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One of the most effective ways to build your mailing list is to strategically use content upgrades in your blog posts. This type of ultra-relevant offer can lead to previously unheard of conversion rates and add streams of highly valuable new leads to your business.

Check out today's video to see how we've made it easier for you to make use of this strategy on your own blog.​


Content Upgrade in Action

To give you an example of what these templates are about, I've added a content upgrade to this very post about content upgrades (so meta!). Here it is:

When you sign up through this form, you will experience two Thrive Leads features in action:

  1. The template for the content upgrade box and ThriveBox that opens on click is one of the new templates available in the plugin.
  2. The email you receive is sent using our Asset Delivery feature, which makes it super easy to set up different content upgrades, without having to create a new mailing list every time.​

Over to You

Now it's up to you: update your copy of Thrive Leads to the latest version and start building those content upgrades!

We plan on adding more content upgrade templates in the near future. If there are specific kinds of designs you'd like to see or if you have any other ideas for how we can make list building easier for you, let us know by leaving a comment below!​


by Shane Melaugh  January 28, 2016


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  • I love getting updates e-mail. Each amazing thing ever showing up, sorry that I can not follow too. I trying to organize myself better and study more to it!

    • Thanks for your comment, Dani! We’re aware that it can be difficult to keep up with everything we release. We’re also working on improving our tutorials and knowledge base, to make that easier. 🙂

  • Great! A much awaited feature here.

    Sometimes I get almost overwhelmed with all the updates, but this is a good one…

    Keep up the good work!

  • The way you guys keep updating and adding amazing stuff to Thrive Themes is amazing! As a copywriter, it’s really one of the best business software investment I’ve ever made.

  • I’m new to blogging but spent years in IT. I find the stuff from Thrive Themes super easy to use and the online tutorials fantastic. Keep up the good work!

  • That’s amazing! Thanks so much for adding this. I have been doing content upgrades and they are working amazing well. This will make it so much easier!!!

  • Shane and Paul once again you over delivery. I’m so glad I switched from Studiopress to Thrive and all the great tools it offers. You’re making my online life so much easier and profitable.

    Leo Emery

  • Value…value…value! Thanks Shane, for respecting our email that you own and NOT sending a ton of affiliate offers (as other IM software creators do, all the time). It’s ALWAYS a please to read what you have to contribute to the IM world. Again, I will try to get some more of my friends/colleagues to become Thrive members. Thanks again!

  • Hey guys. Do you ever sleep? 🙂 Thanks for bringing in new value at a time. I’ll be a thrive member for life.

    • Thank you very much, Reynor! We do sleep, yes. What you’re seeing with our development is the result of a great team doing good work, moreso than just one or two guys doing all-nighters. 🙂

  • Hi Shane

    Instead of taking the user to another page and display the Thank You message “Thank You for Signing Up! Please check your inbox, where you’ll receive the email with your access links within the next few minutes – but usually instantly, so go check now! :)”, can we display the message inside the Content Upgrade box?

    That way, the user will not need to go back to the original page to read the rest of the article. The reading continues till the end of this article and the user will go to his Inbox to retrieve the bonus.


  • During your demo I see you can add another state. Does this work with an “already signed up” state? For instance I opted in but am still seeing the original offer here. Seems like it might be sticky since it is such a specific offer.

    • Hello Shannon, yes that’s correct. By default, we don’t hide in-line opt-in forms. For example, in this post, I refer to the content upgrade that’s in the post, in the video. If it were hidden after you sign up, that would be a bit strange. But you can still display alternate states or choose to hide it, if that’s what you prefer.

  • NICE …. loving this and the A/B testing function is AWESOME as well.

    >> wonder if you have looked at adding the A/B testing option for ALL elements in TCB ???? Would be pretty impressed if that was on the table 😉

    • Hello Max,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Adding A/B testing to individual elements would not be a very good idea, because that would mean running multivariate tests on your pages. Multivariate testing, while seeming like a sexy idea, is really not useful except under some specific and quite rare circumstances.

      We are working towards more A/B testing features for landing pages and such, though.

  • I signed up for the bonus above, and never received anything. It’s been over 1/2 hour. I checked my spam folder, too. Not sure what happened, though I did see a thank you page after registering.

    • Hello Debra,

      In the error log, we have this message: “You tried to send to a recipient that has been marked as inactive.”

      This is the error we got from Postmark, the delivery service we’re using. It means that in the past, Postmark tried to send to the email address you entered and the message hard bounced.

      Btw. for situations like this we have an error log in Thrive Leads, which you can access via Thrive Dashboard -> API Connections.

      • Well, that’s odd. That’s an active email. In fact, that’s the one where I received your announcement about this blog post, and the one I use for my Thrive Themes membership. How could it have shown a hard bounce? I tried entering it again to make sure I had submitted it correctly, but no luck.

