Feature Requests & the Future of Thrive Themes – an Open Letter

If you take a look around this blog and at the emails we send to subscribers and customers, you'll notice that we keep asking for your feedback. Be it in comments on our posts, discussions in the support forum, or surveys, polls and more.

In today's letter, I want to give you an inside look at what we do with all this feedback and give you a glimpse at our development plans for future products and features.​

Like the previous open letter, this is an open and raw exchange from me to you. Think of it as sitting across the table from me, having a conversation about Thrive Themes.​


Anyone Listening?

The first thing I want to address is a problem that comes with inviting feedback: as much as we'd like to, we can't fulfill every request we get.

Even if we do decide to take on a suggestion, weeks or even months can pass between the time a request is first made and the time we release the new feature.

My concern here, and the reason I'm bringing this up, is that you may feel like you're being ignored. It may seem that you keep asking us for stuff, we keep saying that we're listening, but nothing happens.

For example, we've been asked to add A/B testing to Thrive Landing Pages countless times and many readers have been suggesting we should build a membership plugin for a long time.​

We've released neither an A/B testing feature for landing pages nor a membership plugin. And yet in the meantime, we've released various new features for our products as well as new products like Thrive Ultimatum and Thrive Headline Optimizer.​

You may be wondering: what's up with that? Are we actually listening to your feedback or just pretending to?​

A Grander Plan

First of all let me assure you that yes, we are listening. We pay very close attention to every comment, every support request and every survey response.​

It is from this feedback and from countless interviews with customers that a grand plan started to form. We saw that there were some problems that we could try to solve in a unique way and we set about our most ambitious project so far.

Without boring you with technical details, much of the work we've been doing in the past month has been foundation building. We're laying the groundwork that​ will make this big plan of ours possible.

What is this big plan? To explain, let's look at a big, ugly monster of a problem that plagues WordPress users today.​

The Frankenstein Problem

One of the great things about WordPress is how extensible it is. As a user, you can choose from a seemingly unlimited number of plugins and themes to customize your site to your desire... but there's also a huge downside to this.

Log into the dashboard of the typical online marketer's website and you'll find a massive list of plugins installed. And among all these plugins that manage SEO, caching, social sharing, design elements, shortcodes, testing, analytics and so on, you'll often also find some custom code. As a WordPress user, you're probably not unfamiliar with the idea of hiring a freelancer to apply some customization or fix some issue on your site.

Unfortunately, all these different plugins and customizations don't play nice with each other. There will be plugin conflicts, the site will slow down due to code bloat, an update of one plugin will break several others...

The whole thing is a mess. I know many site owners who are afraid to update their plugins because they know it could break their whole site. Many WordPress sites are a total mess, barely hanging together by some threads.

This, in short, is what I call the Frankenstein problem.

As we build our sites and add more functionality that we need, we unwittingly create a monster.​

Our Vision: A Complete Suite of Marketing Tools

The Frankenstein problem is what we want to solve for our users, once and for all. We want to provide you all of the marketing tools that most directly affect your website's usefulness out of one hand.

Our goal is to not only make these tools work together conflict free, but to go several steps further. To build a smart, high converting, next-generation website, these tools need to talk to each other.

What does this mean?

An example can be found in our Thrive Ultimatum plugin: you can start a countdown campaign for someone when they sign up to your mailing list via Thrive Leads.​

How? By checking a box.

One click. That's it.

That may not seem like a big deal until you realize that without the integration between these two plugins, making this happen would require copying and editing HTML form codes, inserting script snippets and pasting them into your WordPress content in the "Text" mode of the editor... and then never switching back to the "Visual" mode, because that would break the code.​

As cool as this is, the example above is just the tip of the iceberg. Our vision is for you to have a complete set of tools and total control over what is happening on your website and how your website reacts to what your visitors are doing (another example of this is the SmartLinks feature).​

So, What About that Feature Request?

What does all this have to do with feature requests and our development strategy?

A request like "add A/B testing to landing pages" may seem simple enough. And it would be, for most companies. We could easily ship a functioning testing feature within a few weeks.

But this is Thrive Themes and we don't settle for lukewarm solutions. Our grand plan of a marketing suite means that for each feature and product, we have to consider how it will fit in with all of the other products and features. And then we have to look at our roadmap and think of how it will fit in with all of the future products and features that we haven't even built yet.​

As a result, priorities can change and it generally takes more resource to create a new product or feature. I believe that what we are building is worth investing this extra time and resource into.

What's Coming Next

​In the coming months, you'll start to see all the foundational work we've been doing pay off in new features and products we release. At Thrive Themes, we're all very excited to bring you these new releases and we can't wait to show you what we've been working on.

​And while we're working on these big changes and products, we're also making sure that we're still releasing new stuff on a regular basis. This is another priority for us: even if we spend a lot of resource on a huge project, we don't want to leave you waiting for long periods of time, so we always spend some resource on smaller projects as well.

To get an overview of what we've been working on, you can check our development timeline page here.​

Over to You

Of course we'd love to hear your thoughts about our grand plan for a total WordPress marketing suite. What are some tools that you think absolutely need to be part of this? What are your worst experiences with the Frankenstein effect on your site? Let us know by leaving a comment!​


P.S.: While I'm writing an open letter like this, let me also use the opportunity to thank you. Whoever you are, if you're reading this, you're taking part in making all this possible. Building Thrive Themes is a huge and exciting challenge. It's a privilege to be able to do the work we do for you.

Author: Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is a co-founder of Thrive Themes. When he isn't plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about productivity here.

  • Billy W says:

    Excellent. You and your team are constantly raising the bar, Shane. I am sooooo impressed with ThriveThemes and am very excited to see what the future holds.

  • Juan Colome says:

    Whenever I get an email from you every thing takes a pause and I read it. You guys are one of a kind.

  • Curtis P says:

    This is good news indeed. I’ve had my frustrations with Thrive products or features – mainly to do with the conflicts between plugins – and if you can provide me with all the necessary plugins that work seamlessly, then I’ll wait for it. You guys do good work. I love your themes and plugins. Keep it up.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Curtis. We’re still quite a ways from this big goal of ours, but I think it will be worth getting there. 🙂

    • Nate says:

      I am happy that Thrive Themes is around because it helped me “finally” take the jump to learning, using and trusting word press. However, in the past 3 months and specifically, your theme vs plug-in conflicts have created the Frankenstein effect (result) for me. I had to delete one of my sites in Feb to fix, so lost lots of time and content. On july 7th, while on a 3-month vacation in Greece, your Ultimatum plug-in and TCB seemed to have a conflict so now my main business site is non viewable or accesible by me, your team (submitted ticket and login info) or anyone else. Once I get back to states in Oct, I must delete this site and start over with content. Finally got a backup plug in last week and backed up content on my other site but will not be updating TCB or Thrive Leads until I am stateside. I also deleted the other thrive plug-ins from my site. Again, please continue with your vision but understand how some of it could impact the user.

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with one of our plugins, Nate.

  • Joshua L says:

    This is so awesome! I am all in! As a person starting out, I have already purchased Pressive Theme, Thrive Leads, Thrive Content and Landing Page Builder. I am getting ready to purchase Thrive Ultimatum in September.
    The next request for me to complete my site wishlist would be an easy to use membership tying into Thrive Apprentice. I think this would be awesome since Ultimatum has come out.
    So to end, having Thrive Membership Portal, would be fantastic!

  • Thomas Stahl says:

    Hi Shane,
    I like the Thrive Content Builder. But I’m still missing the Gateway-Feature from the Launch Suite inside of OptimizePress. I want to create an Evergreen Launch. The Thrive Ultimatum is great, but the Gateway-Feature is still missing. I hope you will integrate this soon inside your Marketing Tool-Set.

  • Chad says:

    Thanks, Shane! I really appreciate how I was able to buy your suite of tools and have virtually everything I need for building a great website starting from scratch. All your videos and tutorials are super helpful. And, I was delighted to see you kept coming out with new plug-ins after I bought it. I always star emails from you because I know you’ll give me useful information. And, I’d been wishing for an A/B testing feature, so I’m looking forward to what you create. I recommended you to an older friend because I knew you’d save her money on a web designer who might design something pretty and worthless because I knew everything she needed was here.

  • Christi says:

    All I know is that I love Thrive and it’s made my life as a WordPress blogger a million times easier. Thank you. I’m going to look at your development timeline, right now. Love you guys, and I love what you do for my business!

    (If I see a membership option, I am going to cry. lol)

  • Sean T says:

    Hey Shane, thanks for this letter. I (and I’m sure many others) appreciate your regular updates and your transparency. Thrive Themes has become a integral part of my websites – a invaluable framework and toolkit that I rely on and regularly recommend to others. I just submitted a support request earlier today about a conflict with the WP ConvertKit plugin when used with Thrive Themes and Wishlist Member – exactly the Frankenstein problem you mention. I look forward to your bigger plan and your future releases. Thank you and your team for the amazing work that you do.

  • Shane, each time I open an email from you and it’s titled: Feature Update, I say to myself “Damn, another one (LOL).” I say this because I’m blown away at all of the new features you and your team are adding. As a marketer with limited coding skills (mostly by choice), I took for granted what you guys were doing behind the scenes since I’ve become a member (i.e. the headline analyzer, the countdown timer and on and on). There are companies that are charging monthly for just a few of the many tools you offer as part of your entire membership and you keep on adding. As the last few months have passed by, you’ve got my attention and I’m building my brand new site completely on the Thrive platform. The WP Frankenstein analogy is exactly right. Just wanted to say thanks for your continued commitment to developing fantastic, all inclusive tools that work together and for keeping the entire suite extremely affordable.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Darrell! I know there are places where you see a monthly fee attached to just a fraction of what we offer at Thrive Themes and it’s one of our goals to have a higher “value density” in our offer than what is seen in most places.

  • Adam says:

    Love that you are taking the time to build some anticipation. When there is an annual cost for the membership, it is important for you to give me a reason to renew, something to look forward to.

    Love the new page to show what you have done and what you are doing. https://thrivethemes.com/development-timeline/

    This will really help me in sharing about Thrive with all my viewers and subscribers over on wpcrafter.com

  • Rico S says:

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next 🙂

  • Zoe says:

    Great job – I barely use all the features but what I do use is easy, helpful and effective – so thank you for all the work you do.

  • Julius says:

    Awesome, your company provides so much value to my business, love to see you have those great plans! 🙂
    The one tool I would love to see is a quiz tool, something like viralquizbuilder was. Something to create quizzes that let me engage and segment my readers, and that could be connected to Thrive Leads.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Julius,

      Thanks for your comment! We took Viral Quiz Builder off the market because it was getting outdated, but we do have a plan of replacing it with a new product.

  • James says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this Shane! It’s great to know what’s happening and where you’re heading. It’s also very reassuring that you guys take the time to do things properly, and concern yourself with the big picture.

    A complete marketing suite sounds wonderful! Is it feasible to include email marketing in that? Having a signup trigger not just an ultimatum campaign but also an autoresponder series, would be wonderful. I think there would be a huge amount of small business owners who would be extremely grateful, and relieved, to have everything they need under one roof.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi James,

      Email marketing is not something we’d include within WordPress, no. There are too many intricacies with email delivery and a proper email marketing/marketing automation tool would be too “heavy” to be running self-hosted on anything but a high-end hosting account. The way I see it, if you want a really good email marketing solution, you’ll either pay a few hundred dollars a month for a hosted service or you’ll pay a few hundred dollars a month for a server, email delivery and maintenance. I think a hosted service is the way to go.

