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This is such an amazing offering. You guys are honestly the best in the business.
Renee G

I’ve just purchased your membership package, and I am so glad I did! You really deliver on your promise of speed, both in terms of UI, and the general snapiness :-). And the constant flow of new features is really exciting.
- Marcin L.

Kudos to you and your team, Shane. You guys are always coming up with great new features! I am a fan and have already got 3 of my friends on board and they love Thrive Themes as much as I do!
- Mohit T.

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Becoming a Thrive Member is turning out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done in my blogging life. Keep up the great work, not to mention the inspiration!
- Joe Garma

You keep rolling out so many great updates, not just small ones, but great new features. Not to forget the support team, they go above and beyond what one would normally expect. Buying the Thrive Membership is the best investment I have made in my 4 years marketing online.
- Kim C.

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If, for any reason, you don't like our membership, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your first purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Manage Your Online Business - Not Your WordPress Plugin Library

You've stacked plugins on top of extensions on top of custom themes, just to get even the basic functionality out of your WordPress site! But despite your best efforts, you end up creating a veritable Frankenstein-website with the stability of a cardhouse in a wind tunnel.

If you could only skip the time-consuming web development work and focus on what you originally wanted to do: build relationships with your customers and make sales.

If you just had one solid package with exactly all the parts you needed to easily create a conversion optimized website?

At Thrive Themes, we're adamant about making products work efficiently and seamlessly with the sole purpose of turning your website into a gorgeous lead generation machine.

Your Thrive Membership is so much more than just a handful of plugins. It's a complete toolbox to build your online business. Sign up today, and never worry about fighting with WordPress again.

It simply amazes me how Thrive Themes keeps getting better and better and the themes are amazing, better than anything I’ve seen around! – Thanks

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The Thrive Membership is more than the themes and plugins you get now. We are dedicated to building the best, most business-focused and most useful tools for your WordPress websites. And we're only just getting started...

We're ambitious and we develop at a faster pace than anyone in this industry. You think the Thrive product line is impressive now? Imagine what it will look like a year from now. Or two years from now.

As our tools improve and as we add more products to the Thrive product line, the membership price will inevitably go up. As it already has done. Several times.​

But here's the real kicker:

Once you're locked in as a member, the price never increases for YOU. It only increases for new visitors who've not yet signed up.

Become a member now and in the not too distant future, you'll find yourself using an advanced suite of WordPress tools for a fraction of the price others are paying for it!


Once again ThriveThemes delivers! First class. Thanks.
Geoff Anthony


Here are answers to some common questions about the Thrive Membership:

What does the Thrive Membership include?

Is this a one time price or recurring fee?

If you raise the price, will my subscription price stay the same?

Do you offer support?

Will Thrive Products slow down my website?

Does the 100% satisfaction guarantee apply to every recurring payment?

Can I use this to build my blog?

Does this work with blogs?

What happens if I don't want to continue my membership?

Can I upgrade or downgrade my current product?

I already own several Thrive-products. Why do I need a membership?

The speed of development is amazing! I love the connection between customer and support so please keep it up. I’m really satisfied with Thrive Themes, it was really a great investment :-)
- Reona S.

Thrive is by far the best investment I’ve made in a software product.
- Alex M.

I’ve spent over $3000 in internet marketing tools & education, by far Thrive products are the most valuable, impactful and inspiring ones I use.
- Albert

You guys are awesome. So glad to have purchased your sofware.
- César

I particularly appreciate the way you and Thrive Themes do business. You set an example that I wish everyone would follow of over-delivery of your services and products. I don’t know of another supplier that consistently gives me more than what I expect. Almost on a daily basis, you restock my arsenal of business weapons with the latest technologies. Your company’s service philosophy serves as a role model for all of us as we build our own companies.
Yesterday, your support team took care of a problem I was having (a problem not caused by TT but rather my host’s limitations), and got me up and running quickly. I always know that I can count on Thrive Themes. Thanks!
- Tip K.

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