How to Reverse Column Order With Thrive Content Builder (and Why You’d Want To)

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Updated on January 7, 2020

In the latest version of our Thrive Content Builder plugin, you can now reverse the stacking order of columns.

After reading the above sentence, you're either already excited about the feature or wondering: "why would I want to do that?"

Check out the video to see a simple example of how this feature helps you make better mobile layouts (plus: a teaser about what's coming next for TCB).​


In case you missed it, here's the link to the last video and post about the updates we shipped in Thrive Content Builder 1.5.

A First Look Towards 2.0

As mentioned in the video, we have been hard at work on a 2.0 version of Thrive Content Builder.

When Thrive Content Builder was first released, it represented a huge step forward from the default WordPress editor. We believe that with version 2.0, we can take another step forward and redefine what visual editing in WordPress means.

Your feedback has been crucial for our development. Some of the things we will be including in the new version of the plugin are:

  • Mobile previews and mobile responsive editing.
  • Ability to edit old content (made in the WordPress editor) in Thrive Content Builder.
  • Preserving your content, even if you deactivate the plugin.
  • More customization/styling options.
  • Solving the problem of the annoying options panel that covers too much of the content you're working on.
  • Video backgrounds.

This list is just a small sample of the improvements we're working on.

As we're in the process of developing the new Content Builder, this is a good opportunity to get more feedback from you.

What are some things you really love about Thrive Content Builder? What are some things that annoy you? What features would you like to see in the new version?

Let us know by leaving a comment below!


by Shane Melaugh  October 12, 2016


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  • Hey Shane! Ihr setzt immer wieder Industrie-Standard mit Euren Sachen! Hammer! Vor allem die Zuverlässigkeit und die Geschwindigkeit mit der Ihr neue Sachen implementiert! Großes Daumen hoch! Keep rockin’! One very happy camper! 🙂

  • Hi Thrive Themes team,
    I love TCB 95% of the time. The 1 thing you could do to improve it is to make the text formatting less glitchy. Sometimes I’ll change the size, font or bold-ness of text and it won’t work or it will do it for the whole text box rather than just what I’ve highlighted. I’m sure others have elaborated on this more. It doesn’t always happen by the way but enough for it to annoy me.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Ameen! I know what you mean about the glitchy moments with the text editor. It’s something we struggled with since the beginning, but I’m happy to say that we found a solution for this as well. 🙂

      • I guess my little annoying thing will be fixed in version 2.0, but here it is. From memory it happens only in headings. Example: I have the word ‘Annoying’ in the heading and when I check it outside the editor I get something like this ‘An?noyi?ng’. If I go back and re-type the word and refresh outside the editor it’s fixed.

      • On a more positive note, I just love TCB. Especially the changes you have just made. So much easier to create and adjust the layout.

      • Hmm, that’s a strange issue. I believe we will be able to eliminate it with our new text editor, though.

      • I second that- and also have an option to have quick formatting avaible for formatting text- it takes me like 3 clicks to apply our color code to all the text elements i need in that color

  • This is truly an amazing plugin and is integral in quickly turning my ideas into functioning pages. Video backgrounds and content preservation are huge features for me that I’m definitely looking forward to. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Hello Warren,

      Since everyone keeps asking us about it, we will eventually build a membership plugin type thing. I mention this because I think that’s a necessary basis for building checkout page templates. Another possibility is that we create something like a form builder which would connect to other systems like membership systems, payment gateways etc.

      Basically, we’d love to provide this, but I think checkout page templates by themselves aren’t useful unless there’s some other integration stuff going on.

      • Ooh … Membership plugin sounds nice … I think this is the first time you have confirmed that it will be built.
        Nice 🙂

        Looking forward to TCB updates as well.

      • Well, that’s really all I can say right now. From all the feedback we’ve gotten, it’s clear that there is a big demand for this. We could make a membership thing and toss it on the market and make a lot of money, right now. However, we want to build something really exceptional and not just a “me-too” product. There are more than enough membership solutions out there already. Right now, all I can say is that we are taking a very close look at this market and we have the intention of creating a solution. We will only create something if we find a way to make something that is in a different league from current offers, though.

      • Shane, I believe you have this exactly correct. Forms connect to the foundations of many systems. I visualize a Thrive Forms Builder that integrates with existing popular membership systems, payment gateway systems, and poll/survey systems.