  • Hitesh Sahni says:

    The idea of having just one set of plugins/tools which can talk to each other is appealing, but do you think it is actually possible in the long run?

    Don’t get me wrong, the Thrive team continues to impress me with speed at which they launch new features and products without compromising on quality, and I am sure split testing and membership features are coming soon too.

    But the day when I won’t even need to use Yoast for SEO, or Social Warfare for social media for example, and I can just rely on Thrive for everything a marketer needs, seems to good to be true 🙂

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Hitesh!

      That’s a good point and there’s something I want to clarify here: we are aiming to provide a complete suite of tools in the narrow area of conversion optimization and marketing. We don’t plan to provide tools for everything.

      You mention Yoast SEO: this is an example of a very solid, well developed and free plugin. I don’t see any reason to spend Thrive Themes resources on creating a competing solution, as we could make it only marginally better anyway. Instead, we’ll focus our efforts on tools that are much more directly tied to your business’ bottom line and tools that fulfill a marketing need that nothing else meets yet.

  • Mark B says:

    Hi Shane. You nailed it when you described “the Frankenstein problem”. We build and manage dozens of sites for clients and I have to admit I get sweaty palms every time there’s a new WP release or a new version of a plugin. As in, “Is this going to partially (or fully) crash one or more of our clients’ sites?” I’m looking forward to what you have coming next.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Absolutely, yeah. It’s the same for us. We only update our sites to a new WP version when it’s early in the day and we have at least one developer on stand-by in case everything goes to hell. Although as we’ve been replacing more and more 3rd party plugins with Thrive plugins, this problem has lessened, so I see this as a proof of concept for what we’re trying to do.

  • Paul K says:

    I have a feature request that would be really easy to implement.

    Increase the contrast between text and background on your blog posts!!

    I am rapidly approaching the point where I will not be able to read your posts and that would be a serious loss.


  • Konrad H says:

    For me the most obvious plugin/feature would be a membership solution because with the apprentice feature you already have the groundwork. Also the whole lead generation thing is often used together with memberships or ebook/digital product sales.

    The next thing I would love to see from you is more themes or theme skins (I mentioned that in a comment 2 posts ago), so that I don’t have to buy any other theme. The landingpage templates are nice, but you cant really build a whole website with those.

    Then I think you should do some SEO stuff within your existing features. For example speaking URLs for table of contents (not bla.html#tab-con-1 but bla.html#blubb), support for schema.org in star ratings and all those basics.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  • Derek Seymour says:

    Love Thrive Content builder Shane. Only thing right now I feel could be improved upon is more animations that make sense for actions like “mouse over” such as “shake” “wobble” or “grow” effects

    Also, more elements that can support animations such as text areas.

    Video backgrounds would be cool as well.

    Keep up the great work Shane, you’re an inspiration to me as an entrepreneur 🙂

  • Angelito says:

    Wow, this is awesome–a one-stop shop for all WordPress stuff you need. So excited.

  • Christian says:

    Great Job from the whole Thrives Themes Team!

  • David Henry says:

    Shane, You are awesome! Thank you for your leadership and commitment to excellence!

  • David C says:

    Personally, I absolutely love the idea of an integrated solution – a one stop shop that will allow us to focus more on our businesses and less on worrying about if and how the logistics will work together. In my eyes, that will be money well spent because it will return on the investment many times over.

    If you have been tracking the statistics for page view on your site, you may have seen an anomaly on the Squared theme page. I think I’ve accessed the demo site so many times over the past week, just looking for that little nudge to push me over the edge and begin the transition to a website that is more cohesive and conversion focused.

    This letter and idea is just that nudge I needed. I sincerely appreciate your candid conversations, helpful tips, and continual push of that metaphorical envelope to make your product offerings what I consider to be the most efficient, beneficial – and lest I forget, most beautiful – on the market.

    Thank you for all the hard work you do, and thank you also for being so transparent in your communication. From one CEO to another (even though my company comprises a single entity), well done and I look forward to the exciting developments for Thrive Themes in the future.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, David!

      I can understand your hesitation about the themes. Our themes are good, but they are our “oldest” products and they pale in comparison to the more recent plugins we’ve released. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that we’ve been working on an all-new theme framework in the background. 🙂

  • Carlos says:

    Thanks Shane. Good to know you really care. =)

  • Leo says:

    Thanks Shane! Keep up the good work!

  • Andre says:

    Shane, mit der “Marketing Suite” für WP rennst Du bei mir offene Türen ein! 🙂 Ich würde ein System lieben, das alles an einem Ort hat. Nicht nur Split-Testing, sondern vielleicht auch so Sachen wie vernüftige Analytics.

    Ihr könntet dann ja auch so ganz wilde Sachen machen und Euch dann aus Google Analytics, Klick-Tipp, Infusionsoft, Aweber etc. ziehen (ihr macht ja ohnehin API-Programmierung) und dann eine Übersicht für alles anbieten. 😉

    Also ja: Ein großes Go für die Marketing Suite und auch ansonsten ein fettes Daumen hoch für Dich und Dein Team für das beste und userfreundlichste Landingpage-System, was es da draussen gibt! 🙂

    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Vielen Dank, André.

      Die Analytcs-Sache ist mir sehr wichtig, da es für uns extrem schwierig ist eine vernünftige Lösung zu finden. Wie viel sich da im Rahmen von WordPress machen lässt, weiss ich noch nicht, aber wir arbeiten daran. 🙂

  • Gee Nonterah says:

    Hello Shane,
    Thanks for the open and honest letter. Like you said in your e-mail some CEOs only come out for the press or on special occasions but one of the reasons I personally love Thrive Themes is that you are front and center and super involved in everything.

    Yes, it is quite annoying when I have to deactivate several other plugins on my site in order to create a landing page with Thrive BUT so far I can confidently say that it has been one of my top business investments this year.

    I look forward to all the other tools you and the team will be building for us ! Keep up the great work.

  • Mike says:

    I love the idea of a total WP marketing suite from you guys. I couldn’t do what I do if you hadn’t made Thrive Themes so brain-dead simple to use.

  • I would love to dump wishlist membership and have only thrive using the apprentice plugin on my membership sites:) That would be such a huge improvement to our sites.

  • Katharina says:

    Thank you so much for all your great work! being a Thrive member makes my life easier! As for the grand vision: a new plug in that creates quizzes to capture leads would be wonderful.

  • James says:

    Training, Shane…
    Premier training, sound practical training on how to succeed, to win in our marketing with the blogging themes and marketing suites!

    I know that there’s a ton of good even excellent teaching/training out here but even so, it’s not coming through you and your team, not from starting (a newbie like myself) to our first successful, say $1000,000 using all things “Thrive Themes”!

    Well, I’m old and slow but I truly believe the market is waiting for a “How To Succeed at Building Your Business Online”, the Thrive Themes way”!

    I’m just saying!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, James!

      We’re in agreement with you, because one of the things we’ve been working on is a way to bring more “how to” informational content to our members. Just like you say, we want to make sure that people get the most out of our products, not just hand over some software and then let them figure it out themselves.

      • Craig B says:

        This is the whole enchilada! Your videos about marketing techniques and all that is awesome – I’ve been playing with WP for a long time, but still don’t have my site running on it as I keep feeling I need to learn more or want my header the way my html/css site is etc – Thrive and you and your team are a huge resource and knowledge bank!
        For the new things – I use a time tracking thing (used to use intervals and recently switched over to toggl) – this is something that I’ve been trying to find that runs in WP – there are various task management plug-ins, but still haven’t found a solution. For this to be intergrated with a customer manager and track all the back and forth between client and me would be great.
        And of course my big wish is also for your Content Builder to also be able to do the same thing as in the main content area but with headers, footers and sidebars as needed – I suppose that’s kind of what the Landing Pages are – I’ll work with those a bit with the custom menu and see if that will fill the bill.
        Thanks for all your class!

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        We do plan to bring a more intuitive level of customization to other areas of the WordPress themes, apart from the content area. But I can’t say too much about those plans yet.

      • Craig B says:

        Great to hear that Shane. One other thing I would like to see is a bit more discussion of how the themes are structured eg go through the code of the header and give brief explanation of some of the sections; also similar with the SASS stuff and some basic tricks for global modifications – I know most of this is probably on the WP site, but yor explanations and videos are so good I think it would be a great addition (when are you and your team going to sleep with all that you are doing??) Keep up the awesome service!

  • Zack says:

    Thank you for the update and roadmap. You won me over with your plugins back with Hybrid Connect and your tools have saved me thousands of hours. Here’s one loyal user wishing you continued success in the future.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Zack. It’s an honor to have people with us for such a long time. I really appreciate that.

  • Sebastian S says:

    Okay, got one.
    (Frankenstein effect that is)
    There is this one website that I have which should accept user reviews and also my own reviews as well. (schema.org: aggregate rating and review)
    I wanted to have a solid solution and bought a plugin suite that cost me 299,- (lifetime at that time). It was kind of ‘the big dog’ in that space. Have to say, though, that none of the available review plugins so far have met my expectations (#hint #request).
    This one site in particular was unbelievably slow. The frontend was okay (thanks to caching) but the backend was slow as…. imagine something slow, will ya?
    Anyways while reworking the site I thought ‘maybe get rid of the review plugin and its extensions’ and guess what… site suddenly had normal speed. Everything loaded nearly instantly. Because of one plugin that I paid way to much money for for what it does.
    I’d still love to use that plugin but as it stands now it will only bring my site down. I was in constant fear of updates because I was praying everything will work afterwards. I almost lost all interest in that one website, which is a site I really care about. So… yeah that monster almost brought my sites life to an end. Quite the metaphor you have there.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Sebastian,

      That’s a good Frankenstein story. Reminds me of a competing visual editor we once tested. It had a decent set of features, but it dumped so much code onto every page that you’d grow old before the page would load… combine that with some other poorly optimized plugins and you might as well shut down your site. 😀

  • I greatly appreciate your development plans and vision for the future. Just knowing you’re constantly thinking about these things and releasing updates gives me confidence in my decision to use ThriveThemes.

    As an author, one feature I’d love is a simple Event post feature. Just like we have quote posts or picture posts, I’d like an Event post where I can post an event I’ll be speaking at, the time, place, price, sign up info, a Google map, etc. Then I’d like the contents of that post also show up in a sidebar widget of all my upcoming events. Don’t need a calendar or anything, just a nice list.
    Thanks again for the stellar products!

  • I can only applaud your vision. To me, it’s the solution I have been looking for, since I started designing websites, 20 years ago. Thanks to your total package, and especially the content builder, I am at last able to create the website I always wanted to create. Keep going guys. You do a tremendous job.

    One thing that I would greatly appreciate is: more options to customize a theme. I am using RISE now and I have been working with your (amazing) support them to solve several issues, and two friends who know css very well, to get the results I wanted.

    It would be awesome if there were far more options to customize colors, fonts, and different elements.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, David!

      When we release our next theme, I’ll be interested to hear how it fits with your expectations, as I think we’ll be able to make some significant improvements there.

  • This is great and very reassuring.

  • Steve says:

    For a moment I thought your grand plan was to create a new CMS lol. I love thrive, it would be cool to have some more themes though. Especially one for Amazon affiliate sites.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Steve!

