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I have had nothing but the best experience imaginable with this tool since I purchased it. This is by far one of, if not the best plug-in I have purchase to date and it has definitely made working with WordPress a whole new experience.
Jim Bond

Use Our Landing Page Sets to Create Your Marketing Funnels

What is a landing page set? As you'll see in the gallery below, we don't just give you a random collection of templates and leave you to it. With Thrive Landing Pages, you get sets of templates that work together logically and all use the same, carefully conversion optimized design language.

This means you can create flawless, high-converting and extremely polished looking pages that take your visitors all the way from initial signup to purchase, product download and more.​

WordPress Landing Pages

Here are the 412 Templates Currently Available in the Plugin:

Click on the Thumbnails to Open Previews of the Pages

More Templates Coming Soon...

If you purchase right now, you already get access to 412 templates. In addition we are constantly working on many new page templates that will be added to Thrive Landing Pages in the coming weeks and months.

What About Customization?

You may be wondering: what if the page template isn't quite what I'm looking for? What if one of the pages or designs doesn't quite suit my needs? Which leads to some important questions:

Can I change the button/headline/bullet point/whatever text?

  • Yes!

Can I remove text, images or any other part of the landing page?

  • Yes!

Can I change the background image or color?

  • Yes!

Can I change the color of links, buttons, text etc?

  • Yes!

Can I choose my own fonts?

  • Yes!

Can I use my own images?

  • Yes!

Can I change the size of the content area?

  • Yes!

Can I change the order of elements on the page?

  • Yes!

Can I translate everything on the page into a different language?

  • Yes!

Can I add any kind of custom content anywhere inside any of the pages?

  • Yes!

You see where this is going: the answer to your customization question is "yes". With our templates you are never locked into the design we create. Everything is editable, down to the smallest details. There is nothing standing between you and 100% creative freedom.

Click-to-Edit, Drag and Drop:

Enjoy a User Interface Built for People, Not Machines.​

Click-to-edit anything directly on the page. Move any element with a simple drag and drop system. There are no extra layers of abstraction, no need to mess with HTML code, no complicated options and endless menu settings.

Welcome to the Most Intuitive Editor You've Ever Used.

And the best part: the editor isn't limited to just working in Thrive Landing Pages - you can use it to create your blog posts, build marketing pages, sales pages and more, right within the content area of whichever WordPress theme you are using.

Why "Slow" Will Slowly Kill Your Business

Perhaps the most important thing about our editor is how fast it is to work with. Why is that so important?

Because speed isn't just about convenience.

Sure, it's nice to be able to build a custom landing page from scratch in 15 minutes instead of 3 hours​. And you can do that with Thrive Landing Pages. But it doesn't just mean that you'll be wasting less of your valuable time.

It also means that you'll be doing more to drive your business forward. ​If you're working with a slow, clunky editor, you will unconsciously try to avoid using it as much as possible. No one wants to suffer. So instead of building that new page that could add more people to your mailing list, you'll find something else to do. Instead of making some changes to your sales page that could double your conversions, you'll tinker with some other part of your business...

There's no escaping it: Speed Matters!

That's why our editor is built to be super fast and intuitive to use... and our code is lean and fast as well. The pages you build with Thrive Landing Pages are light and nimble, which means they load quickly and convert more.

Don't settle for a sluggish solution. If you do, it will cost you more than just time.​

Build Your Highest Converting Content Yet, Using These Content Elements:

Responsive Columns

Create mobile-responsive, multi-column layouts with ease and make your page layouts shine.

Buttons & Calls to Action

Get more clicks, customers and leads with these customizable, multi-style buttons.


Our beautifully styled testimonial boxes are perfect to display social proof and boost your sales.

Feature Grids

You've seen them on almost every professional looking sales page - now add them to your own!

Countdown Timer

A fantastic conversion-boosting element for any sale or special offer with a time limit.

Responsive Video Embeds

Easily add mobile responsive YouTube, Vimeo or self-hosted videos to your content.

Table of Contents

Create an auto-generated table of contents to make your long posts easier to navigate.

Content Reveal

Reveal content after a certain period of time has expired (e.g. make a purchase button appear below a sales video).

Insert WordPress Content

If you need to use short codes or elements from the default editor, you can use this element to do so.

Style Families

Choose from different design styles for all elements, to match your theme and brand.

Content Boxes

Highlight sections of your content with one of the many content box styles available in the Content Builder.

Styled Lists

Perfect for feature lists, lists of benefits and any other attention-grabbing list type.

Guarantee Forms

Display your "satisfaction guarantee" like the pros with the guarantee element, available in multiple styles.

Tabs & Toggles

Create dynamic content in tabs or build and easy-to-use FAQ with the toggle element.

Lead Generation Element

Integrate with any email marketing service and add opt-in forms anywhere in your content.

Responsive Google Maps

Display Google Maps that look good on any screen size. Ideal for your "Contact" page.

Intuitive Table Builder

Create flexible tables for reviews, product comparisons and more (not HTML required).

Star Ratings

Add star ratings to your reviews - including the correct, search engine optimized markup.

Custom HTML & CSS

Like to do your own coding? Adding custom HTML or custom styles has never been easier!

Fully Mobile Responsive

Any content created with this plugin is fully responsive and looks great on any screen size.

As you can see, there is a huge array of content elements that you can use to edit landing pages, create your own landing page templates and more. And of course, you can also use all of these elements to create content within your WordPress theme.

Finally Enjoy Creating Content Again!

All features aside, Thrive Content Builder provides something that goes beyond mere technology: it brings back the joy to creating content.

There's something thrilling about writing content right on your website, with no layers of abstraction in your way. Everything is instantaneous and aren't spending time struggling with technology and wading through menus.​

Having a fast editor doesn't only save time​, also frees up your attention. Instead of being constantly distracted by technical steps in the editing process, you can focus purely on building exactly the kind of content you want to see on your website.

There's no other way to say it: creating content is just more fun, when you use this plugin!​

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Wow! This is just getting better & better. This plugin is making my websites look so professional. Keep up the great work and thank you for the new features.
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