The New Thrive Apprentice Is Here! 

Build a Professional Course Environment in Minutes And Grow Your List With Free E-courses

A free e-course is a great way to build your list, but up until now it has always been a bit of a hassle to create a good looking course on your WordPress website.

Enter Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice allows you to create courses and lessons in just minutes. You'll be able to WOW your new subscribers with a free e-course that looks more professional than many paid membership areas.

Thrive Apprentice is NOT a membership plugin.

If you want to sell courses, you'll need a membership plugin to handle payment processing, the protection of your courses and other advanced features like drip delivery.

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As a member, you now have exclusive access to the Thrive Apprentice plugin at no additional cost. Simply download it from within your members area.

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  • Ricky says:

    Can you give an overview of the main advantages over LearnDash? Thanks

    • Volker H says:

      If I would expect a positive answer, I would have asked this question too.
      I want to sell courses, so it´s waste of time to think about apprentice….. if I have for example a lms system in place integrated with e.g. woocommerce.

      • Hanne says:

        Hi Volker,

        If you already have an LMS in place, no need to change.

        If you want an easy way to set up a course, you can use Thrive Apprentice.
        I’m not sure how WooCommerce handles the delivery and restriction of courses, but if it allows you to restrict custom post types, you’ll be able to use TA.

        Now, if you need certifications etc. I would suggest you look at a full blown LMS :)

      • Volker H says:

        Thx Hanne for your reply.

        Yes I have Learndash in place, together with a plugin “woocommerce integration” and as well woocommerce.
        You mentioned somewhere else that you prepare a comparison between apprentice and learndash, so you know how it is been handled. define a product in wc and select one or more courses, prepared in learndash. the product type “course” is offered by the wc integration learndash plugin. that´s it.
        customer/student has to login via “my account” and you can see your list of bought courses and enter the course.
        wonderful easy the handle.
        from a marketing perspective, you can build landing pages for each product as you like. put a buy button with the wc shortcode to the product. WC just needed for shopping cart and payment/billing, maybe tax handling and invoice. don´t know, why you thrive guys are so afraid of thinking about Woocommerce…the cheapest and easiest way to sell.

    • Julius M says:

      The advantages of Apprentice over LearnDash are:
      – its way simpler and intuitive
      – its way faster to setup courses
      – Biggest USP: students can enroll in seconds, without a “registration page” or similar…

      Therefore, Apprentice is the best choice if you need to create and deliver free courses to members (f.ex. as a Leadmagnet). You can do this insanely fast, because you don’t need to set up all the “bells and whistles” that come with a fullblown LMS like Learndash.

      Then obviously, if you want a more complex membership site with drip content and payment integration, you need to look for something else.

      • Hanne says:

        Thanks Julius,
        I was writing up an answer but yours summed it up pretty accurately!

        We focus on the ease of use of creating a course environment and add lessons quickly so that you can have your “school” up and running in no time.

        For the moment many of the typical Learning Management Features are not included yet (badges, quizzes, etc.), but based on demand we will improve the plugin.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Ricky,

      Julius gave a pretty accurate answer :)

  • Peter J says:

    Very Cool! How does the subscriber return to the course later?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Peter,

      The courses content is replaced by a login form so that subscribers can log back in later.

  • This is amazing!

  • Patrick M says:

    Great, Hanne! One question, is there the ability to have a third level? You can now have multiple courses in Apprentice (great!), you can add multiple lessons to a course. Can you group lessons into modules?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Patrick,

      In the current version, that’s not possible yet. But further ways to group content are already on our to-do list for future updates. :)

      • Lukas V says:

        Yes Shane, an extra level would be really useful! Thanks so much for this new plugin :)

    • Maryam W says:

      Patrick, you can do this using the content editor at least visually, by having a divider or line of text in H2 for instance saying “Module 1” and grouping the lessons below it by dragging lesson pages under the divider.

  • Chris V says:

    Once again my mind is blown.
    Total amazeballs.

    I have been waiting for this, so that I can keep my users on the site (very important) when they subscribe for my free video course instead of sending them offsite to YouTube etc. or making them download a HUGE zipped file of videos.

    Thank you Shane, Hanne and the awesome Thrive Themes Development team.

  • alan marlon garcia says:

    How It works, is it like camtasia?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Alan,
      The video will shred some light on that :)

  • Manuel C says:

    A comparison will be helpful

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Manuel, what would you like to see a comparison with?

  • Tissa says:

    Great stuff! Looking forward to adding this to my Thrive list-building arsenal!

  • John E says:

    This is really cool, and like Thrive Quiz Builder, gives another enticing method for generating new leads. I’ll have to give some thought to exactly how I can use this for my business. Thanks for creating this!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi John, I’m sure you’ll find a way :)

  • Joanna H says:

    This looks a great- addition! you guys make my inbox feel like christmas – keep up the great work!

    • Hanne says:

      We will :) Thanks Joanna

  • Karen McCamy says:

    Hanne, Shane, et al… I’ve been waiting for this plugin to come out so I can offer ultimate courses! I’m very excited!

    The video above is great, and I can’t wait to explore the customization options! :-)

    My first question is:

    What if someone is already subscribed to my email list?

    Is it possible to combine this with Thrive Segue to prevent them from having to “sign up” all over again?

    Before I discovered Thrive, I was planning on creating a paid Membership area of my website, which ultimately would include free & paid courses, so I wasn’t planning on having any website “subscribers.”

    Can you tell me how / if these two different models will integrate, or if they would be completely separate from each other???

    Thanks so much for all you do — all of you at Thrive! You are awesome!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Karen,

      1. No for the moment there is no “segue” option (we have been thinking about this) So you would have to ask your subscribers to create an account (with the password)

      2. A combination of free and paid courses would need a membership plugin. You could have free courses available for all and then have restricted courses (by the membership plugin)

      • Francois CONNAN says:

        Hi Hanne,
        Which membership plugin do you suggest?

  • Nana says:

    Thank you guys for listening to us.

  • Julye L says:

    Awesome! I had been waiting for this new feature for a long time! But what about the way we could organize our courses, I mean Chapters/Modules/Lessons as we did with Apprentice? Is there a way to organize the big e-courses with this plugin? Thank you!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Julye,

      For the moment we have courses and lessons, but we’re already working on implementing an extra level (modules)

  • Mike Oitzman says:

    I am not sure how Thrive Apprentice would work alongside a membership plugin. I understand that you need a membership plugin to manage purchases and subscriptions, but does a WP Membership plugin simply take the place of the account signup in the video? I am definitely interested in this, it looks like another great feature from Thrive.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Mike,

      So here’s how that works. You set up the restrictions in your membership plugin. And you make the course “available to everybody” in Thrive Apprentice (because the membership plugin will handle this part).
      From here, when somebody buys your course, the membership plugin gives access to the appropriate Thrive Apprentice pages.

  • Ed says:

    Does it protect the content from anyone who has not ‘registered’? And do you have the ability to remove registered users from having access? Looks cool !

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Ed,
      Yes people who are not registered would not be able to access the course and I guess you could just manually remove the user so that they have no access anymore.

  • george yoder says:

    Any suggestions on Membership Plugins ?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi George,
      We’ve tested with WishlistMember so far (and that works fine) and are working on testing others.

      • Alex says:

        Did you test compatibility with Woo Memberships+Subscribers or with Memberpress?

      • Randy Cavanaugh says:

        Thanks George for asking, Hanne for answering, and Thrive for sending the scouts ahead to test (and report) before I go down a dark membership plugin hole!

      • Gertrude says:

        Can you test WPMU Membership plugin?

  • Warren Horak says:

    Fantastic. Well done guys!

    Is it possible to have multiple courses but limited access depending on who has paid for certain courses or will they have access to all courses if they are a subscriber?

    Can you use this with other membership software like member mouse?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Warren,

      For what you’re describing (different access if paid) you would need to integrate with a membership plugin like Membermouse.

