Thrive Content Builder Just Got Faster! Instant Element Loading

We have two main goals with the Content Builder and landing pages plugin:- 

  1. Minimal abstraction so that what you're looking at during the editing process is exactly what you'll see in the front end of your site
  2. The fastest and most efficient workflow for creating blog posts and all marketing pages (including sales pages, lead capture pages etc.)​

And we just recently released an update that will improve, even further, the responsiveness of our visual editor.  


Allow me to explain further...

These elements (and more) now load instantly without
any loading!

So, What Exactly Is Faster?

​Prior to version 1.80 of the plugin, there was a delay (albeit relatively minor) each time a user added an element to the content.  

The speed of the loading of elements depended on a number of factors, including the speed of the internet connection of the user and the responsiveness of the web host.  

For most customers, the delay was relatively minor and barely noticeable.  However for some customers who had slow hosts and not spectacular connectivity, it could really hamper their page building efficiency.

Now, however, we have implemented some new technology that allows the majority of elements that you see in the control panel to be loaded instantly.​

No more waiting for the request to reach the server and bounce back.  Now, it really is instant and makes content creation even more enjoyable than it was before.

What Do You Think?

Upgrade to the latest version of the plugin, be sure to clear your cache, and let us know if you can notice a new, more "snappier" version of Thrive Content Builder...

Author: Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy is one of the co-founders of Thrive Themes.

  • Faster is always better – good job :)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      I agree. :)

      Thanks for your comment, Christophe!

  • Karim A says:

    Let me put in simple, Everyday its getting better… keep up the good work guys :)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Karim!

  • Having quite some latency, I usually notice the lag. However TCB is by far already one of the most responsive.This is definitely something I’m going to test.

    • Let us know how it goes – I’d be interested to hear if it makes a difference for you, given your latency.

  • Michelle Bollinger says:

    It did seem more zippy :-)

  • Sonya R says:

    Thanks for continuing to make TCB better and better!

  • Harvey S says:

    Huzzah! Well done! The Agency Licences for Thrive is the BEST IM investment I have made in years! Keep shocking us with awesome updates!

  • Excellent work, well done.
    You are making such a massive difference when working in WordPress, thank you.

  • keith l says:

    I don’t see the update, is it live already?

    • Yes it went out last week

      • keith l says:

        I’m using version 1.6 and when I press the “check for update” button, it says it’s up to date.

        Thoughts on why i can’t get 1.8?

      • We use a native WordPress function called wp_remote_get() for license checking. So one of a few things is happening:-
        – Your server is IP restricted
        – Your server is locked down such that it doesn’t allow both CURL and file_get_contents requests
        If your raise this in the forum, I’d quite like to take a look in order to debug for you.

  • Scot Herrick says:

    Need to use a greyhound picture instead of a leopard (I’m biased as I have two greyhounds!).

    Seriously, you guys are doing very well with addressing what we love — simplicity, speed, and conversions. Send a note of thanks to the developers.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback – I’ve shown the developers the appreciation in the comments and it gets them fired up to do more :)

  • Carroll Alexander says:

    Don’t try to kid me. You guys are baking apple pies for yourself and we as renters in your boarding house just get to share in them – but such sharing is enough. {:>)) Thank you!

  • Charles S says:

    Thanks for the update .. TCB is a great product and now even faster!
    Thanks for the constant improvements and value to your products!

  • I have not had a chance to test this out as I have been away this month, but this sounds awesome. Some form of local caching or DB I guess? Either way great stuff guys and so glad you continue to shine in this space! huge advocate.

    • Much simpler than that – we simply moved a certain number of elements from the server onto the client.

  • Klaus S says:

    Thanks so much for making TCB better and better and better …..
    This is the best Content Builder i’ve ever seen. Great work! You are really the best!

  • Bruce B says:

    Constant improvement begets constant praise.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks Bruce – project revamp knowledge base is underway soon, too, you’ll be pleased to know ;)

  • Xav says:

    Its nice to have a plugin that is actually really improved over time.
    I wasnt sure if I would really use it at first and now I wonder how I was doing without it. (Well sweat and tears…)
    Only regrets, it cannot use the regular wordpress page template, but hey we can manage something with the “wordpress content”. But its a bit tricky when trying to use addons like Adsense insertion plugins.
    Tremendous work anyway!
    Thanks guys for your job!
    (looking for his 5 stars rating element)

  • Shawn says:

    What version are we currently on? I think I have 1.82.

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