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In this video workshop, you'll learn how to build a stunning and conversion-focused WordPress website for your indie author business — in minutes!

You'll learn how to build EVERYTHING including a Homepage, About Page, Events Page, pages to show off individual books, and so much more using a beginner-friendly theme and author-focused templates.

10 Lessons - Easy

Free Access



Welcome and thank you so much for signing up for Thrive Suite!

In this course, you’ll learn how to build your first website, which includes:

- How to setup and customize your WordPress theme

- How to start growing an engaged email list

- How to create and sell your first digital product

- How to build your first marketing funnel,

Plus how to build and deploy several advanced features, like:

- Online quizzes

- Time scarcity driving countdown timers

- Landing page A/B tests

- Website automations

- Testimonial capture forms

- And so much more!

It's time you take Thrive Suite for a test drive and by the end of this course, you'll have a conversion focused business website up and running!

11 Lessons - Easy

Free Access



Learn how to sell your course with Thrive Apprentice and WooCommerce.

15 Lessons - Easy