Welcome to the 7 Day List Building Challenge!

The Challenge

Welcome to the 7 day list building challenge! 

For the next 7 days you'll receive an email a day with a new challenge to help you grow your list. The daily challenge is something you'll be able to implement immediately on your own website.​

Here's how it works.

You'll get an email in the morning with the link to the new challenge. Take a few minutes to watch the video and implement the "action of the day" on your own website.

You'll also have access to additional resources ​that will help you deepen your list building skills (these can be additional articles, free guides, checklists, ...)

At the end of these 7 days, your website will be completely optimized to generate as many leads as possible.​

And to keep you motivated and track your results, be sure to take a moment before starting this challenge to write down your numbers

  • Number of current subscribers
  • Current conversion rate

Are You Up for the Challenge?

But first leave a comment below to let us know you're committed to take this challenge and to grow your list! Share your website and what you hope to achieve with this challenge.

Are you the impatient type?

If you don't want to wait 7 days to take this challenge, you can find here the links to all the challenges. You can go ahead and look at them and you'll still get the daily email for the next days.

At first I didn't want to give you immediate access to these videos, because I know some of you will just browse through the challenge and not take action. But I also know that it can be frustrating to get the information in small chunks because you might have a lot of time to implement today and not so much the following week.

So, before you click, you have to promise me one thing: to implement the challenges one by one...

Just browsing through these videos won't help you build your list!​