How to Run a Physical Class Online (Better Online Events, Part 3)

​If your business revolves around physical classes such as yoga, pilates, fitness etc. moving online during times of social distancing can be a challenge.

​But I've got good news for you: here at Thrive Themes, we've compiled everything you need to make that offline-to-online transition as easy as possible.

​We've covered the basics you need to know in lesson one of this series and we've published this tutorial and case study based on moving a yoga studio online.

Plus, in today's lesson, we look at the particulars of your technical setup and how to optimize it for physical classes.

How to Run Engaging Online Meetings that Get Everyone’s Creative Juices Flowing

​Running a good meeting is hard enough offline. If you're suddenly forced to meet online, working with a remote team, you face a daunting challenge.

​In today's lesson of the Better Online Events mini course, we cover 3 princples and 5 specific actions you can implement, that lead to kick-ass meetings. If you're ready to stop wasting time on tech headaches and have meetings that are actually productive and fun, this one is for you!

Better Online Events, Part 1: Everything You Need to Run Awesome Online Classes, Meetings & Workshops

​As of the writing, the world is running the largest ever remote working experiment. Not only are many people suddenly tasked with conducting work, calls and meetings ​online, countless businesses are also scrambling to move workshops & classes on​ to the web.

If you've had to make such a transition from the offline to the online world and are struggling to make it work - or if that's a move you still have to make - this Better Online Events mini course is for you!

Take Your Business Online with This 3 Step Strategy

Regardless of what your actual business is, just imagine for a moment that you own and operate a yoga studio that relies entirely on in-person classes for income.

Depending on where in the world you live, at some point during February to March 2020, you woke up one morning under a social distancing lockdown forced to shut your studio doors... indefinitely

At that moment you thought to yourself:

“Oh sh*t! How am I going to make money and pay my employees? How will I make rent next month? Will I go out of business before I’m ever able to reopen my doors again?”

As all these scary questions began shredding your psyche, you finally took a deep breath and realized that there’s a way for your business to continue. But it requires a pivot... a complete move from offline to online services.

Although you may not run a yoga studio, you probably do run a traditionally offline company and this article is here to help you take your business online.

7 x Thrive Themes Feature Updates – Early April 2020

Last week was release update week at Thrive Themes.

This update is nearly twice the size of our last set of updates, with a total of 7 new features and improvements to our WordPress software.

The backbone of the update is Thrive Architect version 2.5.1, but improvements will be noticeable in Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder and Thrive Theme Builder too.

Read on for a quick tour of these new features.

Drive More Conversions with Floating Video in Thrive Architect

Whether your business is offline or online, video is becoming more and more important to drive sales and engagement — every... single... year.

That's why we just added the Floating Video feature to Thrive Architect so critical videos can remain viewable to visitors, even while they scroll down a page.

In the video below, Colin explains how to keep your business ahead of the video marketing curve by showing how to use Floating Video for two key use cases...

Customize Your Homepage Fast with Page Blocks

Our latest smart landing page template set can now be accessed directly from Thrive Theme Builder...

... and with it comes the awesome page building & customization power of Thrive Architect's Page Block Technology.

The smart landing page template set we're talking about here was built specifically to support Thrive Theme Builder's Shapeshift Theme and includes multiple homepage templates for different businesses, including: 

  • Local brick and mortar business sites
  • Personal branding sites
  • Content focused sites
  • And even ​Service based business sites

Check out the Shapeshift Theme smart homepage templates now available in Thrive Theme Builder. 

However, because it's likely you'll want to modify any template you choose by adding or deleting sections to fit your business’s unique needs, Page Block Tech helps you complete such customizations — in just a few clicks.

Want to learn exactly how Page Block Technology both simplifies and speeds up your site building process when you use Thrive Theme Builder for your WordPress theme?

Watch the video above and read on to find out...

8 Fundamental Web Design Principles for Better, High Converting Websites

From web designers to marketers, customers to CEOs, everyone has an opinion on web design.

That's what makes the web so diverse and interesting!

But a good design strategy can't rely solely on personal opinions while hoping for the best. Sure, your website will be creative, but will it be effective?

Today we'll show you how your website can be both, using the underlying web design principles.