive Leads give you when it comes to building the forms, setting up the targeting precisely, and customizing the way you want to display the opt-ins?


All opt-in forms are built with the same front-end drag-and-drop builder as the one you build Thrive Themes posts and pages with.

Editing an opt-in form is there​fore a 100% live and you can add any element to the design. Or remove: the opt-in forms you create don't even have to contain Lead Generation fields.

This way you can get your visitors to follow you on social media, redirects them to your latest blog posts or limited offers without displaying fields that ask for your visitors' contact details. 

The end result is exactly what you see while building it.

Editing An Opt-In Form

Triggers and Targeting

Once the form is built, you can choose from a wide range of triggers, set the display frequency so that the same user won't keep seeing your form, and decide whether you want it to appear on mobile or not.

To make sure you only show the opt-in form to the right people, you can set the targeting accurately.

Only people who visit a certain post, page, category or tag on your website will see the given opt-in form and it won't be shown to others.


One of the biggest flaws of the Bloom plugin is the lack of the visual drag-and-drop editor, which is present in other Elegant Themes plugins.

Although there is a preview button, it's a bit hard to build an opt-in form without being able to see immediately how this will look.

Most of the pre-designed templates are the exact same design with a different color, and the elements you can add to the form is limited. 

Bloom forms can only be used to collect subscribers, there's no way to remove the subscription form from the opt-in to use it for other purposes​.

Editing An Opt-In Form

Triggers and Targeting

It's only one image and text that you can to the form and they cannot be resized, or rearranged in many ways.

​The targeting, however, didn't let us down. Bloom offers just as many options as Thrive Leads - you can target very precisely who you want to show the form to.

The advanced trigger settings let you decide how you want the form to appear, e.g. immediately, after the user purchased something, after a certain time, inactivity or scrolling.​

Below you can find a list of all the trigger and targeting options that Bloom and Thrive Leads offers.

Triggers and Targeting

Thrive Leads


Show Form Immediately On Page Load

Show When The Form Enters Viewport


Exit Intent

Show Form After Scrolling Down A Certain Percent 

Show Form When Bottom Of The Page Is Reached

Show Form After A Certain Period Of Time

Show Form When User Clicks an Element

Show Form On A Specific Part Of The Page

Show After Purchase

Show After Comment

Show After Inactivity

Targeting by category

Targeting by page/post

Targeting by WordPress tag

Targeting by Visitor Status (Logged In / Logged Out)

Hide all opt-in forms for newsletter subscribers

Show different offers to newsletter subscribers

Set Up Targeting Exclusions

Display Frequency

Hide On Mobile

Advanced Features

At first glance, both plugins seem powerful. How do they compare if we dig even deeper and have a look at the more advanced features?

Advanced Features

Thrive Leads


Enable/Disable Double Opt-In

Signup Segue / One Click Sign Up For Existing Leads

Asset Delivery 


Integration With Webinar Apps

Integration With Social Media


Show Number of Subscribers on Your Mailing List

API Connections with Email Marketing Services



Looking at the table above, Thrive Leads has more advanced features.

Although Thrive Leads integrates with more email marketing services, Bloom can also be connected to the more advanced tools. What really sets Thrive Leads apart is the integration with other services, like social media accounts, webinars or email delivery services. 

We detailed some of the listed features in case you're unsure what you can use them for:

Asset Delivery

The asset delivery feature allows you to automatically send download links to your subscribers.

This way you can associate one or more downloadable files with your opt-in form and deliver them to the new lead without having to set up multiple thank you pages. More information here


SmartLinks allows you to hide your opt-in forms for subscribers or even to show a different call to action. This comes in handy when you're sending your list a link to a post or page.

With SmartLinks, when your subscribers click on the link, they won't see the opt-in forms that would normally be there, but the 'already subscribed' state of the form, or nothing at all! Learn more about this here. 

Signup Segue / One Click Signup

When you need your existing subscribers to sign up again e.g. to a webinar, you don't need to send them through an opt-in form again.

Instead, with Signup Segue, your leads can simply click on a link and it registers them straight away.

Saving few unnecessary steps for your leads can increase your conversion rate significantly. Learn more about this feature here. 


​SmartExit+ is an exit intent trigger that only appears if the user leaves your site before your other trigger (e.g. show the form after 10 seconds) couldn't take action yet. More information about this feature here.

Keep Track Of Your Subscribers

​Bloom's unique feature shows you the number of subscribers on your mailing list right on the Bloom dashboard without having to log in to your autoresponder, which can save you some time.

Besides, you can see how many new subscribers you got on your mailing list in a week. Bloom allows you to keep track of as many mailing lists as you want.



Bloom is a list builder plugin that gives you full freedom to show the right content to the right people. 

You can set up a test in minutes with the built-in A/B split testing feature so that you can find the variant that works best for your business and target audience without having to waste much time. 

The lack of the visual drag-and-drop editor can be bothering if you're used to editing on the front-end, but you're still able to build beautiful opt-in forms if you're okay with spending an extra few minutes on the building of the form. 

The plugin can only be bought with the full package and not as a standalone product, which is not ideal for those who are looking to add a list building plugin without switching their existing themes or getting access to further plugins.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is fully focused on conversion optimization, which is a must when it comes to building your mailing list.

The plugin offers you a wide range of opt-in form templates that can be used for different businesses, in any stages of the sales funnel.

The built-in drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor lets you add as many elements to the opt-in form as you want, and all the elements are fully resizeable and customizable.

The built-in A/B split testing lets you set up and analyze test or even set it all on autopilot if you don't want to care about analyzing results.

Thrive Leads stands out with its advanced features like asset delivery, smartlinks or signup segue, which makes collecting, organizing leads and sending emails way more effortless.

For those who are not using one of the Elegant Themes on their website right now, buying Thrive Leads as a standalone plugin is the smartest choice to grow their list quickly without having to change the entire website.

Quality Leads Within An Arm's Reach

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