  • Dean says:

    Any plans to sell this outside of the membership?! :)

    • Hanne says:

      Yes :) This will be available for non-members as a standalone plugin later down the road.

  • John N says:

    Any plans to add survey/quizzes in it? I have found that this makes people think about the information and thus they get more out of it.

    • Hanne says:

      Thanks for the suggestion John, I’ll pass it on.

      • Joshua G says:

        Yes this would be helpful. Thank you for considering it. Also if you could make advancement through the classes dependent on passing the quiz that would be ideal. Thank you! Once again amazing work by Thrive!

  • Kenneth C says:

    There are a lot of great questions here and I’ll just reinforce/second some of them:

    1) How will this work with existing Membership software or is the intention that this will BECOME a membership software in and of itself? For example I currently use Memberium, which is linked into my Infusionsoft, which is where all my member data is stored.

    2) Will there be quiz/assessment features added? I imagine with the Quiz Builder this would be a fairly easy thing to bolt on.

    3) What are the advantage over LearnDash (whether they exist now or later)?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Kenneth,

      1) Most membership plugins allow you to restrict custom post types (which are used for TA) so you could simply restrict the access to the TA course with your membership plugin (as you would do with “normal” courses). Not sure about Memberium (haven’t tested yet). And no this plugin does not have the intention of becoming a membership plugin. We will make something eventually, but it will not be Thrive Apprentice.

      2) Added your request to the list

      3) I’ll try working out a decent answer/piece of content for this :)

  • Marco B says:

    Hi Hanne, is it possible let subsribers acces for one course and exclude them for another course? As I can see now they have acces to all courses which are in the Thrive School page

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Marco,

      With Thrive Apprentice, subscribers get access to all courses.
      For more levels you’ll need to integrate with a membership plugin.

      • Marco B says:

        Hi Hanne, Thanks, but I am not sure what you mean with a membership plugin?

      • Hanne says:

        Hi Marco,

        A plugin like WishlistMember, allows you to have restrictions based on where people signed up and whether they paid or not. It’s what you would need in order to accomplish what you’re looking for.

  • Byron says:

    Looks really the layout!
    Are the labels ready for translation?

    • Hanne says:

      Yes they are! (in the template customization)

  • Wow, you guys are reading my mind. I was looking for exactly this. Thanks a ton.

  • Thank you, Thrivethemes team! You guys rock MAJORLY!

  • Julye L says:

    Hi, I was wondering, if I create 3 courses under 3 different URL lets say mydomainname/course1, mydomainname/course2 and mydomainname/course3 and each of them will have many lessons under them, like in the video above this page. What if on my sales page, I put a Paypal button to sell each of them and after the payment is done for course 1 for example, PayPal will redirect them to mydomainname/course1 where they will create their account. Will they have access to mydomainname/course2 and mydomainname/course3 as well? Is there a way that all of these pages created under ThriveApprentice would be protected from search engines so that they could not be found or accessible throughout the Internet? I am looking for a safe way to sell online courses because that is the way I can earn my life. Thank you for the good work!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Julye,

      You could do this, but students will have access to all the courses the moment they create the account.

      That’s why Thrive Apprentice is not a solution to sell online courses, you need to use a membership plugin if you want this to be airtight.

      For the search engines, you use the free plugin “Yoast SEO” and set the custom post type “Thrive Apprentice” to no index. This will discourage Google from indexing any of the TA courses.

  • Jacob S says:

    This is very cool. Is it possible to integrate with my current WordPress theme or do the course themes need to rebuilt fully through Content Builder?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Jacob,

      Thrive Apprentice will override your theme options so that you can have the nice looking course environment. You can customize many of the details from within the plugin. To create the lessons, you don’t need to use TCB, you can use the normal WordPress editor, but as a member you have access to Thrive Content Builder so you might as well use it (you’ll notice that it’s MUCH easier to build good looking lesson pages :D )
      BTW, installing TCB will not change anything on your theme or the rest of your website.

  • Jerry says:

    Thanks guys for this awesome plugin. I have been waiting for this one in particular. Great job!

  • Lewis E says:

    This is very good. Many thanks yet again. One question. If I wanted to set up a course with some free and some paid lessons a freemium model), would that be possible and how would I do it?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Lewis,

      I haven’t tested this yet, but in theory this should work if you restrict only the “lesson” page in your membership plugin.

  • Marjan C says:

    Can I use this with ultimatum? So it sort of drips content?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Marjan,

      No, I don’t think this would work (haven’t tested it yet) but if you managed to hack it together please let us know!

  • Michiel B says:

    Wow, this looks really promising guys! I didn’t consider using Apprentice before, as you could not create multiple courses. This seems possible now!

    But from what I’ve seen from the comments, it’s not possible yet to have modules and lessons. Which would mean I probably won’t use it after all :). But maybe it will be added some time down the road, it seems development is continuing for this plugin.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Michiel,

      Yes it is possible to have multiple courses and yes you can have multiple lessons. Exactly like you can see in Thrive University.
      What’s not possible yet is the modules within the courses yet (but we’re already working on that).

  • Chris Todd says:

    Hi Hanne, thanks for the info. I already have 5 courses which were created with the ‘old’ apprentice. Is the ‘new’ apprentice plugin compatible with my existing courses? I.e. can I update the plugin without worrying that this may ‘break something’. Many thanks – and always, great products! Thanks. Chris.

    • Roland F says:

      I second this. I have dozens of lessons built by the old Apprentice.

    • Roland F says:

      There is an import function on Step 3 of the wizard when you get started.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Chris, like Roland said, there is an import function so that you can simply import your old lessons from Thrive Apprentice into the new plugin.

  • John says:

    Is it possible to give the first 2-3 lessons, but then ask them to signup to see other lessons?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi John,

      No, within the same course this wouldn’t work. But you could create a “beginners course” that’s free for all and a “advanced course” that requires a signup :)

      • John says:

        Ahh, ok. Thanks!

  • Laura Houssain says:

    Why not use it for paid membership? I don’t want to drip content as I’m creating it as I go. And I can just have them be redirected to the signup page after they pay. Just let me know if your system locks page access to subscribers. That’s enough for me to test my first product. Thank you

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Laura,

      Yes it does for subscribers and yes you could use it the way you describe.

      The reason we are talking about free e-courses is because the plugin is not attached to a paiement system. What you describe would work as long as you have only one e-course and if somebody finds the signup page without paying, they could simply sign up and get access (so make sure to no index that page form search engines!)
      But it’s for sure a good way to start out before investing in membership software!

      • Laura says:

        Sounds good enough for me for now! Cool! Thanks for your reply.

  • Pritom Roy says:

    Hey mate,
    It’a a great addition to Thrive Family. Do you have any plan to update it to a membership plugin? I believe thieve is complete suit and thrieve can move forward for a membership plugin.


    • Hanne says:

      We believe so too, but it won’t be with this plugin. We’ll keep developing Thrive Apprentice to make it the best plugin to create good looking course environments that work with existing membership solutions.

  • Ivica V says:

    Great idea and well done :-)
    What about the idea to also implement a “delayed” course? Lets say you have 3 lessons and you want the customers to get every week the next lesson, so they can digest the first one and you can keep them on track and “remind” them every week of your great content? Just an idea. I would find it very useful…

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Ivica,

      I like the idea too, but not sure this falls within the scope of the plugin.
      That being said, don’t hesitate to send multiple emails about your course to subscribers :) Even if they had access to all of the lessons, they might not have had the time to go through them all!