      We’re not looking to build a new CMS. WordPress is solid as a backbone for any kind of website. It only starts suffering when you pile a lot of badly optimized plugins onto it. 🙂

  • Xavier C says:

    Yes, let’s turn Frankenstein into the hottest woman (or man) in the world. I know you guys can do it. I get frustrated with the lack of continuity across plugins but am always impressed even more with the direction you’re clearly going. Let’s put ClickFunnels out of business already!

  • Harvey says:

    As always, you astound me with the value you provide to the Thrive Agency license holder!

    Two requests I have please. A way to create customized sales pages. Example, the client gives Name/Email on an opt in. At the Thank you page I’d like to merge info. Thank You (name) for joining my list.

    I use Thrive for my magic/balloon business so a merge would be great and seem more personal.

    2. Since Thrive is a complete system, I’d like a photo album feature in Thrive, not a 3rd party plug in. One that expands the photo for clients.

    As always, keep up the great work. And thanks for keeping us updated.

  • Suvran Roy says:

    Will it be in the line of Mainwp?
    In other words, can we see dedicated page caching tools?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      A site management tool like MainWP isn’t part of our plans. Especially considering the existence of the official solution (Calypso by Automattic). Caching I’m not sure yet. There are good solutions available, but we might end up building something dedicated, just for the sake of compatibility. It’s not a high priority for us, though.

  • Stripey says:

    I would suggest one thing.

    Move your support to a proper ticket desk.

    The way you currently have it is in a forum where we have to “bare all” about our issues.

    I find the support process at Thrivethemes rather confusing and slightly tedious, when it’s bunched up with a bunch of other threads.

    Thesis utilized forums for support back in 2010 and completely abandoned that idea in about 2012 and moved to a regular ticket desk, which is so much better for us as customers and feels more personal too.

    Second thing…

    The thing that would make thrive content builder better is to get rid of all the grids in the builder..it looks messy.

    Third and final thing..perhaps the biggest nuisance of the lot, is the sheer amount of tabs that get opened when creating and editing pages.

    It’s almost impossible to get back to the WP admin dashboard sometimes.

    The workflow needs to be much more streamlined.

    Just a few thoughts….

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your suggestions!

      • Robert says:

        Great job with listening, Shane. You have to be the developer that has the most updates, tweaks and new features coming on a regular basis. I can see my “frankenstein” WordPress mess getting easier. I started with Thrive Leads and now am a full user simply because of everything on offer, and the support.

        I replied here as, while a “ticket scenario” might be preferred by some, I hate them. Impersonal; not searchable (in case someone has already solved that issue) and I don’t trust the level of response in most ticket systems, where a Tier One contractor pastes a standard reply that doesn’t answer my issue and there is no other visibility other my inbox.

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Thank you, Robert!

        Personally, I’m a bit conflicted about having a support ticketing system vs. having the current forum solution. There are definitely pros and cons on each side.

  • Victoria says:

    First off, thank you for making my professional life SO much easier – and making client tasks that used to be irritating actually enjoyable… 😉 And second, this is great news – can’t wait to see what your team comes up with!

  • Steven says:

    Hi shane, this sounds really cool! Exciting, and awesome to observe how you and your team have been growing over the years. A couple of brainstorm questions and ideas. A complete wordpress marketing set would be really cool, but doesn’t this make the use of WordPress obselete? Why not immediatelly developing your own Thrive Platform, instead of aways having to update everything with Wordress update? Maybe because i is exacly WordPress giving you access to a big market of potential Thrive Members?

    Another question, concern, is the question how all these changes will affect the price for an annual thive member?

    My best regards,

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Steven,

      We’re going to continue building on WordPress because this allows us to focus on the most important products. We can put all of our efforts into building tools that increase your conversions and we have to spend 0 resource on taking care of all kinds of basic stuff like making sure you can create posts, pages, page structures etc.

      In terms of pricing, nothing will change in the near future. As we build more and more advanced features, it’s possible that we’ll need to introduce a higher pricing tier in the future. However, as an existing member, I can guarantee that you’ll always get a ridiculous amount of value for the price you’re paying. 🙂

  • Shane, I really love what you guys do at Thrive. As the owner of a marketing agency, I can tell you we deal with the Frankenstein Problem daily. And even though we have a team of developers who can basically code anything and thus fix any conflicts, it’s still a massive misuse of our valuable time. What I love about your products is that while they’re great for end users who don’t know anything about coding, they are also ridiculously powerful for teams like ours who need to implement a lot of customization for our clients. A million thanks for all that you guys are doing!

  • Mike says:

    Are you going to Pivot to a SAAS like LeadPages, or are you planning on creating a more extensive suite of WordPress Plugins? Or something more along the line of Clickfunnels? I’ve been a member since your Hybrid Connect days and love the progress that you and the team have been making thus far, cheers! 😀

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Mike,

      We’re planning to stay with WordPress, as that allows us to focus on high-leverage products instead of needing to take care of the basics. 🙂

  • Lélio says:

    Hi Shane
    Very nice ! Congratulations ! I love TT !
    I still have some Frankenstein effect with some chess plugins.
    The plugins were: PGNViewer, RPB Chessboard and Embed Chessboard.
    Thanks !

  • Mark W says:

    Shane, whatever you have planned will, I know, be exactly what not only marketers but developers need to make their lives easier.

    Every release, every upgrade is well thought out and integrated and ALWAYS has a sound reason for releasing. Not the “it’ll look nice and we can hype it up to make a load of money” junk seen most everywhere else.

    I’m really looking forward to these developments.

    For my part I’d love full integration with woo commerce (or some form of Thrive commerce, fully customisable of course) and a membership platform

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Mark!

      The WooCommerce integration will get an update once our new theme is ready, for sure.

  • Christophe says:

    all the plugins together on a managed (hosted/SaaS) with extreme performance, wordpress installation? 😉

  • Larry T says:

    Yes, you are definitely on the right track by building a complete marketing suite. I’m having plugin conflicts with my site right now and can’t find a suitable solution to solve the problem.

  • Keith S says:

    Great news Shane. As one of your biggest fanboys, I find it reassuring that I can continue to promote ThriveThemes as an affiliate with ‘not just’ a clear conscience, but with raving enthusiasm! Thank you for keeping us up-to-date!

  • Tai says:

    Would be interesting to have some sort of “App Store” for TCB where people can sell “blocks” or “pages”.

    For example, rather than struggling to build a good looking Amazon affiliate page, i could buy a page template that another TCB user created, for $0.99.

    It would also be cool to open up TCB for 3rd parties to add components to it.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Tai. We are thinking of opening up Thrive Landing Pages and possibly other components to a marketplace. But it’s not something that’s going to happen in the immediate future.

  • Michael D says:

    I’m excited about your plans, Shane. My dream is to have nothing installed except Thrive plugins inside Thrive themes.

    In fact, the only thing I actually “need,” other than your products, are plugins that fire retargeting based on user action – time on a page, percent of video watched, and etc. Once you guys incorporate that stuff, my site will not be contaminated with other plugins.

    I haven’t looked at another theme for a couple of years now…

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Michael!

      Can I ask what plugin you use for the retargeting? It’s one of the things I’d really like to build as well. 🙂

      • Michael D says:

        I could go on and on about lousy plugins, but here are a few that have worked, though sometimes broke a thrive plugin:

        retargetingpro plugin will have Facebook build a targeted audience when someone clicks a link on my site.

        tracking code manager is a great way to manage multiple retargeting codes.

        Retargeting Wiz will wait a specified amount of time before it “fires” the retargeting pixel.

        For behavioral response, I’m now using connectretarget, which is saas.

        I’m happy with connectretarget so far, but it would be nice to keep everything in the suite that you are keen to develop.

      • Shane Melaugh says:


        We’re working on a better way to manage different tracking codes (for Landing Pages at first, and later for themes) and I believe we’ll be extending this part of the product suite to include retargeting options and such in the future.

  • Anton Cipri says:

    Hello Shane. Your explanation makes sense. Thank you for the update.

    I don’t know if others are wondering about this but I would like to hear you compare and contrast Thrive Themes with some of the website, page and funnel builders that are coming online. For instance, recently there was a lunch of Revamply. Just this morning was the release of a funnel builder called Convertli. I have nothing to do with these products…hope I’m not breaching any rules by mentioning them here but I wanted to give you an example of what I was talking about.

    It seems like these platforms have a lot to offer. Why should I stick with WordPress with the inherent flaws some of which you stated above?

    Thank you,


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Anton,

      For me personally, a big reason to use WordPress and self-hosted solution lies in ownership. I don’t like solutions where I lose all of my stuff once I stop paying a monthly fee.

      Both the tools you mention are technically very different from what we build and while it may seem that you have more design freedom and that’s a good thing, I can tell you that I’d never use this kind of tech. A hosted landing page solution is certainly never going to replace the integrated site building capabilities you have in WordPress. Here’s a post with some more on this topic.

  • Corinna S says:

    For me, there were always 2 big attraction in using Thrive Themes: the ease of use and that I did not need anyone else’s products. I so appreciate that you have a bigger vision.

  • Jamie Hayes says:

    Thanks Shane for being a transparent CEO. It would be great to see monthly case studies by webinar, especially before and after website makeover/improvement webinars. You could also publish “plugins we like” even though you may replace them one day. What’s happened to your podcast episodes (last one in May)?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Thank you for the suggestions. You’ll be glad to know that we have at least one person on the marketing team who’s very eager to bring back regular webinars as well. 🙂

      Podcast: I got busy. I do plan to resume it, though.

  • Mirko says:

    Hey Shane. I´m following you and I´m buying your stuff ever since Backlink Battleplan – it´s been a long ride. Now, the quality of your products has always amazed me. But it´s not only the extraordinary quality of your products. What always inspires me, is the authentic presence you show in your communication regardless of the media. It´s been a fun ride. You, Paul and your growing team of excellent people will most certainly come up with something special – here again! – I´m really looking forward to what´s coming next at Thrive Themes. Have a good one! M.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hey Mirko,

      Man, what can I say? You’ve been with us pretty much from the beginning and I think you were one of the first regular commenters on imimpact as well. I really appreciate having you along for this ride and your feedback over the years has been invaluable. Thank you, Mirko!

  • Quentin P says:

    Replacing all my other plugins would be totally AWESOME. And especially if it meant I wouldn’t need a third party membership protection system, so I could also tie in Stripe and great converting cart pages etc. We’re being bombarded with new systems all the time, but Thrive Themes is different to these in so many ways – and not least is that you are still here over 2 years later serving me and my customers consistently and brilliantly. Thank you.

  • Sheri S says:

    So glad I found Thrive! Just enrolled. The support is amazing! The online course system was the deciding point for me, and, of course, the page templates and ease of use. I’d so love to see a membership piece to this – even a membership lite piece just to get some pages protected. Any solopreneur of any level has experienced the Frankenstein issue, and that is another reason I said yes to Thrives. TY!

  • Bob says:

    If I were to get a tattoo it would say – I love Thrive.
    Many of the previous mentions would suit me just fine e.g. membership, caching program, SEO, analytics. But one thing I would love to have is a process to create upsells similar to clickfunnels.

  • Ethan O says:

    The Frankenstein effect is a legit problem and I love the idea of an integrated marketing suite built on top of WP.

    My only hope is that it isn’t a closed ecosystem like Rainmaker. Despite the problems that come with multiple third party plugins, there are some which will always be necessary for certain sites.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Ethan!

      While I can see a total package – including hosting – to be part of our offer at some point in the future, I wouldn’t want it to be a closed system either.

