Customizing WooCommerce Emails



How to Sell Online Courses with Thrive Apprentice & WooCommerce


In this lesson, you'll learn how to customize the emails that get sent out by WooCommerce after a customer purchases your course.  

Ready. Set. Customize!

In your WordPress dashboard, scroll down to WooCommerce, select Settings followed by the Emails tab. This is where you'll edit the WooCommerce emails that are sent out after various actions occur. Simply click on the Manage button for the appropriate email you want to customize, and start revising your subject, heading and body text. 

Note that by default, WooCommerce sends out two emails once a purchase has been completed: An Order Received email and Order Complete email. 

Since we are selling online courses instead of physical products, the Order Received email is somewhat redundant. You can disable it by visiting the settings for the Processing order email.

If you would like to customize the brand colors that are displayed within the emails that get sent by your WooCommerce plugin, just scroll down to the Email template section. This is where you can change the accent colors of your emails to match your own company branding.

Once you've saved your changes, start the next lesson to discover how you connect the buy button on your Sales page to your course Checkout page.

  • Hi.
    What if I want to have the emails in two languages: English and Spanish, for example.
    How could I make this?

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