UnBlackFriday: The Results Are In…

When we decided NOT to do any discounts on Black Friday and give half of the revenue of membership sales to charity instead, we did not know what was going to happen...

Would people still buy our products? Would Black Friday mean a huge drop in sales or would our potential customers be on board to make an impact in the world?

Let me show you the results.


What Happened on UnBlackFriday?

Despite not offering ANY discount we saw a spike in sales on Friday. This was a great surprise because we knew that on that day, we were competing with tons of other businesses who did offer insane discounts.

How We're Donating to KIVA

Thrive Themes KIVA team page (here)

We promised to invest half of the revenue for membership sales in microloans on KIVA.

Over the time span of Friday 24th November (anywhere in the world) this represented $9,865.

The most straight forward way we found to do this was to create a KIVA team. Creating a team allows us to show you exactly what loans we funded.

When investing the $9,865 in microloans a percentage of the money is used as a donation to the KIVA organisation ($1,290).

This allows us to lend $8,575 directly to 29 entrepreneurs and small businesses.

A Big, Fat Thank You and Welcome From All of Us!

Thank you. We could not have done this without you. What all of the above means is: many of you chose to join us in a good cause instead of insisting on a discount. Many of your shared our message, enough for it to stand out in all the Black Friday noise. You decided to make a difference.

Thank you for sharing the UnBlackFriday message. 

And of course, welcome to all new members! We're delighted to have you on board.

Author: Hanne

Hanne knows exactly what companies have ever retargeted her (she keeps an updated file). And when she's not busy discussing high-level funnel design over cocktails with the equally geeky, you'll find her discovering a place for the first time

  • Hey ! I’m super happy that the sales went well.

    You guys made me discover Kiva, and I’ve decided to join them by loaning 50$ each month 😀

  • DK says:

    People before profits. This is a good way to lead the holiday spirit.

  • Julius M says:

    Great job and great example of how to do something meaningful and make an impact on BF. Applause, applause!

  • Matthew N says:

    Wonderful, Hanne – thanks for sharing – right in line with the values that matter most to me and my tribe. I’ve saved this as a fab case study!

  • Tip K says:

    Another reason that I love your company/people… you’ve got heart. This thoughtful donation by your company has the potential to significantly improve the lives of all those who receive the loans. Kiva is a great organization.

    I am so proud to be a 4-year subscriber to your products and continue to be impressed every month by your consistently high performance.

  • Awesomeness!
    Fantastic positive impact. Thank you for showing us all the proper path in business and in life. By helping others you help yourself become a better person.

  • LaToya Glenn says:

    This is the way to do it. Everybody loves a discount, but what you’ve done has impacted us all in a super positive way. As a result I’m going to give more. Thanks!

  • Lewis Evans says:

    What a wonderful result! Well done. I have to say that the sentiment behind your Black Friday approach is one that many businesses would do well to follow.

  • Bart says:

    Great result! Keep supporting Kiva 🙂

  • Karen P says:


  • Donna DeGuglielmo says:

    great I am glad you did well. I have to say I wish I knew before. I just bought the membership the other day… I loan about 20-30.00 month or more. but it is great to be in a community that is humble and helps others achieve. blessings

  • Ann Manatt says:

    I also have discovered Kiva through you. Bravo!

  • Mark Firehammer says:

    That is super cool! Thank you for sharing.

  • Nils D says:

    I love your approach to Black Friday! An excellent way to encourage people to join the Thrive community, and much more meaningful than a 20% or 50% discount.

  • Scott Jacob says:

    Hanne, I’m echoing everyone else’s comments above! Great job. For those of us running agencies, saving a few dollars on, an already very reasonable suite of products, really shouldn’t mean near as much. Cheers! and best wishes for you and Thrive.

  • Sheila B says:

    and this is how WE change the world!

  • Randall H says:

    Thrive Themes is an awesome company and I am proud to be a member.

  • Marc Gohlke says:

    Hello and Thank you all for Changing the World with this fantastic idea. I am very happy that other people think a little bit crazy how i am too. From Spain. King regards. Marc

  • Erik P says:

    Great Job!

  • John N says:

    Well done Thrive team. Helping those who need help to help themselves.

  • Jarrod says:

    YES! Thank you, Thrive Themes, for ‘bucking the trend’ and doing good!

  • Philipp K says:

    and a big fat thank you to you, the Thrive team. Amazing idea and very well executed. THANK YOU for helping others!

  • Jasmina says:

    Great Spirit of Great Company! Well Done 🙂

  • Sean T says:

    Love the Un-BlackFriday concept, the updates, and the transparency. Congrats on the sales, and keep up the great work. Your efforts are changing the world and I’m proud to use and promote Thrive Themes.

    Would love to meet the rest of the core Thrive team in person someday. Hanna, it was great meeting you earlier this year.

  • Stefanie says:

    So happy that you did this. I’m also lending money on Kiva and it’s the greatest feeling to help out other Entrepreneurs.

  • Paulo Ferreira says:

    Chapeau! <3

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