      • Yeah, that would be cool for sure. We have a project for a form builder, but it’s only in the idea stage at the moment.

      • That would be totally awesome. I’d much rather have everything in Thrive. Right now, I’ve paid $199 here and $199 there for all sorts of member plugins and carts, and every one of them has issues (and nowhere near the quantity and quality of updates you do!). Roll on the “ThriveMegaCart” plugin 🙂

      • Shane I totally agree and am looking forward to having that plugin as part of the Thrive arsenal..

  • Hey guys, great as usual. Love your products. Here’s a thing that frustrates me in TCB :

    When you hit save changes button and you have some internet connection issue at the same time, the wheel keeps turning forever with the black background, and unfortunately you lose all the changes you have made because you have to reload the page.

    So if this can be improve, it would be great 🙂

    • Thanks, Mehdi!

      That is indeed a frustrating issue. Not sure what the solution is, but I’m sure we can figure something out.

      • I’ve a technical solution idea for this. Store the latest changes on the page on local drive (I think HTML5 has this feature). Once save it to server, clear off the storage.

      • Interesting. WordPress also does something where they store changes “in your browser” if you are offline. Not sure what that means, but we’ll see if we can do something similar. Better autosaving and saving is on our list of improvements.

      • Same. Although it’s more of a workaround than a solution, to simply show save reminders.

      • Had to comment on this because I’ve had this issue many times myself.

        One way to fix it is to right click anywhere on the page (not the spinning wheel) to bring up the inspector.

        Add a new CSS rule
        {display: none}

        This will remove the darkened layer and spinning wheel. You can now press save again once your connection is back up and running.

        When you do press save again, it will seem like nothing is happening but just wait a few seconds and you’ll see the “changes have been saved” box.

        If your connection is still out, then nothing will happen when you click save.

        Not the most elegant solution but it saves you from having to lose your progress in TCB.

        One other thing you can do if this fails for whatever reason – use the inspector again with the CSS rule mentioned above, but this time open the HTML box and copy that code into a notepad file.

        Once you get back online, you can just drop that HTML code back in and press save.

        Sorry for the long response, hope it helps.

      • Lewis P thank you so much for sharing that!!! I’ve never used css in my life so I was thrilled to be able to make the spinning wheel go away with your suggestion….and to not lose my webpage edits..I’m a happy camper thanks to you!

  • LOVE the ability to “edit old content (made in the WordPress editor) in Thrive Content Builder.”

    This is what I need to leave short codes behind and update my existing pages!!!

    Many thanks!!!!

  • Question from Shane : “What annoys you in TCB ?”
    Minor things to be honest, TCB is awesome.
    I’d like to be able to chosse any color for all elements. Sometimes I am limited to 8 of them, which is nice but can be cumbersome with some website design rules.

    • Good point, yeah. Right now, some things are limited to the 8 pre-set colors and some things are fully customizable. For the customizable stuff, it’s often quite cumbersome to do, because there are so many different colors involved. We’re trying to solve both those problems with a new color picker solution.

  • Hey Shane,
    Excellent product and excellent news! All the features you mentioned will come in TCB 2.0 are great and cover almost everything. Maybe nice responsive tables would be something good to have, too. Oh, and integration with some multilanguage plugin like WPML and/or Polylang would be something very useful for those of us (me, me 🙂 ) operating multilanguage websites. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for your comment, Emil!

      WPML is an interesting one. I’m sure an integration is possible, but it could be pretty damn complicated to do in a visual editor… We haven’t gotten many requests for this, so it hasn’t been at the top of our list.

  • Good stuff! Looking forward to v2 already 🙂
    One thing I think would be amazing, would be to build in some sort of “ThriveStore” where people could sell designs/templates/layouts that the Thrive users could buy for a small amount of money or for free. A bit like how you have the Thrive Cloud templates.

  • The biggest thing I would like to see is more options on the type focus feature. I know many people have asked for this and I have written about it alot in the forum. I think this is a very creative and useful feature but I believe it’s not “finished”. To be able to have the “loop” stop would be incredible because now it’s just going to annoy our readers. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • You guys do great work. Keep it up!

