Bookwise is a conversion-focused WordPress theme for indie authors and writer-preneurs.

Bookwise is the best way to craft a professional website for your indie author personal brand, connect with your readers, and ultimately sell more books ... ZERO coding required!

What is


If you're an indie author, you need a great website to showcase your work and connect with your readers. But a generic website just won't cut it. You need a place to show off your books, events, reviews, and of course yourself... the author.

Whether you write sci-fi, romance, fantasy, young adult, historical fiction, or futuristic Western-inspired steampunk, Bookwise is your secret to building an author-focused online brand, and giving your books the platform they deserve.

Are you ready to reach more readers and sell more books?


Stunning Page Templates to Showcase your Books, Reviews, and Upcoming Events

Bookwise is built – from the ground up – to meet the unique needs of creative writers. Showcase your best work with stunning Book pages, feature your best reader and critic feedback with a special Reviews page, and share your upcoming workshops, conventions, and public readings with a compelling Events page.

Craft the Perfect Author Website – With ZERO Coding Knowledge

You need to invest your time writing and promoting your novels, NOT learning how to code or design a website.

Bookwise uses Thrive Theme Builder to let you visually customize every single element of your website to match your brand and personality. Customizing your author website is fast, intuitive and even fun!

You guys did your RESEARCH!

Seriously...  as a writer and marketer who specializes in helping business owners self-publish their book, I have to say, you guys NAILED it!

Your attention to detail to what's going on in the publishing space is remarkable. 
This is such an exciting theme and your entire team should be proud.

Michael D  //  Writer & marketer for self-published authors

Choose the Best Homepage For YOUR Author Brand

Do you want to lead with your personal brand as an author or your latest book? The choice is yours... 

A professional, indie author personal brand needs a killer homepage, and Bookwise offers two: An Author-Focused homepage and a Book-Focused homepage – so you can choose how to position and market yourself and your body of work.

Showcase Your Books, Characters, Plots, World-Building and More

Your books deserve to be read!

Bookwise gives your books the chance to shine, with a beautifully designed template to showcase your stories and characters.

Get your readers excited by sharing a compelling synopsis AND, when they're ready to buy, offer them a range of purchase buttons to retailers like Amazon, Smashwords, Scribd, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and more...

Or cut out the middle men entirely and sell your books directly from your own website!

Feature Your Best Reviews to Build Social Proof

Every writer knows that reviews sell books.

That's why Bookwise comes with a specially designed Reviews page template with space to show off your very best reader and critic reviews.

Professionally designed Blocks also make it easy to quickly add impressive reviews to any page on your website, so you can build social proof and increase your sales. 

Promote Your Upcoming Author Events — Both Online and In-Person

Share your upcoming workshops, conventions, public readings and webinars.

If you're the kind of writer who enjoys connecting with your readers and fellow authors, you'll LOVE the stylish Events page template in Bookwise.

It includes easy-to-customize sections for upcoming interviews, in-person or live events, as well as an embedded contact form so people can enquire about booking a seat to see you speak!

But it doesn't stop there... Bookwise also includes templates for online:

Share Quick Updates on Current Writing Projects... or for NaNoWriMo Accountability!

In addition to some visually stunning blog post templates (grid or masonry layout), Bookwise also features a very special Micro Blogging template that is perfect for those quick updates that don't warrant a full post.

You can use Micro Blog Posts to keep your readers informed of your latest work in progress, hold yourself accountable, or even to keep a NaNoWriMo log so you feel motivated to hit this year's 50,000 word target!

Grow Your Email List with Special Lead Generation Templates

It's not enough to write amazing books, you also have to tell people about them. 

Email marketing lets you build a list of loyal fans and readers to connect with... even after they've left your website.

Bookwise helps you grow your email list with conversion-focused templates for lead generation, email confirmation, and thank you pages. It also includes enticing opt-in forms that you can include on any page of your website.

Connect Your Online Writing Profiles and Book Selling Platforms

We know online writing and reading communities are different from the typical social media scene.

Sure, you still have Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and even Instagram...

But what about Goodreads, Scribd and bookselling platforms like Amazon and Smashwords?

Bookwise has you covered, with eye-catching buttons and icons to connect with all your favorite author-related websites.

Craft the Perfect Website with Sections and Blocks

Bookwise comes with tons of great looking Section and Block templates to help you customize your perfect indie author website.

Want to quickly add a great review to one of your book pages? Just drag, drop and customize.

How about showing off your latest blog posts? No problem. Choose from 5 stylish Block templates.

Maybe you'd like to swap out the entire top or bottom sections? Click, click, done.

Bookwise is like having a team of professional designers on hand 24/7 to give your books and brand the attention they deserve!

Create No Photoshop Mockups to Show Off Your Work as Traditional Book Covers or Digital eBooks

Sick of using Photoshop to hack together book cover images?

Instantly create believable book cover mockups simply by uploading an image and customizing the title. It takes 2 minutes, looks great, and helps bring your books to life.

Bookwise’s mockup templates even lets you create eBook reader previews, so your readers understand your books are also available to buy in eBook formats like MOBI and EPUB.

Quickly Update Bookwise Everywhere with Our Smart Template & Smart Site Technology

Thrive Theme Builder makes it easy to manage and update your Bookwise website from one central location using dynamic global color settings, centralized font management, and effortless control over your logos.

Quickly change brand colors, fonts and your social media info everywhere with a single click.

Update site colors everywhere

Centrally manage fonts & Typograhy

Easily update brand info everywhere

Easy logo & favicon management