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Personalize Your Online Courses with these Powerful New Menu Features

If you offer an online course using WordPress, then you have everything you need to craft the perfect personalized menu for your students.

To help you take your course-based business to the next level, we’ve added 3 powerful features to Thrive Apprentice:

  1. Display different menu items for logged in and logged out users
  2. Dynamically display users’ profile images
  3. Dynamically display users’ names

Each of these features can be used on their own, or in combination, to create a professional and personalized membership-style environment for each and every customer.

Dynamic personalization offers real benefits for both course creators and students:

  1. It immediately communicates a professional approach to membership-focused content.
  2. Students and members are likely to feel reassured that they’re in the right place when they see their name and profile image.
  3. It improves usability with a clear sign that someone is logged in or out.
  4. A profile image is becoming the industry standard icon for where your users can find their account page, settings and billing details.
  5. It’s a bold claim but I’ll wager that people simply EXPECT to see their user profiles reflected in the online products and services they buy.

So strap in: you’re going to hear the words dynamic and personalized a lot in this post, and you’re going to LOVE it!

Celebrate Your Team! Learn How to Create a Stunning Team Page for Your Website

Teamwork makes the dream work...

So how can you showcase the very best of your team’s personalities and skills to breathe some life into your brand?

Whether your website features a multi-author blog, a club or association, or an agency model service provider, you need a professional team webpage to show your visitors the awesome people who make up your business.

Ready to learn more and make your team shine?

Let’s get started.

9 QUICK WIN Lead Magnet Ideas That You Can Knock Out in Less Than an Hour

Let’s get a show of hands...

Do you find yourself wasting time and losing momentum, by getting stuck in the weeds trying to create the “perfect” opt-in offers and lead magnets?

Maybe you’re a perfectionist?

Or you love tinkering with the tech?

Maybe you just don’t know when to stop?

✋✋✋✋ My hand went up four times there! Did yours?

Today’s post will free you from this quagmire, and get you back to what really matters: creating content, growing your email list, and making sales!

You’re about to learn how to kick-start your email list, by creating a compelling lead magnet in under an hour.

Thrive’s Golden Rules of Successful A/B Testing

Following the amazing community response to our recent post where we shared the secrets of how we improved our conversion rate by a whopping 25%, we figured you’d want some more practical, actionable tips for running successful A/B tests on your website.

So today it’s time to dive a little deeper into our 7 golden rules of how to run successful A/B tests.

This will help you to:

  • Hit the ground running with your A/B tests.
  • Make informed decisions that have a real impact on your conversion rate.
  • Avoid mistakes that will invalidate your entire tests.
  • Adopt an ‘always be testing’ approach so your business continues to grow.

You’ll want to bookmark this post and give it another read every time you start a new A/B test!

How We Boosted Our Sales Page Conversion Rate by 25% with One Stupid Simple Design Improvement

No, that isn’t a clickbait title... it’s the real deal.

We really did instantly boost our sales page conversion rate by a staggering 25% with one simple change. This isn’t a sensational claim built around a rogue sales spike either – it’s a consistent and reliable increase in daily sales with rock solid proof.

Want to know which secret sauce we added?

Want to know how you can do the same?

Of course you do!

Let’s get started...

How to Streamline your WooCommerce Online Sales Funnel to Boost Conversions

WooCommerce is a fantastic tool to transform your WordPress website into a fully featured eCommerce platform. It’s free, well supported, and integrates with our tools inside Thrive Suite.

We all love WooCommerce, and it’s the basis of many successful online businesses.


Out of the box, trying to create a simple online sales funnel with WooCommerce is a conversion rate killer. It’s simply not set up for the short, linear sales experience needed to quickly convert leads into paying customers.

Today, you’re going to learn how to transform this conversion rate leaking WooCommerce  funnel...

... into this conversion rate boosting WooCommerce funnel

And that means more sales, more revenue, improved ad ROI, and just a simpler, more intuitive experience for your customers!

Introducing Thrive Apprentice – The Only Online Course Solution with Full Visual Editing

You’re going to want to sit down for this one.

If you’re already sitting down, stand up. Then sit down.

It’s finally here... the long awaited, much teased, completely awesome full visual editing update for Thrive Apprentice online courses!

Seriously, this is a game-changer for the online course LMS scene...

  • No more digging through code to customize your course design
  • No more paying for designers and developers
  • No more settling for ‘just good enough’ when it comes to your vision and brand

Thrive Apprentice is now the fastest, most flexible, most customizable solution to build an online course-based business on your WordPress website. Period.

Read on to learn more...

Showcasing the Best Thrive Theme Builder Websites in the Life Coaching Industry

It’s time to continue our blog series exploring how real people – just like you – are building successful online businesses using the tools within Thrive Suite.

But today we’re asking the hard questions... What do you want to achieve in life, and how can you find your path to self-transformation?

In other words, we’re looking at websites in the Life Coaching and transformative journey niche.

You’ll learn:

  • How Journey Mindfulness customizes Thrive's professionally designed landing page templates to hit the ground running with layout and structure.
  • How Dr. Wendy Hill makes it ridiculously easy for potential clients to get in touch.
  • How the tools in Thrive Suite transformed Richard Modad's design business to improve the speed and enjoyment of building client websites.

If your coaching or personal brand business centers around emotional, spiritual or personal transformational therapy, then you’ll pick up some great tips from this post.

7 Things Every New Business Website Needs

Thinking of building your first business website?

Or maybe even your second or third?

Then today’s post is a perfect place to start.

You’ll discover the main elements that every business website needs to get up and running, from web hosting and design, to accepting sales and building an audience.

We’ll share the top 3 options for each, as well as our advice on how to avoid getting lost among the technobabble and distractions. And at the end, you’ll find even more free resources to help you build and launch your business website in just a weekend!

Let’s get started...

7 Free Tools to Create Amazing Visual Content for Your Website

Working with images is an inescapable part of running a successful business website: opt-in offers, product images, personal brand headshots, social media posts... images are everywhere.

So how can you save time and money designing and optimizing your images, without sinking hours into becoming a professional designer?

By cheating, of course!

And these 7 free online image tools will help you cheat your way towards stunning images to showcase your brand, product and blog — without breaking the bank.

You can start using them immediately to speed up your workflow, and create professional, enticing images for your audience.

By the way, we also have a post to help you find free images to use on your website.

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