New Image Zoom Feature in Thrive Content Builder

Shane Melaugh   35

In today's post, we're introducing a small, but highly convenient new feature that we've added to our Thrive Content Builder plugin.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to make images zoomable on click.​


Image Sizes

As mentioned in the video, the best practice for images on a website is still to upload images at the size they will be displayed at.

​If your visitor is going to see an image at 400px wide, it's best to upload that image at 400px wide, because this minimizes the amount of data that needs to be downloaded. This, in turn, keeps your page loading speeds fast.

​The image zoom feature presented here can be very useful, but it should be used strategically, only when it makes sense to display images at a larger size than what fits your content.

If you have any questions or feedback about this feature addition, please leave a comment to let us know!​


by Shane Melaugh  December 29, 2015


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  • Dang Shane! You guys are just killing it!
    Thanks for the continual improvement of your products, I am slowly moving my clients over to run on Thrive…. so they Thrive too!

    Here’s to a very prosperous New Year’s for you and the team 😉

  • Great update!

    I hope you have a fantastic new year!

    I have a favor to ask. I would like you to email me using the email that I inserted into the GUI field to post this comment.

    I have a question I’ve wanted to ask for months. But i don’t want to ask it here or on a forum as I don’t want to look like the village idiot as it’s so simple. But, I just don’t know it.

    Thank you, Patrick

  • Love the new feature and that you are always coming out with new stuff. It would be cool to have the option to show a custom image when they zoom in. I.e. load the 400 px version on page load, but have an option to specify the larger version that would load later. Still awesome.

  • Great feature but are we able to have this action? We hover our cursor over the image, it enlarges and when we move our cursor off the image it automatically shrinks back down to normal size. The visitor does not have to close it.
    Thank you

  • Thanks nice feature & Thanks again.
    Just a littel remark :
    you do lot of effort and tuto for conversation & landing page, it will be appriciate if you do the same for Building a Web SIte with Thrive Content Builder and its great features, i am novice and i saw all of of your tuto about, but i find its not enough beacause that plugin could be used greater and produce the better web site.

    Thank You & Happy New Year 2016 for Thrive Team.

  • Shane, great feature.

    Your caveat re: the fact that the large image would be loaded (potentially slowing down the page) made me think of a possible enhancement: Once the large ‘photo.jpg’ was placed and resized into the layout, Thrive could offer to generate an optimized new jpg in the new size. Thrive could then use the newly-created image (‘photo.thr.jpg’) in the blog post, and upon zooming call the full-res original.

  • That’s some nice additions. Shane, I sincerely appreciate the efforts that you guys are putting in to develop all of these features. And to be frank Thrive is the best product available in the market today and its features just doesn’t compare to any others.

  • Im glad to hear that- thank you! I have a question , recently some of my pictures in my blogposts is not visible on mobiles, how come? Happy new year! Pernilla

  • I’m working on a site that is all about images. I think to myself, I need an easy way to show large images beyond the restrictions of the content area. Boom! There it is.

    Now I’m thinking, would anybody like to send me a Ferrari?

  • It’s frequent updates like this that make me feel good about my decision to purchase all Thrive Themes products. Thanks Shane and the rest of the team!

  • Hello! The products look great and I’d love to get on board. Just one concern; if I install a Thrive Theme onto my existing site, what can I do to ensure that there are no conflicts/redundancies with plugins/widgets that are presently installed? Do I need to deactivate all existing plugins first? I know that your themes have many features “built in,” which would eliminate the need for several of my plugins. Just trying to avoid a messy installation of your products… thanks

  • The very first time I used your service and it failed. Support is non-existent.
    A testament to why a commitment to services such as yours is a bad, bad business decision.

  • I wish I could do the same thing for featured images automatically placed at the top of my blog post. If possible, how could I do that? I like to use featured images because they are automatically featured on my social media pages as well. Thank you.

    • Hello Rachid,

      The featured image is governed by the theme. In our own themes, we don’t have such a feature. Perhaps there are themes that support this, but I don’t know of any specific ones.

  • Great feature Shane, I loved it …

    How could I use this feature to put videos instead of images and achieve the same?

    Is there any other way with TCB to achieve the same effect but with videos? …

    I need to be able to have both features but I have not found a good way to do it with Thrive Themes and with TCB, without third party plugins

    I hope you can show me a solution

    Best regards from Chile Shane

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