4 Email Sequences You Should Start Sending Your Subscribers

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Updated on August 11, 2021

Have you been successful at getting online visitors to join your mailing list, but then struggle to get them to engage with your content or become customers?

If so, then read on or watch the video above to learn how to create 4 email sequences that will help you win more true fans and convert more subscribers into paying customers.


What Are Email Sequences?

Email sequences (also known as autoresponders) are sets of pre-written emails you can program into your email marketing tool and then set to send at specified times and frequencies to your subscribers. 

And because you can automate your email sequences to achieve certain goals, they’re an invaluable part of online business to help build lasting relationships with your brand. 

On top of that, automated email sequences can boost your blog readership, increase your course sign-ups and boost sales. Read on to learn how to create 4 vital email sequences you should deploy to help grow your online business faster.

1. Welcome Sequence

The first email autoresponder every business should put in place is a welcome sequence

It’s usually a series of 5 to 10 emails that your new subscribers will start receiving in the days and weeks after they subscribe.

The Goal of a Welcome Sequence

The welcome sequence is super valuable because it allows your new subscribers to:

  • Get to know you
  • Learn about your products and offers
  • See your best and most engaging content first

How to Create a Welcome Sequence

When creating your welcome sequence, focus the emails around :

  • Your story
  • Why you created your business
  • What products and services you’re offering

Also, make sure that your welcome emails mention your best content, like high-ranking blog posts, webinars or your most-watched Youtube videos.

Advantages of a Welcome Sequence

One of the most powerful benefits of a welcome sequence is that, even if you don't publish new content every week, new signups will always see these emails and be exposed to your best content.

This will make your business appear active, authoritative and provide a sense of welcome.

2. Evergreen Sales Sequence

The evergreen sales sequence is an important autoresponder to create if you’re interested in converting more of your subscribers into paying customers.

The Goal of an Evergreen Sales Sequence

An evergreen sales sequence is often just 5 emails, spread out over 5 to 10 days, that gets your subscribers to buy a specific product or service from you.

This email sequence is foundational for your online business because just adding people to your list and never sending them any product or service offers is a missed opportunity. 

How to Create an Evergreen Sales Sequence

Over the course of your evergreen sales sequence, make sure to tell your subscribers:

  • What the product or service is that you’re selling
  • Where and how to buy it
  • What a customer gets after purchase
  • And the answers to common questions and objections through FAQs and testimonials

Advantages of an Evergreen Sales Sequence

A massive benefit to creating an evergreen sales sequence is that you can pair it with the power of time scarcity

Use a tool like Thrive Ultimatum to add unbreakable, evergreen countdown timers to your sales page to let subscribers know your offer disappears when the clock hits zero.

Evergreen sales sequences can also be reused after 3 to 6 months. This gives subscribers who weren’t ready to pull the trigger on your offer initially, another opportunity to buy.

See Thrive Ultimatum in action by watching our Thrive Ultimatum tutorial video below:

3. Feedback Sequence

This type of autoresponder gives you the opportunity to gain valuable information about your subscribers. It also helps you discover what holds certain subscribers back from becoming customers or signing up for your online courses.

For example, if you have an email autoresponder in place that pitches one of your products in the final email, you can program a feedback email sequence to be sent a week later to any subscriber who didn’t buy.

How to Create a Feedback Sequence

Feedback email sequences can be simple, posing the primary question you’d like to have answered, like "Why didn't you buy?"

Also, keep these tips in mind when creating your feedback sequence:

  • Create a single email asking for feedback around a specific question
  • Be sure to answer your audience's feedback email (this builds trust and confidence in your brand)
  • Keep your email short and sweet

Take action based on the feedback you get and you’ve got yourself a working continuous improvement feedback cycle!

Advantages of a Feedback Sequence

If you’re already busy selling products and services online, then the benefit of a feedback sequence is obvious… you’ll address the issues that are keeping subscribers from becoming customers and boost your conversions.

But if you're just starting out and don't have any products to sell yet, it's still worth deploying this type of autoresponder.

It will help you collect actionable feedback from your subscribers and even help you discover product ideas.

4. Newsletter Sequence

Lastly, it's important to keep in touch with your audience on a regular basis. This is where a newsletters comes in handy...

How to Create a Newsletter Sequence

A newsletter sequence allows you to promote your content consistently — preferably in the form of an email being sent at the same time and day each week (or the same day of the month at the very least).

This type of email sequence also gets your subscribers used to seeing your name pop up in their inbox at the same time each week (and even expecting it!).

With a newsletter, you give your audience an overview of recent developments in your business, your new content and special offers.

Advantages of a Newsletter Sequence

The benefit of deploying a consistent newsletter sequence is that it keeps your business top-of-mind with subscribers.

This makes it easy for them to seek out your products or services when faced with a problem your business solves.

Just remember that consistency is key!

Even if new subscribers don’t immediately purchase one of your products, there’s a good chance they will in the future if you consistently communicate your value through these regular emails.

Now It’s Your Turn

Creating and deploying the 4 email sequences discussed in this post are a powerful way to help you to reach, stay connected with and convert your subscribers into paying customers.

But we want to hear from you. Has implementing these types of email sequences in your online business helped you grow and build stronger customer relationships?

Let us know by asking your questions and sharing your thoughts about email sequences in the comments below!

by Hanne  August 11, 2021


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