    Just a few quick thoughts:
    -when creating a landing page, it strips out all javascript and everything else. I often forget to add google analytics tracking back in, and I lose very valuable data because these are typically lead gen or sales pages. If you could strip everything but google tag manager and google analytics code, that would be great.

    -the testimonial/quote box designs seem to emphasize the person’s name and image more than the quote itself. For instance, the name part is often the brightly colored piece, which grabs the eye away from the quote. Maybe you’ve done testing that shows it’s more important than the quote itself?

    -Additional pricing table options would be great.

    -There seem to be some margins and/or padding that we can’t change. So, there are empty spaces we can’t remove occasionally.

    -Is there a way to use font awesome for icons? I like including icons inline more than having to put them in their own box/column. Plus, pulling in new icons is way more cumbersome than simply using a font awesome code.

    -When editing a page with TCB, a way to mute an embedded video that is on autoplay would be nice.

    These are all fairly nit-picky. Overall, your product has helped us make thousands of dollars. The value is amazing!

    Thanks for that, and I look forward to seeing what else you guys do.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Josh!

      Scripts: we’re working on a feature to make script management easier across pages AND landing pages. We may be able to release that before the 2.0 version of TCB, even. I agree that this is something that needs to be solved.

      Testimonial designs: that’s not intentional, no. In 2.0, there will be new designs and it will be easier to customize the designs as well (or just build your own testimonial style).

      Pricing table: I’m quite unhappy with our pricing table element, I have to say. I’m not sure yet what we’ll do there, but it definitely needs improving. Can you describe more about what you’d like to do with pricing tables?

      Margin/padding: that’s something that annoys me as well, sometimes. 🙂

      Icons: we found a solution for this as well. It will be MUCH easier to use icons in 2.0 and we’ll be able to provide extensive icon packs without it being a performance issue. Performance is the reason why the current implementation is complicated.

      Autoplay videos: indeed. Ideally, they should autoplay in the editor view, I’d say.

      Don’t worry about nitpicking. An editor is something that you interact with a lot, so even small issues can become really annoying. Nitpicking is what we need! 🙂

      • 3 things:

        1. Being able to delete a favourite colour in colour picker and give it a descriptive name which appears as a tooltip to differentiate it from other similar shades. I have 3 shades of yellow in my favs and I honestly cannot tell them apart.
        2. Be able to set favourite (and default) margins and padding settings of all elements. I don’t like having to keep changing margins and paddings everytime I use an element.
        3: I’ve already requested this: Please add a checkbox which will add the “hide annotations” code to responsive youtube video code.

      • I second these points:

        1) This one drives me nuts when creating sites for clients I use same colours often and need them as favourites. Often, they then want different shade to the one initially agreed. Great to delete the old one

        2) Often I change the margins on say text elements and then find inconsistencies throughout the site because I left default somewhere by mistake

      • Hi Shane — Regarding the pricing table, I’m certainly not positive how to pull it off really well in a mobile-first environment.

        Perhaps a matrix setup could work, though, with the features down the left side, the plan options across the top, and checkmarks and x’s to indicate which features are in each plan.

        Depending on screen size and number of options, though, you might have to get creative because we definitely don’t want folks having to scroll right-left to see all the options.

        Dunno… this is a tough one…

      • Yeah, that type of layout isn’t very mobile friendly. I think that’s the reason the “table” style pricing layouts have been replaced by more of an “individual boxes” style, because the boxes can easily stack on top of each other, but a table gets all messed up (or just doesn’t scale) on smaller screens.

  • Great work!!! I wish more mobile controls like, fast mobile, Tablet, Desktop Preview switch on Top of Editor, and overall changes for mobile, Tablets only. So i can create different Layout for these Devices and Desktop inside one Page.

  • Hi Shane,

    A feature I liked when it came out was the zoom image event but I can’t get it to work. The image pop up is the same size and drops down to the right. A previous comment about this was deleted.

    On an unrelated note, doesn’t that zig zag text thing just break the reading flow? I don’t think it helps usability.

    • Hello Rich,

      Please post the issue you’re having with the image zoom feature in the support forum.

      The feature is also one that we are improving for the new version, but what you’re describing sounds like a bug or conflict, so our support team will need to look into it.

