Thrive Landing Pages vs. OptimizePress 2.0

Read This Comparison Before Choosing Your WordPress Landing Page Plugin

Publishing a Sales Funnel in Minutes

In today's dog-eat-dog world of digital marketing, the balance of supply and demand changes rapidly. When you spot a demand, it's essential to act rapidly.

It all boils down to creating landing pages at the drop of a hat. Your chosen landing page solution must work effortlessly, so your time isn't wasted on figuring out mechanical stuff.

In this comparison we'll be taking a detailed inspection into two plugins built explicitly for creating landing pages and sales funnels. Both with amazing strengths, both with curious quirks: Thrive Landing Pages and OptimizePress 2.0.

The Two Plugins in a Nutshell

Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages is a robust product, built to be lean and quick. While it's not packed with additional functionality like membership plugins, it handles its core task with extreme efficiency and ease.

TLP includes API integrations to every well-known and less well-known service. Thrive Themes is quick to respond to requests for new integrations.

TLP includes a sizeable library of 443 landing pages that’s constantly being updated by a team of professional designers. You can choose from readymade funnel pages or create your own. 

TLP's visual editor, Thrive Content Builder, is excellent for creating landing pages and blog posts. It comes with a massive amount of elements and a one click-one result user interface.

OptimizePress 2.0

OptimizePress 2.0 (not to be confused with OptimizePress 1.0) has some powerful features: membership capability, a template marketplace, a backend visual editor and a plethora of integrations to the most popular services.​

You'll find 30+ professionally designed templates in the OP2 library, and more in the OptimizePress marketplace.​

OptimizePress's integrated membership plugin makes it possible to create pages or funnels accessible by only a certain group of visitors.

The OP2 visual editor, Live Editor, is a backend editor that you can use to create landing pages (and blog posts if you own the Optimizepress theme). It follows a traditional menu driven user interface and includes a hefty amount of elements.

Landing Page Templates - Comparison

Let's dive right in and see what landing page features the plugins have to offer.

Landing Page Features

Thrive Landing Pages

OptimizePress 2.0

Template Previews

Included Sales Copy


Included Layout Design

Conversion Optimized Layout

Import / Export template-function

Fully Customizable Templates

Opt-in Box

2-step Opt-in Box

Using Overlay Optimizer

Closed Membership Content

Launch Funnel Redirects

Page Settings

API Integrations

Template Amount

443 free included

30 free included + Marketplace

Template Cloud



Page Template Sets/Themes

Lead Generation Page Templates

Sales Page Templates

Thank You Page Templates

Business Site Page Templates

Podcast Page Templates

Hybrid-Homepage/Landing Page Templates

Review Page Templates

Video Page Templates

Webinar Page Templates

Launch Page Templates

Storyteller Funnel Page Templates

Affiliate Management Page Templates

Membership Page Templates

Blank Page Template

Thrive Landing Pages Template Library

Thrive Landing Pages comes bundled with 443 professionally designed, fully customizable landing pages. You can access every page template through the plugin’s cloud capability.

Currently available are templates for the following page types:

You can search through the massive list using the search function or by different tags.

TLP has templates available with a sizeable selection of styles and color schemes. This makes it easy to select a suitable landing page without having to heavily customize the templates. 

All designs are freely customizable with no limitations. Thrive Content Builder works by drag&dropping elements from a constantly visible list.

TLP's templates have been designed as themed sets. Every set has its unique purpose and style. This makes it easy to create your funnel with a single unified style and color scheme without the need for customization.

New freely downloadable templates are constantly added to the Thrive Cloud.

TLP also has import/export capability, so you can use your customized template on another website. This also allows you to use a template someone else made and import it to your website.

Thrive Themes has gone to incredible lengths to make their landing pages as turnkey as possible: no design expertise is required, and the readymade sales copy is more of a tutorial than simple "lorem ipsum" placeholders.