  • Great feature and can’t wait to make good use of this, great work with all that you do at Thrive. How much value can one company possibly keep dishing out? Awesome stuff, I’m in good business thanks to you folks so thank you again.

  • When Shane says “If your not editing your blog post with TCB” I just think to myself “Why would you not edit with TCB, do you hate awesomeness?”

    Another great feature, and of course after I just templatized my johnson box for content upgrades. The one thing I can’t do with that template though is split test, I think that’s a great feature to see which wording/offer works best.

  • Where do I find the content upgrade shortcode & templates? I can’t see anything that looks like your example. I’m on 1.70 , the check for updates says this is the latest version.

    • Hi Stephen,

      You should find them when you create a new Lead Short Code in Thrive Leads and go to “Multi Step Templates” in the template selection window.

      If you can’t find the templates there, please post in our support forum so our team can help you out.

    • Hello Guilherme,

      We’ve seen a few requests for this, but not too many. Depending on demand, we’ll consider integrating with Mautic as well, yes.

  • Hey Shane,

    You mentioned before you’re working on something like Deadline Funnel.

    Any ETA on that, is it far off? Not shared yet? 😀

    I’m beyond excited for it tbh ha

  • Hi Shane I have a question if you don’t mind. First thank you for your excellent work in all you do, you’re really the Elon Musk or Steve jobs of this, really amazed at how seamless everything works, ThriveThemes is really at the level of excellence, in a way that Uber, Asana, and Google are. Ok sorry just had to say how great you guys are for taking things above and beyond. Here’s my question: I just recently switched over to ActiveCampaign from GetResponse and really love it, especially the advanced features and bird’s eye view dashboard. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this 1 simple function. In GetResponse, you setup a campaign, connect it in thrive leads or a thrive form in the content builder. Easy, the subscriber receives an email ASKING to subscribe or not to receive the Relevant thing they signed up for. Easy, tested, done. However, with Active Campaign, after doing the same process, building the form in Thrive Leads as in this video you made, the Subscriber is AUTO SUBSCRIBED to the list, they were not sent through a double-opt in. I spoke to ActiveCampaign and they said only if we use their forms can we select the box to double-opt in, I don’t want to use their forms I want to use ThriveThemes forms, in getresponse it was automatically double opt-in. So here is my big question, for 2016, is this the new norm? Users automatically subsubcribe to receive the Relevant Thing, or should we be doing double-opt in’s anyways? What’s the best practice? What do you personally recommend as far as workflow. Double-opt in, as in some of your other earlier Videos on the IM Impact blog, you ask them to confirm the email to receive emails and the relevant thing. But now with the asset delivery feature and Active Campaign autosubscribe, it’s possible to skip the need to ask to subscribe, and just state it in the first form, “to receive this Relevant Thing, you’ll be subscribing to our email list automatically”. I’m just confused, please clarify, because I saw you do both methods 1. asking to confirm email 2. auto sending things and subscribing the person without double confirming. Thank you, really appreciate it, as you are the lead authority on all of this I appreciate your viewpoint, as this is something no tech support or forum can answer, it’s a mere “best practice” for higher quality conversion question.

    • Thank you very much for the high praise, Clint!

      To answer your question: I’ve noticed the same thing and it’s a bit of a shame that ActiveCampaign doesn’t allow confirmed opt-ins through the API.

      I do think it’s become more of a norm to not do the opt-in confirmation. However, I’m still in favor of the confirmed opt-in process. It comes with some advantages.

      In ActiveCampaign, there are two things you can do to put the process in place:

      1) Use their forms and the HTML form integration method with Thrive Leads. That way, you still get to use Thrive Leads designs, A/B testing and so on.

      2) Use the API integration and create a confirmation process of your own. In this case, you send an email that asks for a confirmation and you create a campaign that only moves the contact to your “real subscribers” list once they click that link.

      So, you can subscribe them to an “unconfirmed” list at first and wait for the confirmation action before moving them to the subscriber list.

  • Amazing feature Shane! I’m a new customer and i love Thrive Leads.

    Simple question: there is an option to avoid redirect and reload page after lightbox opt-in?

    I would like the lightbox is simply closed after enter email address, without redirect to thank you page and without page reload.

    An option to add here would be much appreciated 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Hello Mario,

      We don’t have a feature for that yet, but we have one in development that will offer an alternative here.

  • Shane, this is awesome.. I have been a proud evangelist of your products for the past month. Your content is HIGH quality and your products are one of a kind. Thank again!

  • Hi Shane!

    How can I get a double opt in with the assets delivery, because in my case the people, take the gift but at the end did not subscribe to my list.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Oscar,

      If you want to use a confirmed opt-in process, then the Asset Delivery feature is not necessary. Instead, you can set your autoresponder to deliver the downloadable asset after the new lead has clicked on the confirmation link.

