1. Introduction to WooCommerce



How to Build a WooCommerce Store from Scratch Using Thrive Theme Builder


Do you want to add a high-converting and fully customizable e-commerce store to your website?

If your answer is 'Yes!', then stay tuned because in this video we will be taking you through the step-by-step process of setting up and customizing an e-commerce store.

What we'll be covering in this Thrive University Masterclass: 

  • The Basics / Preparing to Create Your Shop
  • Creating the Shop, Cart, Checkout and My Account Pages
  • Connecting Your Pages With WooCommerce
  • Choosing Layouts in Thrive Theme Builder
  • Adding Categories and Products to Your Shop
  • Customizing Your Templates General Information
  • Customizing the Checkout Page & Headers
  • Customizing the Cart Page & Top Section
  • Customizing Product Pages & How to Add WooCommerce Elements
  • Customizing the Shop Page & How to Add a Sidebar
  • How to Add a Category Page Template
  • Let's Build Your Shop

As for the tech, we'll using Thrive Suite and WooCommerce. From Thrive Suite, we'll be using Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect.

So here's where we will start: imagine you already have your website built, but now you're interested in adding an e-commerce component. With the above in mind, let's take a look at what we're going to build in this course:

  1. A Shop Page, displaying all items for sale.
  2. A Cart Page, to display all of your customers chosen items.
  3. A Checkout Page, for when your customer is ready to pay.


Not covered in this tutorial:

Setting up payment process or shipping (strictly WooCommerce topics).
Instead, we'll be focusing on getting Thrive and WooCommerce integrated and customizing your pages.

The Basics / Preparing to Create Your Shop

Before you start building your store, it is advisable to prepare necessary materials ahead of time, as this can be a time-consuming exercise to get everything together. Necessary material:

  • Photos of products being sold in the online store
  • Product titles
  • Product descriptions

Lastly, you'll need to figure out the structure when setting up your shop, by creating certain categories for the different types of products you'll be selling (e.g. hoodies and t-shirts in the "Apparel" category, socks and mugs in the "Accessories" category).

Categories "Apparel" and "Accessories"

Creating a Category structure will help your customers browse your online shop.

Now, head on over to Module 2, where you'll learn all about setting up a variety of interlinked WooCommerce pages on your website.

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