New Thrive Leads Integration: Mautic

Mautic is an open source email marketing and marketing automation tool and in the latest version of Thrive Leads, you can now integrate your opt-in forms with it, seamlessly.

Check out the tutorial for a quick look at how to create the connection to Mautic.​


The video shows the integration using the OAuth 1 choice. For more details on why we recommend this and how to set up the OAuth 2 type, see this article.

Mautic is one of dozens of services we integrate with directly. Click here to see an overview of all our integrations.


Author: Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is one of the co-founders of Thrive Themes and in charge of marketing, content and product strategy. When he isn't plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about startups and marketing here.


I have been messing with mautic for the last week, what a good surprise to see the integration of Leads with it :)

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thanks for your comment, Michael. Good to know that this comes at the right time for you.

Done! Many thanks for this API Connection.

Shannon H Reply

I agree. Thanks a ton for making this available.

Thomas Adams Reply


There is a need to integrate with AgileCRM…. please!


Perfect timing Shane – just another reason why I subscribe to your Membership package. Keep up the great work! (Out of interest do you also have any integration with DAP?)

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thanks for your comment, Mark!

    What would an intergration with DAP look like? I ask because as far as I know, everything we build would already work together with DAP.

      Mark Reply

      Hi Shane – I guess I was thinking along the lines of making courses in Apprentice and the protecting of content.

      Hilario M Reply

      Hello Shane. I was thinking also to be able to define API with DAP as a provider (as we do with other products) it will help to define the stuff in the Active Connections and don’t need to do it again.

Jerry Roberts Reply

Shane, do you actually use Mautic, or was that a dumy account just for the purpose of creating the integration?

If you use it, can you comment on the comparison between that and Active Campaign or InfusionSoft, in terms of creating effectiveness of automations and the GUI/ease of use?

Obviously, the price is right. But will it cost more in frustration?


    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Jerry,

    We use ActiveCampaign for our own business. For Mautic, we have an account that we use for testing and development, but I can’t tell you anything about what it might be like to work with.

Cathrin Reply

I tried to connect everything as you showed and I have an error. I think the problem is with API URL. Where to get it? Anyway, thanks for your awesome job!

Quentin P Reply

I’m a Mautic fan Shane – up till now I’ve just been pasting in the HTML, which works fine. So this is a huge benefit – no more having to go dig up the form code anymore. Thanks as always :)

Dennis B Ottey Reply

I am using a proprietary (linux based) platform for my website that us currently under construction. Mautic is integrated so that I can use it when logged into my website admin panel. I am wondering if Thrive Leads can be integrated here, since it is not WP?

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Dennis,

    Unfortunately, all of our plugins are made for the WordPress platform only.

Shane – Thank you so much for integrating with Mautic !
I love Mautic and Thrivethemes so it makes a perfect combo ! : )

Please add pepocampaign

absint0o Reply

Great add for the Thrive products! is there any way to add more fields to the form rather than the name, email and phone number?Thanks!

Jay M Reply

Does OAuth 1 still work? I keep on getting an error message.

    Hanne Reply

    Hi John,

    If you have any technical difficulties, you can ask our support forum to help you out!

yavarkhan Reply

love it

Fausto Reply

Hello! I integrate Mautic with thrive without problem, but when i try to select the option “Choose your mailing list:” is empty…why? help!!

    Hanne Reply

    Hi Fausto,
    In order to get tech support, please open a ticket in the support forum so that our tech team can help you out.