The Screen Filler LightBox: 
An Opt-in Form That Commands Attention

Discover how the Screen Filler Lightbox captures leads in a way that will turn any page into a conversion machine.

Do you want to grab your visitor's attention so you can increase your conversions? There's no better way to do this than a full screen lightbox. The Screen Filler Lightbox is just ONE of MANY features inside our powerful Thrive Leads plugin, exclusively available with your purchase of Thrive Suite.

Get More Leads, Get More Fans

Did you know opt-in forms commanding more attention tend to get higher conversion rates?

The screen filler lightbox is a full screen call to action, which is an "unignorable" way to get in front of your visitors and turn them into subscribers.

Ultimately, you want to turn a first time visitor into a lifetime raving fan. The best way to do this is to build a list, which will allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

The screen filler lightbox is the perfect way to capture a new visitor's attention and get their email address, so you can start building that personal relationship with them.

Turn Your Homepage Into A High Converting Squeeze Page

One of your most visited pages is your homepage. Imagine converting a new visitor into a subscriber immediately, instead of hoping they see your opt-in form in the sidebar.

This idea is called a "welcome gate" and it works by redirecting a new visitor to a squeeze page when they first land on your homepage. It's an awesome way to build your list quickly, but there is problem...

The problem is: you have to re-direct the visitor. This takes too long, and it can mess up your SEO with Google.

Our screen filler lightbox overlays on the page instead of re-directing. This means it's faster, has zero SEO impact, and a cleaner experience for your visitor. 

Not Just For List Building...

You can use the screen filler lightbox for more than just building your list. Imagine being able to take over the screen and deliver a time sensitive message to both new and repeat visitors and KNOW they are seeing it.

This is powerful.

Here are some great examples of how to use the screen filler lightbox to deliver value to your visitor that isn't directly tied to building your list:

  • A coupon for the holiday season
  • Growing your new Facebook page
  • Promoting your upcoming webinar
  • Showing a time sensitive deal

What Our Customers Are Saying About The Screen Filler Lightbox

Wow truly awesome feature, can’t wait to start testing it on my site, great job guys as always.

Fabrizio V.

Awesome stuff and a great idea. We`ll we try this feature on our next project.
Keep on going with thrive leads. It´s really outstanding.

Matthias B.

Excellent Shane, thank you so much. All other landing page and opt-in software just pales into insignificance and usually costs a lot more too!

Stephen B.

Tell You More? I Thought You'd Never Ask...

Huge Template Library

Choose an already made template from our library, customize a template to make it your own or create one from scratch with our content builder.  

Completely Responsive

Our Screen Filler Lightboxes are 100% responsive, so your forms will look great no matter what device your visitor is using. 

All The Integrations

It doesn't matter what major email service you use, ThriveLeads flawlessly integrates with them all.  

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