  • Falk says:

    Cool. Wondering how this would/should/could replace existing “regular optin” to auto-responder sequence that delivers, for example, 5 videos (on 5 different pages) in 5 days… (excerpts from main product)
    Thoughts on that? Not really meant as a “replacement” to what I described above…?
    (There is definitely something juicy in hitting them for 5 days (= at different moments in their life) vs. giving them, for example, those 5 videos all AT ONCE) – how could I accomplish BOTH with the same content… I guess STILL emailing them those 5 days, and pointing out only ONE of those 5 videos in those 5 daily emails… (?) Other ideas?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Falk,

      Yes that’s exactly what I would do. And while I agree that there is something juicy about having those 5 points of contact, there is also something to say for giving people access immediately and having them binge consume your content.
      Imagine it’s Sunday afternoon, you’re want to create a website. You start looking for information and find this free e-course How to Build a Conversion Focused Website From Scratch.
      3 Hours later, you’ve created your website (and bought the tools the teacher recommended in the course) because you had time to do it all now.
      If this content would have been spread out over 5 days, you would have watched the first video and felt frustrated to not know how to finish your site, you would have continued looking for YouTube videos or other information to get you to that goal of building a site. You would not have had the same trust in the teacher and would probably not buy the tools he’s talking about on Wednesday because by then you already followed someone else’s instructions.
      So I believe there is a time and place for drip sending content and for giving all at once :)

  • Diego G says:

    Hey guys.

    Congrats on the new Apprentice. It looks awesome.

    As someone who is actually selling different courses using the original Apprentice, a few points that I would like added before switching to this:

    1. Modules inside each course;
    2. Assessments (based on Quiz Builder, I guess, but with more control on results);
    3. Certificate emission (customizable template, drag and drop standard fields as Name, date of conclusion, and if possible a unique number that could be validated in the website).*
    4. Initial page for each course, listing classes, assessments results, student progress.

    With these 4 addings, I would say this plugin is ready to be sold on its own.

    *If you consider doing this and you would like some insights from someone who spent MANY hours figuring out a decent approach on certificates emission, please reach me, and I’ll be glad to help.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Diego,

      Thanks for the suggestions and for offering your help.

      1. Already working on
      2/3/4 Added to the requests log

  • Steven B says:

    Thank you Hanne, that’s just what i have been waiting for.

  • Len R says:

    Is there any difference between this plugin and the current Apprentice that’s integrated into some of the theme’s?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Len,

      Biggest difference is that this plugin is not based on the theme (so you can use it with any theme) and as you can see it creates a good looking course environment. There are a lot of other changes, but that’s the biggest difference :)

  • Philipp K says:

    this looks like a really amazing plugin. Thank you for adding it to our arsenal :)

    One question: is there a dedicated page for each course (like course overview)? Reason I’m asking is that people sometimes need to be reminded of all the goodies they have access to…

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Philipp,

      As soon as you have more than one course, you’ll be able to access the course overview page (in the tutorial example this would be so it’s the first page you create in the tutorial.
      You can see what this would look like in Thrive University

  • Krisz S says:

    Thanks for this Shane, Hanne & Thrive Team! Is there a way to integrate the lead capture process with UpViral? So, the leads would be captured with the UpViral widget, but also added to the Apprentice segment of the site for subscriber access…

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Krisz,

      I don’t think so… If I remember correctly it’s Upviral that would capture the information and then send it to the email provider so this wouldn’t work because Upviral would not give you the possibility to add the WordPress API.

  • Harvey S says:

    Wow! You continue to set (and raise) the bar! Thank you!
    Question: Does the password and password confirmation field act as a captcha also.
    Are there robots out there that can hijack the page? Thanks.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Harvey,

      No this is only password and confirm password (not a captcha option) but you can still add the captcha option if you’re afraid of robots hijacking the page.

  • Hans says:

    I’d like to echo Ivica’s comment. Much of the appeal of having an eCourse as an optin incentive is to be able to drip the lessons over multiple days. This gets the subscriber in the habit of visiting the website, while reinforcing the value provided over time. This would also meet Shane’s suggestion that start-ups should focus on the quantity of touch-points over the quality of the content.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Hans,

      I agree on some level, but don’t let us not having the drip option stop you!
      Like I argued, I think there is also a ton of value in binge consuming.
      And you can still send multiple messages to get people back to your website :)

  • hschannel says:

    Awesome. Would there be a way to connect an affiliate tool in order to encourage members to share the courses?

    • Hanne says:


      We’re not planning on adding that option, but I guess an affiliate plugin/solution could give you a specific link for sharing the course.

  • Hans says:

    Also, Hanne mentioned that there are other tutorials about using the Personalize Template (2:50). If there are other lessons on how to use Apprentice (Thrive University?), would you please direct us to them. I didn’t find anything when I looked.

  • Paul M says:

    Watched it – looks great I have installed it as I have been waiting for this. Thank you very much

  • Bernard B says:

    Very happy to see this plugin and i am as much excited as with the quiz builder that gets better and better! Amazing work!

    LearnDash comparison would be nice. What is possible only if you use the thrive plugins/themes, for example.
    You have nice times shown where which topic is.
    Why dont you use the wistia chapter function?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Bernard,

      Thanks for the suggestion, we will add the chapters :D
      Working on a LearnDash “comparison” as we speak.

  • gregg s says:


    I am so sick and tired of you guys giving us all of this incredible functionality and then having the nerve to explain it all so well! Haha…

    I’ve been waiting for this….thanks so much for listening to your community, and as always, thank you so much for the high standard of work you all do. Really appreciate you all!!

    • Hanne says:

      hahahah you got me there Gregg :D Thanks

  • This is great! Just what I Need for My Video courses!

    • Hanne says:

      Glad to hear this comes at a good time for you Carsten

  • Trevor says:

    Great addition, thanks Hanne and Shane!

    For you guys who were asking about membership systems, you can use the free version of Paid Memberships Pro. You could also use the User Role Editor plugin (controls access to pages and posts and even menu items).

    Thanks again Shane and Hannc

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Trevor,

      Thanks for the suggestions, will be testing those out!

  • Georges W says:

    Amazing, you guys keep coming up with great stuff, thank you, can’t wait to try it out.

    • Hanne says:

      Thanks Georges, let us know how it goes!

  • Kylie says:

    This is brilliant – Christmas come early for Thrive members!! I can’t wait to start playing around, I already have content that is ready to drop in….

    Of course, this brings up the whole membership plugin question…. If Thrive ever goes down this route it would be truly tranformative… I have used a few other plug-ins for this so far – and most of them do not ‘play nice’ with thrive… I know you recommend MemberMouse but it is one of the more expensive ones so I have been struggling with the poor integration between Thrive and Memberpress/S2 etc…

    Please, please, pretty please…!! I already sing your praises from the treetops, but a Thrive membership option? I would be hollering operatic advertisements from a mountaintops.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Kylie,

      Yes we’re listing to those prayers and we will create our own solution but to do things right, it takes some time!

      For now, we suggest WishlistMember which is a one time fee compared to MemberMouse.

  • Andre H says:

    Once again Thrive Themes does it again. Great job…

  • Hans says:

    I, too, would like to see a comparison between the newly-revamped Apprentice plugin and LearnDash. Both are WordPress plugins. However, my first thought is that Apprentice is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. No offense, TT–I love what you’re doing for our community. It’s just that LD is probably not your direct competition–different use cases, different products. Please correct me, if I’m wrong.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Hans,

      Not wrong at all :) We’re not bringing a knife, we’re fighting another fight. But I’ll try to explain all of that properly in a longer piece of content.

  • Roland F says:

    Loving it. I already have 6 courses running. A request: Should be able to add many courses to a topic rather than adding the topic at the course level.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Roland,

      I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean here… Can you explain? Do you mean bulk add courses to a topic?

  • t says:

    Hi Hanne, I like this!

    I’m using for my list building / ecommerce… I was informed that you didn’t have an API with that, so I’ve been using html form code. Has this been resolved? Is it now possible to use Apprentice and subscribe them to my list? Thanks.

