Image, Branding & Small Details that Make a BIG Difference – Friday Website Review

Shane Melaugh   23

Updated on December 23, 2019

In today's website review, we explore how sometimes subtle differences on your website can make a big difference in how your visitors perceive your business.

Follow along to see how many of these quick tips apply to your own site as well...​


As always, the website in the video is one submitted by one of our users and you can see it for yourself here: UK Business Brokers.

Do you have any questions or thoughts to share about this website review? Some feedback of your own to share, about the site? Go ahead a leave a comment below!

Also, for a chance to get your own site reviewed in one of these videos, you can submit it here.​


by Shane Melaugh  January 8, 2016


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  • Very interesting – thank you. I’m new to Thrive and am working my way through the tutorials. Elements like the Website Review are an added value that reinforces my decision to become a Thrive Member. I’m looking forward to looking at the rest of your material.
    Charles St.John

  • Thanks Shane. Please don’t ever stop being picky!!! It’s how we all learn from you. Keep the standards high and don;t back down!

  • Nice post!
    because there are so many beautiful features with TCB and TT, It’s a bit difficult for me to use the right colors and elements. “Less is more”
    I want to creatie a business website with a professional blue / white design. What’s the best way to start? I am a bit stuck at the moment. Very busy and no inspiration:-(
    Do you know someone I can outsource it? ODesk, Freelancer?

    • Hello Alexander,

      For color choices, I’d recommend either hiring someone or finding a pre-designed palette. You can then save the colors you want to use as favorites in TCB and re-use them for various elements and customizations.

  • Hey Shane –

    You do realise that is one of your Thrive themes that site is using don’t you ?! It’s quite funny how you say the design comes across as ‘low budget’ and ‘unpolished’ … when the theme is named ‘Luxe’ 🙂

    Anyhow, nice review with some good points to look out for when putting a site together.

    • Yes, of course. Our themes are very customizable and we can’t be accountable for what our customers do with them. This is about small changes that make a big difference, after all. 🙂

  • Hey Shane! Great review (and I enjoy all of your videos, by the way). If I may make a suggestion, it would be for you to quickly redesign the page you’re looking at using TCB, as you’ve done in other previous videos. You only need look at one page instead of the whole site. Demonstrate visually what you’d do. Just my two cents, I know it’d be a ton more work…

    • That’s an interesting suggestion, yes. It would be a lot more time consuming for sure, but it might be worth doing for a video or two. 🙂

  • I would get rid of the generic social sharing bar on the left-hand sidebar.

    If your site is primarily a lead generation tool, you wouldn’t want them running off to your social profiles. Maybe push it down to the bottom of the page?

  • HI SHANE, why there is no discounts and offers for thrive leads or thrive content builder??!!
    I think many peoples waiting for some offers like 50% or 30%

    • Hello Ahmed,

      We charge fair prices for extremely good products. We don’t do seasonal discounts because we don’t need to. And really, if we discounted our products by 50%, that would just mean that we’re overcharging by 50% the rest of the year…

      • I just want to say I appreciate your consistent “good value” pricing… and I’m happy to pay a fair price for a quality product with excellent support.

  • I really love your kind of review, particular being so honest regarding styles and colors making a site looking as a low budget site. Sadly, thats exactly my current problem for a while in combining a thrive theme, thrive shortcodes and the thrive content builder. each of them are great stuff but in combination, you see clearly, how much they differ in design. And if you also need different colors than the predefined set, there is no other chance than to add lots of custom css lines or you need to live with the results you described in your video.
    So, hats off to you, talking so honest about this weakness !
    And i look forward to thrive 2.0 solving those issues soon.
    Thanks to all of your team from germany 🙂

    • Hello Klaus,

      Yes, this is a concern I share with you and something I also struggle with a bit when I create content in TCB. I’m happy to say that we have found a solution for this, though and we’re working towards a new version of TCB and the themes that will make this much better. 🙂

  • Very good stuff – some obvious things (once pointed out) but it is surprising how many site owners just don’t see it.

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