Create a Complete Online Course Funnel in Minutes with This Landing Page Set

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Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Landing pages have been replaced by Thrive Architect, which now has 268 pre-designed page templates and you can preview them all in our landing pages gallery.

Online courses should be part of any marketer's arsenal. Not only can a course be sold and form the basis of an entire business of its own, courses can also be used to build your mailing list, create trust and engagement with your audience or generate additional revenue for an existing business.

With our latest landing page set - the KnowHow pages - we've made it easier than ever for you to put together a professional looking online course. Plus, we've also included lead generation pages, sales pages and more. Quite simply, this includes everything you need to get started. 


The KnowHow Landing Page Set

When loading up Thrive Architect, you'll discover the new KnowHow landing page templates in the template cloud. This set contains every landing page you need to sell (or give away) and deliver an online course.

There are no less than 11 different pages to build your funnel. Such as:

  • ​Long and short sales pages with or without video
  • Lead generation pages with or without video
  • An email confirmation page
  • A course overview page with or without welcome video
  • A Lesson page
  • An upsell page
  • A page to give away a free lesson

We went even further to help you create your funnel as quickly as possible: Everything that's written on each online course landing page template is a mini tutorial for what you should write. This will allow you to write a high converting sales page, lead generation page, up sell page, etc. simply by following the instructions in the template! 

These mini-tutorials help you:

  • Write catchy headlines
  • Give a personal feel to your landing pages
  • Add testimonials
  • Improve engagement
  • Include a visually appealing pricing table - We recently launched our new pricing table element in Thrive Architect, which enables you to use beautifully designed, conversion-optimized pricing table templates
  • Write a killer Call-To-Action

And if you would love to make an online course but you're not sure where to start you can take our free training:

I hope you like this newest addition to our growing collection of templates. If you have any questions about this or any feedback to share, please leave a comment below!​

by Shane Melaugh  May 13, 2016


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  • Hey Shane, thank you for these awesome additions and thank you (as always) for the brief and helpful video overview. Look forward to putting these pages to use. Virtual high fives to the entire Thrive team! Keep up the great work. PS: I do miss the random bonus Q&A’s at the end of your videos. 😀

    • Hi Johnny,

      The landing pages and the Apprentice feature are somewhat incompatible with each other, unfortunately. Apprentice is tightly integrated with a theme and navigation elements etc. while landing pages are deliberately independent of theme functions, to make sure you can use them on any site.

  • I’ve been using the Thrive Content Builder over the last couple of weeks – it’s brilliant! Works seamlessly – no buggy coding – this is seriously good software.

    • Thank you for your comment, Abdul! Glad to hear that you’re having a good time with the Content Builder. 🙂

  • Very timely!! Thank you, Shane. You and your team provide the integrity I look forward to that very rare businesses of today can provide. You prove time and time again that you do not have to know everything but you will learn to do what you do not already know to do.

  • Wow!… what timing, got to quickly go back to the drawing board right now and revamp the course project I’ve just started to work on. It’s like you guys know what I’m thinking! A ridiculously cool landing page set and talk about over the top delivery. This is going to save me many hours of work and will certainly up the anti on a professional look with attention to detail for my course.

    Haven’t dug in yet, but is there anything on a recommended membership plugin and its use with the apprentice feature and these pages. Are there any problems you might be aware of with using this landing page feature set with something like WP Courseware?

    • Hello Gary,

      Thanks for your comment! We don’t have any specific recommendations for a membership plugin, but these templates should work with almost any membership plugin. The plugin should allow you to simply select the pages that you want to “lock” for member-only access.

    • Hi Sean,

      You can password protect the pages if you want. In our case, we use them for free courses, but you could use a membership plugin and set the lesson pages to be accessible for members only.

      • I’m currently having an issue with password protecting a landing page for my email subscribers, containing their free downloads after subscription. I’m attempting to use the wordpress password protection feature on the page. I had already created the landing page with Thrive Architect, and when I try to use the password protect feature in WordPress, the login won’t appear on the page. I also cannot open a password protected page in Thrive architect to edit. Am I unable to use the Thrive template on these types of pages, or is there a work around (without having to add a membership plugin at this early stage of my business)? Please advise. Thanks!

  • It’s official! I have never been so excited to receive an email as I am when I get one from Shane and Thrive. Thanks so much. We are at the beginning of our online journey and I am so grateful that I found you guys.

