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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find resources for Thrive Automator:

Banners and design elements

We created some design elements for all our products that you can place on your website.

Copy Swipes

To help you get inspired to write your own copy, we created examples for you. Get your swipes here.

Affiliate Tutorials

Are you a new affiliate? Learn how to get started with iDev, check if your links are working, keep track of your commissions.

Affiliate Onboarding Course

If you're a new affiliate or if you want to get to know what works best for our top affiliates, which products and landingpages convert best, send a blank email here. It automatically subscribes you to our Onboarding Course a few minutes later, consisting of three emails.

Product Tutorials

Why waste time on creating your own tutorials when we already have plenty? Here's a combination of detailed knowledge base articles and tutorial videos.

Thrive University

Thrive University is our ever-growing database of free and members-only courses on internet marketing and using our products. You can even add your affiliate ID to them!

Affiliate FAQ

We probably have the most awesome afffiliate program ever, but we have some rules. Please read our FAQ page and our Terms and Conditions so that everything can go smoothly.

Comparison Pages

How do our competitors differ from us and what do we offer that they don't? Your visitors will want to know which tool is the right one for their needs.

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