New Plugin Released: Thrive Ovation

Shane Melaugh   16

Updated on January 7, 2020

We're excited to bring you another addition to the growing suite of marketing tools in the Thrive Themes family! Thrive Ovation, our new WordPress plugin, is the testimonial-getting and testimonial-displaying tool you never knew you needed...


Why Testimonials?

When you think about the must-have tools any online marketer needs, a tool for testimonials is probably not near the top of your list.

Sure, everyone knows that testimonials are an important conversion element, but we've got to take care of lead generation, landing pages, sales pages, content marketing and a whole lot of other stuff first...

And that's exactly where the problem lies: by the time you get around to needing testimonials, you find that you don't have any. It was an afterthought and now it's too late, because this sales page needs to be published, this email needs to be sent, this landing page needs to be finalized.

All the while, social proof and testimonials are estimated to be a key factor for ​up to 50% of all purchases made online!

In short, the problem is that testimonials are extremely powerful for conversion optimization, but most marketers make very little use of them.

The solution to this problem is Thrive Ovation.​

Get Better Testimonials, Starting Now

Thrive Ovation lets you manage and display testimonials easily, showing them off in beautiful styles, all without need any coding or design skills.

That's cool. But it's not the point.

The point is that with Thrive Ovation, you can get detailed, high-quality testimonials from your audience, on auto-pilot.​

The point is that by using Thrive Ovation now, you will have amazing, rich and convincing testimonials on hand, whenever you need them. And you need them more often than you know.

by Shane Melaugh  September 11, 2016


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  • Wheeeeee!
    Very nice plugin. One question though: why is there a limit to 15 sites?
    And: what if I buy this version? Will I get future updates for free? Do I just need to extend the support after a year? Will updates be rolled out even if I don’t extend support?
    Please advise because the lauch is over soon! 🙂

    • Hello Sebastian,

      It’s not limited to 15 sites, you can purchase additional licenses anytime. For example, if you wanted to use the plugin on 50 sites, you could simply purchase 4×15 licenses.

      All product updates will be free, yes. Support is included for one year and can be extended for another year for a small fee, whenever you need it.

  • You’re right on all counts…and I purchased. Testimonials are valuable, so we must treat testimonial providers like gold. Therefore it would be extremely helpful to receive an email alert as soon as a new testimonial is captured on the testimonial form page. This way, we can (i) send a personalized thank you email immediately, (ii) review the testimonial immediately and request any modifications while the testimonial is still fresh in the writer’s mind and he/she is most receptive. Essentially, I’d like to see the same type of email alert built into the Ovation capture form that I’d receive when a prospect submits a contact form.

  • Thanks, it is great as usual:)
    How can I connect The Ovation with Facebook business page reviews? We have many of them but the fb API integration works with comments… as I realised…. Manually it would be hard work to collect them.

  • I have tried thrive themes for websites and they perform better than any other available themes on internet. After using thrive ultimatum I want to give a try to Thrive Ovation for my business websites. You are doing great job by developing such conversion focused themes and plugins.

  • Ho there Shane:

    Inside of Thrive Themes, a sentence describing each product would help me navagate and prioritize what to do next. I had to look up “thrive ovation,” and I learned what it was, but it seems to me that inside of the dashboard we might have a different effect.

  • Great plugin! 🙂
    As a suggestion, it would be awesome if people also could choose between written answers with radio buttons or for example rate something from 1-10.
    And to add a custom URL as a thank you page (so that autoresponders like ActiveCampaign could start an automation and send an email with a bonus for filling out the form.)
    Thanks in advance if you consider to develop these features! 🙂

    • Hi Andras, thanks for the suggestions.
      The custom URL is already an option 🙂
      I would be careful with adding people to a list based on filling out a testimonial from though… Depending on the legislation this might be illegal. But adding a tag to an existing record could be smart.

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