By following the copywriting instructions, you should be able to write a conversion focused page even if you're not a seasoned copywriter. This makes it possible to publish a sales funnel literally in minutes.

OptimizePress 2.0 Template Library

The OptimizePress plugin includes 30+ conversion designed landing page templates and you can find hundreds more online in the OptimizePress Marketplace. Page types include:

The page templates in the plugin are single unique pages, arranged by topic. There are no page sets or different templates following a particular theme.

OP2's included template selection does not vary wildly in style. Most page templates follow the same format and colour scheme.

The written copy on the templates is a helpful guide, and should make your own copywriting work easier.​

Adding and removing elements in predefined locations is possible. Color customization is complicated and it's much quicker to go with the predefined colors than try to design your own.

The Wordpress side of OP2 does not have a search function. Instead, you scroll through the selection by page template type.

The plugin includes only the bare minimum selection of page templates, so you'll want to visit the marketplace for more choice and variety.

The OptimizePress Marketplace has hundreds of templates available for free or for a set price.

These templates are also single unique designs, categorized by purpose of use. Still no readymade themes or page sets, so you're on your own if you're looking for a matching sales funnel.

A $9 page template on the OptimizePress Marketplace

Page template prices range from free to $17 per template. If you can't find your own in the free selection, these prices can add up quickly. You can also upload your own custom templates and become a vendor yourself.

Visual Editors - Comparison

A good landing page plugin needs a versatile and powerful visual editor for quick results. Let's see what our two plugins have to offer.

Visual Editor Features

Thrive Content Builder

Live Editor

Paragraph / Text element

Back end editor

Front end editor

Instant editing

Colour Customizable Elements

Lightbox / Opt-in popup form

Shortcode support

WordPress Content



Custom Icons

Credit Card Icons

Custom HTML

Custom CSS

Custom JavaScript

Fully Adjustable Content Container

Timed Content Reveal-function

Product Rating

Freely Insert Content Templates

Column Layouts

Stylized Content Boxes

Stylized Content Boxes (Symbol heading)

Social Share Buttons

Tweetable Quote-box

Stylized lists (checkmarks, symbols)




Call to Action-box



Pricing Tables

Tabbed Content

Feature Grid

Content Toggle

Excel-style table creator

Data Elements


Google Map embed

Countdown Timer

Responsive Video

Dynamic Table of Contents

Post Grid

Comment section (Facebook, Disqus)

Borderless Content

Page Separator-section

Stylized Posts list


Click to call

TypeFocus (animate text)

Both visual editors have a massive amount of features and elements and are capable of creating complicated landing pages through a graphic interface requiring no coding or design knowledge.

Feature lists and spec comparisons are useful, but only tell half the story. All the features in the world will not help if you don't feel comfortable using the editor.

Let's see how the editors perform in some real world tasks. In the following videos, you'll see me attempt the following:

  1. Create a landing page using a template.
  2. Customize the heading.
  3. Customize the product image.
  4. Add a 3-column layout and insert three videos.
  5. Connect the opt-in form to your autoresponder.

The Thrive Themes editor, Thrive Content Builder, follows the "click to edit" principle. Elements are added with a single click from a constantly visible menu, and editing is instant. Intermediary steps have been reduced to an absolute minimum.

OptimizePress 2.0's Live Editor is a backend editor with a realtime view of the how the changes would look on the frontend. The menu-heavy user interface can hamper workflow and creativity. You can still get quick results with this editor, provided your design and copy is ready to be placed on the page.

Thrive Landing Pages

1. Create a landing page using a template.

TLP's visual editor, Thrive Content Builder, is a front end editor. You create a page in WordPress and then use the Content Builder to add or edit templates.

2. Customize the heading.

Thrive Content Builder's quick responsiveness makes text editing enjoyable, and is useful even as a primary text editor. You drag elements onto your page and then click on something to edit it.

3. Customize the product image.

Click to change image, done. You soon get used to the Content Builder's one-click interface.

