Global Settings



How to Sell Online Courses with Thrive Apprentice & WooCommerce


In Thrive Apprentice, there are two global settings you’ll need to configure:

  • The Login & Registration page
  • What happens when a guest tries to access a course that is only available to logged in users

To configure these settings for all courses on your website, go to Thrive Apprentice >> Settings >> Login & Access Restriction

If you would like to use custom settings for a particular course on your site, you can do this by accessing the particular course, then going to the Access Restrictions tab for that course. 

In our example, we’ll use the global settings.

After creating your Login & Registration page, customize it to your heart’s content using Thrive Architect.

As for “What happens when a guest tries to access a course that is only available to logged in users, select your Sales page with the waiting list email list opt-in (if you're following along with the example setup shown in this course). 

Easy enough, right? Let’s proceed with setting up your courses!

  • What wasn’t entirely clear WRT individual cours access is how it interacts with the Global Access settings.

    Here are several questions:
    1) If you want to have individual access, can you still leave global access in place and have that work for all courses that don’t have individual access defined?
    2) If you have individual access, can you use a single login/registration page, but have individually defined redirects upon restriction?
    3) Are there any passable variables that occur from a failed login?

    • Hi Carl,

      1. Yes indeed. The course level settings will overwrite the Apprentice level settings.
      2. Not sure if I’m understanding correctly but if you set the Apprentice settings to Login/Registration page when someone tries to access AND you toggle the “Redirect user to content they were trying to access after login” to on then when someone tries to access a course, they will see the login form and then they will be redirected to the course.

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