How to Build a WooCommerce Store from Scratch Using Thrive Theme Builder



How to Build a WooCommerce Store from Scratch Using Thrive Theme Builder



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Want to transform the look and feel of your online shop from -meh- to OH YEAH! ???

Then you’re in the right place because this course has everything you need to build a stunning WooCommerce store with Thrive Theme Builder.

Let’s get started…

Learn the basics of WooCommerce so you can begin building your online store.

In this introductory lesson, you'll learn the basics of WooCommerce and how to create an online store.

Learn how to install WooCommerce and build your online shop.

Learn how to create the most important pages for your online store in 4 easy steps.

In this lesson, we'll show you just how simple it is to chose layouts for every single one of your online store pages, using Thrive Theme Builder.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to create products for your WooCommerce store.

Customize your online shop pages with your brand colors, typography, key layouts, a sidebar and much more.

Learn how to completely customize your WooCommerce page templates with Thrive Theme Builder.

Learn how to customize your Checkout Page and Header in this lesson.

Customizing your Cart Page is essential & unique to your online store. Learn how to do it in this lesson.

No mess, no fuss! That's our motto when it comes to designing Product Pages with some personal touch. 

Have fun with your Shop Page - customize it to meet your ideal design preferences or those of your customers.

Create Category Pages for your WooCommerce shop to help make your content stand out. 

While adding a Category Page Template to your online store is optional, it's a super handy customization feature to consider.


Christine is a marketer with a background in print graphics, motion graphics, and teaching. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, dancing, and building things.

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