    • Hanne says:


      Sorry but in that case it’s not possible to use this option. You can only choose between API or HTML so if you need the HTML form, you can not connect with WP API or if you use the WP API you can not use the HTML signup form.
      In this case you can maybe use a two step process. Have them signup first (HTML form) send them to a thank you page where they create their account (WP API form).

  • Roland F says:

    When I imported my old Apprentice lessons it did an alright job, but I can’t seem to change the lesson type. They are text when I want video.

    • Roland F says:

      Found it. Edit content. I was editing in the TCB and of course that will not do the trick.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Glad you found the solution! I have to admit, our labelling is not great, here. So I can see how you could miss this option. In case someone else is having the same problem, you can change the content type by going to the three dots and choosing “Edit Content”. Here’s a screenshot.

  • Roland F says:

    Topic Icons should be connected to Thrive Icons.

    • Hanne says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Roland

  • Graeme C says:

    This question has been asked but it needs to be asked again:
    How does this affect the current apprentice we have set up integrated with Membermouse?
    Can we upgrade to this plugin and retain all current set ups?
    When will be able to integrate the new apprentice with Membermouse?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Graeme,

      If you install the new Thrive Apprentice plugin on a site that has courses set up with the old Apprentice feature, you will see an “import” option, to transfer all your courses and lessons across.

      An integration with MemberMouse will not automatically transfer, though. For this first release, our focus was on the basic lesson management and the lead gen use case that Hanne demonstrated in this video. In the next steps, we will start integrating with membership plugins.

  • Mario Meurer says:

    Fantástico. Parabéns e obrigado!

  • Sean T says:

    Hey Hanna, thanks for the update and the demo. Another great update.

    I’d HIGHLY recommend making subscriber the default setting that new users are set up as when they create their WordPress account. I can see people giving all their course participants WordPress admin access when setting this up and not doing so carefully. Especially because Admin is the default in the dropdown.

    Keep up the great work both with updated and your video tutorials.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Yes, you’re right. In fact, I think we should remove the “Administrator” option altogether. We’ll do that in a coming update.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Sean,

      Yes as you might have noticed in the video, I was a bit shocked with this too ;-)
      But it’s getting fixed as we speak!

  • Arnold Palmares says:

    This is really cool. I’ve been waiting for this. You guys are awesome!

  • Brandon F says:

    You guys rock!

  • Vincent D says:

    You guys just keep delivering value (the new Active Growth Podcast is cool too). I don’t have use for Apprentice right away, but I plan to in the next 6 months – I know I’m in the right place for growth!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Vincent,

      One step at a time :) Thanks for listening to the podcast too!

  • Monika B says:

    Thank you Hanne and Shane. Looks great. 3 questions:

    1) How many courses can you create with this plug-in?

    2) I am currently using the apprentice version in the focus theme for a free course. What will happen with that course when I download the new plug-in? And how can I transfer it? Do I need to re-do it from sratch?

    3) As others have already asked: What are your suggestions for a paid membership plug-in? Is there anything on your development roadmap concerning a paid membership?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Monika,

      1) You can create as many courses as you wish.

      2) There is an import feature you can use, to transfer courses from the “old” Apprentice feature to the new plugin. The tutorial for this isn’t ready yet, but when you install the plugin on a site with the theme Apprentice feature active, you’ll see an import option in the top right of the screen when you go to the new Thrive Apprentice dashboard.

      3) We are working on integrations with specific membership plugins. We don’t have recommendations at the moment.

  • Martin says:

    Hi Guys and once again, thank you for adding value to an already great product and service. I look forward to using Thrive for years to come.

    Some questions / comments regarding this latest addition.

    1) You replied to someone already re requesting someone to sign up with a password if they are already a subscriber, what happens if they use an existing email address that they signed up to our list with previously?

    Will they just stay on that list and continue as usual, or can we use the opt in for to add a new tag, say to use with Active Campaign so we can trigger a new event inside AC to follow up with their course information?

    2) A paid feature and ‘Pro’ version upgrade would be a logical next step! I agree that giving great free content is wonderful to build your list, but having a pro version upgrade would be awesome

    3) Giving access to all courses is a little extreme. Only because if we have a general site (say internet marketing), the person may want to learn about Email Marketing but have no interest in Social Media, Content Creation, YouTube Video Making etc, but if they gain access upon signup to ALL content, they will see all content in their admin area which may frustrate some people with overwhelm?

    Having the option to add someone to a course would be better, so we can at least cut down on what they see when logged in if they only wanted one of the courses? Just my 2 cents.

    3) Any chance of API access as a third party so we can create additions to Thrive? This way it would be easier to build my own payment and protection plugin and then integrate it with Thrive.

    Thanks again for another great addition guys, you certainly rock!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Martin,

      1) You can do both. If you add a tag to the opt-in form you can start on automation or send them specific updates and their profile in the email provider will be updated or if you don’t add any additional information (tag or group or…) they will just create the WordPress profile.

      2) For this you would have to use a Membership plugin

      3) I see what you mean. Not sure if we’ll be able to do that but I noted the request.

      4) Not sure about that one…

  • Simon P says:

    This looks amazing Hanne – I can see the huge potential with this! Can I ask though: if I set up a course, do current subscribers have to ‘re-subscribe’ to get access, or can they simply by-pass this, and automatically create their own log in for the course?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Simon,

      They would have to “re-subscribe” because they have to create their password…

  • Rory R says:

    Thank you for this. Ideally I would like to hide the 2nd lesson so that subscribers have to watch lesson #1 before they see a link to lesson #2 and so on.

    Is there any way of doing this?

    If so, Apprentice could be used for launches too

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Rory,

      As for now, this is not an option. As I suggested above, you can have one course available for non logged in users and then have the “follow-up” course available only when they subscribe :)

  • Hanne, thank you all for this. I have LearnDash on one WP site, but really did not gel with it. So I was waiting for your new Apprentice to really roll out courses, which I planned to do on a new domain. My main domain is a Drupal site, but I want to keep this kind of academia on a WP site.

    I had thought the ‘new’ Apprentice was going to be a Theme rather than a Plugin, so my question is, of all your TT Themes, is there any one that you feel is superior as a ‘University-type’ site? I have only to date used Rise.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Sheila,

      The plugin creates a whole new course environment and overwrites the theme options, so it wouldn’t really matter which theme you’re using for this.

      Personally I like Square and Rise the most but like I said, it will not change anything for your courses :)

  • Is there any integrations or information sharing with a payment system like memberium/infusionsoft i.e. can I do like I do in learndash – when someone pays in IS I can automatically generate their login info, store it in infusiosoft, and then email it to them?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Leonard,

      That integration would have to come from memberium.
      I can not tell you how that is working with TA, haven’t tested it yet.

  • Teresa says:

    This is so cool and perfect timing for me! Thank you!!!!

  • Lewi G says:

    Hi, this is good news! A question: Since I’m already using the Apprentice feature in my Squared Theme, will you still be updating/supporting that feature in the themes that support it, so I don’t lose any courses I created with the Squared Apprentice feature, vs. the Apprentice plugin?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Lewi,

      We will keep supporting it (it won’t break) but we will actively develop the plugin, so I would suggest switching over to the plugin :) (it’s very easy with the import function!)

  • I am using now apprentice version 1.0, is there bulk edit option to transfer content to apprentice 2.0?

    • Joakim Piiroinen says:

      Can I use old and new apprentice plugins same time? Does new apprentice have same idea of pages and lessons as the old one?

      • Hanne says:

        Old apprentice was a function in the theme, new apprentice is a plugin. I would not use both (not even sure it’s possible).
        But you can easily transfer old content to the new plugin.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Joakim,
      You’ll see an import option when you go through the setup wizard the first time

  • Jared K says:


    This is sweet. Thank you guys for creating such awesomeness. Like many others I’ve been waiting for this too.

    • Hanne says:

      Thanks Jared :) Happy you like it!