      The zig zag layout requires more activity from the reader, but in this case, it’s deliberate. It is meant to break the flow of the page and make it less monotonous. In a book, you wouldn’t want something like that because a book reader wants to keep reading efficiently. But visitors on your website are scrolling up and down and constantly on the verge of leaving, so getting attention is more important than enabling reader flow.

      On a long form sales letter or a long form text post, you’d also want to avoid this layout, to make it easier to read.

  • Great feature. I have struggled with this for mobile so it is great to see something was done about it. Now, any chance on adding the ability to do responsive video for page sections?

    • Can you explain what you mean by “responsive video for page sections”? Videos are already responsive in TCB, no matter where you place them.

      If you mean background videos: yes, those will be added.

      • Yes, background videos. When using a page section for a “hero” banner, you can’t use video. It has boggled my mind that this is not already included since it is such a hot feature in web design, and has been for a year or so now.

  • This is an excellent update and the development list is really interesting. Can’t wait for 2.0.

    One feature I’d like to see is the ability to create a full-width section, and then split the section in half and give each half its own background image.

    Even better would be to add a selection of column layouts for full-width sections.

    • You’ve just made friends with our entire design team with that comment. 😀

      The vertical split layout is something we’ve all been wanting to work with and haven’t been able to, so far. It’s basically design requirement #1 for the new builder. 🙂

      • Ultra cool. I’ve seen that on other themes and tried to emulate using TCB but can only get content boxes to do so much!!

      • Brilliant. So good to get personal responses from you too.

        Thrive is such a great product suite and community. You’re the only WordPress development company I feel are truly about providing value to your customers.

        Keep up the awesome work.

    • Hello Adrian,

      We don’t have plans for surveys and polls, no. But we are building something related, with more of a marketing focus.

  • Thanks Shane.

    I’d like to see more “animation” possibilities with the Event Manager. Some more on the lines with the Click To Animate 3rd party plug-in. Which I own, but doesn’t work consistently with Thrive.

    Again, trying to eliminate all but Thrive coding in my WP sites, so as to avoid the “Frankenstein’s monster site” that you spoke about a few videos ago.

    Finally, I’d like API for 1shopping cart store and auto-responders.


    • Thanks for your feedback, Harvey! I’ll take a look at the click to animate product to see what we can learn from it.

  • If you could find a way to add sections to non Thrive themes, thus eliminating gaps, that would be great! Also, landing pages for membership sites would be terrific!

  • The last update was simply awesome!! it’s much easier and quicker now to edit text and layouts, thanks for that!!

    Please, pretty please, bring A/B testing with the new version!! All from headlines to complete page split testing ability. That’s kind of the one and only thing thing I really miss on TCB.

    • Hi Mary,

      The A/B testing feature is something we’re working on separately from the 2.0 version of TCB. It will definitely be coming in the near future.

  • I’d love to be able to have “global” sections on a page that I can update in one place, and the updates show up on all of my pages.

    As an example…

    I have a top header section that I like to use on lots of my pages. The problem comes when I need to update that header… I have to go through a update dozens and dozens of pages which is super time consuming. Would love to be able to update on one page, and the change be reflected on all pages…

    Thanks so much in advance!

  • Please add ‘custom class’ option to all elements. Now, every now and then, when I want to customize something I cannot. For example, Column Layout elements cannot have custom classes.

  • Shane,
    Great news, on all fronts. TCB is a default install on all WP sites I build.

    Per your request, here is a small nitpik. The very reason I use TCB is the very reason I have trouble with both the font manager and the icon manager. I struggle much longer with them then I feel I should, but I realize it could be me. As a work around, I dont import fonts, choosing to stick with web-friendly fonts, and if I need icons, I poke around until I figure it out, but it usually takes long enough to be frustrating. Other than those little annoyances, TCB is everything I need. All the updates and improvements are just bonuses!
    Thanks for constantly brining the value!

    • I wholeheartedly agree, Keith. The font and icon managers are not as easy to use as we want them to be. The good news is that we have much better alternatives that we’re putting in place for TCB 2.0.

  • Exactly, the problem I faced and reason I avoided Zig Zag presentation. Now, I don’t need to do that anymore.

    Please do more of these, where ‘it looks good on desktop but looks very bad on mobile’

    Such as, some items to ‘hide’ when in mobile, and more of these customized options.

    • Thanks for your comment, Charles!

