Finally… New Name and Release Date Revealed for TCB 2.0

TCB 2.0 is the code name we've been using internally and externally when referring to the new version of Thrive Content Builder. But simply calling it 2.0 didn't feel right... The new visual editor is not just a new version of the same old plugin. It's a complete overhaul.

That's why we felt we needed a brand new name for this plugin!

And now, it's time to reveal this! But rather then directly telling you, let's make it fun and play a game.


Guess the New Name (And Discover the Launch Date)

Use the alphabet below to guess the word, or click hint to get a clue.

Clue -

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Important Information: Your Questions Answered

Will current Thrive Content Builder customers get the new plugin for free?

YES! Sounds too good to be true? Wait til you see the new plugin! Despite the huge changes, we are treating the new plugin as an update to Thrive Content Builder, which means that EVERYBODY who now has Thrive Content Builder will get the new plugin for free. This includes Thrive Members, of course.

What will happen to the pages built with TCB? Will my previous design and layout stay in place?

The new Thrive Content Builder is backwards compatible. That means you can start using it and it won’t affect your previous content AND you can edit your TCB content with the new plugin.

Will it be possible to build [insert favorite layout here]?

Most likely, the answer is YES. We'll start releasing previews of what's possible with the new plugin very soon... stay on the lookout for those!

Author: Hanne Vervaeck

Hanne knows exactly what companies have ever retargeted her (she keeps an updated file). And when she's not busy discussing high-level funnel design over cocktails with the equally geeky, you'll find her discovering a place for the first time