  • Lesson template suggest what I’ve been looking for. I’m wondering if you’d consider adding the ability to automatically organize lessons by section > category > lesson (I’m thinking like I do with OP2)? I haven’t used any of the themes yet so I note there might be something there that I could use in conjunction with these templates.

    Great work!

    – Tomas

    • Hello Tomas,

      Thanks for your comment! I see what you mean, but doing that would require a separate plugin or framework for managing the lessons and lesson structure. That would bring the whole thing into the real of a theme or learning management system.

      Now, that’s something we may look into at some point in the future, but it’s not something we plan to add for these particular templates.

  • Shane,

    I like the new pages. They are great, but how do you lock them so only people that have joined can access the course materials? Are you planning to be able to have a membership feature?



  • Perfect timing Shane (as it always seems to be with Thrive!). I will be using these right away on a new product I’m launching (actually, a revamp of an older one – which I’m just moving from another platform it’s been on for years to one of my many Thrive Themed domains). Thrive forever!

  • This is great. I will certainly use this. However, I’m unclear how to access these new landing pages. They do not show up in my samples when I click Choose Landing Page. Can you guide me to these instructions?

    • Hi Michael,

      Please make sure you’re using the latest version of the TCB/Landing Pages plugin. Then, you should see a Thrive Cloud Templates tab in the template selection window and from there you can download the new templates.

  • You guys are awesome this is exactly what I needed. I have some free/paid courses, but using these pages will take them to another level.

    Just by looking at the page design I realized a lot important design features I was lacking.

    Do you guys have any resources for learning web page design?

  • Thanks for these templates. Now it is about time to add the possibility to use these templates in a normal website environment with a menu. The sales page doesn’t need a menu, but the lessons pages do. At least on my online course site that I am currently building. It would be nice to use the new templates with a course builder plugin like WP Courseware. Or even better: with Apprentice. But that’s another story…

    • Hello Wouter,

      You can add a custom menu element to any of these pages. You can also customize a page (and add your menu) and then save it as your own custom template, to make the workflow quicker.

  • Absolutely awesome – thanks, Shane! Your timing is perfect, as we’re just doing our sales and course delivery pages this weekend for our new course. You’ve just handed us the tools to enable us to put our course in the very best light and save a ton of time doing so. Really grateful!

  • Wow! Thanks again for another great feature. I am in the middle of building a course with Thrive Theme Apprentice. Can it be integrated with that?
    Thanks also for all the support you have provided me. You have an amazing team.

    • Hello Marilee,

      Thanks for your comment! The landing pages and the Apprentice feature are somewhat incompatible with each other, unfortunately. Apprentice is tightly integrated with a theme and navigation elements etc. while landing pages are deliberately independent of theme functions, to make sure you can use them on any site.

  • Wow-Wow-Wow! Thanks for giving real value on an ongoing basis. I’m very grateful to be a Thrive Theme tribe member!

  • I love it all, but it’s missing one element, which is a progress indicator. People like to know where they left off and how far into the course they are.

  • This is amazing! Thank you so much, Shane and everyone at Thrive Themes. You guys rock! Like someone said, I thought I’d sign up and not stay, but you definitely give a reason to stay a member. Thank you.

  • Shane, love the new pages. My question is the same as a couple of others can I password protect the delivery pages so only someone who has paid for the course can access the page, like in a membership site?

    • Hello Noel,

      You can use pretty much any membership plugin to add this kind of protection to the pages.

      • Thanks Shane. Which membership plugin do you recommend? Have you updated your paper from a couple of years ago when you reviewed what was available then? There seem to have been a lot of new ones recently.

  • Hi Shane,

    This is perfect for me, as I was just considering buying the learndash package. The only two features they have that this package doesn’t have is the quiz and certificate function and a course forum page. I imagine I can just get a forum plugin, but the other two things would be cool.

    Can I just compliment you and say your product is outstanding and as a new Thrive customer, I’m very happy I chose your products. I love these videos and I love how you connect your product to our businesses, and explain it in specific detail.

    • Thank you very much, Christian!

      I like the idea of having quizzes and certifications, but those things go outside of the scope of some landing pages. It’s something we’ll keep in mind, though.

  • Looks great Shane! Just a question about security – is there a way to make the pages secure so that people can’t share them?

