How Thrive Architect Improves Thrive Leads

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Updated on December 31, 2019

Our brand new visual editor, Thrive Architect now replaces the visual editing module in most of our plugins - including Thrive Leads.

In this video, you'll get a quick overview of the biggest changes and you'll discover why Thrive Architect offers a HUGE improvement to your Thrive Leads plugin.​

And by the way, for all existing users and members, this is a 100% free upgrade!​


Customize Every Little Detail

After updating to the latest version, you'll see the Thrive Architect editor load up whenever you go to edit any one of your opt-in forms in Thrive Leads.

As soon as you look at Thrive Architect, you'll notice a huge number of customizability options that you could only dream of in Thrive Content Builder.

For your opt-in forms, the most important options will be found when you select the lead generation form. From here, you can select the input fields (by clicking on them) and the submit button. Every detail of these elements can now be changed. And not only in the default state, but also in hover state.

Discover Mobile Editing

In Thrive Leads you already have the possibility to show or hide a form on mobile, and now, with Thrive Architect, you can tweak each form to look good on any screen.

Thrive Architect features the most advanced mobile responsive editor for WordPress. This allows you to preview your form on tablet and mobile screen sizes. Then, you can start to edit and tweak your form to make it look good on each and every size.

This means you can for example:

  • Hide images on mobile
  • Make text smaller or larger depending on the screensize
  • Hide complete "blocks" from your mobile or tablet forms​

More Convenient State Switching

States is what is used in Thrive Leads to open a second instance of an opt-in form on click.

This can be a button on a ribbon that will open a lightbox or a "yes" button on the screenfiller that will trigger the display of an opt-in form. This is what we call multiple choice or multi-step opt-in forms.

In the former version of Thrive Leads, the states were shown in a grey ribbon that took up a lot of space on the screen. Now you can find them in a more convenient green plus-button in the lower right corner.

The former "event manager" has also been replaced by a new menu: "Actions and Animations". In this menu you'll be able to link buttons to the correct state.​

This is Only the Beginning

This video is by no means a full show off of what Thrive Architect has to offer, but I hope it shows that Thrive Leads benefits immensely from this new visual editor.

And now that the foundation is built, we're ready to start creating new templates so if you have seen an opt-in form you really like let us know in the comments below!


This is a 100% free update to existing users and members, available right now, when you upgrade to the latest version of Thrive Leads. Please note that we are working full speed to update tutorials and provide new tutorials, but at the moment, that is still a work in progress.

by Hanne  August 22, 2017


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  • I just updated my Thrive Leads and saw new editor.

    I tried testing it a little for ribbon form and noticed that changes live are different than ones from visual editor. Also, ones in editor are different than in the preview mode.

    Found also few other issues but I understand that this migration will need some time to polish things up.

    • Please let us know in the support forum, so our team can try to replicate your issues, log bugs and so on. Thank you!

  • Really excited about this! Bad news though… Architect is completely unusable on my tablet… I can not drag and drop or click and point… Any chance this can be changed?

  • Thrive Architect is Awesome! Thank you guys, well done on a great product! I’m already putting it through its paces to see what’s possible 🙂

    • Hello Arturo,

      We are still in the process of rebuilding all the templates. We will be releasing them rapidly over the next week or two, until they are all restored.

    • Dear Shane and Hanna,
      I’m looking forward to getting access to multistep templates and…
      Could you please consider to add a multistep template where it would be possible to connect former Event functionality now Acts not to a button but to a checkbox? Something like this:
      I’m sure that many other TT members will be happy to have such an option.
      I posted a request on Support forum asking if it’s possible to implement such a thing using current functionality. Unfortunately the answer was No…
      Please, please, please, add this kind of thing to your Roadmap for the near future and Thrive Leads will be the best!

  • Hi Hanne,
    I do not understand how I can change the text “Dowload Ebook”.
    I want to put it in French.
    Can you help me ?

    And I would like to put a redirect link when you click on this button.
    How do I do this on the new interface.

    • Hi Pierre,

      Please post in the support forum to get ongoing help.

      The button text is editable directly as you see it. Click on the button text and start typing, to see what I mean. As for redirect: click on the button (not the text, but the button itself) and choose “connect with service” in the sidebar. The last step of the connection setup is where you can set a redirect.

  • This is awesome, i have been clicking here and there, to text things out as shown in the video. I love this upgrade, thanks.

  • I am very new to Thrive and I created my first opt in page yesterday and after playing around with it too much I’d like to start over and would like to find the original theme but can’t find it. Is it possible that it’s not available? And am I supposed to install a new plug in for Thrive Architect? I’m not tech savvy at all so I’m feeling a bit lost with what to do at this point, thank you!

    • Hello Angelina,

      We are not finished yet with migrating all the Thrive Leads templates over to the new version of the plugin. Sorry about that. We will be adding back all the templates over the coming days.

