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Publish conversion-optimized landing pages

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What They Say About It...

Lindsay Butler

“ I use Thrive Architect to create effective and beautiful tripwire pages.

I love how easy it is to use. My pages are setup in no time, and look better than ever before! I am not spending a whole day creating a product page, anymore.
It has increased my income. I have been creating tripwires for free downloads, and my income has increased dramatically, doing so!
I would absolutely recommend it- I already have! Why? It works, It is easy, and it is effective.”

Lautaro Alonso

“ I wanted to make several landing/sales pages, but it was plain impossible with the WordPress editor and the available plugins, at least without knowing how to code properly.

Thrive Architect allowed me to make a proper sales page for every product I offer, and also a fully customized homepage. Also, it allowed me to make confirmation pages with the same look and feel.”

From Idea to Landing Page in Minutes

It's Saturday afternoon, you're having a coffee with one of your entrepreneur friends and as often happens, you end up brainstorming ways to increase revenue. An hour later you're all jazzed up. This new workshop you're about to offer is exactly what you need to get that extra revenue.

"All I need now is a landing page to gauge interest and build a waiting list!"

Those are famous last words before an idea gets shelved.

but not with thrive architect

Thrive Architect allows you to go from idea to page in no-time while having fun doing so.

There's something thrilling about writing content right on your website, with no layers of abstraction in your way. Everything is instantaneous and you aren't spending time struggling with technology and wading through menus.

Having a fast editor doesn't only save time, it also frees up your attention. Instead of being constantly distracted by technical steps in the editing process, you can focus purely on building exactly the kind of content you want to see on your website.

There's no other way to say it: creating landing pages is just more fun, when you use this plugin!

"I needed an optin funnel for a free ebook. I created three pages, all within Thrive Architect, and it was done quickly, looked and worked great on desktop and mobile. I love how everything is consistent and works well together."


Use Our Landing Page Sets to Create Your Marketing Funnels

what is a landing page set?

We don't just give you a random collection of templates and leave you to it. With Thrive Architect, you get sets of templates that all work together logically and use the same, carefully crafted conversion optimized design language.

This means you can create flawless, high-converting and extremely polished looking funnels that take your visitors all the way from initial signup to purchase, product download and more.

If you purchase right now, you already get access to the Thrive Architect landing pages library with 267 landing page templates. We're constantly updating this library with new landing page sets which means that as a Thrive Architect customer you'll get new templates at no additional cost!

Click here to view all 267 landing page templates

"I'm using Thrive Architect to create dedicated squeeze pages. When you compare the average $99 monthly rate for Clickfunnels etc. then look at what you can recreate with Thrive Architect for a fraction of the cost it's a total no brainer! This is the best marketing kit I've bought in years - well done & many thanks"

Andrew Stewart

What About Landing Page Customization?

you may be wondering:

What if the landing page template isn't quite what I'm looking for? What if one of the pages or designs doesn't quite suit my needs? This leads you to some important questions:

Can I change the button/headline/bullet point/ whatever text?

  • YES!

Can I change the background image or color?

  • YES!

Can I use full width page layouts?

  • YES!

Can I change the size of the content area?

  • YES!

Can I translate everything on the page into a different language?

  • YES!

Can I remove text, images or any other part of the landing page?

  • YES!

Can I change the color of links, buttons, text etc?

  • YES!

Can I use my own images?

  • YES!

Can I change the order of elements on the page?

  • YES!

Can I add any kind of custom content anywhere inside any of the pages?

  • YES!

You see where this is going: the answer to all your landing page customization questions is "yes".

With our landing page templates, you are never locked into the design we create. Everything is editable, down to the smallest details. There is nothing standing between you and 100% creative freedom.

"I was not hosting landing pages on my website prior to using Thrive Architect. Now I've canceled my 20$/month solution and I'm tracking so much more information.

The ease of the WYSIWYG interface excited me immediately. Thrive Architect's editing features are powerful and direct. I love being able to jump into editing directly on the page I want, rather than navigating through WordPress back-end."

Tami Veldura

Click-to-Edit, Drag and Drop:
Enjoy a User Interface Built for People, Not Machines

Click-to-edit anything directly on the page. Move any element with a simple drag and drop system. There are no extra layers of abstraction, no need to mess with HTML code, no complicated options and endless menu settings.

Welcome to the Most Intuitive Landing Page Builder You've Ever Used.

And the best part:

Thrive Architect isn't limited to just customizing landing pages - you can use it to create your blog posts, build marketing pages, sales pages and more, right within the content area of whichever WordPress theme you are using.

"I tried to create a decent landing page without having to pay hundreds of dollars a year for it.

I really love the provided templates, the flexibility in changing them to fit my needs and the fact that it is integrated so well in WordPress

It helped me creating exactly the landing/opt-in page that I had in my mind"

Thilo Heffen

Convert More Mobile Visitors

These days, most websites get more than half their visitors from phones and other mobile devices. Your landing pages are no exception. That's why every landing page template in Thrive Architect and everything you build with this WordPress plugin is mobile responsive, out of the box.

In most cases, if you just create your page, the result will look good on mobile phones and tablets as well.

However, we know you want more control than that. And if you’re building complex and unique layouts, you want to be able to ensure the best possible experience, regardless of screen size.

Because of that, there are 3 major mobile responsiveness features in Thrive Architect:

Instantly preview your page on different screen sizes

How does this section look on mobile? Is your title too long? Instantly find out, while building your page. At any given moment, you're only 2 clicks away from checking what it looks like on different screen sizes. No page reloads needed.