      Yes, we’ll be taking on every possible version of something looking good on one screen but not on another, in TCB 2.0. 🙂

  • It would be amazing if you could connect to Shopify since there’s no real solution for this problem. Would love to see that.

    • Hello Stefanie,

      Can you explain a bit what this connection should look like? As far as I know, Shopify is a SaaS, so it’s totally independent of WordPress, no?

      • Yes Shopify is a SaaS but they do have a WordPress plugin. It’s clunky and currently doesn’t play nicely with Thrive. Videos don’t save for example when Shopify plugin is active.

        Since woocommerce is complex and difficult to customise unless you’re an expert (and you have compliance issues if you want payment other than by PayPal) resolving the current issue with Shopify would be cool.

  • LOVE:
    – ease of use
    – speed
    – plasticity; very few obstacles between mind and screen compared to OP
    – lets me edit standard blog pages and create graphically rich posts in a breeze
    – integrates seamlessly with other TT plugins, rids me of interplugin conflicts
    – lots and lots of functions that make my life easier

    – the functions are so many I get lost in them; I do want the functionality but I also want control, comprehensive tutorials are in order
    – not enough variations (or control) on some of the graphics, (countdown timers is the obvious example)
    – it often gets stuck, I have to reload the page too often
    – the font system is confusing; if I insert text with a custom font such as Open Sans with some parts in bold, then change it to Helvetica (web safe), the bold parts have a much bigger size, and the whole thing is broken…very annoying

    Shane, you know what we all want: altering the THEME’S appearance with the same ease we control individual pages. You know it, we know it, the team knows it. Let’s make it happen, and establish a healthy Thrive theocracy in the realm of WordPress.

    You are about to hit 9000 likes on Facebook. If you can’t give us total, direct thought-to-screen control before you hit 10.000, you’re just lazy, man 🙂

    • Thank you for your detailed feedback, Lorenzo!

      I agree with everything you write (except for the thought-to-screen thing… we need at least 11,000 likes before we do that).

  • Pretty excited about what you have in store for 2.0!

    A few things I don’t like about TCB:

    * No full width page sections on non-Thrive themes
    * No way to convert a TCB page to a regular post or page without losing all content (would be nice if it was able to keep text and standard markup)

    A few things I would like:

    * A/B testing
    * Some type of “funnel management”. Like assigning a series of pages to a funnel and maybe get some performance stats on them by using a link just like in Ultimatum. It would be great if funnel or conversion focused pages are not just grouped with the rest of the (regular) pages at least.
    * Some extra/updated modern design options (like material design inspired or some updated flat looks would be awesome ). I know this is kind of a taste thing, but I feel like certain elements like buttons, callouts and landingpages could use some new design love 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Nick!

      Keeping text when you deactivate TCB is one of the things we’re working on. Not that simple, but I believe we can make it happen.

      A/B testing is coming for sure. Funnels we’ve been doing a lot of exploration work on. Very tricky thing, especially in a distributed environment like WordPress. But I hope we can create something useful with funnels.

      The default designs in TCB are definitely aging, as all designs do. New designs, as well as more options to create fresh looking designs will be included in 2.0.

  • Thanks for info about the ‘reverse column order’, I had no idea…

    We almost can’t wait for the newer update 2.0… Sounds very good so far 😉
    Keep up the good work!


  • Often I’ll lost the ability to bring up the meta box for a section of content by clicking on it and it doesn’t fix unless I save changes AND reload the page.

    General speed improvements in the editor.

    Thanks for everything you do! I love your products and they’re literally making my business more profitable. OK, gotta go get back to a client about spinning up rapid landing pages. 🙂

    • Hi Kronda,

      Thanks for your comment!

      The first issue will be fixed with the new UI. Can you tell me more about what you mean with “speed improvements”?

    • Thanks for the suggestion! For this, I believe we have to make the columns themselves styleable. But it’s definitely possible.

  • Really excited to see what changes come with TCB 2.0! Here’s a few things I would like to see in the new version:

    – Recipe card element (landing page template for recipes would be nice too)
    – Star ratings and reviews that can be marked up with Google Console Highlighter (for eCommerce purposes). Having the star ratings and reviews as different tabs makes it difficult to define them for Google.
    – A Thrive Comments element
    – Quote shares for more platforms than just Twitter
    – Click-to-text element (like the Click-to-call element)

    Also, I would love to see you guys release an eCommerce theme or two. Integrating with WooCommerce is nice, but doesn’t offer near the flexibility that your themes do.