  • Cesar says:

    Strange. I sent 2 previous emails to you Shane and I never heard back. If you can read the previous email I sent to your personal email and get back to me I would appreciate it.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Cesar,

      I’m afraid that sending email to me directly is not a great way to get in touch with me, simply because of the amount of email I receive. If I do come across your messages I will reply, though.

  • Mary J says:

    I’m excited about your vision of Thrive Themes, Shane!

    Right now, I’m in the process of putting one of my big blogs onto Performag. It’s a fantastic theme!

    At the same time, setting up Performag correctly is a steep learning curve.

    I’m documenting all the questions I’ve had and the solutions I’ve found. I’m hoping to create a tutorial which shows, step by step, exactly how to replicate the look and feel of the wonderful Perfomag demo – which is something so many people try to do but fail to achieve.

    I enjoy your videos, Shane. At the same time, it’s quite hard to find all the information people need because bits of crucial info are scattered throughout many videos.

    I think good, in-depth tutorials would lighten the load of the support crew in the forum.

    I’m hoping to start a trend by creating a tutorial for Performag. 🙂

    This is my vision for Thrive: if we all contribute our expertise in some way, it will be a richer experience for all.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Mary!

      Sorry about the less-than-stellar experience with the theme. This is something we will remedy in the future.

  • Shane as always I’m very impressed about the way you give conscious consideration to, well …, nearly everything! This should of course always result in high quality products as Thrive Themes obviously is! What I really would like is more freedom within Thrive to use shortcodes as well as make shortcodes myself. For example: suppose I would design a nice object, like a divider line, or a box with a quote or a table which I would like to use more often in various posts, than it would be great if I would have the possibility to “program” this myself in the form of a shortcode, which I then can use whenever it suits me.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment! Are you using Thrive Content Builder? If so, I hope you’re aware of this feature. 🙂

      • Harry H. says:

        Thanks for pointing out Shane! And yes as a Thrive member I also use the Content Builder. My question/request is to be able to save an element as a Content Template and then later be able to reuse this Content Template via the use of a shortcode, like : [divider style='centered'], but then for example: [fivestarrating style=’centered’] if “fivestarrating” was the name you gave the Content Template.

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Converting TCB elements to shortcode elements would be very involved and since I’ve never seen another request for that, I can’t say this is something we’re likely ever going to build.

  • I am very happy with your products as is, and this is due to your consistent and careful approach to designing them. I believe we all look forward to Thrive 2017 and beyond, but for now we are happy little campers in the Thrive Themes Camp. At least I know I am! Keep up the great work sir!

  • K O says:

    That’s brilliant and then some Shane & crew, you’re really taking a proper chess player approach here. You’re also taking on a problem which all of us have encountered without even entertaining the thought that it could be eradicated. Count me in for the journey 🙂

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment! I like the term “chess player approach”. 🙂

      (I suck at actual chess, though)

  • Lica says:

    Very interesting information. My question is: you are building something similar to the Rainmaker platform, in terms of features? Brian Clark idea looks good, but it’s way beyond my budget..

    Keep up the good work guys!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Lica,

      We may offer a total package that includes hosting, at some point. But for the near future, our focus is to continue building products and features that you use on your own self-hosted site.

  • Mike C Smith says:

    It’s a never ending battle trying plugins only to find later they have somehow affected the sites speed or start to do funny things, all of which is time consuming and frustrating. So yes if you succeed in your plans it will be fantastic for all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey Shane, many thx for your time and big up to the team. Keep focusing on quality over quantityn thats what we need as entrepreneurs. Here’s the things i would love to see in the thrive marketing suite :

    -A/B testing
    -Membership plugin
    -Ultra light payment solution for digital products integrating stripe and paypal. Something really simple to sell digital products and memberships, thrive connected (events for ultimatum etc).
    -Your own simple and thrive connected autoresponder.
    -A plugin doing the job of kickofflabs
    -Really simple SEO plugin thrive connected
    -Enhancing the apprentice feature
    -Analytics plugin thrive connected, or a way to simplify and display the GA analytics.
    -Definitely an affiliate plugin thrive connected

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Sarah Arrow says:

    Love that this is where you’re going with Thrive Themes. I think that whatever you create will be exactly what marketers need ;). I love how all your plugins integrate with each other, and how spectacular the themes are. Now can I have more than 10 focus areas so I can segment and niche even more 😉

  • Lorenzo D says:

    LOL, you actually have a category named “Why we’re the best”? That is quite alpha 🙂

    If no one has coined the term “Thrivegasm” yet, I’ll claim authorship.

    If you truly manage to solve the Frankenelephant in the WordPress Room problem, you will have marked a huge turning point in the history of the platform. I mean the Thrive system is already by far the best system I’ve worked with, but being able to work with ONE software, and one software alone…that’s another level, man.

    I am one of the people who have often bugged you with “soooo, when is X coming? when is Y coming? why haven’t you fixed Z yet?” – but I was really hoping you were working towards something like this. If you manage to pull this off, it will be totally worth the wait.

    My worst experience with the Frankenstein problem? Well, I’m using one of your ultralight superfast themes, and my website is still SLLLLLOOOWW, most likely because of some plugin that I had to add along the way before I even knew Thrive, and I have tried to deactivate, eliminate, replace, but to no avail so far.
    And of course, every time I need a new functionality, I have to go and spend lots of valuable time learning another software for maybe one or two functions. For example, I will have to ask a friend to teach me Digital Access Pass now…but I’m pretty sure I will have to replace that too in the future (hopefully with your upcoming awesomeness).

    What are some tools that I want to be part of this?

    – Membership suite with member monitoring (statistics a la Thrive Leads) and automated invoicing. Since you asked, it should have an affiliate system built right in, unlike others like Wishlist Member. And ideally be centralized for multiple website/projects.

    – Post cycling functionality. I want to be able to repeat the blog posts in a loop to simulate an “active” blog for new readers even when I post only one new article every two months, or have completed the project and want to fully automate the marketing and sale process.

    – Um, I know it doesn’t belong with the big things, but hey, you asked, and it bugs me. I’d like to have more themes, AND more customization ability for the existing ones. No, not the chamaleon thing…I mean just give us the ability to customize the navigation fonts like we can customize the main body and the headlines, and also the other little snippets that look completely out of place now since they retain the original fonts while everything else changes. And more COLOR SCHEMES or even better fully customizable color schemes, with the usual color picker. Ok, I know you don’t like it, but I know I’m not alone here…

    – A social network marketing optimizer, a place were I can go to set up my campaigns without dealing with the notoriously cluttered and counter-intuitive facebook UI and the like

    – Analytics tool. Google analytics is too complicated for me, I want something simple and straightforward, and yet powerful, exactly like Thrive Leads. It should be connected to the membership plugin and the social optimizer to calculate and optimize ROI.

    – Now if you REALLY wanted to clean up, I think you know you should also have your own Thrive Marketing Automation tool along the lines of Active Campaign. Add the Thrive magic to THAT, and watch 50% of the competitors crash and burn…

    Some minor but still important things:

    – the Thrive version of Hotjar

    – built-in comment spam filter

    – read next suggestion slide in

    Did I mention you are awesome? Keep being awesome, I will keep paying you and promoting you 🙂

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much for your feedback, Lorenzo!

      Even though we can’t build everything everyone requests (and certainly not as fast as we’d like to), please know that people like you “bugging us” with requests and questions is extremely valuable. It’s one of the best ways for us to know where the priorities lie and whether we’re on the right track. So please keep it going. 🙂

  • Rafael says:

    Since I purchased your products there has been no deception.

  • Roland F says:

    If done well, this will take over the online business site world. So exciting.

  • Jan says:

    Sounds Great. My biggest wish though is to have custom theme colors. The 8-9 standard colors are not enough.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      We’re working on a solution for that. If we can build the thing I have in mind, it will have been well worth the wait. 🙂

  • Jayne says:

    I can’t wait to see this. You guys are amazing, so helpful and your products are AWESOME!

  • Josiah says:

    So when exactly will there be A/B testing for landing pages?

  • Mike says:

    I’d LOVE to have an updated version of Paul Hancox Feedback Seeker.

  • Latrice F says:

    Keep up the good work, I freakin’ love the Thrive Themes platform and I always recommend it when I can. Thank you!

  • Robert says:

    Thank you Shane once again for a very straight forward plan I will appreciate it

  • Hans says:

    Hey, Shane, thanks for the open letter.

    Just a couple things. You’ve got a good thing going with Thrive Themes–products focused on conversions. That’s it. And that’s all we really need. Any effort to improve conversions through product integration would probably be welcomed by the TT community. Just a couple of caveats:

    1. Please don’t skimp on training. Thrive Theme products are only as effective as our ability to deploy them.

    2. There’s a potentially dangerous flip-side to product suites. When features of the suite are less effective than third-party plugins, the website and business suffers. This might not be a problem, however, if the suite’s features are focused and optimized for a very particular purpose–such as conversions. A suite cannot hope to be the be-all, end-all for online marketers; but for something as specific as conversions, perhaps.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Absolutely agree with you, Hans. We’re not trying to be everything to everyone. Our goal is to stay focused on tools and features that revolve around conversion optimization and directly marketing related tasks.

  • Brad says:

    Sounding awesome Shane

  • Thanks Shane,
    I am impressed with Thrive Themes. I too stop and read whatever you put out. I hope to join the team soon. I’m a believer.

  • Stefano says:

    I would Like To use your softwares also for a non-wordpress Website . Ever thought about It ?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Stefano,

      I’m afraid we can’t help you with that. Trying to cover additional CMS with our products would simply be too time consuming and distract us from our main goal.

  • Thomas Fuetterer says:

    Whenever I tried a new plugin or had a great idea and it didn’t work because of WP or theme limitations, I got frustrated. The plugin developer blamed the theme developer and vice versa.

    And I always banged my head on the keyboard and whined:
    “Why can I not have one product that has everything? Why can I not have just one contact for support, instead of dealing with three different?? And why do all of them with a tiny package of useful themes and plugins think I’ll pay them more than what I pay for my mortgage??”

    Shane, you guys have solved all of this for me! Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the developments over the next months and help out in the alpha squad team!

  • Amazing! I just love this stuff, keep ’em coming. I used to use Thesis Theme, but after learning how to use Content Builder, I couldn’t resist. I switched to your themes. I also had a year conscription with LeadPages, but once your Leads plugin come out, I didn’t renew my subscription. Everything works well together, is easy to integrate with each other, and comes with insanely detailed videos on how to use. Great work, you got me hooked.

  • I feel like a kid in a candy store with my Thrive Membership! I love the fact that there’s so many features under one roof. I can’t wait to optimize how I use each of the plugins. I’m saving so much time not having to research other tools – cause they’re already here.

    Shane, I also appreciate how well you balance marketing and the user experience with the tips that you share with us in your instructional videos. (Maybe one day you’d consider a coaching or mastermind group 🙂 I also like the fact that progress is steady. Yes, it’d be nice to have split testing or a membership site but I’d much prefer that these work well with the other Thrive “playmates” before they’re introduced – if indeed they will be. (BTW, I’ve heard of one WP membership plugin that doesn’t actually have to updated when WP updates – that’s a very cool feature. To be a little less entangled with WP would be a very appealing benefit to me.) Finally, I have Center (a new offering from LeadPages) and I’m hoping Thrive will play nice with them too.

