Your Main Focus Should Be: Optimizing Your Marketing Funnel

Your Main Focus Should Be: Optimizing Your Marketing Funnel

You’re already building an email list and understand the importance of a marketing funnel to convert your visitors into repeat customers.

Now you need to optimize.

Having a high converting marketing funnel will fix a lot of the other problems.

Traffic is not a problem

If you know how much you can spend to get a new visitor to your marketing funnel, you’ll never have a problem with getting traffic anymore.

That’s why optimizing your existing funnels and building new ones should be your focus.

Let’s take a look at a (very) basic marketing funnel

Free opt-in offer → Low dollar offer (7$) → Higher dollar offer (297$)

Imagine you’re getting a 30% conversion rate on your free opt-in offer, a 3% conversion rate on your low dollar offer and a 1% conversion rate on your high dollar offer.

This means that out of 1000 people who come to your squeeze page, 300 will give you their email address, 9 will buy the low dollar and 3 the higher offer.

1000 → 300 leads → 63+891 = 954$

This means you can spend up to 0.95$ per visitor or 3.18$ per lead without losing money.

But what happens if you get better conversion rates on your squeeze page? Or on your sales pages?

The amount you earn per visitor goes up and so do your spending limits.

How to optimize your squeeze page?

Getting a better conversion rate on your squeeze pages will get you more leads and more sales.

The main points to test on your squeeze page are:

  • The headline: Is your headline benefit driven and about your visitors?
  • The bullet points: Each bullet point should entice the visitor to give their email address.
  • Video vs text: Video can often help boost your conversion rates on your squeeze page.
  • Opt-in form type: A visible opt-in form vs a two step opt-in form

How to optimize your sales pages?

Getting a better conversion rate, even by as little as one percent can make a HUGE difference on the bottomline of your business.

To help you improve your sales pages, take a look at the following blog articles:

Most of these tutorials come with annotated sales pages for your convenience!

How to test your sales pages?

First of all, most of A/B tests are useless (or plain incorrect).

That said, if you have enough data and your testing BIG changes, A/B testing can be really powerful!

You can do this for free with Google Analytics.

Read this article to get a full tutorial : How to A/B Test Your Landing Pages (Free Method)

Now it’s up to you! Focus on optimizing your marketing funnel and you’ll see your online business grow.