Creative Freedom With the New Blank Page Template

We've added a new page template as a feature for all our themes. The concept is quite simple and as you'll see, the page does exactly what it says on the tin.

It's a feature we got some requests for and I think you'll like all the possibilities it presents, especially if you use Thrive Content Builder as well as one of our themes.

Watch the quick video tour to see what this feature is all about.​

How to Track Conversion Goals in Clicky Analytics

Clicky is a website analytics tool that's often used as an alternative to Google Analytics, because it's a lot less complicated.

As with all reporting tools, the data you get in Clicky isn't that useful until you do some customization and digging. The first step to getting more valuable and actionable reports is to start tracking conversions. This guide will show you exactly how to do that.

How to Optimize a Website With Low Traffic

At Thrive Themes, we're passionate about making better, more effective websites. One of the best ways to optimize a website is A/B testing, because it allows you to make real improvements and gain insights of the best kind: those based on cold, hard facts.

Unfortunately, you need to already get traffic to your site, in order to get your hands on those cold, hard facts and that's bad news for brand new websites or any site that hasn't built up a lot of traffic yet.

But despair not: here's a simple, 3-step guide to optimizing low traffic websites.​ Watch the video to discover the 3 steps and see which mistakes you must avoid.

How to Track Conversion Goals in Piwik Analytics

Piwik is an open source web analytics tool that can be used as a self-hosted alternative to Google Analytics. As usual, the reports you get in Piwik are nice, but useless unless you do some customization.

The most basic step to make any analytics data more useful is ​to track goal conversions such as when visitors sign up to you newsletter or purchase a product. Here's a quick guide on how to do so.

Build Your Mailing List With Thrive Content Builder

Our focus at Thrive Themes is to provide you with tools that help you build conversion-optimized pages, sites and content. Lead generation has always been an important part of this and over the course of the last few updates, the list-building capabilities of Thrive Content Builder have steadily improved.

This post will serve as an overview over all the ways you can use the plugin to capture email addresses.​

How to Set Up Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics

If you want to get any kind of useful data out of Google Analytics, you need to set up goal tracking. Once you're tracking goals such as opt-ins and purchases in analytics, you can start finding out where your most valuable traffic is coming from, where you're losing valuable traffic and much more.

Read on for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create and track conversion goals in Google Analytics.​

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