    Please thank the whole Thrive team – they’re doing an awesome job!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Susan! I’m not sure about coaching, but we do want to bring more teaching material to our members. A big update on that is coming soon as well. 🙂

  • Jerry says:

    Thrive emails are always read. I know there’s something worthwhile in them, something that will be meaningful. I’m glad for your progress and hope this company is around for as long as I’m in the marketing business.

    One thing, though. The name. You’re no longer building new themes as the landing page and conversion side of the business has been your focus for a long time. Why not just go with “Thrive”?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for your comment! “Thrive” as a standalone name is already taken by various other companies in various niches. But more importantly: we haven’t been making themes lately, but themes are definitely coming back in a big way…

  • Abdul says:

    Shane, everything you put out simply oozes class. I’m with you all the way.

  • Perry Senn says:

    First of all, Thank you for your tireless pursuit to make this platform always better. I’ve been pro drummer, teacher full-time, >20 years. I’ve started this online journey- so tediously slow and piecemeal, the last year and a half; gearing towards having it be MUCH more in my business and life to be still self-supporting; as now single dad with a 3yr old daughter. Many less gigs, lifestyle, etc.

    Seeing some things from Focus&action etc. Essentially, I’m a fan of you- your work and essentially, I believe, your “mission statement”. Which although I haven’t read it – sounds like you’re in it to help people and so am I. (To help discover things that took me years to find out); Thrive Themes is worthy of success= great product. I personally am RELIEVED that (as for time being) you’re staying and improving Thrive Themes.

    I’m starting to rely on Thrive Themes-in spirit and product.

  • Cherlyn C says:

    Thank you so much Shane. The ONE thing I’ve been wanting for a very long time now, and have requested a few times, is better mobile optimization.

    I don’t know if I’m the only one here experiencing this, but the mobile optimization on my site isn’t great. Pictures are not resized well, buttons get really fat, fonts do not stay at the size I want them to stay at. My ribbons on mobile look.. well.. let’s say I disable them on mobile.

    My landing page is wayyy too long to be on mobile. I would love the option of taking away elements from my desktop version so that my mobile version will look sleek.

    I would gladly PAY for this feature rather than get a developer in to set the media queries. This has gotten to be so much of a problem to the point where I have stopped recommending Thrive Themes to anyone.. only the plugins.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      I’m right there with you, Cherlyn! Mobile optimization has been nagging me for a long time as well and it’s one of the things we are working on improving in a big way.

      • Cherlyn C says:

        Thank you SO much Shane. Like I said, I’ll be super happy to pay for such a feature/upgrade and be your loyal customer forever.. it will save me so much technical pain. Thank you again.

  • Mike Clayton says:

    For me, it’s not so much the Frankenstein site problem. It is finding a whole set of marketing apps. Each time I need the next tool I need to start evaluation. This is time consuming and sometimes I get it wrong. To have one of my two most trusted development businesses offer a complete set is great news. I applaud your audacity, Shane, and look forward to growing my suite of Thrive assets.

  • Melodye says:

    I too love Thrive Themes products and am very impressed with the dedication to building better products. I truly appreciate the regular emails from you Shane (and the other team members). In fact, Thrive emails are the only ones that I consistently open when I get them!

    The feature that I really want is a funnel feature – where I can create high converting ‘funnels’with Upsells and Downsells and connect the pages in the funnel so that after a person buys the main product, they are then sent to upsell 1 page automatically. They either buy or click the “no thank you” link and then are sent to the next upsell/downsell page in the funnel.

    Obviously, adding some templates for the upsell/downsell pages would be nice as well. 😉

    I hope this feature is already on your list and I look forward to you rolling it out!

    Thanks again.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Melodye. The funnels feature is one we have on our to do list as well.

  • William R says:

    That’s sound great Shane and congratulation for you excellent work. I’m waiting your WordPress marketing suite.

  • Mike Lazarus says:

    You know, out of the hundreds of emails I get every month, I have to agree with Juan. I always stop what I’m doing to read emails from you, Shane. Now, back to work.

  • Bruce B says:

    My problem is Thrive overload. I don’t have enough time to learn the ins and outs of every different feature that you introduce! 🙁
    Not made any easier by the fact that I have always complained that you have never properly laid out the training and knowledgebase to make it possible to find everything.

    So as you expand even more, give a thought for those who are running to stand still and perhaps revamp the site building process and knowledge required and how you make it available.

    I recognised the Frankenstein effect some time ago and have tried to minimise the number of plugins that I use and standardise on the same plugins that I know to be reliable across all my sites.

    As you make a more comprehensive suite how will this compare with Jetpack? I understand this is written by the same team who actually manage WP and therefore comes with a high degree of credibility and the expectation that it will all work well together.

    I usually work on the basis that if I need some function then I install a plugin only if neither Thrive nor Jetpack make it available. That’s a nice idea but I still don’t really know whether Jetpack is any good! Nor whether all that functionality comes with code bloat. Nor whether there are any negatives to using Jetpack.

    So while the idea of a comprehensive suite is attractive please make sure that you are still able to tell us and prove to us that it is better – and why it is better than any alternative.

    Oh, and thanks for Thrive. It has made my life so much easier.


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Bruce! I agree that training/documentation hasn’t been up to par with our development. We’re going to introduce something new soon, which is our attempt to remedy this problem. 🙂

      • Bruce B says:

        This is my second comment after a night’s sleep while my subconscious chewed on the question.

        The problem of Thrive overload that I described in my earlier comment is actually akin to the Frankenstein WP site. The very fact of being big and comprehensive makes it difficult to grasp.
        And when I’ve made a change in one part how many other things does it affect?

        Each Thrive functionality, however it is delivered, is the solution to a website building and/or online marketing problem. However, your prime market (excuse my assumptions about your business) appears to consist of both marketing and WP beginners who are simply looking for an easier way to build websites and also learning about marketing along the way – and competent WP afficionados who appreciate how much easier you have made it to create the things that they are already very good at building.

        I’m addressing the first batch. Those people, like me, who love what you do but are constantly running to stand still and find themselves saying:’I know I used to know how to do that. But I can’t quite recall it now because it was 6 months ago that I spent an hour or more trawling through online instructions to find the answer in the first place – and now I’ve forgotten it how to do it as well as where I found the answer.’

        Added to which is the feeling of:’I built this site 6 months ago and it seems to be working ok but I know I didn’t finish all the details and connectons because I had some other priorities to deal with so now how do I know I’m getting the max benefit from it?’

        I am, of course, aware that a thoroughly organised webmaster with organised checklists and a team of people etc would not run into this sort of problem. But lots of us are not so fortunate.

        So, my suggestion. At present you are producting solutions – and assuming that your target market understands the problems to which the solutions provide the answer.

        How about that as well as providing the solutions you also provide the methodical process of building a site and identify each problem. Which things you do first, what is important and what is not. And match each stage with the Thrive products and
        functionality that solve that particular problem.

        I think you referred to just checking a check box to switch on a function. An analogy would be turning on the hot water supply tap – which would be pointless if the boiler is not switched on.

        I have business owners asking me about social media to improve sales and I have to point out that if they have not got their website functioning effectively as a sales processor then there is no point in putting more effort into sending more traffic. It’s the same analogy.

        Take a look at the Member Dashboard and then recall the basic website design diktat: ‘It’s not about you its about your visitor’
        The Dashboard is organised according to Thrive’s view of life, not your customers. There will no doubt be a place for the Dashboard organisation somewhere just as there is for filing things in alphabetical order to make them easier to find.

        The Product Tutorials and the Knowledgebase are presented in the same way. This is what we’ve got in the stockroom – and here are the instructions for our solution.

        But if your customer doesn’t even understand the problem how can they select the right solution?

        My thoughts for the day.;-)


      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Thank you for your comment, Bruce.

        One of the projects we are working on involves bringing more training to our members which goes beyond just how to use our products. We want to provide courses that make our products more accessible and also help users understand the fundamentals of building effective websites. Basically, more of a big picture approach. We’ll have more news about this coming soon. 🙂

  • Alison says:

    Long time fan & loyal supporter from way back. Have great confidence for your vision to produce which I amuse will be a quality & awesome product.

  • Teleshia says:

    I know you say Thrives is user-friendly but for some reason, I’m very afraid to mess with my website. Can someone recommend a website “designer” who can help me incorporate Thrives theme, landing pages, etc for my existing website?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Teleshia,

      Thank you for your honest comment. Can you tell me more about what you’re afraid of? I’d love to be able to give you more confidence to do it yourself.

  • Holger says:

    This open letter has sent via email to a friend of mine, but not to me. But I am also a subscriber of Thrive Themes. How can I regularly receive this newsletter?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Holger,

      According to our mailing system, the email was sent to you as well. Could you check your spam folder, to see if it inadvertently ended up in there?

  • Bruce Maples says:

    So, I’m new to Thrive, and this post gives me an opportunity to say a few things back to you:
    — Thank you for thinking things through from the user viewpoint. It seems obvious to me that you are experienced users of WordPress, and you know what our lives are like. Cool code is cool, but well-thought-out cool code is infinitely cooler.
    — Here’s an example: In the mag theme, the home page widgets are aware if a post has already been displayed by an earlier widget. That may be a small thing to some, but do you know how long I looked for widgets that chose stories based on some NOT tag or category, so I could feature some at the top and not seem them again down the page? The first time I saw this in your widgets, I knew I’d found the right provider.
    — And, to the point of the post: Thank you for thinking about holistic solutions. Yes, my plugin forest is becoming overwhelming. And, I’m sure that some of them are the cause of slowness, bugs, or both. I want all your stuff to play nice with others, obviously; but clean and well-thought-out integration is a huge plus.

    I look forward to what you are going to release. Much support from here in The Ville.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Bruce! This is super quote-worthy: “Cool code is cool, but well-thought-out cool code is infinitely cooler.” 🙂

  • Shawn M says:

    You are the man Shane! Thanks for transparency.

  • Adam says:

    It is always good to see new features which are making the site and lead management easier. I am looking forward to see the battle of Frankenstein and Thrive. 😉

  • Kim C says:

    This is exciting, great to see a company actually use their resources to the benefit of their users.

    It has been a long time since a new Theme was released, I understand that with everything else you have released (which have all been awesome) it would be hard to find the time, but I hope to see some more themes from you.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Kim,

      I know it’s been a long time since the last theme. I really hope that once we release the next one, you’ll agree that it was worth the wait. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing! Your drive is impressive and a big reason I love being a Thrive Themes customer 🙂

  • Graeme T says:

    There are only a handful of folks on the intraweb who I stop and listen to. And you guys are one of them. It’s a privilege to use you wonderful products. Good luck with the road map.

  • JB says:

    I’d be perfectly happy if all the marekting stuff were wrapped together, and I could even handle the autoresponders, newsletters, and other email marketing right from the site. Hook up thrive with a delivery agent (like Amazon SES or whatever) and off to the races with a nice all-in-one solution that’s right there with my site. That’d be cool beans!

  • John Z says:

    Hi guys,

    since you asked, there’s spat of new plugins/services that allow pixel perfect editing which rivals TCB. You can move and edit anything guided by cross hairs, something we cannot do in TCB, of course when we want to make simple changes like colour or move things around it involves either a working CSS knowledge or a bunch of tickets on the forum. So it would appear priorities might push TCB into TCB II otherwise TCB might be left behind.

    I’ve dabbled with them, but decided not to go with Revamply since it relies on their server to deliver – which equates to just another brick in the wall… although it allows me to move and customize just about everything aesthetically without raising a ticket.

    All good, TT rocks!