    You guys are awesome and I love using your tools. Thanks for listening and always making great products!

    • Thank you for your suggestions, Bryce!

      Can you provide an example of such recipe cards, as you have in mind?

      Also, I’d love to know more about what you’d look for in a Thrive Comments element.

  • Hi Shane

    There are number of things I have:

    1. Ability to output pages in AMP (not sure if this is themes or builder)
    2. More page section designs, would like more than horizontal dividers (again not sure if a builder or maybe just an image thing)
    3. Ability to convert old wordpress content from editor to builder
    4. intergration of membership site (just babling now coz it’s so great!)


    • Thanks for your comment, Greg!

      1) AMP needs to be handled by the theme, so we’ll revisit that when we get to the themes. I’m hoping that AMP will have matured some more by then because right now, it’s not great…

      2) Working on it. 😉

      3) Planned.

      4) Also planned, but not as part of TCB. A membership system has to be a separate product.

      • Hi Shane,
        I am also waiting for a membership solution from thrive.

        In the meantime I just experienced a glitch between paid memberships pro plugin and TCB. visual editor won’t load if pmpro is activated. Not sure what caused the problem.they also released an update a week ago.

        Being a membership plugins need, I am also using memberium for Active Campaign. A plugin specific to AC users and I found that while memberium is active I can’t add new forms in thrive leads.however I can edit the ones already created.

        These aren’t even knit picks.i am just letting you know

      • Thanks for your comment, Mike. Please report the technical issues in the support forum, so our guys can take a look. I can’t guarantee that there’s anything we can do about the issues, but it’s worth a try.

    • We have a plan for portfolio style listings, but it won’t be in the first release of TCB 2.0. It’s something we will take on as a project after the 2.0 release.

  • Hey Shane, finally a glimpse of what we can expect from TCB 2.0 🙂 Thanks for letting us know…and it all sounds pretty awesome. I especially like that it´s preserving content and it´s possible to hide elements for certain devices. That´s really needed.

    Futhermore I agree with Nick B and others: It would be great if you could provide TCB itself with all features. When using a Thrive Theme there are elements like page sections which are also desperately needed when using a non Thrive Theme. At the moment it´s not possible to have a background image for a certain section when using “foreign” themes, for example.

    • We’ll try to make sections compatible with non-Thrive themes. The solution is never going to be as well coded on a foreign theme than it can be on our own, though. You can “force” a section on any page, but we have no control over what elements it might overlap or how it might interfere with other things the theme is trying to display.

  • Hi Shane,
    In TCB 2.0 I would like to see a feature that would allow to open youtube videos in a popup lightbox. Something like hotjar has on their homepage. (
    There is a plugin called “Video PopUp” that tries to do this, but it only works with links.
    I would like to have this feature for when people click on a button or image, too, but can’t find a plugin that does this…

    A video popup feature would be really useful especially when you have a lot of videos to display on a page like the one I recently created ( It has a lot of demo videos on it, which is very useful for people, however, because they are so many the page loads in like 10 seconds (if you are lucky).
    A feature like this will not only make the page look better but will make it a lot faster as in this case the videos will load only when the customers click them.

    • Thank you for your comment, Ion!

      Yes, an easy way to open videos like that would be awesome. I can see many ways in which it would be useful.

  • Hi Shane, I really love TBC and especially since the last update. Besides the font formatting which was already mentioned in one of the comments, a small thing that tends to annoy me are the styled lists. I usually use more than 2 bullet points and when I add another styled list element the margin (padding?) between the 2 pairs is different than within each of the pairs and it requires some trial and error until you have it right.

    • Thanks for your comment, Monika.

      I agree that the styled lists are not easy to wrangle, right now. I’m not sure yet, what the solution will look like, but we’ll definitely improve them.

  • What I find most annoying is the inconsistency of the bullet points and getting them to work correctly. I find they often change colors or just don’t appear a lot of the time.
    For a new feature it would be great to have a ecommerce template so we can add a store to our sites.

