Turn Any Page in a Full Screen Opt-in Form With the Scroll Mat

Welcome All of Your Visitors With an Exclusive Opt-In Offer.

Did you know most first-time visitors will never come back to your website? To reverse this trend you need a way to contact them and invite them to come back.

The Scroll Mat allows you to turn any page into a full screen opt-in form that's displayed immediately on page load when a visitor arrives on your site. This helps you welcome ALL your visitors with an enticing opt-in offer and capture that oh-so-valuable email address.

The Scroll Mat pushes your content down the page, this is what makes this opt-in form so effective: it's unignorable but without having the downside of some of the more "annoying" opt-in forms that cover up your content immediately!

It takes over the screen but without having to redirect your visitors to a separate page, this is not only convenient for them but also makes this method "search engine friendly".

Not Only For List Building...

What's the message you want ALL of your visitors to see?

  • An invitation to follow you on social media?
  • An exclusive coupon code?
  • A sign-up button for your next webinar?
  • ...

The Scroll Mat allows you to put any message in front of your visitors. 

The Right Message for the Right Visitor

Combine the Scroll mat opt-in form with the SmartLinks feature and you'll be able to show an opt-in form to your first time visitor, a webinar invitation to your loyal subscribers and an exclusive offer to your existing customers. 

Powerful? Yes indeed!

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What Our Customers Are Saying About the Scroll Mat

Another great feature! Love how you and the Team crank out new features for the Thrive platform on a near-daily basis. Keep up the great work!

edward haskins

In all seriousness – really happy I’ll have some time for a few weeks now to build up my site more with your stuff. I did. I did one major transaction (about 8k revenue) this year as a direct result of implementing Thrive Leads on my site so I'm pumped to implement more. Thanks Shane & company.

Bruce b.

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Huge Template Library

Choose an already made template from our library, customize a template to make it your own or create one from scratch with our content builder.  

Completely Responsive

Our Screen Filler Lightboxes are 100% responsive, so your forms will look great no matter what device your visitor is using. 

All The Integrations

It doesn't matter what major email service you use, ThriveLeads flawlessly integrates with them all.  

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Get instant access to the Scroll Mat and all the other amazing opt-in forms and features in Thrive Leads. It's simply the best way to transform your WordPress website into a mailing list building machine!