    • Hello Tiffany,

      You can’t really prevent people from sharing a page, but you can use a membership plugin to make certain pages only accessible to your members.

  • These pages are truly great. Do you have plans to release any new website themes in the near future?

    • Hello Michael,

      There will be new themes this year, yes. And when we release the next one, I think you’ll see why it took so long to complete. 😉

  • I love working with thrive and the ideas you have and share. Unfortunately I sometimes miss a little piece of the puzzle to implement all the stuff and therefore don`t get rid of further plugins.
    Here, Apprentice lacks for multiple courses (do you move from Apprentice to templates?), missing membership function/protection…
    Still wait for peanuts like share-buttons for email.

    hope for further updates and at least the impression, that comments are being read.

    • Hello Volker,

      We are listening to our customers, of course. Membership functionality is no small feat to implement, however. It’s something we have been discussing a lot, but if we do a membership solution, we will do it right and we won’t simply tack a half-baked membership thing onto our products.

      In the meantime, you should be able to use any number of already available membership plugins together with these templates.

  • Great for the front-end! (free courses that connect to paid, etc.) BUT… eagerly awaiting your reply, Shane, to questions being asked… re: Apprentice.

    I am building in Apprentice in weeks ahead too. The use of a Welcome page would be perfect for “non-free/marketing” use. Got it. But it really should integrate with the LMS features (course progress tracking) of Apprentice… sooner or later.


    • Hello Jeff,

      Thanks for your comment! I agree that it would be perfect to see templates like these and LMS features like Apprentice coming together. And that is something we aim to achieve, eventually. We’ve still got a lot of base-building to do before we get there, though.

    • Shane …

      I REALLY hope you’ll do a membership plugin “right” … SOON, and even if it only integrates with Thrive.

      I’ve been an OptimizePress (esp. v2) fan for years. But I’ve already cancelled my membership with them because I think you’re taking over where they left off. You have more (and better) themes to choose from, the “Content Builder’ – for the most part, anyway – is faster and easier to use, and you have additional plugins that OP hasn’t even brought to the table.

      There is a big-big-big demand for a relatively, simple-to-use, multi-level membership environment. Given how you have all the other pieces covered very well, it only makes sense that you complete the package.

      And the sooner, the better.


  • Shane, this is a brilliant addition – I really can’t believe the value you guys keep adding to what is a fantastic product to start with – THANK YOU.

  • Shane,

    I want to thank you and the wonderful team at Thrive Themes. Your continual improvement of the product is amazing.

    I am taking the mini course to see how you implement the use of video courses. I am planning on doing my own courses in the future and want to see how this works.

    Please congratulate the team for their continued effort to make life easier. It is greatly appreciated.

  • I am thoroughly impressed every single time I receive a message from you, Shane.

    Wow, wow and wow. Keep up that awesome work!

  • The days of being able to use “ugly” pages are long gone. And these templates are exactly what I need right now. Thank you Shane!

    I’m working with the long sales page right now, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to edit the exit lightbox.

    How to add one to a content builder page, how to turn it off, how to edit it…

    I’m stumped. Can you direct me to a knowledge base article?

  • You are the BEST! I already have one free course built using one of the previous templates (and it looks good!) And now you surprise me with new template options right as I’m getting ready to build a new course. I appreciate that you provide on-going value that makes my annual membership fee totally worth it. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you Thrive Team!
    You’ve made it so easy to now create a course!
    I do have a question.
    Without over-complicating matters, what would you recommend to just place a protected login page over the new course pages?
    I would still like to be able to use a thrive page so I could keep the login page looking like my course.
    Thanks again

  • Great addition – thanks! I have a very important feature request – I would like to see something where we can time when content appears on a page. For example, if I have a short training video which leads to an offer, I want people to watch the video before they see the offer or any of the information below. So they come to the page, watch the video, and it’s about 12 minutes long, and 9 minutes into the video I make the offer. So 9 minutes after someone is on the page, the content appears below the video. Webinarjam and other webinar hosting companies offer this type of feature, but I really detest their platforms on so many other levels, would rather control this myself. Is this on the horizon?

  • HI Shane and Team
    It feels a bit odd to be repeating what others have said, but I’ld like to add my voice to the choir how awesome the features are plus the support I receive from you guys. I seriously think, it’s one of my best investments I made in Software for WP. The value you provide is tremendous.

