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Build a Neil Patel Inspired Blog Post Template for WordPress with Thrive Theme Builder

Ever wanted to take web design inspiration from successful blogs like Neil Patel’s to create your own gorgeous theme templates — but couldn’t because you didn’t know how to code?

Well guess what?

Even non-techies like you can now “steal like an artist” after studying popular site designs by using Thrive Theme Builder’s visual editor.

Watch the video or keep reading to learn how any web design that inspires you to add on your own WordPress website is now easily in your power to build...

Meet Kwik Theme… The New Lightning Fast Theme for WordPress

Optimizing your website for faster loading is BIG news right now, driven by Google’s Core Web Vitals algorithm update... especially as improving your website’s load speed can now affect your SEO performance too.

We’ve already made huge improvements with Project Lightspeed and other speed-optimization tools, but we wanted to make it even easier to build an ultra-fast website so you can focus on running a successful business.

Meet Kwik Theme, our first WordPress theme that has been designed from the ground up with the goal of loading as fast as possible.

And yes, it also looks stunning!

Want to learn more about Kwik Theme? Then this is the post for you...

New Webhooks, Trigger Conditions, Video Covers and Notification Editor – October 2021

Last week, we released 4 new features and improvements to Thrive Suite, our ever-growing online business toolkit for WordPress.

But for this release, we decided to do something we haven't in a while:

We made a walkthrough video that demonstrates each of these new features and how you can use them today.

This release includes:

  • New Trigger Conditions for Thrive Automator [0:36]
  • New Send Webhook Action for Thrive Automator [2:24]
  • Designer-made video cover templates to speed up your website [7:45]
  • The ability to style front end notifications on your website [12:48]

Pour yourself a coffee and watch the roundup video to see what's new in Thrive Suite!

Personalize Your Online Courses with these Powerful New Menu Features

If you offer an online course using WordPress, then you have everything you need to craft the perfect personalized menu for your students.

To help you take your course-based business to the next level, we’ve added 3 powerful features to Thrive Apprentice:

  1. Display different menu items for logged in and logged out users
  2. Dynamically display users’ profile images
  3. Dynamically display users’ names

Each of these features can be used on their own, or in combination, to create a professional and personalized membership-style environment for each and every customer.

Dynamic personalization offers real benefits for both course creators and students:

  1. It immediately communicates a professional approach to membership-focused content.
  2. Students and members are likely to feel reassured that they’re in the right place when they see their name and profile image.
  3. It improves usability with a clear sign that someone is logged in or out.
  4. A profile image is becoming the industry standard icon for where your users can find their account page, settings and billing details.
  5. It’s a bold claim but I’ll wager that people simply EXPECT to see their user profiles reflected in the online products and services they buy.

So strap in: you’re going to hear the words dynamic and personalized a lot in this post, and you’re going to LOVE it!

Celebrate Your Team! Learn How to Create a Stunning Team Page for Your Website

Teamwork makes the dream work...

So how can you showcase the very best of your team’s personalities and skills to breathe some life into your brand?

Whether your website features a multi-author blog, a club or association, or an agency model service provider, you need a professional team webpage to show your visitors the awesome people who make up your business.

Ready to learn more and make your team shine?

Let’s get started.

Create Beautifully Designed Online Courses with These New Thrive Apprentice Template Sets

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

The reason that expression exists is because people do!

Whether you like it or not, appearances matter. If you want your students to have a good feeling right after they’ve parted with their hard earned cash, you need to make a great first impression.

The way your online course is presented will have a huge impact on the perceived value of the courses in the eyes of your customers.

That’s why Thrive Apprentice is the only WordPress LMS plugin that gives you total design freedom over every aspect of your online school.

And because we know that you have an online business to run and don’t have time to edit every single detail, Thrive Apprentice comes packed with pre-designed templates for you to choose from.

Today our design team released not 1 but 4 new template sets for Thrive Apprentice.

Let me show you!

How to Use a Free Online Course to Sell Your Premium Online Course

If you sell online courses, offering a free course to both grow your audience and funnel people towards purchasing a premium course is a great conversion strategy.

However, integrating an evergreen countdown timer into that strategy can make it work even better…

Read on and watch the video to learn how combining all three of these assets (a free course, an evergreen countdown timer and a premium course) can generate a fear of missing out (or F.O.M.O.) that will grow your list and convert subscribers into paying customers — even faster.

Ready to get started? Let's dive right in.

How to Craft a High Converting Opt-In Form

Do you consider your opt-in offers high-converting?

Are you satisfied with your opt-in offer results?

In today’s video, you’ll discover a simple but powerful method to squeeze out even more conversions from your opt-in offers, by promoting benefits over features.

Read on or watch the video to learn how to create more engaging offers that will (A) capture more visitor attention and (B) convert said visitors into actual, paying customers.

Let's dive right in.

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