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Technical Support Backlog – October, 2017

You may have noticed recently that we are taking longer than normal to respond to your support requests so I want to quickly address the situation to address any concerns that you have.

Given the complexity of a live front-end editor and the additional challenge of making it backwards compatible, this is expected and is often the case when a new WordPress product is brought to market.

This problem has been exacerbated even further by our decision to roll out Thrive Architect as a completely free upgrade to all existing users despite it being a new piece of software built from the ground up. We decided that you, as a Thrive Content Builder user, should not have to pay for the upgrade, despite this being the industry standard. The flip side of the coin is that there would inevitably be a difficult transition period initially, and that's what we're going through right now.  

In light of this, we'd firstly like to apologize for the additional delay period that you are currently experiencing. While we expected an increase in tickets, we didn't expect to be inundated with this many requests and so we are currently overloaded.

However, I would like to make two reassurances to you:-

  1. We are not ignoring your requests - your support ticket is in a queue that we are working our way through as fast as possible.  In the last 24 hours, our team has made almost 800 replies, so we are really working hard to get our backlog back down to size.
  2. We are releasing rapidly to fix issues that arise - the Architect team is working hard on fixing all the reported issues and are making regular releases.  

In short: we're fully committed to fixing all the issues that you report and getting our support times back down to normal and really appreciate your patience through this time.

A New Way of Doing Support

It's become increasingly clear to us that our current support system is antiquated and needs a complete rebuild to be brought up to par with the standards of an innovative and progressive software company.  

We currently have a team dedicated to looking at the finest details of our support process with the view to creating a revamped customer support experience.  This will involve everything from hiring a new team of technicians in different time time zones to leveraging the latest technology that's available to us.  

We aim to provide a far more seamless, customer friendly, efficient and responsive tech support team to assist with any issues that you have as a Thrive customer.

Over the following few months, you will start to notice some changes to how you are supported as we focus on iteratively improving all the systems and processes that we currently have in place.  

Once again, I'd just like to apologize for this temporary blip in customer service that you are experiencing and thank you for your continued custom and support!