  • Falk says:

    Quick question: I have a couple of thousand EXISTING CUSTOMERS as WP users (“subscribers”) already – who access premium content with an existing WP username & password. (This is via ONTRAPORT & their PILOTPRESS plugin, which secures the WP content.) => What happens if one of those guys now signs up via TT Apprentice (with the same email address) and enters a NEW/different password? => I assume this will override his EXISTING PASSWORD, and he/she then also will have to access the PREMIUM content on our site with the new/update password. Correct? Also meaning, they would probably need some kind of “warning” that if they already bought a digital product from us, the password the enter on the TT Apprentice form will OVERRIDE/update their existing one for the premium product access. Does that make sense? (And suggestions on how to best accomplish this?) Thanks! :)

  • Falk says:

    Bonus question: in our case, it wouldn’t be a “course” but rather various excerpts of a full premium product. (So, the excerpts would NOT be as “stand alone” as what you described before with examples like “Build a Conversion Focused Website From Scratch”)
    As such, the word “COURSE” in that case doesn’t feel 100% correct. (Since, e.g., those 5 excerpt videos from the full product don’t really add up to some “stand-along course”…)
    MY QUESTION: will TT Apprentice still by default show the word “COURSE” in there – or could I edit/adjust this to my described needs to word it more appropriately?
    (Otherwise I could see people complain this this was not really a “course”…)

    • Hanne says:


      The URL will still say “course” but all the labels your visitor will see can be changed.

  • Jorge R says:

    Hello! I love this new feature. Quick question… how do I customize the text when someone that hasn’t registered gets the URL of the course. There’s a login box there. Can I customize the text in that page? Thank you!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Jorge,

      Yes on the course level. When you go into the advanced settings you see the text you can customize (next to the roles)

  • Phillip v says:

    Looks amazing, can’t wait to start using it.

  • Bruce Pahl says:

    This looks great. Thanks so much. I am looking forward to offering great courses to my clients.

    • Hanne says:

      Sounds like a great plan Bruce

  • Falk says:

    One more, sorry. (Got my mind going now. ;) I thought of offering my PREMIUM content via Apprentice some months ago, but back then the deal killer was that only ONE course was possible.
    I understand that has changed now. Cool!
    So, I assume I could now use Apprentice to offer existing PREMIUM products in a more elegant & structured way. Yes?
    (I use ONTRAPORT and its PILOTPRESS WP plugin to secure those pages; no hurdle there, I assume?)
    Other: our premium videos are 720×416 – and that’s wider than my IGNITION theme’s 700 px MAX WIDTH, when there is a SIDEBAR… I guess there would be a way to use CUSTOM CSS to allow more width for those pages only?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Falk,

      The Thrive Apprentice environment will override the theme CSS etc. so you should not need to change anything to have the video show up correctly.

      If Pilotpress can protect custom post types all should be fine :)

  • Dalila Jusic-LaBerge says:

    Sounds great. Perfect timing for creating my email list magnets

    • Hanne says:

      Happy to hear this is good timing for you Dalila!

  • Clive B says:

    Thanks very much for this great plug-in.

    Feature requests:

    1. Being able to create/select more than 1 page as a host page (preview index page) for all the courses.

    2. Being able to select which courses are displayed on a host page (preview index page)….a bit like the post grid feature, being able to create a blank page, put a post grid and being able to select which posts are displayed. Instead of displaying posts, you can display courses. Hope that makes sense :)

    Thanks and best wishes.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Clive,

      I think I understand what you want but let me see if I got it right with an example.

      Imagine you’re offering courses to online marketers in topics such as paid advertising, content marketing and social media.

      You would like to be able to have a course overview page with only the social media courses on it? And have another one with only the paid advertising courses on it, rather than having a filter on the main course overview page?

      • Clive B says:

        Hi Hanne,

        Hi Hanne,

        Yes, that’s correct. For a health / fitness / body website example there could be a separate page for courses on: 1. Nutrition 2. Strength Training 3. Cardio 4. Recipes 5. Paleo etc. etc.

        I realise you can presently filter topics but it would be good to have separate pages for each distinct topic.


      • Hanne says:

        Noted, thanks Clive for the suggestion :)

  • Andrea says:

    Great addition!

  • Great Stuff!
    I have some old lessons I can now quickly add as Free content, which I was reluctant to do before because of time restraints and the arduous task it presented.

    Thanks, Guys.

  • J BAN says:

    Maybe a stupid question, but here goes.

    I’m planning on using Apprentice as a sort of substitute for the organization of my blog. I write, teach, and consult on a selling medical practices, and since there is a discrete order to which this is done, I was going to use Apprentice to show and explain (in posts) that order.

    The stupid question: Are all of these pages indexed by Google somehow? I’m wondering, if people have to sign in to access the courses, if the content would still add weight to my SEO.

    • Hanne says:


      So if you want people to log in to these courses, the logic would say not to index the pages in google. The reason for this is that when someone arrives on the page from a search engine they will not be able to access it. This will give a high bounce rate and Google will not like that page.

      If you want to use TA more as a replacement for the blog, you might consider not having people to sign in for the information, or maybe only having certain courses protected. This will allow you to index the pages and allow access to them.

      Hope this makes sense :)

  • Gerald says:

    Woah, exactly what I was looking for, because I got regularly people signinh^g into my 1st part of a cours( wich is FREE) but signed up directly into the wp-register.php of wordpress … so cool thank you.Since I use S2 memeber it was not possible to void that for freee subscribers.
    Now2 I have a question:
    Lets suppose a course has several levels. One is Free and the 2 other ones are not free.
    Would you have to create another page for each level for paying members ?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Gerald,

      Not sure I understand exactly what you’re asking… The course overview page would be the same (with the 3 courses) your subscriber would have access to the first one and the membership plugin would handle the restriction on the other two so that when someone clicks on one of those courses they are redirected to a “No access page” and maybe a link to where they can sign up.

  • Ken J says:

    When I activate Apprentice in Thrive Themes “Pressive” theme, it looks nothing like what appears in your video.
    Access to Apprentice is independent and not in the Thrive Dashboard, with “Apprentice Pages” being totally independent of the “Manage Content” feature.
    This is quite confusing and frustrating, since I’m unable to use the instructions provided in this video.
    Please explain to me why my version of Apprentice is so much different than what you’re showing. Also, please explain if I will be able to obtain the copy you’re using in this video; and if so, from where may I download it?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Ken,

      Seems like you’re using the old apprentice feature that’s integrated in the theme… We’re showing here the new apprentice plugin.
      Please deactivate the apprentice feature in your theme again (in theme options) go to you members dashboard, download the Thrive Apprentice plugin, install the plugin and you’re good to go (and to follow along with the video) :)

  • Chantal B says:

    Thank you so very much for this!
    I have a question about using output from rapid elearning authoring tools for course content. Is this supported? If not, do you plan to? I use Articulate Storyline software to create my course lessons. I can publish course content in HTML5. LearnDash supports this.
    Thanks :-)

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Chantal,
      That’s not something we’re currently planning on but I noted your request.

  • Ulf says:

    Hi Hanne,
    Thanks for the Video-tutorial. I liked it a lot.
    So I understand, I can have my people sign-up for the course and add them at the same time to my email list.
    I think I should use a double optin. Doesn’t this create an odd situation of people signing up, already being redirected and still have to confirm somewhere else even though they already have access to the course-page / having an account? How would you go about this or how would you solve this – or where is the wrong idea in what I have written?

  • Suzanne S says:

    This looks fantastic! Cannot wait to use it! You guys are awesome!

    Question (and this is the same question others have asked, but perhaps with a slightly different idea/solution): If we are creating a page where our course resides, can we not have different pages for different courses and thereby lock down access?