  • Shane,
    How about a page to embed a course platform? Example: I use teachable to build, and host my course. Id prefer if visitors never left my site, rather perhaps by iframe or maybe Adobe Air??, I could embed or display the teachable designed content and pages, but with my own site as the wrapper around it for better branding, and to preserve my domain and the traffic, instead of having them have to go to http: / / …

  • OMG ! I loovvveeee Thrive Shane !
    Its everything I learned in online marketing in one app.

    Thanks for creating it.

  • Hello Shane, great work, great delivery and great intro to a huge online course landing page. I learnt that even with membership plugins commercial course videos are still not safe with WordPress,that it’s safer hosted on pro Vimeo version or wistia etc ,what do think? Thanks.

    • Hello Victor,

      Thanks for your comment!

      If you’re going to use video for a course or similar, I definitely recommend using Vimeo Pro, Wistia or a similar solution, yes. It will save you a lot of hassle compared to self-hosted videos.

  • how did you get the video to span the page above the title and sidebar on this page? i am having a difficult time finding this setting in Thrive Themes

    • Hello Rick,

      If you use the Pressive theme, it has a similar layout when the post format is set to “video”. Example post here.

  • Awesome, Shane. Thanks for creating all of this making it a wee bit easier for this technophobe to run an online business without outsourcing everything at great cost! Cheers!

  • Hi Shane,
    Great. Just 2 questions:

    1) Is this a set of pages? I just see one.

    2) If I want to create a 4-lesson course, will I be able to only show the lessons that students are currently and the previous ones, but not the following ones?

    Thank you.


    • Hi Roger,

      Take a look in the templates cloud, some pages of the set might be in there 🙂
      The landing page templates do not allow to ‘limit’ content but have a look at the e-course and you’ll see exactly how you can set it up.

  • Hello Shane and team,
    I was wondering, can we use these AWESOME templates with a membership plugin such as wishlist member ?
    That would be the nicest self hosted platform to create my course.
    Seriously, it’s just about the best looking pages I’ve seen so far…

  • Hello Shane,

    The products that you produce are well-thought-out, crisp, and clean. And you have a great collection of “how to” videos that that present useful details that do the selling for you rather than a lot of sales hype. I’m considering signing up for the Thrive membership. I have one question regarding using the Thrive KnowHow pages as an LMS for simple courses. You refer to this as a Landing Page Funnel. From what I saw, it’s looks to be more than a sales methodology. What I would like to know is whether I would need a separate LMS plugin or theme for protecting the course content or if you’ve got that built-in. I think it’s the latter but I’m not quite sure. And do you have an integration with PayPal (PayPal may not have the most features but it seems to be the easiest payment system to work with). I guess what I’m asking is if I would have everything I need with your products (theme, plugin, LMS/membership, payment) without needing anything else?

    Keep up the great work. One of the biggest problems with WordPress is that there is no master design that everyone follows. There are so many themes and plugins and they vary in design, layout, etc… I’ve used many free plugins as well as premium themes. And I am a member of CyberChimps club. I haven’t seen anything that comes close to matching your products in terms of crisp, clean design, layout, and functionality. What you are providing is nothing short of amazing. I’ve purchased OptimizePress but have never managed to get it implemented (I’m sure the deficiency is mine, however, I haven’t quite been able to get my head wrapped around it). I’ve purchased LifterLMS, but haven’t quite been able to get it implemented. Once again, I’m sure the deficiency on my part, I ran into difficulties with a Theme I was using that didn’t work well with the Plugin. I loved their demo theme, however, when I installed it, what I got did not bear any resemblance to their demo (this is a pet peeve of mine and seems to be prevalent). If I join Thrive membership, I am hoping that I can find an all-in-one solution where I am able to find a good Theme, content builder, and plugins that work together to produce a great-looking, functional website.

    I know this is a long post, my apologies for that.

    Best regards,
    Garland Smith

    Thank you,
    Garland Smith

    • Hello Garland,

      The KnowHow landing page set is just that: a set of landing pages. There’s no advanced LMS functionality, no membership content protection, no payment processing integration…

      Why? Because these things are good to have, but they aren’t as important as getting something shipped rapidly. The page set is very much made with the Rapid Implementation approach in mind. It’s everything you need to get a free course online (as an opt-in incentive) and nothing in addition that would add layers of tech or complications.

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