  • Yes. The new Thrive Architect is full of new features but I guess we need to practice for a while before getting used to the new UI and new features and functions. I particualrly like the mobile and Tablet editing features as it is a time saver and help a lot! Thanks

  • Hi guys, I was really excited when I read that this was coming out because the previous editor was incredibly frustrating and not user friendly….. but I have just spent the past hour trying to update my forms and am really disappointed. My form sections do not align properly (and even what is shown in preview mode does not match the live vsn alignment….. text size can NOT seem to be edited independently for mobile, tablet and desktop????? Trying to change background images shows super blurry pixelated images….. and on trying to ‘save’ a new form after working on it, the plugin froze, lost all changes and will now NOT re-open the editor (just has the green circles bouncing across the screen indefinitely…) I understand getting things to market quickly, but I wish all these issues had of been ironed out first. Really frustrating…

    • Hello Kate,

      Sorry to hear that you’ve had these problems with the migration to the new version. If you haven’t already, please let us know in the support forum, so our team can help you out.

      To quickly address some of the points you mention:

      1) Form sections not aligning: this is something we’d have to see an example of, to figure out what the issue is, exactly.

      2) Text size: to keep text mobile responsive, the size must be set on the “block” level. If you select text and set styles and size for it, it cannot be made mobile responsive. You can learn more about this in the quick start video here, starting at 8:30.

      3) Blurry background images: when choosing an image, in the WordPress media manager, in the bottom right corner, make sure you select “full size” from the drop down menu for the image size. Your site may be loading a thumbnail version of the image, by default.

      4) Save and open issues: if you haven’t yet, please make sure you’ve cleared the cache in any caching plugin or service (like CloudFlare) and do a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5). This forces your browser to full reload everything.

  • Nice visual interface and all, but what happened to the switch to state after form submission feature??? I can just select ‘redirect to URL’ or ‘show message’ but no longer ‘switch to state’. Where did you hide it in the menu?

    • Hello Felix,

      It should appear on the same screen, for any form that has at least two states. If that’s the case for you and it’s not showing, please report it as a bug in our support forum. Thanks!

  • Just been building a new sales page with this today and I love it. But can I ask: where are the cloud templates that we had access to on the original Thrive Content Builder (or have they all been put in to orderly files, as seen in Architect?)

    • Hi Simon,

      We’re still in the process of rebuilding all the templates in Thrive Architect. We will be adding the cloud templates back in over the course of next week.

  • That looks very interesting. Is there a way to add another field? I like to have first name, name and email.

    • Hello Monika,

      You can add more fields in the “connect with service” flow, where you also connect a form to your email marketing service. We don’t have support for separate first and last name fields, though. Sorry.

      • Separate first and last name fields: I would be very happy if this was supported in the near future. Any chance for this?

        IMO it is too simple with only just a “name”-field.

        Actually I was very much surprised (and was searching for the option for quite some time, and then left frustrated) that this is NOT supported. Everything is set up very very professionally, through all of your things but this relatively simple thing is not supported, how come?

      • Thanks for your input: in short, it’s not supported because different email marketing services handle first name/name fields differently from each other. Because of that, it’s actually a big piece of work to create and maintain this as a feature.

      • I think what w_s1 was actually requesting is a “Contact form” not one that requires integration with with a mail marketing service. And I too would like this feature to be added. It’s sorta annoying that I buy this plugin, only to need to buy/download ANOTHER plugin for something as simple as a contact form.

  • I’m confused about the meaning of this statement, “This is a 100% free update to existing users and members, available right now, when you upgrade to the latest version of Thrive Leads.” What steps do I take to upgrade?


    • Hello Carlos,

      If you have Thrive Leads installed on a website, go to that website’s wp-admin dashboard, go to your plugins list and click on the update link in the Thrive Leads listing.

  • Unfortunately I couldn’t update Visual Editor. I receive lots of error messages. I tried removing it and installing the brand new Architect uploading its zip file but it kept sending me error messages. After all attempts, I have to restore my website and were not able to install Architect 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Hello Rafael,

      Sorry to see that you’re having some trouble with the update. Please post about this in the support forum so we can investigate the source of this problem.

  • So can I create a form in Thrive Architect/Leads that has more than just name, email and phone? If so, how? I’d love for Thrive to be the only tool I use, but this one thing is stopping me at this point.

    • Hi Jason,

      That is only possible when you use the HTML integration. You will still be able to use the lightboxes etc. but it’s your email provider that will take care of the action after signup.

      • Hi Hanne
        Is there a video tutorial for adding a custom field in thrive lead optin form when using Mailchimp?

      • Hi Kim, no tutorial I think. You would have to use the HTML form instead of the API connection.

  • Hi, Hanne.
    As you probably know, the new european laws for data protection force that a explicit aceptance field (a check box is enough) should be added to the first form asking for data. How can I add this?

  • {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}