    Let’s use the example in the video. Say you have a page for the Sexy Thighs in 10 Days course and then you want to have another course for a Meal Planning course, could you have a separate page for that course that would restrict access only to folks who signed up for the meal planning course? So if someone wanted both, then they would have to sign up for both courses? If that were possible, would we then be able to restrict the meal planning course to folks who had paid for it? My idea is that the free sexy thighs course could be a lead into a longer, paid course (in this example, a meal planning course), and since they are housed on separate pages, I am guessing they wouldn’t be a way for the folks who subscribed for the free course to have access to the paid course?

    Just trying to figure out how to bootstrap a membership without having to buy an expensive membership program.


    • Hanne says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      Indeed what you describe is more in the scope of a membership plugin… This is not possible in TA. There is only one “level” which is subscribed or not. So the meal planning course would also be available for the people who signed up for the sexy thighs course.
      With a membership plugin you could block the “meal plan” course page and not the “sexy thighs course page”.

  • Mark McKenna says:

    Wow! You got a lot of discussion going on this one. (MANY comments!) The other Thrivers must be as excited as I am about our new Apprentice toy. Looks awesome! I am so happy to be part of the Thrive family. I do have one question: what is the advantage to have the audience sign up as a WordPress subscriber (and have to log in to access the e-course) versus just sending them to the Apprentice course as the opt-in offer without requiring a login? I would appreciate hearing your insights. (And I hope you haven’t answered this somewhere else in this long comment stream. If so, sorry!)

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Mark,
      The biggest advantage would be that this gives you an “exclusive” feel to the course. You NEED to have an account in order to be able to access it.
      Where if you send the course page (which you could do off course) this page can be shared easily.

      • Mark McKenna says:

        Got it. Thank you, Hanne! I really appreciate you sharing with me.

  • Martin M says:

    Hey Hanne! This is just beautiful. Using Thrive Apprentice, is there a way to set up a course library, in the way you guys have set up Thrive University?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Martin,

      That’s exactly what it is build for :) As soon as you add more than one course, the “course overview page” (the one that’s called “Thrive School” in the video) will show an overview of all the courses.

      • Martin M says:

        Magnifique! New projects on the way…

  • Henrik G says:

    Hi Thrive Team. I just want to congratulate you on this release. I am not a monthly subscriber, but found this post by “accident”

    I am one of your users who have purchased the plugins individually, and I will continue to look out for when you activate ultimate and run a campaign for the Apprentice plugin.

    I can also tell by reading all the comments, that your users are expecting integration with membership plugins, and they are expecting that Apprentice turns into a full blown LMS over time, with quizzes, badges, certificates etc.

    I guess this is the first plugin you have released where these requests will never stop, because the entry level of apprentice is great and users would really like to exchange their existing LMS for something simpler.

    So congrats on the release, and I am looking forward for the official introduction campaign and the thrive comments plugin.

    Infact this is how I found this post, because I am checking your website daily for news about thrive comments :-)

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Henrik,

      Thanks for you comment and we’ll definitely continue on improving the plugin :)

  • Irena O says:

    I have a course using the old Apprentice with the Minus Theme and am using the Wishlist member plugin. I read in an earlier comment that you hadn’t integrated the TA 2.0 with membership plugins yet. Should I hold off importing my course to TA 2.0?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Irena,

      It is already possible to do, but you will probably need some tweaking (go into the settings of Wishlist Member to activate certain options etc.)
      Hopefully in the next release this will be as painless as setting up the course :)
      So yes, I would maybe suggest holding out a little longer.

  • Bradley S says:

    Hey Hanne & Shane, I’m looking to see how Apprentice would integrate with membership platforms, but I see a problem:

    Some membership platforms (such as ActiveMember360) require page level wordpress control to be able to restrict access. Lessons in Apprentice don’t seem to offer that page level control, instead they appear managed within Apprentice.

    If there was a way to have regular wordpress page-level control on those lessons, then I could get my membership plugin to restrict access to certain lessons, and to the course home-page as well, and ‘release’ the right lessons to members after certain delays. Until then, I don’t have much control over paid course restriction/ management in Apprentice yet.

    I know Thrive isn’t making a membership plugin yet, but a little more control to help it play nicely with other membership plugins would make it extremely useful!

    Thanks for all your great work, as always!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Bradley,

      Indeed you need control over “custom post types” most membership plugins allow this though…
      Seems like ActiveMember360 supports this too

      Let me know if this works for you :)

      • Bradley S says:

        Ah yes! So you can! ActiveMember360 has a convenient panel that appears alongside the wordpress page editor that most are used to using– but I’m pleased to see there’s a workaround.

      • Hanne says:

        Great :) Happy to make it work (even if it’s not the most user friendly solution).

  • Tom B says:

    Love what Shane and the gang do at Thrive themes. Shane and the team has a way of digging into a given tool in the market and making it the best and most practical. The plugins we enjoy from them are a testament to that.

    However, with Apprentice I’m confused.

    Version 1.0 was sadly limited in that it only allowed for a single course.
    – whom would or why would one only ever make one course?

    Version 2.0 here is limited in that it does not have modules.
    – what course would not have modules?

    These are the most basic of oversights. Begs the question: “Why create a course creation tool that does not have the most basic of functions in it?”

    Making a tool for building courses that is crippled out of the gates is confusing. It is not at all up to par with the standard set with the other amazing Thrive tools. :)

    Apprentice is sorrowfully underdeveloped as a tool set. Why? I’m not hating… please understand that… I’m confused.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Tom,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re confused about this and let me try to clarify a bit.
      The old Thrive Apprentice was developed a long time ago and we’ve learned a lot over time.

      The new Thrive Apprentice plugin does not have the modules right now (but this will happen shortly) and even though you consider this a basic oversight, this was not at all the case.
      If you look at Thrive University. You’ll notice that there are no modules… But we still have tons of people who are very happy we created those courses and made them available right away.
      We are convinced that you can already start using Thrive Apprentice, even without the modules, to create a free e-course for you visitors and build your list.
      Could we have waited for the modules to be available before releasing the plugin? Yes… But this would prive many of our members from getting that first e-course out there and from start building their list. One of the core principles at Thrive Themes is rapid implementation and that’s why we always weigh the pros and cons of releasing a plugin with or without certain features.
      In our opinion, the modules are important (and like I said this is something we thought about and had on the development road map) but it was not important enough to push back the release because we believe the plugin to be valuable for many members even without this and Thrive University is the best example of this.

      • patrickwebmaster751 says:

        I’m wondering what the team have in mind for this plugin? How about something like WPCourseware that works with Membermouse or PaidMembershipPro etc? There is another option for more power and advanced features but that is something I’ve not yet seen (correct me if I’m wrong please) in the IM space and that is eCourses. What do you think?

      • Hanne says:

        Hi Patrick,
        We’re indeed working on deep integration with MemeberMouse and a few other membership plugins :) I hope to show it off pretty soon.

      • Fernando A says:

        Hello Hanne,
        I really love Thrivethemes and use it since a ever know about its existence. You guys rock. I personally believe it’s the most powerful and easy platform to create web content ever.
        The Thrive Apprentice is no doubt very beautiful and I really appreciate you guys released it.

        To build a F#$%ing awesome membership site using Thrive Themes, what else plugin would I will need or will be best integrated with Apprentice?

        Any ETA for releasing the new Apprentice?

        Thank you very much.

  • Sharla P says:

    So, am I understanding correctly? Can I now use Apprentice with my non-thrive theme?

    I’m new to Thrive and what really drew me in was Thrive Apprentice. Since Apprentice was only available on certain Thrive themes I started the process of turning my site into a multi-site so I could use one of your themes without conflicting with my websites theme.

    How would Apprentice work best? Should I continue with adding a multi-site for my membership or will it work just fine on my pre-existing theme?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Sharla,

      Yes the Thrive Apprentice plugin will work on any theme. So no need for the multi-site setup!

