Important Information About Your Thrive Ultimatum Review Copy

What the Review Edition is Missing Compared to the Launch Edition

As you can imagine, we are working hard to make this plugin as perfect as possible for the first release, that also means that we will be tweaking the plugin until the last possible minute.

There are some things that we can already tell you that are not included in the review copy that you got in your hands but that will be included in the first final version of the plugin and some things that we are still setting up on our website such as:

  • Explainer video for new users
  • Complete knowledge base and dedicated forum

What's Not Yet in the Final Plugin

But Will Be Added Soon After Launch​

At one point, we have to decide to launch, even if the plugin doesn't have all the features under the sun yet. As you might know from our other plugins, we constantly improve upon them after launching. Our goal is always to be the best!

That's also one of the reasons why we have a high retention rate and so many happy customers!

So here are some things that we are already working on and that will be included in the plugin in one of the updates soon after launch.

  • ​Much more designs
  • More campaign templates (currently 3 templates)
  • Countdown shortcodes to be able to add a countdown anywhere in the content
  • Allow users to hide the countdown timer until close to the end
  • Adding a written deadline time to the web page
  • Some very interesting email related features 😉

If you have any further questions you can email them to: [email protected] use the subject line: Review Copy Question so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.