    • These free form editors give you complete freedom, however absolutely positioning elements on a web page also has its drawbacks – the lack of mobile responsiveness being the most critical.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, John!

      We are working on improving TCB, but we’ll never do the position:absolute thing you see in those editors. There are too many technical downsides to it and no serious website would ever be built like that…

  • Kelly E. McClelland says:

    Love what you are doing! I’m in WAY over my head and love the race to keep up with all the new things you release. I’m not a developer and am trying to learn enough to revamp a worn out Genesis site. Other duties keep me busy but I’m working on a VM with the new things you come up with. Don’t know that I can contribute much, but know you are helping many of us do things well. Keep it going! Very well done and a big blessing to me!

  • khong b says:

    I really love your TBC and thrivelead, and your recent new plugins. Shane I like you story as well, I’m a avid follower of your blog.

    Keep up the good job, I have always tell other people that Thrive Theme Membership is the best money I ever spent so far.

  • This is so awesome! big applause for you (Shane Melaugh) and your team development. I’m happy using your TCB and thrive Leads, thrive headline optimizer and thrive Ultimate. I must speed up my learning process to catch up your marvelous development. Thanks Shane

  • John H says:

    I used to be running around all over the internet chasing ideas and solutions until I found Thrive about 2 years ago. Totally changed my working life. Never thought I’d experience this level of trust or loyalty to an on-line Company. I delete every bit of marketing spam and yet read/watch everything from Thrive. Incredible value, incredibly grateful. Look forward to the next 12 months.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Wow, that’s awesome to know, John! I’m very happy that we’ve been able to make this positive difference for you.

  • Geordie says:

    Fantastic news Shane.

    The TT ‘app store’ idea above is a cracker. More wheels we dont have to reinvent.

    I would like features that help me create and sell courses and also digital products.

    Quizzes are a good lead gen so I vote for that as well after youve set me up to create online courses 🙂

    Love TT!

  • Eric Beaty says:

    Sounds like a great plan to bring everything together like this, but I would really like to see some improvements on the smaller end of things. I have Thrive Landing Pages with Content Builder built in, and I’m always having to work around copying and pasting within the paragraph/text boxes. I have to first click on the link I use to strip all formatting from the text, then copy and paste it into the text boxes in TCB, when I would really like to be able to highlight some text and paste it straight into the text boxes.

    Also along this note, when I try to copy some of the text that’s already in the text boxes into a bullet list, the whole list goes crazy, placing some or all of the text on separate lines and in separate boxes.

    I’m not sure if you have any tutorials on creating engaging and fun blog posts, but I would sure like to see some. I get a little overwhelmed having to add images, content boxes, social media buttons, etc., and just want to write instead of being distracted by all the bells and whistles. So, I’m finding myself thinking of writing the actual text within another application, such as Scrivener, and then pasting it into TCB—oh, wait, there’s the whole problem I mentioned at the top 🙁

    All in all, I absolutely love what I can do with TLP and TCB, but sometimes it’s a hassle having to set everything up, even with the blog template I’ve created with TCB to help speed up the process.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Eric! These are points we will try to address in future versions of the Content Builder.

  • Karim A says:

    Well worth every single penny, you guys rock! Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Thomas says:


    Hey Shane!
    I wrote in twice before giving this same feedback.

    Right now, TT ends with the LEADS! But after that, the sale and then fulfilment are still there which then still calls for a FRANKENSTEIN MODEL!!! (because I still need to use so many different pluggins just to build ORDER FORMS, SHOPPING CARTS, UPSELL-DOWNSELL, PAYMENT PROCESSOR INTEGRATION ETC. ETC. ETC.)

    I gave an idea about setting your core goal to be a COMPLETE MARKETING & SALES SYSTEM… something like ClickFunnels. Sean Donahue’s ‘LeadsFlowPro’ is also another pluggin that you can gain some insight from.

    The ability to build a complete MARKETING and SALES FUNNEL using TT. You could integrate with WooCommerce and develop tools/pluggins to setup checkout pages (like SAMCART) including payment processor integration etc.

    Membership pluggin is a FULFILMENT part. There are good pluggins for that.. but there is NO ONE COMPLETE MARKETING & SALES FUNNEL PLUGGIN FOR WP!!

    I do not want to move to ClickFunnels simply because its great working with you guys. Love your sincerity, simplicity and awesomeness in product dev and client support. I hope I can stay with TT always by knowing that it has everything I need to easily build and deploy a COMPLETE MARKETING AND SALES FUNNEL.


    • Julian Y says:

      Agreed with Thomas’ comment! TT has to work on its Marketing and Sales Funnels because many people are having trouble with setting them up. I like the functionality of CF that enables buyers to key in shipping information and have order bumps on the same page before proceeding to upsells, much like what ClickBank and JVZoo does. Having it integrate with Payment checkout systems will make our lives so much easier

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Thanks for your feedback!

      • Jason says:

        I concur.

        Simple conditional logic in Thrive design elements would KILL ClickFunnels in a few short weeks.

        IF check box = ‘checked’ THEN GOTO page 1
        IF check box = ’empty’ THEN GOTO page 2

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Thomas. We’ll get there, for sure. 🙂

  • Peter D says:

    Very well said. I’m happy to be a customer and am looking forward to the fulfillment of this grand vision! 🙂

  • Star B says:

    A Membership Complete Theme or template is a nice plus the capability make funnel like ClickFunnel Software would be fantastic.

  • C says:

    Hi Shane

    Thanks for your update and being so well thought out. Also, thanks to your team that makes all these things possible.

    1. Membership (I know you can do a great one!)
    2. A/B and even multivariate testing (Testing is right up your alley)
    3. Webinar (Beat the other players!)

    Thanks for listening.


  • Samantha L says:

    You are speaking my language —->> My Frankenstein problem is figuring out what form to use. I can’t find a reliable form maker. (I think for now I have settled on Jotform) I need to to be able to make forms with extra questions so I can gather as much information about the client. Like are you a buying a home or selling a home? AND then I need it to play nicely with my CRM. which has been the hardest thing. Please hurry…I am excited to see what you have….coming ….

  • Clive says:

    Shane, you and your people at Thrive are true professionals. I admire your dedication, vision and quality of results. I also pay great compliment to your writing skills. Thank you, keep up the brilliant work.

  • Julian Y says:

    Awesome stuff guys! Keep it up

  • Steve says:

    Hi Shane and team, thanks for the work you do. To be honest, there is so much available thanks to Thrive that I don’t use half of it. Why? Because I can’t keep up with it. Whenever a new feature is released I think great, then soon I have forgotten it. I know I am not the only one but some sort of Smart Index would be terrific to develop. Anyway, I do my best just like you guys do. Keep it up.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Steve,

      Thanks for your comment! We are working on providing better training and courses to help everyone get the most out of our products. We’ve got an announcement/release about that coming soon. 🙂

  • Reona says:

    Thanks for sharing your roadmap with us. Without no doubt, thrive theme is the best investment tool I’ve ever purchased online, it literally changed how I operate my business ad website. Thank you for listening to us 🙂

    Lastly, if I were to give feedbacks, I want your team to focus on sophiascating existing plugins, more often for like Thrive Leads and Thrive Content Builder. I would like to see new features and improvement because there’s still much space for improvement. These plugins are most used for managing my website. I haven’t seen anything new added to Thrive Content Builder in a long time. I want more countdown timers for it, and the feature to remove days, hours, seconds, depending on user’s need (cause in small screen it looks bad showing 4 countdowns). And more flexibility for Thrive Landing Pages.

    Customized Landing Page has usually settings that can’t be changed by user. And I want to be able to set font, different size for mobile and desktop without coding because usually the landing pages look not so great in mobile, while on desktop it’s fantastic. So I have been using CSS code to control font size depending on screen resolution for some of my landing pages.

    Thrive Theme looks fantastic on desktop, but it doesn’t usually look great on mobile screen in some cases. Yes it’s responsive, but in terms of design, it doesn’t usually look as great as on desktop. Nearly 70% of traffic to my website are either mobile or tablet and it’s growing. I want more Thrive Theme plugins to be more optimized for mobile devices since most of bugs and issues are found in mobile when using Thrive Theme. I’m pretty satisfied with desktop experience for your products. Mobile just needs more attention though 🙂

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Reona!

      New improvements to TCB are coming, trust me. And I agree about the issues with mobile optimization. That’s also something we’re working on in a big way.

  • Reona says:

    Ops, Shane I forgot to tell you this, which I think can greatly improve split testing. I want the option to kill/stop variation without manually finishing the split testing. I found this feature in Google Analytics and it’s very useful, since I can stop variation which is obviously having the poorest performance while testing, so that I can finish A/B testing much faster. Wish we had this option in Thrive too!

  • Lawrence Ip says:

    WOW! Shane you’ve just hit the ball ‘outa da park’! I’m so glad I took the plunge, as a foundation member I surely appreciate the fact that you keep your word and continually strive towards excellence. Now that’s cool…

  • Nick W says:

    Shane, thank you so much for this update. I was aware of the Frankenstein in the room. After a recent update, my site of 14 years stopped working. Fortunately, the week prior, I had downloaded all of the articles on it. This niche site if for those who suffer heart palpitations. I discovered a simple cure after 6 years of research and published the site in 2002.

    I knew it was a Thrive plugin that topple the site, but I was already thinking that the sheer number of plugins is not a good picture. I was planning to completely redo my site anyway.

    I love the direction you are going in. But I have one big request. For those of us who were the first to buy in on the day you launched, I would really like it if you make sure that when Facebook comes knocking on your door to purchase you, you grandfather us all in!

    My main business in in Amazon. I make $36,000 per month with one single product on FBA. But I use my sites and social media to help drive traffic. I also recently started using some of the play money to experiment with Facebook ads, Dark Posts and a range of tools for list building and funnel marketing. I can see a day when Thrive might fully integrate with Facebook. I live for that day, but until then, I thank you for all your great work and I support you 100%.

    Nick Walsh
    Peachland, BC

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Nick! We will always take great care of our early and existing members, I promise you that.

  • Eddie K says:

    Sounds very exciting… 🙂 Great Job from the whole Thrive Team!

    Are there any new themes coming? Or an update for the current ones?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Eddie,

      Yes, a completely new theme is in the works. Can’t wait to start sharing some previews of what we’re working on.

  • Annie Andre says:

    Thank you Shane and team for all you do. I truly appreciate it and am a loyal fan.

  • Volker H says:

    I have written a couple of comments on your blog posts and often felt that it doesn`t make sense…..no response and no idea, if anybody is interested in.
    I love working with thrive and the TCB is the best tool you can find on the planet.
    BUT… just an easy website with blog, salespages for several (5) video courses and respective download pages doesn`t work without using several plugins and at the end…changing from thrive theme to e.g. AVADA due to its better flexibility and shop integration. just thinks like social sharing, which is mostly used in my area via email, can`t be done with thrive.
    A lot of thrive tools are excellent but often I miss one or two pieces of the puzzle which are so important, that the usage doesn`t make sence. apprentice for example can`t be used for much than 1 course….

    Maybe it is my last comment…unfortunately, but nevertheless ” just praying for your good work doesn`t make thrive better”.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Volker,

      I’m sorry to hear that. This is mainly a problem of prioritization. For example, if having an email option in the social sharing is an absolute must for you, then that’s an issue of course. From our perspective, there have been very few requests for this, so we are focusing on other things until we do a total overhaul of the social sharing component in our products.