  • Gertrude says:

    Can I use Thrive Apprentice even though I want to sell my courses and not give them away for free?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Gertrude,

      This will much depend on your membership solution, because it’s the membership plugin that will restrict the course.
      Your membership plugins has to have the possibility to restrict custom post types :)

      • Gertrude says:

        I’m using WPMU’s membership plugin and I’d like to use Apprentice with it. I’d create a membership then use it to restrict access to the apprentice pages/posts I created? I have 5 courses that I want to put on one site. Any advice/feedback on best practices would be great! Thank you.

      • Hanne says:

        Hi Gertrude, I’m not familiar with the WPMU plugin… But in order to restrict access you need to be able to restrict custom post types (or URL’s). That will allow you to restrict the Thrive Apprentice lessons.

  • Tom B says:

    Two questions on membership plugins:

    1. Given that Apprentice is a simple and basic course develpment tool. What membership plugins to manage the course are there that are similar that might follow these criteria:
    – Basic membership plugin
    – free
    – simple to use / configure
    – lite as a plugin (considering the all-important speed of loading and function of the site)

    2. What does Thrive use as the membership plugin for Thrive University?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Tom,

      1. We want to do extensive testing before making any recommandations on what plugin to use

      2. We use MemberMouse because it’s what delivers all Thrive products

  • Gary B says:

    This is awesome – can you tell us the best membership plugin that works best with Thrive?

  • JULIE D says:

    HI thank you for this. I have looked at all the comments to see how can I remove the Thrive Apprentice logo at the top of the page?

  • Christopher G says:

    This is such a powerful tool and will add so much value to my page and to my subscribers! Thank you so much for building this!

    • Hanne says:

      Glad you see the value Christopher!

  • Eduardo N says:

    I dont know what is more easy: “Thrive Apprentice” or the way you teach.
    Thank you very much!
    Congratulations to you and the guys!

  • Andy says:

    The thing that really bugs me about thrive is that it’s not mobile responsive, meaning I can’t click a mobile view and design the page for mobile. Instead thrive tries to guess what I want. To overcome this I would set up two thrive pages (one web and one mobile) and redirect all traffic depending on if they were mobile or web. Super annoying and ended up throwing in the towel. Would have been a great product otherwise.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Andy,

      I think you’ll be happy to know that in Thrive Architect you’ll be able to edit mobile pages (without creating a copy of the page!)

  • Nick W says:

    Nice presentation. I like the idea of the course as a “lead magnet”. I was just working on my new program that I’ll call “The Google Asset Model”. I use ScreenCast-O-Matic to screen cap the videos and demonstration. I am going to test this by creating a few modules to see how it goes!

  • Hank R says:

    Thanks for the great description.
    I have help tutorials for my clients about how to do certain things.
    I also have help tutorials for people I hire.
    Has anyone ever used this for that? So you can easily search and find a tutorial or “how to rather” than follow a course step by step?
    I was thinking of having video playlists on my customer WordPress dashboard for different topics but this might look better.
    Is it possible or have you seen it? I wouldn’t need things like completed lesson.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Hank,

      Haven’t seen it but I think it could work well. There is not search function in individual lessons though. So you would need to group your tutorials in logical “categories”.

  • Scott Stroud says:

    Wow! A brilliant intermediary step between general content and a full membership site. I see this as enhancing engagement and getting more people into my paid courses. Thank you!

    • Hanne says:

      Yep :) That’s the exact reason we built this!

  • Christophe says:

    Salut Hanne!

    Your videos are awesome – particularely the ones with new templates! ;)

    Can you tell us with which camera you film yourself (webcam logitech c920?) and how the audio is recorded?

    Thanks! :)

    Keep the good work!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Chirstophe,

      I’m filming with a reflex camera (not a webcam) it’s an EOS 650D and for the microphone I’m using the Zoom H1.

  • Falk says:

    Just making sure: you mentioned somewhere that once the user is signed up via TT Apprentice, they automatically get access to ANY & ALL content (all “free courses”) in there.

    Example: we sell 17 music instructional videos for different instruments and different artists.
    Not sure it makes sense to show them ALL our free excerpts (“free courses” in TT Apprentice) at once & together – rather them making them sign up for them individually.
    (Also need to make sure they get tagged correctly/separately with our Ontraport tags.)

    But it sounds like the only option is to have them see ALL content in the TT Apprentice area.

    Is that correct?

    • Hanne says:

      Yes that’s correct. Either they are signed up and they have access to all or not signed up and access to non.
      You can still have different opt-in forms with different tags but the access to the courses is all or nothing.

      • Falk says:

        Ok. Kind of a deal killer then, in my case.

        Since: ok, they could join this area via another entry point/opt-in form (and could be tagged differently there) – but… once they are IN they lose any incentive to sign up from another “entry point”/optin form – so I could basically no longer capture/tag that they also might have “raised their hand” for another product (and I could have then also put them in a separate autoreponder sequence for that OTHER product/project).

        As such: like that I wouldn’t/couldn’t use it.

        Not sure if this setup (once you are signed up: access it ALL) is deliberate or to keep it simple.
        But basically then makes it not workable for my purposes. (Even though I really like the overall idea!)

        Maybe something to have as an option/feature later on…

        Thanks, Hanne!

  • Rodney K says:

    Looks great! Can you lock access to subsequent lessons, so that readers must go through all lessons in order?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Rodney, no that is not an option for the moment.

  • Diego G says:

    Hey guys. Any chance you can share with us the roadmap for future versions of this plugin? I’d love to know which of our suggestions made the cut to your to-do list.

  • Debra S says:

    All of my lessons in the old Apprentice are now showing up as stand-alone courses in the new Apprentice. Someone else ran the wizard for me so I’m not sure how that process worked. I’m just wondering if it is possible to change a “course” to a “lesson” once it’s all set up.

  • teyataponia says:

    Hi Hanne! You should have explained not to click on turn off the old apprentice because now i lost all my course! You should have shown how to convert rom old to new apprentice, i made a disaster…

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      You can reactivate the previous apprentice feature and do the import to the new apprentice plugin. Nothing goes lost when you turn off the feature and turn it back on again.

  • teyataponia says:

    Hi Shane! Thank you for your video. What i find very strange on your new plugin is that there is no possibility to edit the lesson page with WordPress meaning that i can not link it to a category. So i can not have a membership plugin because they ask for a category (like in a blog). You just have a “topic” section to chose which topic is linked to a lesson but the membership plugins don’t recognize this “topic”, so it is useless… I use Paid Memberships Pro which you recommanded before. It means that i have either to pay for a memberchip plugin or i will have to wait for your own membership plugin… I don’t understang why you disabled the WP page for the lessons, that’s really bad… Thank you for your help

    • Hanne says:


      Thrive Apprentice uses “cutom post” types. This means that you can protect it with any plugin that protects custom posts. From a quick Google search this seems possible with Paid Membership Pro.

  • Jeremy Dunn says:

    I have NO idea why you have created such a great product and yet chose to NOT have a payment system for Paid courses installed? Seriously, that’s hotter than Anything else right now in the online money making world?

    I mean, what happens at your internal meetings? Did you meet and someone say: ‘hey everyone, paid content courses is the BIGGEST thing online now, so let’s avoid that and only offer free courses, so out Thrive Clients go to a third party to be a part of the BIGGEST trend. We at thrive simply don’t want our users making money in Content & Cmmererce.’ —> that’s how DUMB it is. It’s so dumb I never even thought you would not have that. I just assumed. My mistake, off to Thinkific, ClickFunnels or Kajabi. (Sigh)!!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Jeremy,

      You’re clearly very frustrated about this.

      Please remember that you don’t have to use any of our products. We are not holding you hostage, here. :)

      Why isn’t there a payment system? I have two answers for that:

      1) Payment system integrations are much, much more complicated than most people realize. Ever wonder why there are dozens of membership and commerce solutions for WordPress, but somehow they almost all seem to suck? Payment system integrations is a major reason for that. There’s no simple way to do this well. Of course we realize that it’s a useful feature to have, but it will take time to get it right.

