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Affiliate Resources

Scroll down to find several helpful Bookwise Theme resources to make the work of creating engaging affiliate content easy:

Banners and design elements

Check out these banners and images we made for you to promote Bookwise Theme with across your affiliate content.

How to Build an Indie-Author Site

We did the hard work for you! Just send people to this FREE video course via your affiliate link, so we can show them how to build a fantastic indie-author website using Bookwise for Thrive Theme Builder.

Copy Swipes

To help you get inspired to write your own copy, we created examples for you. Get your swipes here.

Affiliate Tutorials

Are you a new affiliate? Learn how to get started with iDev, check if your links are working, keep track of your commissions.

Product Tutorials

Why waste time on creating your own tutorials when we already have plenty? Here's a combination of detailed knowledge base articles and tutorial videos.

Affiliate Onboarding Course

If you want to know what kind of strategies work best for our top affiliates, just send a blank email to the address that appears after clicking the button below, and you'll be automatically subscribed to our New Affiliate Email Onboarding Course.

Affiliate FAQ

We have the most awesome affiliate program ever, but we have some rules. Please read our FAQ page as well as our Terms and Conditions so that ALL your affiliate commissions qualify for payout.

Comparison Pages

How do our competitors differ from us and what does Thrive Themes offer that competitors don't? Check out these comparison pages to find out...

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