  • Anna says:

    I hear you.
    As the owner of a business that is always working on creating better options for our clients, I am always torn between what to focus on, more: Explain what is happening and what the current plan and long-term vision are, or actually work on those plans and creating that reality. It’s never easy, as there are limits how much can get done in one day…
    I am proud to have purchased the full Thrive membership recently and I need you to hold that vision, so you can create and build in a sustainable way.

    Thank you for doing the thinking for us as regards WordPress.
    Running a small business is hard enough and no-one can afford to have a crappy website any more.
    We need Thrive to cover that area for us, so we can concentrate on the other areas of our business.
    As other commenters are saying: We CAN wait for additional, integrated features. No-one can use all your features straight away, anyway.
    We are happy to know that you are working on the foundation for coming developments and not sacrificing that foundation work for short-sighted improvements that can be thrown at customers quickly, to impress them, but will create problems later on.
    I have not much technical skills myself, but I enjoy learning. – I imagine everyone who starts working with WordPress is seduced and impressed and rewarded by the amazing possibilities it offers,,, and only gradually becomes aware of the complexity one creates, over time (the Frankenstein story you refer to).
    You are much further down that road, so that’s what I mean with ‘We need you to hold that vision.”…. That way we don’t have to discover the problems for ourselves…
    Instead we can benefit from your solutions.

    Thank you – to you and the team – for your good work.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Anna. It’s good to know that our plan makes sense to you and that you agree that it’s worth waiting a bit longer to get it right.

  • Tertius S says:

    Hi Shane,

    I absolutely love the Thrive products and have been punting it to everyone I know!
    Do you plan to integrate with Campaign Monitor in future?

  • Hello Shane,

    First I must say that although I am addressing this to you I hope and trust that others at ThriveThemes will also see it because I have had communication with some of them over a long time and accept them as valuable team members with similar standards as your own.

    ThriveThemes is not just a set of tools; it is a team of highly skilled and professional people who have provided a reliable compendium of tools that has multiple components enabling users to work with confidence that is rarely seen anywhere else online.

    Many of the users of ThriveThemes are serious internet marketers who know and have experienced “ultimate” tools from other suppliers only to discover they do not live up to their promises. ThriveThemes is in a different league. I KNOW I can rely on the expertise, reliability and integrity of you and your team.

    Well done and thank you. I look forward to a long relationship with you and the ThriveThemes team.

    Best regards,


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much for your comment, Peter! I will forward this to our team, as I agree that the praise for them is much deserved.

  • Awesome, i can’t wait to see all the new features and the suite that it’s creating in your mind 😉

  • Nata says:

    I’m beyond excited to read this! I have to say, a few months ago I was so frustrated with WordPress (for the exact reasons you described – having a Frankenstein website), that I seriously considered switching to Rainmaker. But I don’t want to lock myself into a closed system, so eventually decided against it. And I keep thinking – wouldn’t it be fantastic if one company produced all the plugins that give all the functionality of Rainmaker, but it would be on WordPress, and all those plugins would work seamlessly with each other! I feel like you read my mind. The must functionality is the ability to sell digital products – definitely membership, and ideally downloads and ecourses.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Nata! It’s good to get feedback like this because it shows us that we are on track.

  • Richard M says:

    Hi Shane,

    First, thanks from a very happy Thrive Themes Member. You guys put out some awesome stuff. Your roadmap outline sounds great!

    Secondly, I had a great business idea for you (I think!). A “Thrive Quiz” plugin. The reason? You’ll know that Ryan Levesque (Ask method) is promoting quizzes as the most shareable kind of content and an amazing way to understand and segment your audience AND build your list. Which is what Thrive is all about. And it makes a lot of sense to integrate this with the web site theme and with Thrive leads capabilities.

    A Thrive Quiz plug-in would:
    Allow simple quizzes to be designed and integrated in via widgets, thrive boxes, landing pages, etc.
    Calculate a “result” (segment) based on the quiz answers
    Ask users to enter their email address at the end of the quiz
    Submit those details in such a way to Email Providers as to maintain the segmentation data.
    Possibly – send customised results (email or attachment) directly to the user
    Create options for custom Widgets to respond to the result/segment and display accordingly

    Happy to explain more about the idea, but just wanted to share it before I forgot.

    Wasn’t sure how to get this through to you other than via a blog comment – apologies.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Richard!

      We had a quiz plugin from before Thrive Themes, called Viral Quiz Builder. We stopped selling it because it was becoming quite outdated, but we can see that there’s a lot of demand for it. Because of that, we will be creating a totally new quiz plugin for WordPress and we’ll be adding it to the Thrive suite. 🙂

  • Alex B says:

    Yep! I’ve been calling my setup a Frankenstein setup. With 70 active plugins, you can hardly call it anything but Frankenstein. It’s a nightmare!
    And I have those 70 plugins installed *despite* trying to keep the number of plugins to an absolute minimum!
    So, yes, it’s a pain.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Oooh, 70 active plugins… I don’t envy you for that.

      I doubt we can replace all of them, but the more of them we can replace, the better. 🙂

  • I’m excited to see what you been working on. I use all your themes and plugins and always look forward to your updates keep up the good work.

  • Robert says:

    Case in point: the WordPress Comments plugin seems to be broken as I cannot leave my reply to one of Shane’s comments! (Error is a “password issue”)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s our overly protective anti-spam plugin, I think. The reply came through in the end.

      • Robert says:

        Yes, I see that now! Thanks, Shane. Thrive is amazing, I often feel I can’t keep up!

  • Robert says:

    PS. Can you please change the font on this site. It’s very very pale and light, and hard to read for those of us with eyesight issues.

  • Daniel says:

    This is really awesome. I really love that you guys keep on improving all thrive plugins and that you do the groundwork for a solid wp marketing solution for the future. Thanks a lot for that. I also want to say a big thank you for locking in the price for your current customers. A lot of competitors rise prices when introducing new features.

    I agree with a lot of the improvement wishes/new features all the others already mentioned – like membership function, A/B Splittest, funnel building, theme options etc.

    Apart from that I want to add another point of view – maybe an agency point of view. When building websites for customers we try to make the user experience as good and as unique as possible. At the moment this isn´t easy to achieve. What I would love to see:

    1. Option to modify elements in TCB
    As far as some clients don´t need a lot of the current elements in TCB and some others need elements that don´t exist in TCB it would be great being able to remove, add or modify the elements and the “styles” (like flat etc.) in TCB. So I want to change the TCB content elements itself and not the outcome on the frontend via css. Maybe in a way to register/unregister certain elements via functions-php.

    2. Multisite network settings
    The second thing I would really love to see are some network settings for TCB. I really like the template cloud and the idea of opening templates/elements to third parties via a marketplace. But this would be a perfect addition. It would make life a lot easier for agencies who have a lot websites in a network. Some things which would be very useful:
    – Being able to make certain/own templates available to all/some clients
    – Being able to customize the TCB possibilities for clients (remove certain rights to make it easier and less “dangerous”); like some kind of editor mode;
    – Being able to add own elements/modify existing elements or remove existing elements
    – Being able to modify the three availabe styles/add new or remove styles

    Thanks a lot for your excellent work to you and your whole team, Shane.

  • Hi Shane,

    As a Member of Thrive Themes since you launched, I’m back to catch-up and to build and introduce another iteration of my website and this development timeline page is INVALUABLE.​ I can just drive through everything I may have missed, or need to look at in a systematic way.

    Just fantastic…… Thanks

  • Erez Keynan says:

    This is good news to hear.
    VERY VERY important to have this.
    add to this a good comp plan (affiliate) and it will give you an awesome ROI as well 🙂
    tools that have to be in this site : pixel plugin for fb & google,member site i think its must to have ( because most of the marketers are selling online courses) .
    as a musician i will end with a fraze that audiences in the jazz world use to shout for a player that play solo ” TAKE YOUR TIME” 🙂

  • Joe M says:

    I am always impressed with your commitment to raising the bar, and making Thrive Themes continually thrive with new features. I am in total agreement with the other positive comments. Thanks, and looking forward to what lies ahead.

  • Clay says:

    I am a huge fan of what you guys are doing at Thrive. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. Have a great day.

  • Raul says:

    Hi, thanks for asking 🙂 It is always nice to feel listened to. As an old product manager, I know that product development has not to be about democracy, but dictatorship. Anycase, let me say my thought. Besides making it as robust as possible, and aware that that is not exciting and does not pay bills, I will say that I like very much the idea of a marketing suite for wordpress. Let me say my problem, and then everything that helps to solve it will be great. I want to make a profitable blog as soon as possible. And I think I am missing a funnel that involves paid traffic. So everything that helps for that, will be welcome. For example a/b test in landing pages, a check out page, global vision of the funnel, and so on. Well, let me see that thrive leads I think was my better investment related to wordpress. Thanks, and congratulations for the excellent work. Best.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for stating your problem so clearly, Raul. As a product manager, you no doubt realize how useful that is for us. 🙂

  • Lesley says:

    Hi Shane !
    Thanks for taking the time to put together a detailed response to the questions we ask and sharing your strategy for the future.
    Your a true gent!

  • Howard Primer says:

    I am new to Thrive Themes and have yet to make the commitment as I ease into the world of content marketing. I find myself attracted to Thrive as my best solution because of the open and honest transparency that I have experienced in my short time with you. Please keep up the commitment to integrity and we will have a long relationship. Whether I will be successful is my responsibility, but my web partner is currently handling its responsibility quite well.

  • Kevin C says:

    Shane – First, thanks for your (and your team at Thrive) tireless efforts to continuously innovate and give us new products and features. Importantly, thanks for your transparency and willingness to ask and listen to our feedback! Thrive would not be the beloved company it is to us if not for these qualities of integrity, honesty, and work ethic. Now, re your open letter, I’ve got a few thoughts:

    (1) Re what your grand plan might cover: Email marketing and membership plugin (or some product that protects premium products/services from non-customers) seem to be two main functionalities that Thrive doesn’t already do. Could these be part of your grand plan? 🙂

    (2) Whatever you do, please make the new products/new features as easily customizable as your Thrive Content Builder or Leads product. The amazing visual, drag-n-drop-n-click editor was a huge game-changer at the time, and is still a central reason I use and recommend your products. Please keep things easily customizable. You guys do this well.

    Although I don’t know what your grand plan includes (at this point, anyway), I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! I’m fully confident you’ll give us products that we don’t know how we lived without before, and can’t imagine living without again.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Kevin!

      A membership solution is much demanded, so that’s something we’re definitely considering. Email marketing we don’t have any plans for.

      And in terms of customizability and ease of use: those are things we are continually trying to improve.

  • Susan says:

    First off, I have to say, your products and service are top rate.

    Just started working on two sites last year with little background knowledge as to what I was doing and, if I ever needed help with any of your products, support has never let me down. Kudos are much deserved for that.

    As for what I’d like the future to hold, a single place where I could work on my sites and do the following would be a dream: keyword research, content curation, analytics for both site health and traffic, scheduling social media posts, etc. Having to go to 3rd-party sources to get some of this accomplished is fine, but to have most of what’s needed that the average content marketer does on a regular basis in one location at a reasonable price would be wonderful. Maybe that is what your WordPress marketing suite will be about? Hope so. =)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your suggestions, Susan. I don’t think we’ll go as far as including keyword research in the suite. We want to keep our focus on visitor-facing things you do directly on your site.