  • Thank you guys a lot for all the great work you do for us! Recently a client asked for a fixable navigation menu at the top of the page, zhat stays there if you scroll down. If you could include that, would be great, too!

    • Thanks for your comment, Markus. We already have this feature in the themes and we plan to add it for Landing Pages as well.

  • I really like the themes and plugins. I just have one area of concern. This may be more of an issue with the Themes than the plugin. But, there be an easier way to customize the Navigation Menus. I have to use custom CSS which is not my strong area. Unless I’m missing something.

    • Thanks for your comment, Rod! This is a theme related issue, yes. But it’s a relevant point nonetheless. The new Content Builder will form the foundation for more easily editable themes, as well.

  • Hi Shane!
    I’m happy to hear about your big plans for the future. I am very happy to use TCB and Thrive Leads as well. Two very useful plugins.
    Some weeks ago I saw the “Divi” Pagebuilder in a facebook ad. I don’t own it and I don’t want to make advertisement for this (if you don’t want to publish this comment it’s okay but have a look), but try it by yourself on this demo page:

    I think it’s a cool content builder as well. It’s feeling very directly, you can drag everything (margins as well), reminds me a bit of your feature to drag columns now. This is great, too, but in the divi the UI feels much more modern. I hope that your interface will look as modern as this as well and goes to a more intuitive feeling (it’s already huge) by editing. Just have a look at it’s features and UI.

    • Thanks for your comment, Markus!

      I’m familiar with the Divi editor. I agree that it looks nice, but I find it to not be that useful to work with. With TCB 2.0, we want to create something that feels much more “solid” than the Divi editor.

      As for visual editing for margins and padding: this is something we’ve explored quite thoroughly and I see too many problems with it. Editing margins and padding works fine on large objects, but as soon as you want to do it on smaller objects, it gets really messy. And I don’t want to have two separate interfaces for doing the same thing, either.

  • Hi Shane

    One thing I think would be useful relates to content templates. I’ve found these can be a really useful timesaver. An enhancement would be to have the ability for any changes subsequently made to a content template to then automatically apply to pages which utilise that content template element. eg if the template you create has an image and you then decide to change the image, you currently have to manually change that image on every page that uses the content template. Instead, it would be great if they all automatically changed to match the new image in the template. If this is possible, it would need to be an optional feature. Whether or not it’s feasible is another question… 🙂 Cheers.

    • Hello Mark,

      Thanks for your comment! We will be introducing shared components in the future, where an edit made to the shared component in one place will affect it in every place where the component is in use.

  • Hi, I’m definitely a big fan of your products.
    My comments

    1/ make a page locked when the builder is open to avoid two user working on the same page at the same time overwriting the other ‘s work (like WordPress standard editor does)

    Some issues when pasting text from another source

    And the problem to select some section but as you already answered it will be fixed.

  • Hi Shane. My one wish would be to somehow allow for more control of media breakpoints for responsive design purposes, especially how columns behave at certain breakpoints.

  • I can’t wait for the 2.0 update. The Mobile responsive editing will be incredible. Not been with thrive for that long but I love Thrive! If there was one thing I would change (other than what you mentioned above) it would be the themes. The CSS editing can be quite difficult and would be much better with improved customisation options.

  • I love content builder, however i do like that it saves the content away from the regular post table.

    I have two visual builders on my site. TCB because it is needed for leads and all your other excellent plugins, but I also have beaver builder.

    Because I use toolset to build my sites, and toolset has recently started to support visual builders like beaver builder as you can see in this post.

    I have frequently requested the toolset team to integrate with thrive themes content builder, but I guess that they don’t because the content is not saved the “standard” way.

    Perhaps this will change with TCB 2.0, it could be judging from your fix list above.

    I would love to see toolset and thrive builder work together on an integration.

    It feels stupid to have two almost identical visual builders installed.

    • Hi Henrik,

      Yes, we will be storing the content in the wp_content field and making it more “standard”, if you will. Not sure if it will help with the Toolset thing, as I’m not familiar with this yet.

  • I don’t know if these may have been mentioned already, but a couple of things:

    – An autosave feature while working would be nice.

    – If it was more integrated with the actual WordPress editor. It’s just a completely different entity right now which can get a bit ‘annoying’ at times in terms of not being able to have access to your content from within the WP editor.

