In-content Opt-in Form: The Subtle But Effective Attention Grabber

Fully Customizable, Freely Placeable and Relevant to the Content

The In-content opt-in form is a static banner-type form that you can place, as the name implies, anywhere in your content.

From the multitude of form template choices, you can easily choose one that suits your theme and design. Or if you're feeling creative, use our drag&drop editor to customize any template or fully design your own!

Just like in-content ads turn your traffic into clicks and money, your in-content opt-in forms are there to turn traffic into leads... (and later, money.)

Used in conjunction with the targeting features of Thrive Leads, you'll never have an irrelevant form show up in your content again!

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Use Clever Placement to Grab Attention or Re-Focus Visitors

You're free to position the In Content opt-in form anywhere within your page.

The obvious place for this form is at the top of your page, where your visitor first directs their focus.

Another prime location is a couple of paragraphs down, where the risk of losing your visitor is at its peak. Here an in-content form is perfect for re-engagement or grabbing contact details.

Keep Relevant to the Surrounding Content For Maximum Effectiveness

Any opt-in form is most effective when it supports the message of the surrounding content. With Thrive Leads, it's easy to customize the form to match the style of your website.

But more importantly, you can create multiple forms and choose which form shows up on a particular page.

Imagine reading a blog article about cat food, and then running into an opt-in offer speaking of dog training. You'd hardly be interested.

On the other hand, if the dog training-offer only showed up on an article related to dog food, you'd be more inclined to opt-in.

You can set this all up with a few clicks, and Thrive Leads will do the rest.


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