  • Mary says:

    This is so awesome. You are so awesome. Thank you so much for the work you do and for letting us know!
    Since requests are open 😉 I’d love to insist on the A/B testing feature for Thrive Landing Pages (please make it as beautiful as the one in Thrive Leads!). Also, my worst experience with the Frankenstein monster is what relates to the backups. Having to do a backup each time I upgrade something (or, if I don’t, risk losing my whole website), doing periodical backups, etc. I have looked for services that do this automatically but none convinces me so I’ve kept doing it myself and it’s a pita.
    Anyway, I’m sure wherever your heading will be great for your customers, so I’m very happy to be one of them!
    Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!

  • Ro Gorell says:

    Shane, this is a fabulous idea. Very excited by this for all of the reasons that y ou list in your blog. This could be a game changer. Look forward to seeing and experimenting more with thrive themes. I know I’m only touching the tip of the iceberg. Awesome!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much! I agree that this could be a very big deal, if we manage to pull it off. And knowing our team, I really don’t doubt that we will. 🙂

  • SE says:

    Shane, I agree with the feedback you received from some people on creating the features we absolutely need, to sell online courses,. Meaning the membership plugin and an effective LMS for course delivery, that works seamlessly with payment processing services and the membership plugin.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Surya. A good membership and LMS system would definitely be a great addition to our suite.

  • Simon Kelly says:


    How about that A/B testing? lol

    This is great, love the honesty and knowing I’m investing in a company with grand ambitions that align with my own is reassuring. I won’t be going anywhere and I look forward to what we can ahieve with Thrive in the future.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Simon! It’s good to know that our plan is in line with what you’re looking for.

  • Jeff M says:

    Thanks to the Thrive Themes Team. You guys (and Gals) never cease to amaze me with the fantastic products you develop and the excellent support you provide. I have been a member for a couple of years now and have certainly received value for money from you all, a big thanks once again. Jeff

  • Paul Wilson says:

    Like most marketers i am constantly bombarded with all the latest shiny new page builder, optin form builders and lots more from afilliates.

    Since using Thrive Content Builder I don`t need anything else. Simple.

    Shanes emails are very informative and worth reading so the proposed changes will certainly get my attention.

    One thing that would certainly help me is a click to call feature. Why?

    I use the landing page feature in TCB to build websites.

    One of the software products we sell is suitable for different types of businesses and we built one of our sites using the landing pages in TCB so that we could direct potential clients to the page that was relevant for them instead of wading through the whole website, if that makes sense.

    Although we have a phone number and our emails on the page potential customers cannot click through to our phone number and that would be a great advantage when viewing on a mobile.

    I don`t know if this would help others, just a thought.

    In short if this was one of the items in the future plan count me in.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Zach W says:

    You guys are simply the best. The support is always top notch and the problem is usually something I did wrong. 🙂 I’ve tried a lot of themes, and nothing comes close to ThriveThemes.

  • Davide R says:

    Well, I’m probably one of the few half happy from this. I will renew the membership in few weeks but not with the same satisfaction and hope I had 1 year ago.
    It’s a long time I want to write a feedback/complaining letter to you but I need the time to write it down. I think it’s a constructive critique, as they are many of the suggestions I’ve written in the last year. I will probably email it using the contact form, or I don’t know if you want me to address it to a particular email.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Davide. Constructive criticism is always welcome! The best way to reach me is to post it through the contact link on the site.

  • Priscilla says:

    Sounds great, Shane. I’ve slowly been replacing old plugins with Thrive plugins as they get released. It would be great to one day not need any other plugins!

    I would love a theme and/or plugin to make building Amazon affiliate sites easier. The company that made the themes I was using before closed down and I haven’t found a plugin I’m completely happy with yet.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Priscilla! Can you tell me the name of the theme you used for this before? Would like to know more about what features they had, that made them useful for you.

  • Jeff D says:

    This is great news! I hope that your support department can do right by its words and promises and fix my annual membership as promised so that I can continue using ThriveThemes and enjoy its upcoming features for the price I originally paid.

  • Jeremy says:

    Thank you so much Shane! And your entire team behind Thrive. All your updates and new products always make me so grateful that i gotten in as an early bird member last year with a subscription fee of less than $150/year! May your vision comes true and Thrive being an industry leader in the IM space!

  • Alex M says:

    It’s this vision which is the reason that almost 2 years ago I stop looking at other themes and pages builders and decided to double down on the complete Thrive Themes package. Also the reason I’ve been talking about Thrive to everyone who’d listen. I so look forward to seeing the new stuff you guys are working on!

  • sharon ramel says:

    Thanks, love your work

  • Hamim says:

    Being Thrive products user I always love to hear something new about thrive themes.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • mike says:

    Hi Shane, I just wanted to ask that can we create an online course layout just like teachable with thrive apprentice?
    Teachable is an online course creation platform.I read about thrive apprentice as a way to create beautiful online courses.I really like the way courses are presented in teachable and it seems that we can do it in thrive apprentice too.But you can tell better about it.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Mike,

      I’m not familiar with Teachable, but I will take a look and see what we can learn. 🙂

  • Serafino V says:

    Hi, i’m a big fun of thrive theme too 🙂 and really appretiate your work.

    As other already says, i’d like write down a list of tools that would be great integretaing in a marketing suite:
    1) An affliate program, that show email conversion too, not only the buyer converted
    2) Integration Analytics off course
    3) Memberhip
    4) a/b Test for 2 page completely different
    5) hotmap like hotjar would be interesting
    6) simply digital product protection/shopping cart
    7) an integrate CRM for buyer, affiliate
    8) could be interesting also a “display” for a marketing campain (visit, lead, buyer, total income per campain)
    9) OTO tool (i don’t remember if is already in the plugin)
    10) a simple addon like “page link to” plugin
    11) integration with stripe and paypal
    12) and my staff use a lot a Multisite Cloner plugin, but maby this is out of topic for a marketing suite.
    13) facebook comments easy to set up

    hope this will help you. Thank you again and good work!

  • Bill Guthrie says:

    I’d like to see more Launch-centric features added. I’ve switched to Thrive because of its easier-to-use page creation functionality; but I lose some of the stuff that LP and CF offer.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Bill. Can you tell me more about what specific features you’d like to see?

  • shiffon says:

    Thanks for all the improvements and making thrive themes easy to work with and your support crew is fantastic!!!

  • Hey Shane,
    Thank you and all the Thrive team for an excellent suite of products, for your vision, hard work, honesty, and for raising the bar of quality higher and higher. I am with you since Hybrid Connect. I also bought Viral Quiz Builder, and I am now on the Thrive membership. I tried other themes too, like the Thesis framework or the WooThemes (which I both own), but Thrive themes are easier to use and help me deploy websites without using too much code, so now I rely 100% on Thrive themes for my sites.
    I have to say that I am very pleased with what I get from Thrive, though there are still areas where things could be better.
    I am more than happy that you are working toward a vision to provide us a complete marketing suite. I am sure it will be a good one.
    Here are my suggestions, on top of what others have posted above:
    1. An eCommerce plugin or a theme (framework) on top of WooCommerce or other good WP e-commerce plugin. In my opinion, WooCommerce sucks in many respects, like the ability to customize the product page, the checkout process, etc. That’s why I currently run my website on WordPress, but the e-commerce part works on OpenCart. A good e-commerce plugin would be excellent. The second best choice will be a good e-commerce theme, at least. A good example of such a theme I can give is an OpenCart theme I use, Journal 2 – https://themeforest.net/item/journal-advanced-opencart-theme/4260361
    2. I second the need for a funnel feature
    3. I also vote for having more color schemes or being able to generate color schemes for the themes. One way this could be done without messing things up in terms of design can be found here (lower on the page, the video named Video – The Agility 3 Color Scheme System): http://www.byobwebsite.com/plugins/skins-for-thesis-theme-2-0/byob-agility-a-responsive-2-column-skin-for-thesis-2/
    Thank you for listening, and I am looking forward to the new developments in the Thrive ecosystem!

  • Daniel K says:

    I switched from Clickfunnels to you guys and I am super happy!

    One feature I am looking for is the ability to show “a second state” after someone signs up with their email address, so I can show them an immediate “One Time Offer” or do further upsales.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Daniel! I’m glad to know that you’re happy after the switch. 🙂

      In Thrive Leads, you can add multiple states to opt-in forms and in an update that will be released soon, you can display one of those states as your post-signup step.

  • Garth Wilson says:

    I have not purchased anything from you yet.
    My aim is to buy as soon as I have completed a process which will give me the income I need to start building my website. Not long now, your system is clearly what I will need.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Garth! When you’re ready to get started, Thrive Themes will be ready for you. 🙂

  • Vishal says:

    Awesome Shane! Apparently… your open letter came out a few days before Elon Musk’s wrote his simple plan for the years ahead for Tesla 🙂

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Vishal,

      I’m flattered by the comparison, but I’m unfortunately still a long way away from working on a vision as grand as Elon Musk’s.

      Not for lack of trying, but it takes time…

  • Sim F says:

    A booking or reservation functionality would be welcome, where people can check availability and directly plan appointment

  • This is faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous! I cannot wait!

  • Bill says:

    Shane, thanks for the update. Sounds absolutely exciting. You are so right about the Frankenstein effect. I spend time every month updating plugins on my sights to make sure they are as secure and functional as possible, but occasionally that causes problems. You guys are the best.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Bill! I hope we can increasingly solve this problem for you, as we keep developing our suite.

  • Lars says:

    Great stuff Shane & co.

    Are you guys planning to integrate a social share to unlock functionality anytime soon on top of the opt in to unlock feature that’s already there?
    Would be very cool.

    On top of that my only wish would be a more polished design for the opt in forms and themes as well as bug fixes for the page builder. Especially working with full width page sections often times gives me headaches.

    An easy and fast way to make the forms look more professional would be using a proper cross as a close icon instead of the letter “X”. Like so: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5353461/which-font-for-css-x-close-button



    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Lars,

      I agree about the close icons. Something that bugs me quite a lot about the opt-in forms. This is something we’ll fix along with some major updates we’re working on at the moment.

      A share locking feature will be coming as well, although not very soon.

  • Rauno T says:

    Thanks for the update Shane. Your transparency is very much appreciated.

    I’m really excited to see that there will be new themes, and an overhauled theme framework is coming.

    Last month I started a new site, my 3rd with Thrive, and I found the themes a bit lackluster when compared to some other more visual themes out there. I still decided to use Pressive for the site as I didn’t want to invest time on learning a new theme. They always have their quirks and bugs.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Rauno!

      The themes are indeed outdated compared to our other products. Personally, I can’t wait to reveal some of the stuff we’re working on, for the new themes. 🙂

  • Merck Nickoel R says:

    Hey Shane, I’m new to thrives. Thanks a lot for providing SOOOOOO much value. I’m excited to see more features… hopefully, there will be a survey or quiz feature soon! Keep up the good work!

  • Will C says:

    Hi Shane,
    two BIG things I notice with IM software products.
    1- the tutorials do not keep up with the changes in the software and software version 3.5 still has the tutorial from 1.0 and things don’t match up or make sense any more. Very frustrating. Have a staff member in charge of keeping the tutorials and Help files up to date.

    2- the software is marketed with how to do the mechanics of using it and the benefits, but the STRATEGY of WHEN and HOW best to use it is lacking so we are left to struggle how to implement a strategy and when to use it.

    In my many years of IM ,those are the 2 issues I see over and over again.

    Thank you,

    Will C.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Will!

      I can definitely see where problem #1 comes from. We have this issu