    Keep up the good work Shane and ThriveThemes team!!

  • Once again, the attention to detail is what keeps me coming back. This is a feature that I would never have thought of, but once you demoed it, I thought “well of course.”
    If I had a tech blog I’d do a big review, praising the stuff I see coming out of your shop. For now, I’ll just say Kudos to you all!

  • Hi Shane!
    What I most want to have in content builder is the option to hide one thing (like a button, for example) for a period of time. This would be useful in a sales video presentation, where you want the “buy button” to show just in the right moment. Thank you!

  • Heya Shane – loving your stuff but there’s one thing bugging me and one thing that would be a wishlist item. The thing bugging me is that even though your page sections are full-screen-width, none of the content that you put on the page section can go full-screen-width. seems like a really weird bug or limitation.

    the wish list item – would be the ability to make changes to make visual changes to the layout of the theme that would affect the default appearance of the permalink post page appearance

    • Thank you for your feedback, Jay!

      There’s a difference between the background width and the content width. In TCB 2.0, we will make add an option for the content to break out of the default content width of a page.

      For your wishlist item: I’m not sure what you mean by “permalink post page appearance”. Can you explain?

  • Shane

    this is so awesome. I’m more excited than I was as a kid getting my Christmas gifts…haha.

    Here’ s one suggestion for TT 2.0 that would make bulk design changes so much easier.

    Right now whenever I decide to change a design feature, lets’ say the shadow and border color of a box I have to do it for each and every box.

    Click box, click shadow, increase shadow, accept, click box again, click colors, click border color, change color, accept. Done.
    Only ten times more….yeah, almost done ;-).

    Why not copying the function from photoshop?
    I can make the changes I want ONE TIME than save as a “script template” and then with the next box all I have to do is select the box, then “run script” and it does all the changes automatically.

    Does this make any sense? If not please let me know and I can go more in details.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for your feedback!

      Something along these lines will be possible in TCB 2.0, using custom styled classes. It will be a fairly advanced feature (if you know nothing about CSS, it might be a bit difficult to use), but it will be available.

  • Looks really cool. Thanks a lot. By the way, the spacing issue with the right editing bar in TCB can be minimized in such a way that it only pops up if you hover on it, so that would be my little 2 cents as to how to work around this.

    • Hi Robert,

      With the space issue, I meant the options panel that shows above an element, rather than the right sidebar. The sidebar isn’t usually an issue, but the options panel gets in the way quite often…

  • Love the product, am a huge advocate for it and tell anyone looking to build a page to use you… and my affliate link 🙂

    One feature I’d like to see added is a mobile toggle button – aka have the ability to hide specific features on mobile not desktop. Currently achieving this goal with some custom css but the process could be made much easier!

      • Would it be possible to add an option to show the element in desktop, tablet or mobile mode? It would be great to be able an element just in mobile mode and not in desktop or tablet mode.

        ie: I do not want to show a clickable mobile number in the menu bar of the desktop version, but definitely want to have one on the mobile version.

  • I like TCB, but I have found hard to integrate the pages created with TCB and the pages created with another theme. For example, if every page of your website has a header with your company logo and with the navigation menus, and then you create a landing page with TCB, how do you add the same header as every other page? This landing page would look different than the rest. If this is currently possible, please make a video showing how.

    • Hello Javier,

      Something like that is currently kind of possible. You can re-create your theme’s header with Content Builder and save it as a content template. You can then re-use it on your landing pages. However, it won’t always work perfectly. In the new builder, it will be easier to do this.

  • What can i say you are guys realy the best, i’m so happy to see “shane from thrivethemes” (and Hanne too)because i know that there is alot of value in your video to come.
    For the new TCB 2.0 i realllllyyyyy /badddlyyyy need a RTL SUPPORT ( and i’m representing all of my country markketers that want to promote your plugins, bet waiting to the RTL SUPPORT !!! )Because we deserve it and so do your brand. Its not so much bug to fix (most of it is with the landing pages) but realy we cant promote it untill we sure out clients will be satisfied.
    So, you are awesome and nothing more then RTL SUPPORT on 2.0 for me.

    • Thank you for your comment, Erez!

      We will have to revisit RTL when we’ve implemented the improved text editor. If it’s reasonable and feasible for us to implement RTL, we will do it.