Use Multi-Step Opt-In Forms to Get Laser Targeted, Highly Responsive E-Mail Subscribers

Discover why Multi-Step opt-in forms are the most powerful way to create a valuable list:

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It’s great to see how you guys respond to user requests and make things happen. I was finally able to get rid of my other plugin because you added this. It’s very clean how you did it too! Great job!

Eddy S.

Attract ONLY Highly Engaged Subscribers

Did you know that our mind cannot ignore questions?

Asking a question is deceptively simple, but very powerful - and that's one of the things you can do with multi-step forms.

When you ask a simple "Yes" or "No" question in your opt-in forms, before presenting your email sign-up, your visitors will have to choose.

When they choose "Yes" they are making a micro-commitment, which makes the chances of them actually opt-in when you present the email sign-up form much bigger.

This means you're building a list with only highly engaged subscribers that truly want what you're sending them.

I’m just glad the Thrive Leads exists. It just makes things so much easier to implement. Thanks again Shane.

Fiona F.

Get More Opt-Ins Than Ever Before.

Do you think presenting a highly relevant opt-in offer to each and every one of your visitors would get your more subscribers?

Of course it would!

But how could you possible know what your visitor wants?

Ask them!

Use multiple choice in your opt-in forms to auto-segment your subscribers. You can present two or more choices. It's up to you!

When your visitor clicks on a link, a tailor made, irresistible opt-in offer is presented.  

You will segment your subscribers while getting more opt-ins than ever before.

Now that’s a whole new level of badassery!

Will Franco

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Multi-Step Opt-in forms are just one of the many features that'll help you build your list faster.

3 More Reasons Why Multi-Step Opt-In forms Are the Fastest Way to Build a Laser Targeted List

Skyrocket your conversion rates on ANY opt-in form

Multi-Step Opt-in is not only available for pop-up opt-in forms!

You can use Multi-Step Opt-In forms in almost all of your opt-in forms: post footer forms, inline forms,  widget area forms, ribbons, screen fillers and more.

Know exactly what your visitors want

By asking questions and letting your visitors self-segment, you'll be able to present tailor made offers to each and every one of them.

No more guessing! You'll get more, better targeted and highly engaged subscribers.

Feel confident in showing only the best forms

Easily A/B test your Multi-Step Opt-in Forms to find which ones perform best. You can test them against one-step opt-in forms or test different questions with just a few clicks.

A/B test ALL of your forms to show ONLY the best performers.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Gary Kaminski

Another great addition to Thrive Leads. This is exactly why I recommend Thrive Themes to everyone as the one stop solution for their online marketing. Thanks again Shane!

Rita S.

Hi TT-Team, i used the Thrive Leads yesterday for the first time. And it is really great. I worked before with Option Monster and a long time with the sumo-me apps. But Thrive Leads is much more better and easier to handle. thanks a lot!

David B.

5 gold star support, for sure! And 5 gold star quality software. I MAY have my first client to put this software to work with! Very exciting!

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