  • I’m always amazed at the constant updates you put out. And you make them all super useful when you show these “How To” post. But just as amazing is what I hear myself saying each time I watch your demos, which is, “I didn’t know you could do that!” connected to other things you show..

  • I may be a little confused here. I want the asset to download immediately (to their default download location on their computer) after they provide the’ve entered their email and clicked the “Download” button. I don’t want to send them an email link. I know I’ve seen this on other blogs. Is there a way to accomplish this with Thrive?

    • Hello Bobby,

      The best way to do that is to send new subscribers directly to a download page after signing up. To do this, enter the download page URL as the thank you page in the opt-in form settings.

  • Shane, when a user opt-ins in the lightbox, he gets sent to a thank you page. From there, he has to click back on his browser to go to the previous page. This is a problem LeadPages also has.

    Why not have an inline (in the same lightbox, or pulling another lightbox), thanking for his opting-in and mentioning he should check his email?

  • Hello Shane, great work
    i only wanna know how to add a new fields other than name, email
    is this feature there and i miss it?
    many thanks.

  • Hello, the feature is awesome, but it is impossible to use. When I put the shortcode in a post it becomes impossible to scroll down on the iPhone. This seems like a plugin problem because when I take the shortcode, it immediately starts working again.

  • Hello Shane.

    I’m new to Thrive Leads, and man I can just say I wish I had this product when I was big into CPA marketing a Co-reg. The funnels you can make are great.

    Anywho, I’ll post my question here and in support. Here so that others can benefit as well.

    Here’s what I’m trying to setup (I use Drip email marketing for my AR)

    1) I have 3 identified audiences on my blog, identified by a hidden custom taxonomy (not visible to users). I’ve done this so that I can send people to content based on their matched audience profile or avatar vs a category page, which may not exactly be as targeted. The goal of my content upgrade will be to have my users self-segment into my list, and to help me determine if I’ve properly identified their audience profile. My audience taxonomies are based on assumptions and research, but they can tell me better about their needs.

    2) I want to create a content upgrade to deliver a quick “10-step checklist”. I’m hoping that I can include my content upgrade based on this taxonomy vs having to put a shortcode on each post based on the audience profile. Also, I want the content upgrade to appear both at the post head and post footer. (manually I know this can be done). What would be the PHP code that I could add to my theme templates (ie: single.php)?

    3) I’m trying to create the following workflow, but stuck on some of the operational flow.

    1) Single Post – Content Upgrade (Displays content upgrade box like):

    My text will probably read something like:
    Answer this 1-simple question to download our FREE 10-Step Checklist.

    I want to pre-sell the click with the knowledge that there is a hoop to jump through, pre-qualifying the lead further.

    2) User Clicks —> opens form in lightbox (Default State). They know they will have to answer a question. The question will be a simple audience segmentation question (ie: Do you prefer SEO or PPC when driving traffic?)

    3) State 2 (still in lightbox):
    I want to break my lead gen form into two parts. At this state, I want the user to make a selection from an option field. I want this selection passed to my autoresponder (Drip), along with the lead info in the next state. The option form might be something like “please select your marketing level (noob, intermediate, expert)”.

    This is the field that helps me auto segment my list. I want each marketing level in different list buckets.

    4) State 4 (still in lightbox):
    This is the simple name/email fields of the lead gen form. I will tell them here to make sure it’s accurate as they need to double-optin to obtain their content upgrade download. (I really want qualified leads, who will read emails, which is why I’m adding the additional friction)

    4) State 5 (still in lightbox):
    I will provide the success message here, with a link to a page with instructions to help them confirm their email address and download their content upgrade.

    I know this is pretty long winded, but I’m trying to be clear on my intensions using Thrive Leads. I feel I can do this based on what I’ve seen, but I’m not sure about the breaking apart the lead gen elements of the form into separate states. Hopefully this can be done, and if not, it’s definitely a feature that would be terrific.

    Self-segmenting the audience will have open rates through the roof since they will only be sent email directly of interest and exactly pertaining to their audience profile.

    I hope all this makes sense. Thank you Shane!

    • Thanks for your comment.

      So, from what you describe, Thrive Leads can do all of that except one thing: we can’t split the opt-in into two steps, in two separate stages. To achieve this outcome, there are two things you can do:

      1) Your step 3 is another state with multiple choice that leads to further states, depending on what is clicked. This means a ton of states, which could get messy. But it’s possible.

      2) You use Thrive Quiz Builder to ask multiple questions and lead them down the right path. It’s functionally the same thing, but with Thrive Quiz Builder, it’s easier to build more complex branching paths.

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