Toggle the visibility of elements and entire content blocks.

Don't need this image on mobile? Want a different button text shown on tablet? For any element (or any container with multiple elements in it), you can define which screen sizes it should be shown or hidden on. That way, you can create the perfect conversion focused layout for every screen size.

Tweak Every Detail With Mobile Responsive Editing

Is this background section too tall on a small screen? Need less white space in between elements? To make it even easier and faster for you, you can tweak the layout and position of elements to be different on different screen sizes. No duplicate elements with show/hide needed.

Why "Slow" Will Quickly Kill Your Business

Perhaps the most important thing about our landing page builder's editor is how fast it is to work with. Why is that so important? Because speed isn't just about convenience.

Sure, it's nice to be able to build a custom WordPress landing page from scratch in 15 minutes instead of 3 hours. And you can do that with Thrive Architect. But it doesn't just mean that you'll be wasting less of your valuable time.

It also means that you'll be doing more to drive your business forward. If you're working with a slow, clunky editor, you will unconsciously try to avoid using it as much as possible. No one wants to suffer.

So instead of building that new squeeze page that could add more people to your mailing list, you'll find something else to do. Instead of making some changes to your sales page that could double your conversions, you'll tinker with some other part of your business...

Which brings us to another crucial habit that will help you grow your online business

Landing Page A/B Testing 

Would you increase conversions if...

- You changed the opt-in form button from "Download now" to "Get Instant Access"

- You added a higher priced offer in your pricing table?

- You used a video on your webinar sign-up page?

- You changed your headline copy?

Honestly, there's only one way to find out... You should test that!

You KNOW this to be true, but are you actually doing it?

If you're like most small business owners, your answer is "No" or "Not as much as I should."

Truth is: It's not your fault!

Up until now, split testing landing pages was either very costly, hugely complicated or both. Not with Thrive Architect!

Because we know the difference A/B testing makes on conversions, we've created Thrive Optimize, the A/B testing engine for Thrive Architect.

This is the only A/B testing tool you'll actually want to use.

You'll be able to:

  • Set up an A/B test in less than 1 minute
  • Create unlimited tests on any an all of your pages
  • Set up unlimited test variations
  • Test 3 different goals: subscribers, revenue or click through rate
  • Determine how traffic is distributed between variations

You won't have to:

  • Pay a monthly fee
  • Add code snippets or 3rd party scripts
  • Waste time creating separate WordPress pages
  • Get a degree in statistics 

"Thrive Optimize is saving me over $400 per month in split testing expenses and I can now kick VWO to the curb. You guys rock."

Derek S

Get full details about the A/B testing feature here

There's No Escaping It: Speed Matters!

To grow you online business, you need to be able to create landing pages on the fly and optimize them over and over again.

That's why our editor is built to be super fast and intuitive to use... and our code is lean and fast as well. The pages you build with Thrive Architect are light and nimble, which means they load quickly and convert more.

Don't settle for a sluggish solution. If you do, it will cost you more than just time.

Build Your Highest Converting Content Yet, Using These Content Elements:




Background Section

Column Layout

Click to Tweet

Social Share

Disqus Comments

Facebook Comments

Custom Menu


Fill Counter

Progress Bar

Full Scalable (Retina) Icons

Post Grid

Star Rating



Responsive Video Embed

Table of Contents

Google Maps

WordPress Content

Data Tables


As you can see, there is a huge array of content elements that you can use to edit landing pages, create your own

landing page templates and more. And of course, you can also use all of these elements to create content within your WordPress pages.

Melody DiCroce

“ Before using the plugin, I struggled with putting together high-quality landing pages that converted.

The sheer number of options has been impressive. Every time I think, "Hmm...I wish I could do that", I scroll through the options and voila! It has exactly what I was looking for.

I now have dedicated landing pages that I've created for different audiences based on what traffic source they came from. This has greatly improved my readers' experience (since my landing pages are more tailored to their needs), and has improved my opt-in rate significantly as a result.

I would definitely recommend Thrive Architect to anyone who wants to create high-quality landing pages without all the fuss of LeadPages or a similar app. It integrates seamlessly with my theme and I had my first landing page up in less than 10 minutes.

Seamless Integration Between Your Landing Pages and Other Tools

Email marketing service, email delivery service, CRM, webinar solution, social media,... Your website is just one part in this marketing machine. That's why we integrate seamlessly with all of these services.

Ready to create and test landing pages at lightning speed?

Get Your Copy Today:

One time fee - Create unlimited landing pages - Already 267 templates included (and counting)




Unlimited Free Updates

Install on 15 websites

1 year of support




Unlimited Free Updates

Install on 5 websites

1 year of support




Unlimited Free Updates

Install on 1 website

1 year of support

Eve Tokens

“ Before using Thrive Architect, I struggled with building a landing page that looked like it was part of my website despite being on a separate domain.

What I love most about the plugin is it's ease of use. I was able to buy, install and build a page in less than an hour. And I'm not a pro!

It made creation faster. I've tried competing builder plugins and Thrive Architect has been the easiest to get to grips with AND get a professional finish to my online content. In fact, I just upgraded from 1 license to 5 so I can create landing pages for my other websites using it.

I've already recommended it to several people, as it is so easy and intuitive to use. Great job Thrive!”

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

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