4. Add a 3-column layout and insert three videos.

TCB places elements on the page with little to no interruption in your creative flow or train of thought.

5. Connect the opt-in form to your autoresponder.

There's two different ways to create an opt-in form in TLP: one that's always visible on the page, and one that pops up when you click the CTA-button. You can integrate either to your autoresponder through an API connection, or HTML if an API connection is not yet supported.

Going through the process for the first time can feel like a bit of a rollercoaster, but tutorial videos are available for each option.

OptimizePress 2.0

1. Create a landing page using a template.

Creating a landing page is quick and easy in OptimizePress 2.0 through the OptimizePress-tab. The editor is a backend editor, meaning you never leave the WordPress dashboard.

Previously created OptimizePress pages are found through the WordPress "Pages"-tab.

2. Customize the heading.

Adding text is a slow task involving clicking through menus and waiting while things load. Doing this many times in a session can severely hinder progress and break workflow.

3. Customize the product image.

Changing an image requires multiple steps through multiple menus and seems unnecessarily complicated. As you can see on the video, loading multiple menus compounds any delays caused by a slow internet connection.

4. Add a 3-column layout and insert three videos.

Adding columns is easy, but choosing custom elements is slow and arduous. If there's only one choice of video player, why have the menu choice there at all? Moving and duplicating the video elements is laggy and trying to get them to stick in place doesn't inspire confidence.

5. Connect the opt-in form to your autoresponder.

Connecting your opt-in form to your autoresponder is easy and straightforward in OptimizePress, as long as you set up your API connections beforehand.

OptimizePress Membership Feature

OptimizePress comes bundled with a membership plugin called OptimizeMember. Membership plugins are useful for limiting access to parts of your sales funnel.

Membership Features

OptimizePress 2.0

User Levels

Page Flags

Drip Delayed Content

URL Locking a Specific Page

Automatic URL shortener

Membership Login

Integration With Major Payment Services

One-time Offers-page

Closed Membership Content

Launch Funnel Redirects

On first start up, you're greeted by a seemingly endless amount of menu choices. But a little patience and careful study of the OptimizePress tutorials will eventually get you there.

Creating membership levels works with a simple logic: Give your pages an access level and only members with the corresponding membership level will be able to access them. You can also set different flags, or packages, on certain pages so that only users with corresponding flags can access them.

OptimizeMember handles the basics adequately.​

Some features feel clumsy, like the Launch Gateway Key.​ This functionality blocks access to your launch funnel pages unless your visitor uses a specific custom URL. Otherwise they get sent to an opt-in page.

This functionality is meant to protect your secret launch funnel page URL from being shared, but nothing prevents people from sharing the custom URL itself.

Just like most of the (free) membership plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory, OptimizeMember is perfectly adequate for a small business or membership site. For anything bigger, database migration issues and other compatibility questions will become relevant.

Pricing Comparison

Thrive Landing Pages (1 yr support)

1 License


5 Licenses


  • 149+ fully designed landing pages
  • Single click WYSIWYG visual editor
  • Unlimited updates, only support expires.
  • Renewing support is $40 after the first year, or unlimited with Thrive Membership.

OptimizePress 2.0 (1 yr support)

3 Site License


  • 30+ landing page templates
  • Membership security add-on
  • Updates for one year - Renewing is $48.50 after first year (includes renewed support)

Tutorials & User Support

Thrive Themes

  • The knowledge base and support forums make for an extensive and comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Every new feature is presented on the blog with a helpful tutorial.
  • After purchasing a Thrive Product, you will have unlimited access to the support team for one year, after which you need to renew your support access.
  • Note that product updates are free forever.


  • OptimizePress has a comprehensive knowledge base. Everything is explained thoroughly using screencasts and videos.
  • No official forums. Support can be found through a ticket system in the knowledge base.
  • You have access to support and updates for a year, after which you need to renew your license for both.

​Hopefully this comparison has helped you to choose the landing page plugin best suitable for your needs.

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