      2) If you like Thrive Apprentice, but you hate that it doesn’t have a payment system integration, just pretend that it doesn’t exist yet and check back in sometime next year. Like I said: creating such an integration takes time and is not easy. We decided to release a functional product anyway, before the payment stuff is completed. The alternative would be to keep working on it behind closed doors for a long time and then release it.

      • Gerald H says:

        Hi Shane,

        I have a quick one on this topic – Let’s pretend you will make a payment system happen someday… Would the according plugin be part of the thrive membership at no additional cost?

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Definitely not, no. There’s a line between generosity and economic suicide. That would be way over the line.

    • Kelly says:

      Wow Jeremy, I wonder if you know what else use super hot in the online world right now?


      It is better to do small things really well and get them out there than trying to do it all and have sub par products. Which is exactly what click funnels is IMO.

      Assuming that Thrives content delivery system must also have a payment integration system attached is about as clever as going to a podiatrist and getting annoyed that they don’t offer pedicures.

      Personal insults and name calling when you deem something as imperfect, is a sure sign that you have some of your own inner work to do.

      I hope you find the help you need Jeremy and are able to exist in the world with more peace.

      • Paul A says:

        Yes, yes, and yes! Your response is spot-on. The snarky comment by Jeremy was unbelievably rude and shows absolutely no understanding of what it takes to create a stellar product like like Thrive has done.

        Thanks for all you and the Thrive team are doing Shane.

    • joe says:

      Jeremy, you’re way out of line! What, did someone yank the silver spoon out of your mouth?

  • alans.utinans says:

    Thanks for your work, it’s really fantastic. I have a qusetion: is it possible to make the login option (create accoutn) with social profil (facebook, google+), so people do not need to make a pasword if they dont want.
    It’s really a pain nowadays when you have a tone of paswords for different services.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your suggestion. We don’t have a social sign-in feature planned at the moment, but we will take it into consideration for a future release.

      • James says:

        +1 for social login

      • ali d says:


      • Jean Verkest says:


      • Ryder W says:


      • Paulo says:


      • Speaker Tim White says:


  • teya says:

    Hello! I’ve seen that you updated the new version, can you please check some problems in the template settings where we can do the translation (for other language). I changed the names in the menu (on the right side of the page) for “course lessons”, “progress” and “teacher” into a different language, it works for the main lesson page (the overview of the course). Then when i enter the lesson, the translation is gone and back to english. Please can you check and it would be great to correct it, thank you!
    Another thing that i can not translate is in the main page with the overview of all the courses (like thrive university), i can not translate : “home”, “clear filters” and “search”, please make it accessible to change, many thanks!

  • onehourmarketing says:

    Will Thrive Apprentice work on non-Thrive themes?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Yes, it works with any theme.

  • Greg Martin says:

    I’ve got a friend that wants to purchase a single theme for $49, but I think he also needs this plugin. Is this available to purchase separately to the theme or do you have to be a member?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      It’s not publicly available yet, only members have access to it. We will sell it as a standalone product later in its development.

      • Jean says:

        When is later? I want it :)

      • Hanne says:

        A little more patience :) (Or join us as a member!)

  • Christina Cook says:

    Can you produce a course with multiple modules like you could with the old apprentice? It doesn’t look like there is any way of dividing the lessons up into sections

    • Hanne says:

      Not yet, we’re working on that feature as we speak :)

  • Jean Verkest says:

    I still have the old apprentice version and as my subscription has ended I’m not able to download it from within the members area. Will I be able to make use of the new apprentice in the near future?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Jean,

      We will be releasing the new plugin as a product this year, yes.

      • Jean Verkest says:

        Thank you Shane. Keep up the work, Thrive is amazing!

  • Carlos M says:


    I have already created my first course with Thrive Apprentice. I think the enviroment is great and very easy to use. However I have a little problem with the combination of WordPress and Klick-Tipp. I have already connected both systems via API. When I work on the opt-in-form using a Lightbox I connect both systems. I include he other two options, “password” and “password confirm”, so the user can enter a password to access to the course. With Klick-Tipp I am using a double-opt-in-form with a confirmation site, so the user gets an email with the link of the course. But then, when the user is registered, what for does the user need a password? If the user is not finish yet with the lessons and for example two days later he wants to continue with the course, how can he access to the course with his password? Where is the new form he has to enter his user name and password to access to the course again?

    Thanks a lot for your reply!


  • Paulo Ribeiro says:

    Hi Hanne,

    I love this plugin because you guys did a great job with the design layout. It is really awesome.

    In my opinion, what lacks a lot is the fact of not offering a way to split lesson into modules or sections or chapters, because if anyone wants to publish a medium to long course its mandatory to have chapters.

    For lead magnets yeah it’s nice, but you have a much bigger market where you can fit nicely with this plugin.

    Will be waiting for that feature to be added.


    • Hanne says:

      Hi Paulo,

      We’re currently working on adding it in the plugin :)

  • Jean Verkest says:

    When will the new thrive apprentice be available to buy as a seperate product?

    • Hanne says:

      Somewhere in the beginning of 2018 (probably February)

      • Jean Verkest says:

        Thank you. January would be even better ;)

  • Ana B says:

    Hello Hanne,
    What if my website is integrated with Wishlist member, for example, and I have different levels of membership, with one of the levels giving paid access to the course I created with Thrive Apprentice? Is that doable? THanks

  • Hi , you may have answered this but, when will apprentice be available to purchase and will include paid for content. I am about to launch online courses and would prefer to use a product I am familiar with, thanks Ashley

    • Hanne says:

      No exact date yet. But you can already get your hands on it by becoming a member

  • sabina s says:

    Awesome. I am so excited. Can I ask, are you able to host host videos on facebook etc or are you forced to use youtube or wistia.

    Kind thanks

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Sabina,

      For an online course, I would not recommend putting videos on Facebook, since that makes them universally accessible and sharable. The best platforms to use for closed online courses are Wistia and Vimeo, in my opinion.

  • Liz A says:

    When is the Module feature going to be added for the lessons?
    I have numerous lessons in one course (over 60) and looks ridiculous going down the page of each lesson page!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Liz,
      We’re working on it. No ETA yet unfortunately.

  • Panos Angel says:

    Hello and bravo for good products like Apprentice plugin you make!
    I have a theme and Apprentice overrides it. Is it possible to keep the style of my theme?

    • Hanne says:


      No currently that’s not possible.

  • Aman Dubey says:

    Hi , when is the plugin release data planned for non thrive themes members ..

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Aman,
      We have no public release date set for the moment

  • Sebastian S says:

    This is amazing! Thanks to the ThriveThemesTeam – every single person, a great job what you are doing every day! Still happy to be a member and the yearly fee is absolutely worth paying!

    Idea: if your roadmap for Apprentice some day includes payment please don’t forget the only useful german Digistore24 :-)


  • Adam H says:


    Where can I ask some questions/give some suggestions re the new Thrive Apprentice/Send Owl integration?

    • Hanne says:

      The support forum would be the best place to do that.

  • Christopher L says:

    This is a great tutorial thank you, Could you tell me how to add a login form to the website so that if people come back to the site after first signing up they can easily login and gain access to the free course?

    Kind regards


    • Hanne says:

      The login form will be added by default on your “course” page if people are not logged in.

  • Scott D says:

    Thrive Apprentice is available in the Focus theme without the plugin… What am I able and not able to do if I just use those features only, without the new Apprentice plugin?

    • Hanne says:

      Thrive Apprentice used to be included in the theme. Now we made it 10x more powerful by making it a plugin that can be used independently of any theme.

  • Lynda S says:

    My course doesn’t save. I have entered a support ticket already about it. The wheel just turns and turns and doesn’t save. Maybe you have some insight about this? Thanks. Love the look. :)

    • Hanne says:

      Sorry Lynda, I’m sure support will help you out!

  • >